This is a work of fiction

James landed a job with a billionaire and part of his responsibilities includes taking care of his new boss’s sugarbabes. He then slowly gets introduced to the weird fantasy world that billionaires live in.

One that includes training the sugarbabes for Pokemon style battle with other sugarbabes. One thing for sure, when the shooting starts, it’s not going to be flames and lightning.

I work for a billionaire based in Hong Kong that goes by the name of Lim.

It was by sheer luck that I got this job. I had just lost my job of 4 years and I found myself jobless at 28. I bumped around for a couple of months waiting for people to get back on the countless resumes I sent out.

Then one morning, when I was going for my regular jog, I passed by a park where I saw this man who looked to be in his early fifties trying to change a tyre.

He was struggling and he did not look like knew what to do.

James : Hi… you need help… ?

Lim : Yes…. Can I … borrow your phone….? I forgot mine…. I want to call for a tow truck….

James : Sure….

He made his call and commented that it’s morning peak and the truck would take almost 2 hours to get there.

Lim : 2 hours… I don’t believe this…

I was done with my run and I told him that I can probably change the tyre for him in less than one.

Lim : knock yourself out man….hahah… I’ll…. Ermm.. let me see….

He pulled out a crumpled 10 dollar bill and some coins from his pocket and say he don’t have money with him at the moment, but he will pay me a $100 bucks to change the tyre.

James : hahah…. Don’t be crazy….buy me a coffee after I’m done will do…

He raised an eyebrow as I got to work.

He didn’t help and explained that he just recovered from a surgery 4 months ago on his knee.

Lim : Hope you don’t mind… but serious man… I’ll pay you…

James : it’s ok la…. this is nothing…. Piece of cake….

We started chatting and he asked if I was a mechanic.

James : hahaha… no I’m not…. I’m just … sort of jack of all trades I would say….. I’m pretty hands on ….. like to get them dirty and try things out….figure how they work…

Lim : I see…. you boss must be a lucky guy to have you….

James : Haha… I’m unemployed at the moment…. got retrenched….. Boss son came back from overseas with a lot of new ideas…. And my department wasn’t exactly the revenue generating kind….

Lim  : Oh… so you have no job…. ?

James : Why else would I be at the park at 8.45 am in the morning ? hahah…

Lim : I see…. haha…

I finished the tyre change and told him it’s done.

James : ok… you can go straight to your regular mechanic…and get the tyre replaced….

Lim looked at his watch and said something else.

Lim : James… I know we just met…. But I really need to be somewhere else now…. do you think you can help me sort this out….. get to a mechanic… and fix the tyres…..

James : Me ?

Lim : And… can I borrow some  money from you… I need to take a cab somewhere….

This sounds quite absurd to me and seriously, would you take that offer up if you just met and talked to a stranger you never met before ?

It’s not something that I would do but somehow Lim just sounded so sincere. There’s something reassuring about his voice that just calms me.

James : I have 30 bucks…was planning to grab groceries after this…. Here…

Lim : cool…. Here’s the car keys…

We exchanged numbers and parted ways.

Even as I drove, I had a unsettling feeling. This better not be some scam from a drug syndicate man or I’m dead.

I went to a friend who operated a workshop and got him to replace the wheel of the bread and butter Toyota.

Friend is friend, business is business. I paid him via bank transfer from my phone and I asked Lim where do I send his car.

When I entered his address into google map, I had to enter it twice just to be sure.

It’s a sprawling estate in the middle of town.

James : fuck me… rich uncles are usually low profile….

When I got to the estate, the gate opened for me. Driving in, I saw a Volvo and another BMW convertible. I reversed the car into the parking lot and grabbed the receipt from the workshop.

I saw Lim waiting for me by the pool deck.

He was not alone.

As I got closer, I realised the 2 girls with Lim were fucking hot.

They must be his daughter.

Lim : James… hey… thank you so much…. And… here’s the $30 bucks you lent me….

James : No problem…. And… here’s the receipt…. From the workshop….

Lim noticed me looking at the girls and he teased me.

Lim : Very pretty right…. ? hahaha

James : oh… sorry… sorry…. I don’t mean to…. They your daughters…. ?

Lim : Hahahha… no…. of course not….

James : oh… ?

Lim : They are my sugar babes….

I stared at Lim with my jaws down as I tried to comprehend what he just told me.

Lim : You know what James…. You mentioned you are unemployed……. I happen to have an opening……

He handed me his card and my eyes almost popped out from it’s sockets.

I know the name of that company that he is chairman of.

He’s a fucking tycoon in the property realm.

It rendered me speechless as I looked at Lim.

Lim : You mentioned your last drawn pay was 2.9k right… ? I’ll offer you 3.3k ….. but let me warn you first…. I’m a demanding boss… and I want someone that is driven…. Work independently…. And someone who is not afraid to get his hands dirty…. So….. what say you James… ? hahah..

I could not believe my luck.

I reached out my hand and Lim took mine with his pudgy palms, laughing heartily.

Lim : hahahah… outstanding… I like decisive people….

James : What’s my first task boss… ?

Lim : I have a flight at 4pm…. Go wash up…. Then come pick me up….. I’ll let you know the list of things you need to do while I’m gone….. and keep the car… you’ll need it….get me the receipts of the cost you incur….i’ll reimburse you….

I was literally on the verge of orgasm as I drove the car back home.

I slapped myself to make sure I was not dreaming.

When I picked Lim up at 2pm, he gave me a list of tasks ranging from settling the utility bills of the house, to picking up groceries and to stock the place up with alcohol.

Lim : Anne and Zann….the 2 babes you saw earlier…

James : Yes….

Lim : they’re off limits…..hahah… you know what I mean…. Haha ? but help me take care of them… make sure they have what they need…. I told them to look for you….they have your number…

James : Don’t worry boss…. I know the boundaries…. I’m not going to shit at the place I make a living….

Lim : hahahah.. I like that analogy…. I treat my staff well James…. don’t disappoint me…

James : I won’t…

As I waved to Lim at the departure gate, I looked at the list of stuff I needed to do. A major chunk of it involves taking care of Lim’s private harem.

Anne and Zann.

I wonder how are they like ?

I still remember the cheeky smile they gave me earlier.

I don’t know what’s in stall for me in this job, but working with hot babes like them ?

What could possibly go wrong ?

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