This is a work of fiction. 

Girl in photoshoot album is above 24 years of age. 

Photographer is her husband. 

I bought the album in late 2018 for a story 

No nudes. 


I met my wife Kristin when I was volunteering at a old folks home. It was part of my company’s corporate social responsibility program while for Kristin, she goes there every month to interact with the old people and to chat with them.

I remembered I was mopping the floor when I saw her appear in front of me at the elevators.

The moment our eyes met, I was love struck and no words left my mouth even though I wanted to speak.

Kristin smiled at me before walking away. I could not take my eyes off her back view, that shapely body, that graceful walk and the radiant smile remained in my head for the whole day.

I finally mustered up enough courage to ask for her number at the end of the day and I was not disappointed.

I was literally shaking when I asked her for her name.

James : Hi…. Hi… I’m…. ermm… my name is James….

Kristin : hi… I’m Kristin…

James : Erm… I was wondering…. If… ermm.. you would like to grab a coffee after this…

Kristin smiled and agreed immediately.

Kristin : to be truthful….. I would have asked you out if you waited any longer….. I saw you loitering around for the past few hours… haha

James : hahah…. It’s… nerve wrecking … I’ve never done this before…

Kristin : neither have i… haha…

It was apparent to me by then that our attraction to each other are mutual.

Kristin and I hit it off from that very first coffee, before long, we were dating.

I’ve had a couple of relationships before and the feeling I get from Kristin is very different. It’s not just the usual puppy love or the fresh honeymoon period, I genuinely see Kristin as a life partner.

I love her. I really do.

I know she loves me as well.

We dated for 3 years and it was a magical time.

The passion, the love and of course the lust we had for each other’s body made the sex really good.

We fucked like bunnies whenever we could. We tried everything.

Bondage, role playing, outdoor fun, even exposing ourselves on the balcony on a cruise. Whenever something comes to mind, we would discuss it and we would try it.

I’ve even strapped Kristin down on a bed at the old folks home before using medical grade restraints designed to stop the patients from hurting themselves. With her immobilised, we role played that she was getting forced upon by robbers while volunteering.

We ended up wetting and soiling not only the bedsheets, but the floor of the empty ward as well.

Kristin has even pretended to be a ladyboy, holding me down while she pegged me in my anus while forcing me to wear her bra. There is nothing too dirty or taboo in our sex life except one thing.

The past.

It was a casual discussion. Somehow it drifted to the topic of my past relationships and of course, my sex life.

I was candid about it of course, it was all in the past. I don’t mind sharing, after all, she is the one that I want to marry and spend the rest of my life with.

I admitted that I had sex with all 3 ex girlfriends, but it was nothing fantastic or crazy. Just normal

Normal things couple do when they are in love, that’s all.

Compared it with the stuff Kristin and I get up to, those were nothing.

James : What about you ?? …

Kristin : what about me… ?

James : Your past relationship…. How’s the sex… ?

I never expected Kristin to clamp up when I asked her the question.

It was a little unexpected. I mean we have been pretty open with each other, talking about everything under the sun. I know she is not a virgin, I didn’t mind it at all.

I’m not one either anyway.

Kristin : nothing interesting…. Just normal…

Having been together for a couple of years, I could read her like a book. There’s no hiding that she is uncomfortable talking about it.

James : Dear…. It’s ok…. I mean…. If you are uncomfortable… there’s no need to….

Kristin  : why are you so curious about my past… ?

James : why wouldn’t I be… ? I want to spend the rest of my life with you… but I’m not forcing you to share…..

Kristin : then you shouldn’t be so concerned about what happened before…isn’t it… ?

James : I didn’t say I’m concerned…. I’m just curious…. And why are you getting so defensive… ?

I never expected that simple discussion to lead to our very first quarrel.

I can’t say it’s exactly a quarrel, maybe a small argument, or disagreement on a subject.

Determined to have the last word, Kristin literally spit out the words in spite at the end.

Kristin : I have never been pregnant before…. If you are wondering about that… !

Well that statement came as a bit of a shock to me.

I didn’t expect her to say something like that.

I mean, just chill man.

We made up a couple of days later and we never spoke about it again.

I was indifferent, or so I thought.

There is something about the statement she made that seemed to linger in my head.

“ I have never been pregnant before “

Why would she say something like that ?

Why can’t she just say, yes, she is not a virgin, she has sex with her ex-boyfriend before, something I already knew. Why must it be said that way ?

That sentence slowly festered in my head.

It slowly consumed my mind.

I didn’t see it happening but like the seed of a evil thought, it slowly started to sprout.

I was never the jealous type but I started getting jealous when I think of Kristin and her ex-boyfriends.

