This is a work of fiction.


I was a little shocked when I heard that my friend Welly wanted to quit his job in a bank to start a food stall. It didn’t make sense at all to me.

Why would he do that ?

He’s making cool 5 figures a month in a foreign bank, if there is a measurement for success in this country, Welly is practically it

Welly stays in a condo in district 21, has a fully paid car, goes for holidays at least 5 times a year, as if that were not enough, he has a hot girlfriend, or rather wife to be.

Welly and I knew Melissa together when all of us were doing our internship at a bank. She pretty, well spoken and she has a great pair of legs.

Her breast is a full B cup and on days if she decides to give her figure a little boost with a push up bra, Welly and I would take turns counting the number of hardons we get throughout the day while working with Melissa.

The tight dresses and the hip hugging skirt set out tongues wagging whenever we had a chance to talk. I’m sure you know what it’s like, a couple of guys, talking about how you want to do that hot colleague of yours.

During the short 3 month internship, Welly and I took multiple photos of Melissa. Discreetly I mean.

She’s hot and I want her, and I know so does Welly. I caught him secretly taking a photo of Melissa at her desk before, and I’m pretty sure the awkward quick turn he did when I tried to take a upskirt of her at the pantry was evident enough he knew my feelings towards Melissa.

Our friendship blossomed in a way, if you could use that word to describe 2 guys lusting after the same girl.

The 3 of us went back to school after our internship but we kept in contact, meeting up once or twice a month to catch up.

Eventually it came to the point when it was obvious both of us wanted to go after Melissa.

Being brothers and all, we made a pact to compete freely. No matter who lost, it shall not affect our friendship.

Welly : Brothers….

James : Brothers….

We shook hand on the agreement like gentlemen and sealed the contract.

Melissa is aware that both of us are interested in her but she is afraid to make the choice for fear that it will tear us apart. We reassured her that we are not school kids, this is fair game.

It took close to a year and I lost eventually.

I lost because of certain choices I made.

Welly decided to continue his stint in the bank whereas I decided to roll the dice and start a business of my own.

It was this roll of the dice that sealed my fate with Melissa.

While Welly was the classic example of stability, I was the one that chose to take the path less travelled.

And stability is what all women wants.

Something that I was unable to give Melissa.

And to reinforce that her choice is right, my business did badly for the 1st 2 years. I was literally surviving on the 600-700 dollars profit after I take away the necessary cost.

I made mistakes, a lot of it, but with each mistake, I learn. I improvise, and the most important thing of all, I survive.

Welly, Melissa and I still kept in touch, meeting up regularly at least twice a month to catch up. The only difference then was that Melissa was always taking the seat on Welly’s side and the couple always paid for my meals and drinks.

Melissa : When are you going to stop James ?? … you know… get a proper job and all….it’s been how long already… ?

James : coming to 2 years already… blink of an eye….

Melissa : 2 years already…. You are already missing out on a lot…. Welly is already a vice president in the bank….

Welly : Dear…. You take a stone and throw into a bank… you can literally hit a vice president….don’t listen to her James…. You are already turning a profit right…..?? just a bit more to go I’m sure….

Melissa : His profit is what…. A few hundred…. ?

James : Well it’s 6-700…. After expenses and cost but I’m figuring things out along the way…… I think I might know what to do going forward….

Melissa : James…. Please….. 6-700 is not enough for a bag these days…

Welly : I think that’s because of your choice of bags….. don’t listen to her James…. If you need capital injection…. You know where to go…

I know Welly, he is the kind of person that will stand with me on my decision. That’s what brothers are for isn’t it ?

He has offered several times to inject funds into my business if I needed but I turned him down everytime. It hasn’t come to that, besides, my initial capital of 20k is still intact.

I’m making money, just not enough.

Which tells me what I’m doing is right, I just need to find the way forward and all will be fine.

Melissa : Maybe you should give yourself a deadline James ?? … I don’t know…. like another 6 months…. Or something…. If it doesn’t work… my office is hiring… operations executive….. if you are keen….

Welly : My bank is hiring too James….i’m just saying… I can hook you up…. But I just think you should try a little while longer… I’ve seen your books…’s good…. 90% of businesses shut down within the 1st year….. 95% won’t make it through the 3rd….. from the looks of things.. you are doing well…

Melissa : Don’t encourage him you idoit…..

Welly : Why not ?? …. I wish I could be my own boss one day too…..

I could see Melissa rolling her eyes and I laughed.

I envy Welly. The 2 of them look good together.

Seeing Melissa in her long sleeve white blouse and tight pencil skirt, I could pretty much imagine how Welly is going to fuck her after dinner that night.

Hiking her skirt up to her waist and making her hold onto the bed frame as he do her in her heels.

