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It sucks to get friendzoned by the girl you like. It sucks even more when you are doing everything together as if you are a couple when you are not. The meals, the platonic dates, the tease.

There is a limit to how much one can take

I played all my cards right.

I was the gentlemen that held open the door, the one that foot the bill. The one that offer the windbreaker, the one that carried the heavy bags, the one that gave up other trees in the forest.

The one that was always there for her when she needed me.

I like Gwen the moment I saw her, that sweet and bubbly girl in class. She’s friendly to everyone and the type to initiate a bit of bodily contact. Nothing sleazy by the way.

A friendly tap on your arm, or putting her hand around your shoulder while trying to talk to you, or coming extra close while you speak. Sometimes she will lean against my arm during lecture and I lost count of the number of times she put her head on my shoulder when she’s tired.

Gwen is slim and has a pretty nice rack too but it’s her bubbly personality that attracted me. She’s hardworking not just at school, she also does some freelance modelling work.

I don’t deny that I am sexually attracted to her but I like her as a person more. She is the one for me.

I want her to be my girlfriend, and eventually my wife.

We gravitate closer as the months went by and we did everything together even after graduation.

I would be the one she called after she went for an interview.

She would text me and update me about everything in her life.

Her cat, her parents, other guys that are interested in her.

I even shopped with Gwen when she picked her lingerie.

I know her bra size, I know what kind of panty she wears. Whenshe goes overseas with her parents, I am the one that feed the cat.

The one that warmed up the car engine.

The one that help make sure everything is ok.

When we head out, sometimes she would link arms with me like we are a couple.

We are that close that people will often mistake us as a couple.

That’s the thing.

We are not a couple.

I expressed my feelings to Gwen many times and I always get the same reply.

Gwen : James…. you’re my best friend…..and i… I don’t want to lose you as a friend if this don’t work out…..aren’t we both happy with the way things are right now…. ?

She’s a better talker than I am so I always lose out in the argument.

I’ve been friendzoned.


She promised to always be there for me if I need her but as a friend, not as a partner.

Gwen can easily return to being all bubbly and happy after heavy talks and discussion about this but I can’t.

It doesn’t work this way for men.

Men and women can never have a truly platonic relationship.

Sex is always part of the equation.

I want to fuck her. I want to have sex with Gwen.

To lie in the bed and frolic an entire weekend away, to cook meals, to Netflix in bed, and then have sex again.

I can deal with one or two rejection but over the years, everything I bring up the topic, Gwen will always reject me.

Gwen : We’re practically doing almost everything a couple is doing already…. Except intimacy of course… hahaha…. Isn’t each other’s company what we all enjoy most… ?  isn’t it… ?

Statements like this get on my nerves.

Once or twice, I can probably stomach it but it builds up.

Like the pressure between different tectonic plates, it slowly builds, and it builds and it builds.

Gwen comes from a pretty well to do family. While she doesn’t lack money, she craves experiences. Experience in everything and anything she can get her hands on.

Photoshoot assignments are something that she enjoys doing. It’s easy work.

She dresses up to look good, and although she never admitted it. I know she secretly enjoys the cock teasing during the shoot.

Gwen always made sure I go along when she accepts a photoshoot assignment.

A male friend.

It gives her the reassurance that should anything go wrong, I will be there to protect her, to save her.

If the photographer don’t allow that, she will not accept the job.

It made me even angrier.

Imagine you sitting in the hotel room, or studio, looking at the girl you like parading her body in front of another man.

She changes into different outfits, swimsuits, bikinis, even school uniforms, adopting different poses as the photographer shoots away.

As a man, you really think this is about art ? About experience ?

About expression of the human body ?

About beauty ?

Don’t be stupid.

Men all want the same thing.

Gwen does all kinds of shoot. Even implied nudes, looking as if she is naked but she is not.

She felt safe because I was there.

She even does bondage shoots, getting all tied up in only her bra and panty and allowing the photographer to take his time shooting and tying her up while I sit at the side and watch.

How do you take this as a man ? As a man that like the girl a lot.

Can you really stomach this from a girl who friendzoned you ?

Well I can’t.

Every shoot Gwen goes to is like a nudge at me towards the edge of a cliff.

I knew it’s a matter of time before I lost control.

And when I received word from Gwen that she accepted a job in Malaysia for a group bondage shoot, I knew that was the last straw.

I looked at the email and I saw a familiar name inside that list.

My cousin Jerry.

He’s one of the organiser for the shoot.

I immediately gave him a call.

I have a proposal for him.

One that I know he will not be able to resist.

Especially knowing that he just got release from prison for forcing himself on another girl when drunk.

Gwen will go for the shoot thinking its just a normal bondage shoot in bra and panty.

She will feel safe because I will be there.

What she doesn’t know, is that I’m going to leave her just before it begin.

And I’ll only be back, when it’s too late.

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