James’s sister in law hopes his wife can carry her surrogate baby.

And she is willing to make up to him, in ways that must remain a secret.

“Are you out of your mind ? “ James raised his voice at his wife Kristine.

He could not believe what he just heard.

“Calm down, why are you shouting at me ? “Kristine said.

“I’m not shouting at you, I just spoke a bit too loudly.” He replied while trying to get a read on what he just heard.

James never wanted kids. This is something that Kristine agrees with.

In Singapore, having kids is a stressful affair.

You need to worry about schools, tuition, extra classes.

As if those were not bad enough, James and his wife live in an estate where all the young couples of the country are dumped in to start a new family.

“What is your sister thinking? “ He asked “ There are no schools in Punggol don’t you know that ? No childcare, no infant care…”

“Oh please, you are being overly dramatic. There’s one right across the road from our living room.”

“let me rephrase, there are no spaces in the schools here…. And don’t you dare tell me I’m wrong.”

James started going on about their friends’ bemoaning over the lack of childcare spaces with spillovers to the neighboring towns. From there, he went on to talk about the spillover of primary school allocations over into Sengkang, with further spillage into a town further away.

“James!… those have nothing to do with what I’m talking to talk to you about. My sister don’t even stay here!”

“They’re tried for so many years…shouldn’t they take it as a sign that they should stop trying.?”

Kristine sighed and went over to sit down beside James.

She knew her husband will not take the news well.

No, she did not change her mind about staying childless, the couple still did not want kids.

James started throwing up all sorts of excuses and reasons why everyone should not have kids. From diapers being environmentally unfriendly to a recent case in the news where the son killed the father.

“Why would anyone want to have kids!” the incredulous look on his face made no attempt to hide his refusal to the proposal.

“Baby, you need to calm down…” Kristine held onto her husband’s hand and continued. “You know my sister has been trying for a child for so long….and…and… they have exhausted all options…if she needs a surrogate to carry her child, surely I, as her sister can step up to the task.”

Left speechless, James just looked at his wife helplessly.

“It’s a simple procedure… we cannot do it in Singapore, we have to go overseas. Think of it as a break, fully paid and sponsored.” Kristine said while squeezing her husband’s hand.

“It’s not fair.”

“Baby, it’s my sister, your sister in law.”Kristine said. “besides, it’s all syringes and test tube, Tom is not coming anywhere near me in case you are worried.haha.”

“I can’t believe you are joking about this.” James said in disbelief.

“Come on. Think about it. Don’t say no without considering it. Let’s give it a few days before we talk about this again?” Kristine said while taking James hand and placing it on her breast. “ My breast will get bigger when I get pregnant you know.”

“pregnant with another man’s seed.”

“That fertilized my sister’s eggs, not mine “ She reminded her husband.

The two of them started stripping each other and soon were moaning at the top of their voice in their love nest. This is the good thing about staying childless.

You can fuck whenever you want. No need to worry about diapers, milk, or waking the babies.

Why would anyone want to have kids ?

3 days after Kristine first broached the subject, James just got into his car after work when his phone rang. Looking at the caller, he realizes it’s Carrie. His sister in law.

“hi Carrie.” James said while starting the engine.

“Hi James, free to talk ? “

“Yeah sure.”

“ Do you want to grab a quick coffee? I want to talk to you in private about some matters.”

“ermm..ok.. where are you ? “

“I’m at Marina Square, just knocked off work. You want to come over?” Carrie asked.

“Ok it’s quite near where I am, I’ll see you in a bit.”

James knew what Carrie wants to talk to him about.

It’s about the surrogacy.

Using his wife’s body.

Now, Carrie and Tom, they are the owners of a chain of successful restaurants. They have it all. House, cars, regular holidays. Everything you can possibly associate with success in Singapore, the couple checked all the boxes.

Just when you think they can’t get any better, an F&B giant in the region bought a stake in their business, netting the couple millions of dollars in payout.

The irony here is that despite having all the material goods others crave for, the couple lack something that seemed to come easily for others.


As James pulled into the carpark, he sighed and he tried to imagine how the conversation will go. Although not expressed explicitly, James knew from his wife that Carrie and her husband will be willing to pay for all expenses, including a lump sum payment as a token of gratitude.

He didn’t need the money. Both Kristine and James are doing ok in their careers. Dual income, no kids, their disposable income is high compared to their peers.

Truth be told, James is undecided. The pregnancy will definitely take a toll of his wife’s body. Not to mention the inconvenience. How are they going to have sex when her belly is swollen ? Can Kristine still swallow his semen ?

How is she going to fit into all the sexy lingerie ?

James saw Carrie a distance away at the café they are supposed to meet. She gave him a wide smile and she already has a black coffee waiting for him.

“Hey sis…” James said while taking a seat.

Several pairs of envious eyes looked over at their table.

Carrie is hot. At 31, she is at the prime of her career. No longer the sweet young thing, and not yet a hot MILF, Carrie is at the stage where women are the most desirable.

The one piece dual tone dress in black and white fits Carrie perfectly, showing off just the right amount of flesh, legs and cleavage. Her classy demeanor and salon style hair really made her stand out among the post office crowd.

James had to look away when his sister in law crossed her pair of creamy legs, revealing the seductive lace that borders the hem of her dress.

“Has…. Kristine talk to you about….”

“yes…yes she did.”

Carrie nodded and she brushed a couple of stray hair away from her face before she asked James what he thinks.

“Please be honest James, there’s no need to hold back anything. WE’RE family after all. “ Carrie said.

James struggled for the words to use, taking care to be politically correct by using the right terms.

“I honestly don’t know… it’s going to ermm… change the way… Kristine and I live…and… our routines…our ermm.. bonding… and among others, our diet..”

Carrie listened attentively, never once breaking eye contact.

What James has highlighted are all valid points.

It’s going to up end the couple’s life if her sister carries her baby. It’s more complicated than just popping the fertilized egg into her womb.

Carrie already had a long discussion with her sister the past few months and she is all for doing it. Not just for Carrie, but for the family. It’s James that remains undecided.

“I… give me more time Carrie…” James said. “ Let me…. Let me sleep on it a few more days.”

Carrie nodded with a smile and told James not to put too much pressure on the decision. Kristine may be her sister, but she is also his wife.

“I know it’s unfair to you..” Carrie said. “ Honestly, if there are some ways I can make up for Kristine’s sacrifice of her body with mine, I would.”

James almost toppled her coffee as he exchanged a look at his sister in law.

Carrie, suddenly realizing she blurted something that had a totally different meaning, stopped talking immediately.

“I…. i… I was ..talking about…housework…errands…and…and..” Carrie stammered while trying to maintain the eye contact but the awkward moment has happened.

“errr…err…me..me..me too..me too..” James laughed awkwardly as they both sipped their respective coffee quietly.

Carrie looked at James and caught him looking at her crossed legs and her heart skipped a beat. James, on the other hand, could feel an erection creeping up on him as he stole a quick glance at Carrie’s cleavage.

James set down his coffee with a trembling hand when Carrie broke the awkward moment with something that sent his heart racing.

“maybe…maybe we can work something out.” She said as she exhaled and looked at James, her eyes darting around like she is guilty of a crime.

Swallowing a gulp of saliva, James’ words came out almost like a whisper.

“Just….between us…?”

Carrie’s eyes searched for some place to focus before finally settling on her brother in law.

“Just between us…” She said.

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