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James’ sister in law is obsessed with leading the influencer life and doing photoshoots for some quick buck. One day, she asks James to accompany her for an overseas shoot. Sensing an opportunity to pull off something absurd and daring, James went for the kill. He wants his sister in law, and the family wants her to stop her influencer dream. What better way to kill two birds with one stone?

*Title contains some non-consensual fantasy scenes. Please give this a miss if it makes you uncomfortable.

My sister in law Huishan is the typical young adult these days that don’t believe in holding down a 9-5 office job. At 22 and armed with only a polytechnic Diploma, she lists her dream job as a travel blogger and social media influencer.

Huishan : I’ll work from anywhere around the world with just my laptop and a internet connection…. That is my dream…

Well who doesn’t ?

The thing is she isn’t exactly doing anything to try and realise her dream except just thinking about it.

She could at least keep a blog for a start, practise a bit of her writing with the frequent short trips she takes but no. It’s too much trouble according to her.

Huishan : why write about it when I don’t get paid right ?? besides, short trips to Bangkok….. hongkong… all these already very well documented …. Nobody wants to read one….

Her ideal kind of trip that she wants to write about is some exotic island getaway in a 5 star resort that is fully paid and sponsored. Somehow she doesn’t understand that if sponsors don’t even see a decent article or post of her covering short trips, how are they even going to consider sending her on further ones ?

Well Huishan is quite good looking, I would say definitely above average in terms of looks and figure but she is a bit lacking in the brains department. She’s too naïve and she believes everything people tells her.

The family lost count of the number of times she got scammed online for concert tickets and cheap phone deals.

Huishan is not exactly street smart, but she likes to think that she is.

She is constantly on her social media platforms responding to her group of followers and supporters. There was once she got hired for a small shop to model some accessories and bracelets.

The bragging went on for a whole month. It did not matter that the shop eventually only used photos of her hands, wrists and fingers. She herself went on to post on her Instagram the entire series of accessories that she was asked to do.

Instead of seeing the small bracelet on her wrist, I told my wife the people are probably checking out the amount of flesh she is revealing in her singlet that hardly covers her waist and the short and tight shorts she was wearing.

Let’s not forget the posed pointy leg position that makes you appear taller that you really are.

Still, she refused to give up on this dream of working from a laptop anywhere in the world.

She starts from small blog shop jobs, the occasional writeups that is full of grammar mistake until the first time she was asked to do a shoot.

A photoshoot that is.

The request, according to Huishan came from a long time follower of her Instagram profile. He is a amateur photographer and would like to take photos of Huishan.

Huishan : oh my god… I’m going to be a model !!… I’ve seen his work… really quite nice !!!

When she broke the news about this to the family, everyone objected.

From my in laws to my wife, everyone gave her a piece of their mind.

My wife Huiqi told Huishan that she is going to get raped halfway into the shoot.

Huiqi : you are out of your mind…. How can you be in a hotel room with a total stranger ?? and what ? let him take pictures of your body ?? are you mad ?

Huishan : what’s wrong ?? it’s totally safe… this is Singapore…. What can happen ?? besides, I know his face… his Instagram profile got a lot of nice photos even though he is not professional …

The bickering went on over dinner and I chose to shut myself out.

This kind of family squabbles is not for me.

I like Huishan yes, she’s a nice and cute sister in law and I do think about her body sometimes. You see, sister in laws are a special breed of creatures in my opinion.

It’s like a better version of your wife. The woman you married.

She could be younger, hotter, or prettier, with a better body, better legs, basically the forbidden fruit you lust for but unable to get.

Huishan’s body is one to die for.

In fact, I think I’ve seen quite of bit of her body. She walks around the house wearing either just her sports bra and her shorts that is barely covering her buttcheeks, or she wears single paired with her boyshort panty.

Somehow, no matter what she wears, it’s always paired with a lingerie of some sort.

The first time I saw that I was shock but she did not think it was inappropriate to be wearing that at home. Besides, that is exactly what my wife wears when she is back from work anyway.

Walking past Huishan’s room also allowed me to see a lot of funny and interesting stuff especially as to what she is doing.

She would deliberately arrange some of her more expensive and seductive lingerie hanging from her laundry basket that will be visible from the mirror’s reflection. Then she would spend like 10 minutes trying to take some fresh out of bed picture of herself before posting it online.

When I checked the posting, I was not surprised to see her carefully curated stuff appearing in the mirror together with her face looking as if she just crawled out of bed.

As expected, the comments will have someone commenting about her lacy lingerie, asking where did she go the night before.

Huishan would reply with a emoicon of a figure sticking out it’s tongue, suggesting she had a fun night out.

If only they knew she was watching Netflix with my account on her laptop and snacking on the chips I bought.

Anyway, with the entire family objecting to the photoshoot, Huishan turned to the only person left, that is me.

Not in front of the family of course, privately that is.

Huishan : psst… James…. I need to talk to you…

James: oh… no no… no… please leave me out of this…. I’m not supporting your photoshoot thingy as well… your sister will kill me in my sleep…

Huishan : aiyah.. why you like that?? … I need to talk to you…about something else…

James: yes… how much you want to borrow this time…

I lost count of the times she borrowed money from me.

