I originally scheduled for this post to go online at 0000 hours on the 9th August but decided to take it down following some changes.

The plan was to launch my new site under a new pen name to coincide with Singapore’s 56th birthday.

However, due to some last minute changes in book 1 of TBW saga, i had to put off the launch for a couple more days.

Book 1 and the site will be made known to all this week.

Book 1 – The beast within is free to read.

Even for those of you who have read the original version, the changes to the story is worth a re-read. Erotic contents have been removed and replaced with other story arcs. I’ll share more details in a separate post once i release the site.

And as for our 56th birthday, I was disappointed when news broke that we will be postponing the NDP celebration. Aside from a long weekend, i looked forward to watching the parade with my family. It’s like a ritual of sort for me from the time i was a child. I remembered sitting with my parents in front of the TV and having our dinner on the coffee table.

Everyone will be gathered around a table filled with food, nothing fancy, it can be as simple as Hokkien noodles from a famous stall to steam crabs that i dip with dark soy sauce.

As we get older, our taste in the shows we watch on TV changed. The old folks gravitate towards Taiwan dramas, those really long drawn type, while i prefer thrillers and action shows. With online streaming from Netflix and Disney coming into the picture, 9th August is the only day my entire family will sit down in front of the TV together.

3 Generation gathered around the living room for the entire duration while we eat and chatted.

This doesn’t even happen on CNY. There’s so much going on during CNY, everyone is all over the place. Even the countdown programs are not enticing enough for my folks to stay glued in front of the TV. After reunion dinner, they are hitting the temples, then maybe for a trip down to Chinatown ( Pre Covid ), and after that, if there’s still time, they will hit the nurseries to see if they can get a bargain for plants.

The parade and celebration is like a glue of sort that ensures everyone stays within the same room. It’s been 2 years since the family last watched a NDP celebration together.

The pandemic changed everything.

Imagine trying to tell a kid/teen than you have to postpone his/her birthday celebration. They’re going to throw a fit and probably whine the whole day.

Tell a 56 year old the same thing and i can assure you he/she won’t bat a single eyelid.

If it happens it happens. If it doesn’t, life goes on. Everyone seemed to take the postponed celebrations in their stride.

To postpone a event that involves tens of thousands of participants, volunteers and spectators really drives home the gravity of the situation. This is despite that all performers and spectators have to be fully vaccinated.

There are clusters of infection breaking out from KTVs to wet markets but none have been reported from NDP performers. They must be doing something right.

Each rehearsal involving such a big number of people would no doubt be helpful in providing valuable data for the policy makers. A mass event involving thousands of people and yet without an outbreak, let’s replicate that on a bigger scale and we will be out of the woods soon. (Assuming nothing is swept under the carpet).

As for the vaccine, I’ve got both shots and while i had only a sore arm for the 1st shot, the 2nd knocked me out like i was hit by a train. The fatigue and fever came hard and fast but after a couple of paracetamol followed by a good sleep, i’m up and about by the next day.

I’m tired of the pandemic, the restrictions, the ever changing rules about gatherings and dining out.

And i’m still a bit sore about the postponed NDP celebrations.

Anyway, Glitzy celebrations and cringe worthy NDP songs aside, nothing gets the mood up more than seeing our flag flying high this morning.

Despite the gloom of Covid over our heads, i know the heart of the 56 year old dame is still beating strong.

I can feel it.

Happy 56th Birthday Singapore.

We will survive this.

James S

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