When Welly broke news to me that he got a promotion and he’s entered the 5 figure range for monthly pay excluding bonus, I was genuinely happy for him.

We’re 26, turning 27.

How many mid twenties chap could do 5 figures ? Welly is good with his work, he is dedicated, and he can talk. His salesmanship is top notch, if there is someone who deserves to get paid that amount, it would be Welly.

With Welly doing do well, Melissa decided to quit her job to start a small blogshop selling trinkets and accessories.

During my 27th birthday, Welly and Melissa brought me to a nice steakhouse and we blew close to $800 on the food and drinks for 3.

Welly signed for it without batting an eyelid even though I offered to take the bill.

James : Let me….

Welly : It’s your birthday bro…. when it’s my turn… then you pay…

Melissa : It’s 800 bucks James…. Don’t blow your entire month’s budget on this meal… hahaha…

I smiled but said nothing.

It’s the 4th year of my business and things are starting to look bright.

I have 2 staff and after taking away staff cost including my $5000 a month salary, the company still retained a profit of almost $60000 that year.

Welly : James is already making a profit ok…. In 3 years…. I think he will be the one paying for all our meals…..hahah

Melissa : He was turning a profit for very long… the thing is… whether is it enough or not…. Right… ? haha

Welly just smiled but said nothing.

He did not tell Melissa how I was doing and I could understand why. He was still unsure about her. As you can probably see by now, Melissa isn’t really the go getter, choosing to settle for the comfortable life.

Welly and Melissa are still dating, he had hinted about a proposal but so far nothing is concrete. Still this doesn’t stop Melissa from using Welly’s credit card for herself, chalking up easily 2-3k in charges every month.

2-3k is nothing to Welly, his annual package can well afford it but the question is how long will it stay at 2-3 ?

It will eventually go up to 3-4, then maybe 5-6.

I know what Welly is worried about. I can read him as well as he can read me.

He worried that if Melissa sees that I’m doing well now, she might have a change of heart.

I can’t say she’s exactly a gold digger because when she knew us, we both had nothing.

She liked the both of us the same. In fact, I had kissed Melissa first before Welly.

I had fondled her firm breasts before Welly.

I even touched her outside her panty and she did not resist me.

These are things that Welly did not get to do during the competition stage.

I know because the moment Melissa made her choice, she asked that these stay between us.

I agreed of course.

On Welly’s 28th birthday, he popped the question to Melissa and she said yes.

It was my turn to get the bill and I did not blink when the $1000 dollar bill came to me. I already have 4 employees with the 5th joining in a month’s time. I increased my monthly pay to 9k and put the car down as part of the company’ expenses.

I was truly happy for Welly and Melissa. The 1.8 carat diamond ring sparkled like the way it should. Welly was over the moon and so was Melissa, for a while at least.

After getting the bill and keeping my card, Welly had something else to say.

He had another announcement to make.

Welly : And there’s something else…. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time…..

Melissa : what is it…

James : More good news ??!! shall we open another bottle ??

Welly laughed and he announced that he is going to quit his job and start his own business.

Welly : I’ve been thinking about this for a while…. And I want to sell food….i really like food… and I think moving forward… that’s the way to go….

Welly reasoned that rain or shine, market crash or not, people need to eat, and people will queue and wait for good food.

To keep cost low and to get some experiences, he will first start off as a hawker. In fact, he has already scouted out a location in town and he plans to put things in motion within the next 3 months.

When Welly was done, he looked at both Melissa and my expression.

Welly : are you shocked ? hahah… to surprise to speak.. ? hahaha

James : but… why …. ? you’re…. getting what…. An easy 18 a month…. Excluding bonus….

Welly : but…getting 18…. Is not making me happy…. It’s not about the money James…. You’re your own boss.. you should know what I mean….

James : I… bro I’m with you all the way … you know I am but….are you sure ??

Welly patted his chest and said he has thought about this for a while.

Welly : 100%…. haha…. I’m going to be a hawkerpreneurs…..

I nodded and topped up his champagne.

James :well…. If you need anything… money… advices… contacts… you know who to look for…..

I proposed a toast and I noticed something.

Melissa was a little too slow when reaching for her glass even though she forced a smile.

The news came as a shock to her. It was obvious.

That shock eventually because a flashpoint in their relationship.

A small crack appeared in their otherwise undying love for each other.

When I saw that crack appearing, it was too tempting for me not to do something about it.

Especially more so when I always wanted to fuck Melissa.

How can I do this to my brother you say ?

Well, the thing is, I think Welly, is too good for Melissa.

He just doesn’t see it, maybe he does and he just doesn’t want to acknowledge it, so as his good friend, I believe it is my duty to make him see that.



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