20 bucks here, 30 bucks there.

She promised to return them to me of course, claiming she kept a detailed ledger.

I knew I was never getting my money back, even my wife wanted me to stop lending money to her.

I helped myself to her basket of worn clothes every now and then. Her basket is always full and it’s not hard to find a panty or 2 that is well infused with her natural scent.

Her bralets and singlets as well, all these made very good masturbating materials when I fell the urge.

I’ll just take these as payments for my loan.

The short satisfaction of unloading on her worn panty and bra is the only payback I could get from the loans I gave her. The musky and sweet scent of her virgin pussy can be addictive at times.

Yes, I know she’s a virgin. My wife told me so.

The funny thing is she likes to portray an image of her being a party animal. That’s she’s quite happening so to speak.

Young people are really weird these days.

James : I’m not lending you anymore money….

Huishan : no la… I don’t need to borrow money from you this time round…

James: oh… then ??

She wanted me to accompany her for the photoshoot.

James: what !

Huishan : shhhhh!!! Not so loud la… keep quiet….

James: No… no… your sister will never allow this…

Huishan : you don’t say… I don’t say.. who will know ??

I wanted to walk away from this but she held onto my arm , shaking like a spoilt brat.

Huishan : please la James… come on… just accompany me to the shoot…. I’ll feel safer in the hotel room…  you also don’t want anything to happen to me right ?

James: ermm…. I don’t know,… I don’t want to get involved in this…. i..

Huishan : please James… you are my favourite brother in law… !!

James: errr… I’m your only brother in law…

Huishan : that’s why I said you are my favourite.. !! haha… please… please…

James: ok.. ok… whatever… just once ok ??

You see. The thing with is, it’s never just once.

The first shoot I went with Huishan is in her casual home clothes.

Then came the corporate wear.  

Then it became weird, like some sailormoon cosplay in the hotel room.

Still, I went along, partly because I’ve grown a little more interested in the sexy and slut like poses my sister in law struck when she was having her photo taken.

I could tell she likes the attention.

She liked the idea that her body is turning the photographer on but he is unable to do anything because I’m there.

She would introduce me as her friend and she turns down any request that don’t allow my presence.

Pretty smart of her.

Still, the requests kept coming.

She did her first swimsuit shoot and I had to adjust my erection a few times seeing how her legs and breast were positioned. I also noticed a wet patch near her privates after a lingerie shoot once.

The photographer shot with a raging hardon throughout the session. His obvious displeasure of me being around was written all over his face but once Huishan changed out of the lingerie that is soaked with her juices for him, he is all smiles when he paid her.

This went on for half a year or so, everything happening right under the family’s noses.

The pictures went online of course and when questioned, Huishan came up with another of her smart ass reply.

Huishan : don’t worry. …. I only work with female photographers…. All female crew… so don’t worry about it….

Yeah right.

Full female crew my foot.

Still, she kept her promise of paying me back the money she borrowed, but the greatest takeaway was a feast for my senses.

Huishan would also share with me sordid details like her seeing the photographer’s erection, or him swallowing his saliva when she did something sexy.

I would roll my eyes and pretend I’m not interested when in actual fact I was trying to control the pain of my cock pushing against my underwear.

I don’t know if it was the fact that I was present that gives her such confidence to pose in such a slut like manner.

The pouting of her lips, the perking of her backside. The way she touched her own private with her fingers.

Anyone with a penis would want to fuck her if they see Huishan in that position. I seriously doubt she would do things like that alone in a room with the photographer if I was not around.

She will definitely get raped.

As I looked on, Huishan posed with a silk bathroom sliding halfway down her smoother shoulder and turning her head at an angle letting the sun hit her face, I was struck by an idea.

An idea so evil, yet so tempting.

What if.

What if I planned a shoot for her ?

What if I planned her one that she will never forget ?

The more I think about it, the harder my cock gets.

I felt the sudden leak in precum when I pictured it happening in my head.

What if I could plan it all, and still get away with it ?

I could have my sister in law. I could have her and still have the photos, the video and the memories of me having her to last me a lifetime while playing the role of the good guy.

Photographer : ok we’re done… can we do the school uniform shoot now ??

Huishan : ok sure…

I watched my sister in law get changed into a set of uniforms prepared by the photographer and tie up her hair.

She slipped on her shoes and got ready to pose again.

As she crossed her legs and rest her chin on the back of her hand, the flash of the camera kicked my brain into a frenzy.

The manner in which she sit on the chair reminded me of the class slut that all the boys would talk about. Everyone talked about stealing her sanitary pad during recess.

Everyone talked about stealing her worn t-shirt after PE class.

The discussion of the day back then was never far away from the style and colour of the bra the class slut is wearing.

Looking at my sister in law, I was suddenly transformed back to my school days. Looking at her perk up her butt, causing the hem of the dress to ride up so much that it was almost showing her panties, my cock throbbed excitedly in my pants.

I will plan it.

I will plan a shoot for her.

I will plan the last shoot Huishan will ever do.

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