This is a work of fiction

With incidents of upskirts, shower voyeur, Bra & panty snitching reaching a all time high in the country, James’ wife decides to do something to help save the young men who are still learning to control their urges

My wife Mabel and i lead a comfortable life.

We’re both civil servants and we landed our job offers even before we graduate.

At 28, Mabel and i have no plans to have kids. We’re just really happy and comfortable with the way things are.

A 3 room flat in Bedok is where we call home. It’s an old estate but well connected to amenities and everything we could possibly need. As if our comfortable salary and stable job is not enough, the gods decided to bless us with another fortune many dreamt their entire lives for.

We struck the lottery.

No shit.

The thing is, we don’t even buy lottery regularly.

It was a 5 million draw . Mabel and i were eating at a hawker centre when this old man came and pestered us to buy his tickets at twice the price he paid for it at the authorised betting shop.

We felt bad for him and i relented, giving him $14 for the ticket that cost just $7.

My wife and i did not think much about it until the evening of the draw.

The 2 of us sat in front of the computer screen staring at the ticket in disbelief.

We won.

There are 2 winners and after splitting the winnings with the final jackpot, Mabel and i took home close to 3 million in winnings.

This is it boy, we’re set for life.

We could have retired, travelled the world or something but the thing is we both love our jobs.

We love the things we do and our colleagues, even our bosses and quitting our job when we’re not even 30 just sounds wrong.

After much deliberation, we decided to tell no one about our winnings and just continue living our life as normal.

We did charity work, we donated some of our winnings and invested the rest.

The dividends that comes in, we reinvested part of it and donated the rest.

By the time we are 30, we are donating close to 30000 a year without even touching the initial principal we put aside and our mini charity fund is still growing.

Mabel is more active in giving back to society and she regularly volunteers her spare time over weekends. From ground up initiatives for greening homes to donating food to old folks home, we did them all.

However, these are things that many organisation are already doing actively.

Then one day, my wife came and told me about her missing lingerie from the bamboo poles outside our flat.

They happen occasionally.

Some of my wife’s bra and panty will get stolen.

Sometimes her heels too.

We usually brush it off, probably some mischievous kids or something , but coupled with the amount of news lately about people getting caught for stealing lingerie, taking upskirts and watching people shower, it was clear a trend is starting to form.

Mabel : maybe we should do something to help these people….

James : How… ?

Mabel : I don’t know…. i mean… we can start a lingerie fund… so they don;t need to steal and get into trouble with the law… ?

James : I don;t think it works that way….they get a kick out of the stealing… and probably the girl wearing them is hot…. like you…

Mabel : hahah… thank you dear….but i think we should still do something to help them.

We left the discussion as it is until a few weeks later, i came across my wife’s pictures on the internet.

It was on a sex forum.

Someone had taken a upskirt video of her going up the escalator and had uploaded it online.

I immediately showed it to my wife.

I was expecting her to get mad and upset but she said something peculiar.

Mabel : Interesting…. hmmmm …

Instead of demanding the forum take down her videos, my wife started wearing more skirts and dresses to work over the next few months.

She made sure to pair them with nice undies too.

Needless to say, the amount of upskirt videos on the sex forums on Mabel ballooned.

It appears as if there’s a group of men stalking my wife, taking pictures of her everyday while she goes to work and from the discussion they are having, they are the ones stealing her lingerie.

James : this is getting out of hand dear…. you need to do something..

Mabel : I think so too…. they sound really young form they way they talk…. i don’t want them to get their future ruin for doing this….

James : what…. ?

My wife started thinking about it and when she told me what she has in mind, i blurted out the only thing i could.

James : Are you fucking out of your mind…. ?

Crossing her legs and flashing me a glimpse of her white panty under her short dress from the seat across me as she sip her beer in the bar, my wife shook her head.

Mabel : We need to save this country dear…. one lingerie at a time…

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