Come 30/6/21, we would have hit the 1 year mark for the subscription format.

I will be making some changes to the subscription format.

1st would be the price. I will freeze it at 17.99 on 1/7/21 till 30/6/22. Don’t ask me why.

This is the number given to me by someone of higher power than Hock Chuan & Suwen.

The sub price will be reviewed after my consultation with them in the next FY.

As more titles get uploaded from July 2021, i will be cycling titles out from the sub list for those published on July 2020 and more

Eg, These 5 titles released in July 2020, will be added to archival list. They will still be available for individual purchases.

These titles will be released in the future into the subscription like old works > 3 years old that are being released currently. They will be cycled in as a measure to refresh the titles available in the subscription list.

This does not affect existing subscribers because you would have already read these works or downloaded them.

New subscribers who get on board from July 2021, will still have access to titles published during previous FY as per listed date range to current releases including archival titles.

Titles that have been cycled out will not be available in the premium sub list for all. So for existing subscribers, if you would like to keep a copy of the titles before they are cycled out, do save them in your cloud drive or something.

As for titles more than 3 years old, AKA archival works and stories released prior to the subscription format, they will remain in the Premium sub list permanently once added.

Currently, new subscribers have access to;

  1. Archived titles > 3 years old
  2. Recent titles for past 11 months + upcoming month

This will gradually be adjusted over the next few months to ;

  1. Archived titles > 3 years old
  2. Recent titles for past 6 months + upcoming month

Even with the adjustment, new subscribers will still have access to close to 50 titles with a single month of subscription.

James S