James receives a young and pretty domestic helper. It would be such a waste if she is just assigned with housework.


James cannot live without them.

Having gotten use to domestic help during his growing up years, the 1st thing James did upon moving out was to hire one.

The 45 year old Yulia made sure he didn’t live in a dumpster. She made sure he has food to eat after coming home from work. As he progressed in his career and in life, Yulia stuck with James, taking on the role of a surrogate mother.

After serving for 8 years, it was time for her to go retire back home in the Philippines. As reluctant as James is for her to go, he knew it’s what Yulia deserved.

Getting helpers is like a roll of the dice. You either get a good and responsible one, or you get one that gives you a shitload of headache.

James’ 2nd helper Wendy is one such champion, a true headache generating machine.

She was told to wash the car in the porch and when James came out of the shower, he saw Wendy hosing down the interior of his car with a garden hose.

Yes, interior.

Yes, garden hose.

Before he could wrap his head around he mess she created, James realized the bathroom is choked. Wendy trashes a shitload of stuff down the toilet bowl for reasons only she knows.

He asked Wendy to clean the floor and when he looks up from his TV, realizes she has been mopping the same spot for the past 10 minutes, her eyes glued to the TV screen.

The basic skillsets that he needed in a helper are all missing. Then Wendy decides to break down and feign depression byt threatening to jump out a window while balancing precariously on a window frame.

There’s just a problem.

James is living in a single story detached house, the distance between the window to the ground is only 1m.

Still, James decided enough is enough.

Having taken enough of her shit, James got her to pack up and sent her back to the agency the very next day.

His 3rd helper is Aisha from Indonesia. While she managed to wash his car with the door closed, James saw her stealing his money.

On the 1st fucking day.

Holding his head in his hand as he looked at the CCTV footage, he took a small segment of it and sent it to the agent.

Bringing his 4th helper back a week later, she almost burnt the kitchen down.

The 5th burned his shirt on the ironing board.

The 6th, while she is ok with the task assigned to her, she started knocking on James’ door at 2am in the morning.

“Sir…. I want to go home….” Siti cried as if someone just passed away.

“what ? Do you know what time it is now ? “

The 7th, the 8th, and the 9th came and everyone of them made James realized how lucky he was to have Yulia.

With the frequent changes of helper, the boss of the maid agency is visibly upset too.

“Fuck you la James….You choosing helper or choosing wife…” Malcom said to his childhood friend of 3 decades.

“I don’t need a wife… I just need a fucking helper that does her job and don’t go all mental on me !”

“ This cannot, that cannot… you have to give and take bro…”

“Yes, they give… I take…” James gestured at his friend and asked him for another helper.

“you’re not shopping at the supermarket.”

“If only it were that easy…”

Turning his screen over to James, Malcom told him this will be the last one he is recommending to him.

“Candidate number 10. 23 years old from Myanmar.”  Malcom said. “first timer, very blur but think of her like a unsculptured piece of wood. You can style her in any manner you like.”

“Please la bro, do I look like I have time to sculpt ? I need someone to help me keep the house in order.”

“Then get a wife you dick.” Malcom sighed.

“No time for wife and girlfriend. Business comes first”

“You know what, I don’t care. I’m giving her to you. She’s young, obedient and not as sly and messed up as the others.” Malcom said as he shooed his friend out of his agency while promising to buy him a drink.

When the new helper Myint arrived in front of James’ place one Wednesday morning, he had a shock.

He was literally staring at the vehicle that dropped her off that is already speeding off to it’s next destination, wondering if they dropped the wrong helper off.

She looks different from the photographs. Vastly different.

“Good…good….good Morning Sir James.” Myint said softly.

Separated by his gate, James stared at the beautiful girl with his mouth slightly apart. She looks so young and youthful. How the fuck can she be 23?

With a change of clothes, Myint will easily pass off as a local tertiary student.

With a petite frame, the first word that came to mind is ‘cute’

James opened the gate and watched Myint dragged her suitcase into his porch and waited for instructions from her new employer.

James’s eyes scanned her body from head to toes and he could feel something stirring inside him. Reaching for his phone, he called his friend Malcom.

“What the hell bro…”James started.

Before he could go on, Malcom started apologizing that the girl is not the same one he saw in the photo. It’s been a crazy week and the agent overseas did a bait and switch, a common trick especially when fake identifications are plenty.

“I’m sorry bro, my office is really maxed out, I don’t even have time to interview the girl. Please help take care of her for a while, if she’s not good, I’’ll replace her.” Malcom said before hanging up quickly.

Myint, upon realizing her new employer is hesitant about taking her in quickly told James she is hardworking.

“Sir, I can cook, I can clean, I can do everything and anything. “ She pleaded.

Looking at the pretty girl in front of him, James gave her a warm smile.

“Anything and everything…?” he commented with a raised eyebrow and Myint nodded eagerly.

James offered to take her suitcase and gestured to the house.

“Alright. Let’s see what you can do.” James said.

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