James discovers a troubling side gig his wife has going on. The more he digs, the deeper he falls into the rabbit hole. Can you accept your wife selling her worn clothes to other perverts? Just as James come to terms with what he can accept, he finds out something darker. His wife Sarah, is selling more than her worn gym gear online.

If you like fitness babes and have been scrolling through enough feeds and contents with pretty girls at the gym, i’m sure you have come across my wife Sarah.

With her petite figure and infectious smile, she captivated those around her effortlessly. She exuded a kind of magnetic energy that made it impossible not to take notice. Her body was tight and toned – her sculpted arms were the envy of many and her waistline made it possible for her to pick out anything in size S and make it look good like it was made for her.

What also made Sarah stand out was her curves in all the right places. Her hips were full yet toned, giving her a classic hourglass figure that every woman envies, but the real showstopper were those long, shapely legs.

The crown jewel of Sarah’s body is undoubtedly her breasts which sit high – a perfect B cup with just enough cleavage to tantalize without compromising any beauty or elegance. She worked out at the gym regularly, creating content for her tik tok channel which now has close to 10000 followers.

Thankfully, she did not develop any thunder thighs that some girls did. There is this invisible line when it comes to sculpting your body that once crossed, simply makes you unappealing to the majority of men.

Being visual creatures, we prefer women who have toned physiques without sacrificing their femininity by building overly large muscles that aren’t necessary.

Sarah has managed to accomplish it all. Her tik tok channel mostly consist of female followers, but i knew there are a growing number of men. Men who have taking an interest to see her work out while clad in tight leggings and sports bra. A bonus perhaps for the male viewers is that she likes light coloured leggings, with white dominating most of her wardrobe.

Sometimes, shadows at certain angles do play tricks on one’s eye. However, every content creators knows it is exactly contents like this that will bait clicks and followers. Thirst trap as they call it.

Base on the number of likes and hits on her video, i can pretty much tell what contents the men are after. They want to hear her pant, see her perspire and to hit the like button when she smiled with droplets of perspiration rolling down her collarbone into her cleavage.

The content creation is just a side gig for Sarah and i know it’s a hobby of sort, so i don’t really bother keeping track. With her body in such a perfect condition, what more can i complain of as a husband? She does get the occasional endorsement for products but mostly small gigs.

Sex is amazing with her and i’m the envy of all my friends. What the faceless men fantasised about online, i get to do it for real with Sarah.

We live in a nice cosy 4 room flat in Bedok, both of us hold professional jobs. Money is not an issue, we don’t like pets, no plans for children and neither one of us could drive. We only travel once a year, we’re really comfortable with what we have.

I went about my daily life, not expecting any big changes, until something happened that totally surprised me. That was the day I discovered the thing that had me completely perplexed.

While chasing a stray lizard to the shoe cabinet with a rolled up newspaper, i accidentally stumbled onto a wrapped package. It had no labels or anything on it. Curious, i tore the brown wrapper and saw a ziplock bag. I carefully unwrapped it, revealing a pair of black workout leggings.

Sarah has plenty of leggings and tights like this, but why would this be in the shoe cabinet tuck in between her shoe boxes and heels?

I left the item on the table and waited for her to come home. When Sarah stepped through the door in a white singlet, grey cotton shorts, and flip flops, i said a silent prayer of thanks that i have her as my wife. Her hair is still damp from her post gym shower and i could see the healthy glean on her skin from the lotion she applied. The sight of her immediately gave me a hardon.

James: Dear. why is there a pair of tights in the shoe cabinet?

She saw the leggings and the unwrapped bag and i caught that surprised pause. She’s my wife, i know her like the back of my hand, i could tell right away if something is up.

Sarah :Oh…that…

She hesitated for a moment before adding that the size is wrong, and she was about to send it back for a refund.

James: Oh…sorry i unwrapped it. Didn’t know what it is…

Sarah : It’s ok…i’ll just wrap it again later.

My wife took the tights off the table and as i stared at my laptop screen, i had this weird feeling that something is off.

I went to the kitchen and opened the drawer where we keep our ziplock bags. You see, Sarah and i seldom cook, and we don’t keep left overs. The only time we use ziplock bags are when we travel. I looked into the drawer and realised that all our ziplock bags are gone. Not a single one is left, only the empty box that held the bag remains.

Returning to the living room, i looked at my wife’s bag she left on the chair. I could hear her talking to her mother on the phone in the room and i decided to do something i never did before. I went through the contents of her bag and found a white slip of paper. A receipt for a registered mail package that was just sent by the postal office opposite our place 15 minutes ago.

She was supposed to be at the gym, i never hear her mention anything about heading to the post office. It’s been ages since we sent anything via mail too. I told myself perhaps it was one of those refund for wrong sizes she bought online but something inside my gut told me things are not that simple.

My attention went to her gym bag and i unzipped is carefully. Going through her clothes, i found the dress and heels she wore to work that morning.

Yes. Dress and heels.

Only, Dress and heels.

I closed the bag and my mind began working out the possible reasons why her workout clothes, sports bra, leggings, socks, shoes and the lingerie she wore to work that day is missing.

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