This is a work of fiction


Having read enough fairy tales, I was mentally prepared for an evil step mother when my father remarried.

My biological mother passed on when I was really young and I barely had any impression of her. My father raised me single handed while running his export business.

He eventually got to know my stepmum, Wen. Wen is the complete opposite of what fairy tales describe stepmothers to be.

She did not try to give me a poison apple nor did she deprive me of clothes or force me to do housework. Wen is caring, kind and is a very patient women.

She is capable at work too and she gets along really well with my father.

I’m truly happy that he found her as a life partner because I know she will take care of him.

I was 16 when they got married. Not exactly young but not yet an adult. It was my ‘o’ level year but I knew I have no hope of passing.

I just didn’t like studying. The only thing I enjoyed doing is to read. Novels, story books, fables, everything. I would devour it all. No prizes for guessing where is the favourite place to spend my time.

The library.

I’m also quiet and reserved in school with few friends. I don’t really enjoy talking and interaction, so you can pretty much imagine how much of a geek I am.

That quiet little kid in the corner of the class that can sometimes be forgotten.

I just want to be left in my world of books.

With my dad’s marriage, comes new addition to the family.

My stepmother, Wen is a divorcee, she has a pair of twin daughters from her previous marriage.

Cindy & Bella are identical twins, they are one year older than me.

When I was introduced to them, they were studying at one of the top Junior college in the country.

Cindy & Bella , are the complete opposite of their mother in terms of character.

They are the kind of evil stepsisters that belonged to fairy tales and fables.

What made things worst was that My father and I moved in to stay with them for easier commute.

I have a direct bus to my school while my stepsisters can simply walk to their elite Junior college along Bukit Timah.

My stepmother’s place is a private property with 3 bedrooms.

So when we shift in, one of my stepsister, Bella, has to vacate her room to make space for me.

Can you imagine what this does to a teenage girl ?

The amount of hate and contempt they already harboured for me went up several folds.

On the surface, Cindy and Bella are really nice and sweet.

They will smile and say everything is fine, they don’t mind it at all and they welcome a little brother into the family. They even offered to give me tuition to help me improve my grades.

However, once the adults are gone, which is something very frequent, they will show their true colours.

My dad and my stepmother travel frequently for work.

It was always a couple of days to Hong Kong or Shenzhen. They never stayed long because they wanted to spend more time with us but as their business takes off, their trips start to get longer.

Still, they did their best to keep it within 3 to 4 days max.

Now, during the days when they are not around, my life became a living hell around Cindy and Bella.

No one will be able to tell how dark their hearts are from the surface.

They are so pretty and hot. My twin step sisters were frequently named the belle of their cohort. At 1.6m tall with long shapely legs, Cindy and Bella had no lack of suitors.

There is always some guy walking them home.

Every couple of days, there would be deliveries of flowers or gifts to the house.

Cindy and Bella not only look good, they are smart too, already getting that coverted ‘A’ which has eluded me since Primary school.

My ordeal starts the moment my parents leave for the airport.

Bella : get out of my room James… you stupid dick….and change back the bedsheets to my old one….

James : ok….

I would first be evicted out of my room.

I was made to change the bedsheets and covers and bring whatever stuff I needed out because I would not be allowed to enter that room again until my parents are back.

The sofa is where I would sleep.

The harassment did not stop there.

My stepsisters are hot and I’m just a growing male. Like many others, I would steal glances at their body.

Sometimes I would get a hard erection staring at their legs.

Cindy and Bella are aware of my darting eyes, they know, yet they deliberately tease me.

Sometimes Cindy would walk around the house without bra.

Sometimes Bella would put on a pair of loose cotton shorts and take the seat opposite me. She would cross her legs seductively and watch my reaction.

I wanted to read my book but it was too distracting.

I kept wanting to steal glances at my step sisters.

Cindy : what are you looking at ?? you pervert….are you a pervert??? Is that what you are ???

Sometimes they would lash out at me if they are not in the right mood or when it’s the time of the month.

Bella : You are a loser James you know that…. This is Singapore…. If you are not good in your studies… that’s it… you are a loser….!!

Verbal abuses are just the tip of the iceberg.

They would throw their worn clothes at me.

Cindy would go workout at the gym in the condo and come back with her t-shirt soaked in sweat. She would remove it and drape it over my head without warning.

Cindy : hahaha.. hahaha Bella help…. Quick !!

James : arhhhh..ahhh.. no… no  … please stop….anhhh

I would get an instant hardon.

Cindy’s fresh perspiration smelled so good and she forcibly held her top around my face. Bella would quickly jump me too.

The sisters would laugh and amuse themselves at how weak and useless I am.

My hardon did not go unnoticed.

Bella would force my legs apart and tried to take photo for my hardon.

Bella : look… sick pervert….hahaha… Sis… look… James like your wet t-shirt smell… hahaha… he’s having a hardon… hahah…

Cindy :take picture of it… quick !!

I’m not only quiet and reserve, my body is pretty frail as well. Not that I fall sick all the time but my stepsisters are a lot stronger than me too.

Cindy swims everyday and represents her school in national competitions.

Bella is a member of the school track and field.

So you can imagine how inadequate I am despite me being a male.

