This is a work of fiction

A special spa, with extra special service. You think your regular spa with happy ending is special ? Think again.

I’m no stranger to massage shops and spas.

There are mainly a few kinds in Singapore.

The dodgy ones with pretty ladies smiling and enticing you into the shop, the clean and proper ones where people go for their foot massages & back treatments, and of course, the really upmarket spa charging you thousands of dollars for packages.

It’s not an easy business to run.

Competition is stiff and the overheads are high.

So when my friend Tom asked me if i wanted to buy a stake in his spa business, i declined immediately.

Tom : Bro… haha i’m not trying to hardsell you…. i only offer it to you because you are my good friend….

James : What does it sound like all scams start of with the same opening…..?

Tom : hahahahaha…..

David : It’s true James…. haha it’s a special spa… and … full disclosure… i bought a stake….

James : What…. !?

David is one of the most stingy guys when it comes to things like this. It’s not easy to get him to part with his money which are mostly locked up in stocks and bonds.

James : You bought a stake… ? !! you.. ?

David : hhahaha…. after Tom gave me a tour and a….. sampler…i was convinced…. that it would be a good business to invest in….

Tom gave me a naughty raised eyebrow look.

Tom : How James….? interested to know more.. ? hahaha

I sipped my coffee and eyed the 2 of them warily.

James : come on…. how special can your spa be… ? happy ending… ? what if you get raided… ?

Tom shook his finger at me.

Tom : No… no… no…. James… hahaha…

Tom explained that there are too many happy ending massage shops all over the island. The novelty factor is no longer there. People simply go there to satisfy their needs.

Tom : They popped in… get touched… the girl wank him off…. pay up and go…. it’s… it’s very… utilitarian…..there is no fun it it….

James : So you are saying… you have a better idea…. ?

Tom : hahahah…. of course….

I looked at my 2 good friends with that thieving look on their face.

They are up to no good.

James : Your current spa…. how is it doing… ?

Tom : I nett 19 – 22k a month, after accounting for staff cost and other overheads….

James : fuck….

Tom nodded.

Tom : no fuck…. is spa… hahaha.

James: how many members…. ?

Tom : It’s a female only spa….. about 200…. and growing….

David could not resist cutting in.

David : Tell him… tell him !!!

James : Tell me what…. ??

Tom : hahaha… slow down…. i want enjoy that look on James’s face when he hears it…. ahhaha

David : hahahah.

James: Ok you win… just spill it man….

Tom : You see…. the thing is this spa…. i’m not making money from the women…..

James: Huh… ?

David could no longer hold it in and he decided to cut in and quickly added in a whisper.

David : We are making the money from men…. hahaha…

I looked at the 2 of them chuckling away and my mind was filled with question marks. A all female spa, that makes it’s money from men ?

James : How… ?

David : Tell him Tom….

Tom smiled and gave me his signature playful grin i knew since we were back in primary school together.

Tom : I have a better idea….. let me show you….hahahah

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