While snooping around his girlfriend’s housemate’s laptop. James realised her sexually conservative girlfriend may not be who she claims to be. After the glimpse into her past, he wonders if he should still marry her.

James came out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist. He just had a cold shower after a bout of heavy love making. His girlfriend Lynn was already sound asleep on his bed.

They had completed a half marathon in the morning, attending one of the organised runs that took the runner through the city.

Despite the fatigue, Lynn still gave in to James’s request for sex. She had never rejected his advances before.

James and Lynn met when they were in secondary school. Lynn blossomed early and by 15, she was the belle of the cohort and centre of attention wherever she went. Almost all the guys were after her and it would not be farfetched to say even the male teachers were giving her a little too much attention.

Like every other guy with a dick, James too nursed an infatuation with Lynn. As if her angel like features were not enough, Lynn was also blessed with a nice figure. At 1.6m tall with a 46kg frame, one would wonder how much of that 46kg belonged to her C cup breasts.

With no lack of attention showered on her by the more popular guys, the average joe like James stood no chance with Lynn even though they were in the same class. He kept his crush a secret even after they graduated.

After parting ways at 16, both of them embarked on their own personal journeys of dating and self-discovery. It was a good 10 years later during a chance encounter at a restaurant where James and Lynn reconnected.

No longer the shy and inexperienced boy, James made the first move and approached Lynn, who recognised him right away. Numbers were exchanged and after a week of texting, they went on their first date. The two of them became a couple by the 3rd date and on the 4th date, they had sex in a hotel.

Things were moving along pretty fast. Lynn was everything James had ever wanted in a woman. Looks, figure and of course, brains. Her bubbly personality and cheerful outlook brightened up every social event that she graced.

Lynn worked at one of the big 4 accounting firms in the country. Her career pathway looked bright and promising.

There was just one small problem.


The sex, well, it wasn’t as wonderful as James hoped it would be.

Lynn had never rejected James’s advances but she fell into the ‘play it safe’ kind of category.

Nothing too crazy, nothing to extreme. No outdoors, no roleplay.

That spark just was not there.

It was a frustration that James could not describe. She was willing to have sex as often as he wanted but she refused to do any kinky stuff like bondage, sexy lingerie and heels, basically stuff that would spice it up in the bedroom.

James loved her, he really did but her unwillingness to be more adventurous in the bedroom left a bitter aftertaste in his mouth.

They had a talk about it once. Lynn simply admitted that she had never been into the whole sex thing. She didn’t mind doing it, but she had never felt the need to actively spice it up when to her, intercourse was just intercourse.

They would both get their orgasm and that was good enough.

They had sex on the 4th date and James naturally was curious if Lynn was as open as she was in her past relationships. Lynn admitted right away that it was so.

“If I can give my heart to the man, I would also give my body to him.” She said.

They were all adults and James wasn’t exactly a saint either so he was not very bothered about the past 3 relationships that Lynn had.

James was still staying with his parents while Lynn was renting her own place with a housemate who was also her childhood friend. Most of the time, he would be the one staying over but today, Lynn came over to his place instead.

Touching Lynn on her hair, James gave her a kiss on her cheek and sat by the study table. Turning his chair around to look at the sleeping babe in his bed, he began to deliberate a really tough question.

Was she the one for him?

A week ago, he would have answered yes without hesitation. He was willing to look past the boring sex because Lynn was perfect on all other fronts. She was sweet, she loved him and she was an absolutely darling in her parent’s eyes.

However things were different now.

It was different because he did something he shouldn’t have done.

You see, when your girlfriend had a housemate who was a hot air stewardess, your mind would start to wander. Celeste was a head turning babe with an equally hot figure as Lynn.

Sometimes when James stayed over, he would secretly venture into Celeste’s room to check out her lingerie.

Sometimes he would play with her worn clothes in the laundry basket.

No, he didn’t have an affair with Celeste. Lynn was too perfect in his eyes to risk him doing something like that.

Stealing glances and perhaps the odd sneaky photo was all James would risk for a bit of a thrill with Celeste.

Then last week, when he was about to chill in Lynn’s room for a night of binge drama watching, Celeste knocked on their door.

It turned out that Celeste’s mum was admitted to the hospital and Celeste asked if Lynn can accompany her along. The girls apologised and they bolted out of the house within minutes, leaving him alone.

20 minutes later, Lynn texted James that she had just arrived at the hospital. Celeste’s mum had suffered a stroke. She would be keeping her friend company at the hospital until things settled down.

Too bored to watch a drama by himself, James decided to sneak into Celeste’s room for a bit of snooping around. He opened the door and realised that her laptop was on and a drama was still playing on the screen.

James grinned as he minimised the window and was greeted by a picture of Celeste and Lynn taken on trip to Bali.

Eagerly clicking through the folders, James was hoping to find some interesting photos of Celeste. Maybe some naked selfies he could wank off to or something.

Who knows, he might even find sex videos of Celeste and her former boyfriends. Girls kept all sorts of stuff in their laptops these days.

He ran a search for all media files on the laptop and a series of video files started lining up. He navigated to the destination folder and saw that the video files had no thumbnail previews. They were all numbered by dates. He felt his heart skipping a beat as he double clicked on the first file.

The video started and James felt an immediate erection when he saw Celeste half-naked and tied up on a chair. Before he could pat himself on his back, he felt as if someone had just slapped him.

The camera pulled back a little and sitting beside Celeste, was Lynn. Equally half-naked, equally tied up.

He was expecting to see some kinky videos that Celeste took in her previous relationships. He never expected to see something that he shouldn’t have about Lynn.

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