James realised his girlfriend Lynn is cheating on him by being a social escort on the side. He decides to trick his racist girlfriend into taking his best friend, who is a indian as a client. Once she is entrapped, she would be caught between fucking an indian which she hated or risk James finding out about her sideline.

Disclaimer : The following is a work of fiction. Any similarity to actual events is purely continental and unintentional. Please read this only if you are certain you are able to accept works on violence, non-consensual sex, taboo & racial issues.

My girlfriend Lynn is a racist. Even though she refused to admit it outright, I knew she had this underlying hate for Indians, something I could not understand.

I asked her why at least a million times but each time she was unable to give me a satisfying answer.

It got to the point I decided to stop engaging her on the subject.

Lynn is a hot part time model, she takes on only a handful of assignments a year, mostly IT shows as her brother is a distributor for some major brands. I was not bothered at all with her revealing some flesh, it’s all part of the job.

She on the other hand was pretty ok with people taking pictures of her, even at angles she knew was too low. Not that it actually matters since she wore safety shorts under her short skirts.

The irony is that on 1 hand she is find with sleazy uncles with giant cameras snapping away at her while she posed and pouted her lips, but once she spotted an indian, she would get irritated.

Her mood would change.

As if being captured by his camera was dirty.

Lynn’s legs are nice and toned, she was shortlisted for some commercial a while ago dealing with razors for women but it did not work out. Whenever Lynn went out with me in heels, her graceful stride would draw the looks of envious men.

You would surely think I am exaggerating but just a simple afternoon at starbucks with Lynn crossing her legs at the café would surely increase business by about 10% for that shop.

People came for coffee, but the first thing they looked at was Lynn’s legs.

As more pass by the shop, even those with no intention of having a cuppa would chose to sit down.

Seats around Lynn were always taken.

I’m not showing off, I know I’m lucky to have her, it’s just something that happened to us on such a regular basis and eventually I got used to it.

Lynn, on her own can be a cock tease as well. She knew she has a pair of amazing legs, and the body to match. Her facial features are pleasant and sweet, typical girl next door.

There is nothing more arousing than seeing her trying to cover her legs with a thin flimsy shawl as she sat back on a seat that was too low.

She knew she was risking a upskirt but Lynn still did it.

Something about the inner slut she once told me about.

Lynn : I’m prim and proper, but the slut inside me is not.

Lynne is someone you would take a 2nd look on the street until you realised the figure she had.

You would not just want to look at her.

A few tried to take photos, holding their phone at weird awkward angles, some walked by too many times.

Eventually if you look long enough, you would not be satisfied by looking, by sniping her upskirts or by stalking her around.

You would want to fuck her.

I’m not being crude.

Just spend some time observing her behaviour.

It’s like she was shouting to the whole world that she is hot, desirable but you can’t have her.

Messages and behaviour like this are a invitation for trouble. I told her thankfully she lives in Singapore.

James : You would be grabbed from the street, raped and dumped in the forest in some other countries.

Lynn : Really ? ….. would you be doing the raping ?…..hahaha….

A few of my friends openly admitted that Lynn was their favourite masturbation target.

My best friend literally drooled over her day and night, he would borrow my phone just to look at Lynn’s photo on Instagram and facebook.

Why not just add her then ?

I laughed every time I thought about it

Not because it was funny, it was fucking funny.

My best friend Jeremy, is my neighbour.

He stays 2 doors down the 3 room flat I grew up in with my family.

We went to the same kindergarten, got into the same primary.

Our PSLE results were just 2 marks apart and we landed in the same secondary school.

We chose different courses in poly though but it was still the same institution.

During festive periods, we would visit each other’s homes. I was always intrigued how Jeremy’s parents would draw intricate motifs on the floor in front of their homes without even a reference picture to look at.

The best curry fish head I ever tasted came from Jeremy’s mother.

His dad is a police officer, he constantly reminded us the dangers of drugs having come across so many cases in his work.

Jeremy on the other hand loved the cookies my mum baked for Chinese new year. We lost count of the times we passed each other home cooked dishes. We even have pots, pans and plates that belonged to each other lying around in the kitchen.

When we enlisted in the army, we were in the same platoon. He is not my buddy but we were tighter and closer than before.

Everytime we booked out from Changi, we got fitter, stronger and closer.

We were fearless, and I felt like I could conquer the world together.

Follies of our youths.

The only time we expressed fear was when we had to jump out of a plane.

The first time was still ok, we didn’t know what to expect.

It was when I looked up and saw holes in my chute that I started to feel a little uncertain.

I landed unceremoniously on the hard tarmac floor and saw Jeremy cursing as his chute.

His had more holes than mine.

When the time came for us to jump in the night, we were both shaking in the plane.

James : Bro….i…knn…..cannot la… my heart…. Going to stop already….

Jeremy : knn….i…. I also…. Fuck it… last one already….

We were given a gentle shove out the plane for the night jump, something we refused to admit till this day.

When we entered the workforce , we only manage to catch up on weekends.

And when Lynn came along into my life, it was only right I introduced her to Jeremy.

Not only is he my best friend, he is the only person I would go to war with should the need arises.

You would surely know by now Jeremy, my best friend, is an indian.

But what I did not know then was Lynn’s ultimate disdain for Jeremy.

Lynn made no attempt to hide her racism in front of Jeremy,that made things a little awkward.

What was amazing though, was the amount of interest Jeremy showed towards Lynn despite her cold shoulders…………….

I asked Jeremy over beer 1 Friday evening.

James : Do you like her ?

Jeremy : If not for you… I would go after her with everything I have…. Haha….

James : But you ah neh la…. She don’t like you. Haha…

Jeremy : Haha… what to do…. Although I’m sure I can do better than your Chinese sausage.

We laughed.

As we drained our 3rd bottle, I said something which came as a shock to Jeremy.

James: I think she’s cheating on me……

Jeremy : What ? no way….

I showed her a photo my friend sent me, of Lynn holding hands with someone I did not know.

Jeremy : No shit man…. Are you ok bro ? …..

He opened another bottle for me.

I nodded.

James : She was never wife material anyway….

Silence followed after that.

Jeremy : You breaking up with her ? …..

I nodded and I slowly turned to Jeremy…

James : Not before we have some fun…..

I raised my bottle to Jeremy and he raised his too.

James : Brothers….

Jeremy : brothers….

2 seconds later , Jeremy spoke.

Jeremy : I’m having an erection already….

I would have wanted to reply him but it felt weird as I too, because I was having an erection thinking about how Jeremy’s dark skin would look against the pureness of Lynn’s smooth snow like legs.

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