I had to do all the dishes, wash all the clothes and keep the house clean while my parents were away.

I had to hand wash my step sister’s panties and bra with them standing behind me. They enjoyed watching me do it.

Cindy : I bet he will take and smell if we are not looking….

Bella : he’s such a faggot…. I think he will wear them hahaha

My stepsisters laughed as they continued their jest.

When I brought home my ‘O’ level results, it was terrible. The only pass I got was an ‘A’ for English. I flung the rest of the subjects.

Wen and my dad are pretty understanding. They knew I don’t like studying so they didn’t force me.

In front of the adults, Cindy put her arm around my shoulders and encouraged me.

Cindy : it’s ok James….results is not everything….

Bella : yeah…. Cheer up…. I’m sure once you find your field of interest…. You will excel….

Wen : I’m so glad to see you kids get along so well together….

Dad : yeah… me too… I was still worried initially about you guys….

My stepsisters reassured our parents everything is fine and that they will always be there for me if I need them.

Wen : Then I think it’s time we tell you our plans to expand the business….

There is a lot of opportunities abroad , which is why our parents are suggesting that they fly out every Monday, coming back only on Friday.

My heart dropped when I heard that news and I could see Cindy and Bella fighting back their grins.

From the looks on their faces, they were definitely looking forward to spend more time alone with me.

The abuse and tease got worse.

Cindy would walk out of her room without bra. Can you imagine that ? I was shocked of course and of course I looked.

Cindy : what are you looking at ?? you pervert !!!

She would cover her tits then slap me and hit me on my head.

I would apologise but it was not enough for her.

Bella said that it was only fair that I show them my privates since I saw theirs.

If was not a request, it was a instruction.

Cindy held onto me before Bella pulled my pants down, exposing my hardon.

Bella : ooooohhhh….. Little brother is not that little after all…. Hahaha

Cindy : hahaha… ohhhhh James… pervert…. See my tits and get hardon…. Hahaha

I felt truly helpless but there is nothing I could do.

Both my step sisters have my naked pictures on their phones.

Cindy and Bella took my daily allowance of $15 as well, and if I wanted it back, I was to beg and work for it.

Bella: Stick my sanitary pad for me on my panty…. Do it and I’ll give you $2…. Hahah

Cindy : take off my socks for me James….hahah.. with your mouth….ill give you $5…. Hahah

Bella : Sis…!!! You are sick !!! you’ve been wearing that pair of socks for 3 days already…. !!

Cindy : hahaha yeah… and I sweat quite a bit lately….

I had no choice, I wanted the money.

Peace only comes when the girls went to school and I could go to my library. I would spend most of my time there , returning home only when the library closes.

This went on for a while until it suddenly stopped.

They stopped picking on me out of the blue. It was abrupt.

Eventually I found out they were attached, they have boyfriends now. Both of them. Another pair of twins in the same school

I was so thrilled that they no longer had time for me.

I was finally left alone, for a while.

A while.

It lasted about 3 months and just before their ‘A’ levels, they broke up.

Both broke up.

It was initiated by the guys.

When they came back home screaming and shouting at me that day, I knew something was wrong.

Terribly wrong.

Their first relationship did not turn out to be that fairy tale they envisioned it would be.

Cindy and Bella snapped.

A switch has been flicked.

I could see it in their eyes.

It was a Friday and the adults are due back in a couple of hours, I was safe for the weekend.

However I could see with each passing moment, Cindy and Bella are both hoping that my parents leave for their work.

On that Monday morning, the family had breakfast together at the table.

My parent’s luggage were packed and ready by the door.

My stepsisters are already in their JC uniforms.

I was dressed too, I intend to leave home immediately and not come back until it’s late at night.

I wanted to avoid Cindy and Bella.

Wen : alright… we got a flight to catch… behave yourselves okay….

Cindy : we will…

Dad : alright.. see you all end of the week….

I got up too but Bella held onto my wrist.

Bella : James… sit…. I have something to discuss with you….

I don’t want to but Cindy chipped in.

Cindy : It’s your birthday this week right… let us celebrate it for you….

James : No… it’s ok…it’s ok…..

Dad : That’s a good idea…. We’ll be back late on Friday….we’ll do a family lunch on Saturday…..

Bella : No worries… we will celebrate with James…

Cindy : yeah… our little brother’s 17th birthday !! yeyyyy!!

I looked at our parents , hoping I could telepathically send them a help message but I can’t.

I watched them leave the house and the click of the lock sounded louder than I remembered.

Cindy and Bella’s smile left their faces as I tried to back away to go back to my room.

Cindy : come here !!

Bella : JAMES !!

James :what… what… what did I do… ?? what did I do wrong now… ?

Cindy : men are all pigs ….

Bella : The only wrong thing you did…. Is being born a man…

I can’t believe they are taking out their failed relationship on me.

Cindy suddenly grabbed my privates and I groaned in pain. Bella yanked my hair forcefully to the side.

James :ahhhh.. arghhhhhhhh… please… stop…..

From the look in their eyes, I knew my life with my stepsisters would never be the same again.

My role is not just that of a stepbrother.

I was their punching bag, I was their stress buster.

And the most unfortunate thing of all, I was made to….

I was made to…

I was forced to pleasure my stepsisters in ways I never knew possible.


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