What did they do when they were together ?

Sure, they had sex, but was it good ?

Did Kristin enjoy herself more with them or with me ?

I started to question my ability.

I started to decipher what Kristin meant by her sentence, drawing up different scenarios to fit it in my head.

I would think of her ex-boyfriend shooting their cum deep inside her as she moaned for them to go deeper.

It was a sick thought but I find myself getting aroused.

I would imagine Kristin sucking their dicks in the car, swallowing their semen and quenching her thirst with them.

I would imagine Kristin being fucked by both her ex-boyfriend at the same time like a slut. She would moan and cum while having her holes filled by their cocks and begging for more when it’s over.

It’s sick, I know but I was getting aroused by the thought.

The more I think about it, the harder my cock gets.

I still love Kristin, I still lust for her body and her touch but as the days go by, the arousal from imagining her getting fucked by her ex-boyfriends gets stronger.

It got to the point when I was fucking Kristin, I would close my eyes and imagine it was someone else that is doing the fucking, while I would be the one doing the watching.

It’s really weird.

I did what I could to suppress my feelings and emotions. These are things I cannot share with Kristin. She would think I’m mad.

Eventually I proposed to Kristin on her 28th birthday and she said yes.

It was an amazing night for us.

I proposed in the cable car, and we spent the night in a nice hotel in Sentosa.

The sex was as good as it gets but I knew something was wrong with me by then.

How can it be that, on the day I proposed, and while on the verge of having my orgasm, the picture I had in my head was of seeing Kristin being taken in a gangbang ?

I knew I was slowly being consumed by that mad thought.

As the days go by, I would start to propose roleplaying of other kinds.

Threesomes and gangbangs.

I would use dildos as a stand in, I would pretend I was a spectator and watch Kristine use the dildo on herself.

I would give her instructions on what to do, what I want to see.

I would tell her to fuck herself with the dildo in specific ways, and I would imagine I was giving instructions to the imaginary men that is fucking my wife to be.

Kristin felt it was weird but she went along.

About a year before our wedding, I floated the idea of a gangbang, something to mark the end of singlehood.

I suggested that we invite a stranger, someone we would never meet again.

Kristin was horrified at the idea.

She threw a fit.

I don’t blame her.

After all, who could imagine that a few months before you get hitch, your husband to be wants to see you fucking a stranger ?

I tried to explain to her, I told Kristin that I love her and I’m not going to force her to do it.

It’s just for discussion. I want to hear her views. It’s a fetish and fantasy, no different from any of the other things we have done so far. I came clean with her, telling Kristin about my fantasy and fetish.

We ended up quarrelling and left it hanging.

We made up again soon and life went back to normal. There’s a lot of things to get ready for the big day.

I still have sex with Kristin regularly and I no longer hid my interest and fetish.

We would always roleplay the gangbang scenario.

I would always watch Kristin make herself cum with the dildos before I fuck her and made her cum the 2nd round.

From using 1 dildo, we graduated to 2.

Then to 3.

I knew I needed help when I held a dildo for Kristin to suck while fucking her pussy with another when I could use my own dick. That’s not all, I had Kristin’s hands hold onto a dildo each, asking her to pretend she was being gangbanged.

The scenario was that she is stroking 2 men, sucking 1 and being fucked by another. A total of 4.

She came explosively.

So did i.

So did i.

The more I did it, the deeper I sank. It was not just for me, it was for Kristin as well.

The more she used the dildos, the more she enjoyed them. The varying thickness and length going in and out of all her holes, her hands busy trying to pleasure and serve imaginary men with me encouraging her at the side, Kristin would soak the bed with her natural juices even before her first orgasm.

When vocal calls of lust and moans were no longer enough, I started to engage in conversation at Kristin. I wanted to talk to her, understand her perspective while playing the sick scenario.

James : you like his cock in your mouth ??

Kristin : slurpzzz.. slurpzz yes… ernghh. Yes… slyrpzz…

James : say you like to get gangbang….

Kristin : ernghh.. I like to get gangbang…..ernghh..ernghhh… I like to get gangbang…. Ernghhh

And while Kristin is moaning and saying what I want to hear, I would pleasure her holes with the dildos. The mental stimulation is stronger from the scene I’m seeing is better than the physical one I was feeling with my dick.

There was once I was masturbating while looking at Kristin pleasure herself with a dildo at least 1.5 times the length of my cock when she blurted something out by accident.

Remember I always encouraged her to say ‘ I like to get gangbang ‘, that day, when she came, Kristin shouted the words I want to hear but with a slight variation.

A very slight one.

Instead of ‘ I like ‘ , it came out as ‘I want’

Kristin : ernghhh… ernghhh.. ernghhhh !!!!! I want to get gangbang !!!!!! ernghhhhhhhhh

Just a simple change in the word caused my legs to go soft as I came while stroking my cock. I could have had sex with Kristin, I could have came inside my fiancé but I didn’t. I chose to wank myself off watching her get pleasured to orgasm.

3 months before our big day, Kristin finally relented.

She agreed.

I let as if someone punched me in my stomach.

That feeling cannot be describe.

She agreed to try.

To be fuck by others. To experience the cocks of other men.

I had to rub my eyes and make her say it again to make sure I was not hearing her wrong.

Kristin had some conditions which I had to agree to if she were to do this.

Kristin : I love you James…. I’m doing this for you…

James : I love you too… I really do…. I want to be sure you are ok with it….

She said she would only agree to it if all her conditions are satisfied.

James : ok…. Ok……

First, she will only do it one time. Never again.

James : Ok…. Just one time….

Kristin : I…i….. ….. they must not be people we know….. and we will never meet again… ever……it’s just one time….

That’s a reasonable condition.

I hugged my wife and she embraced me tightly as well. She told me she felt so shameful yet curious, she don’t know how to face me during and after it happens.

She volunteered to wear a blindfold and that I should be one of the participants of the gangbang as well.

Kristin : I want to know at least out of the different cocks I’m satisfying, one of it belongs to you….

My erection pushed hard against my pants the moment my mind processed that statement.

Kristin : and protections … definitely protection….

James : I love you Kristin…. I love you….. I agree … I agree…..

Kristin : and if we quarrel in the future…. This should never be brought up….

I held her hands and said I’m sorry.

James : I’m sorry…. I shouldn’t be asking this of you….

Kristin : I know you really want it….i’m doing it because it’s for you….

We kissed and Kristin continued with her conditions.

Kristin : the men must be.. …. Clean….. no smokers….

James : yes… yes I agree….

Kristin : sure… ?

James : yes….can we….. can we….

Kristin : can we what… ?

James : can we do it…. On our wedding night… ?

I could see the look of surprise on my wife-to-be’s face.

I told her we would have the wedding suite, plenty of alcohol. Once everything is over, we would be tired.

She would have no difficulty having a few drinks and getting tipsy. It would set the conditions right.

It would be a special night for us to mark the end of a chapter.

James : when we wake up…. Together….we will start the first day afresh…. As husband and wife….

Kristin looked away and thought about it for a while before nodding her head.

I hugged Kristin and I kissed her forehead.

The erection I had in my pants was on the verge of exploding.

My wife would get fuck by other men on my wedding night.

I would get to watch it.

This is a dream come true.

I am agreeable to the terms, to her conditions. I am agreeable to all of it.

However it’s only going to happen once.

Just once, never again.

If I don’t take the opportunity to do everything I want to, I might never get the chance again.

I took a few days to formulate my plan before I put something together.

It’s sick.

It’s perverted.

I can’t believe an idea like this is running through my head and I could not believe I was excited to be thinking about it.

I knew what I wanted to do.

Kristin agreed to 2 other.

Instead of just 2 man, I’m going to find 5 others.

That’s not all.

Since it’s going to happen only once, I want to record it.

I want to record what happened, keep it safe in a vault only I know of.

Then on nights when the urge gets irresistible, I will be able to replay that night not only in my head, but on a screen. I want to be able to relive that gangbang moment again.

My wedding night where I get to watch my wife being fucked by men she never met and will never meet again.

I could feel my heartrate go off the chart even just imagining what would happen.

What would the men do to Kristin ?

Will they follow my instructions ?

How will they undress her and remove her gown ?

How many times will my wife cum while having her holes filled ?

Will she be able to tell which one is me and which one is not ?

I’m even thinking of switching out totally, even if it’s just for a short moment.

A few precious seconds of just hanging back and taking in the scene of Kristin moaning while having all her holes filled.

All the variables and the possibilities are endless.

I only know I want to keep every moment of this etched into my head.

Every moment of it and Kristin must never know about the video and the photos.


Do I feel guilty ? Of course I do but the urge, the urge to do it is getting stronger every passing day.

Kristin agreed to it.

And for the last bit.

The most arousing thought of all.

I’m going to invite those men to my wedding as guests. This is something Kristin must never know about.

Right from the moment they step into the reception posing as friends or ex-colleagues, I want to see the look in their eyes.

I want to feel the same excitement they feel.

The excitement and anticipation of knowing that they are going to get to fuck the bride on her wedding night after the banquet is over.


I would need to find the men who want to fuck Kristin, and something tells me it would not be a difficult task at all.






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