This is a work of fiction.

After years of deliberation, the government finally recognised that sex, is a basic human need. All citizens, regardless of their education and income level, are entitled to have sex if they wish to. If they cannot afford to pay for sex, a social sex worker will be assigned to them to satisfy their human needs. My wife is a social worker, a social sex worker.


The first time I saw Kaiyun, I was attached to her an a intern. I had just completed my studies in social work and landed my first job.

Kaiyun is same age as me, at 24, she has already clocked a few good years in social work because she didn’t need to serve the military. She’s really sweet looking with a warm smile.

You know, some people are just pleasant to look at. With her big eyes and girlish looks, Kaiyun has that girl next door appeal. There is an air of innocence surrounding her but I know she is much more matured than she lets on.

There are many types of social work, and I was clear from the start when I received my posting with the kind I will be involved in.

I will be working with desolate old men with regards to their sexual needs.

You see, the government recognise that sex is a basic human need in order to function as a productive member of the society. This is why they have legislate that sex be included into the spectrum of challenges social workers need to tackle.

Kaiyun and I we started right at the beginning when the policy was implemented. Since it didn’t make sense for single ladies to enter homes of old men to talk about sex, a male staff would tag along. In my case, since I’m a intern, I could learn about the job as well.

No, we didn’t start off by providing sexual service to the lonely men. It was a counselling session where we evaluate their needs.

After their needs analysis, will we then proposed the kind of help they will get.

It could come in the form of vouchers where they can walk into any Geylang brothel to hire a whore to satisfy their needs. They can do it once a month.

Kaiyun and I also conduct simple IT and hardware training, teaching the men how to surf the net for pornography.

The government has set up a special site that these men can login with their Singpass. With access granted, they will have access not only to pre approve adult films, they also have access to a site where they can watch government employees pee in the bathroom, their upskirts in the pantry, and some outright having sex.

The society has opened up in a lot of ways and the government is encouraging more civil servants to perform the sex acts in front of a camera for very simple economic reasons.

To keep paying for international porn is expensive. Why not just produce it locally with your own employees.

Civil servants who are willing to get filmed having sex, gets a fast tracked career progression on top of decent bonuses. It’s a win win situation.

The work is stressful but fulfilling. Upon implementing a scheme like this, rape crimes by local citizens dropped to less than 5 cases a year.

I would get erection all the time during the course of our work.

Kaiyun always dressed conservatively for practical reasons. Just jeans and a polo t-shirt but there’s no hiding the gorgeous figure she had underneath. She’s pretty and the way the men look at her body is obvious.

Some men would openly take out their cock and start playing with them while Kaiyun explained how to log into the government porn sites.

There was once a client we work with asked if Kaiyun’s video is available inside there.

Old man : got your video Miss…. ? have ??  you very pretty…. How to search for yours… ?

Kaiyun remained professional and said that he can just search for her name.

True enough, I saw 2 videos pop up and my cock almost burst out of my pants.

There was a video of Kaiyun peeing in the toilet and another of her rubbing herself in her work cubicle.

You might think it sound sick but these are really basic videos. Nothing to shout about.

I looked away and excused myself to the bathroom and I could see Kaiyun feeling embarrassed.

I worked really closely with Kaiyun for a few years before realising we started to develop feelings for each other.

The sexual tension between us is like a tightly drawn bow.

I could not resist it any longer one evening and I held her hand, dragged her to the staircase and kissed her after a 2 hour long session of talking to a man who was playing with his cock as he kept trying to touch Kaiyun.

Can you imagine talking to the men in their dinghy home as they feast their eyes on Kaiyun’s body ? At the same time, we need to demonstrate how to surf various porn sites to them as well.

My dick stayed hard most of the time.

The session at the staircase ended with only kisses and lots of fondling, but upon stepping into my place, we fucked like rabbits through the night and called in sick the next day to continue fucking.

There are no restrictions about employees dating one another at work but I knew it’s going to be a challenge managing my feelings and emotions. It’s no longer walking into homes of desperate men and explaining how to get sex to them. It’s doing it with my girlfriend.

The title girlfriend changes everything.

I would get jealous when I listen to Kaiyun explain masturbation to the men in a variety of languages but it was arousing to be part of it.

I would see her showing the videos of her peeing and rubbing herself to the old men while deliberately angling the tablet away from me, teasing my cock for our fuck session after work.

As the years go by, we went on from just dating, to husband and wife.

Kaiyun and I got married when we turned 30, the same year the government decided to expand the scope of services provided to the men.

To plug the gaps as they put it.

Not every men wants to go to a brothel.

Not every men knows how to masturbate properly.

And rather than paying brothel owners for their girls, the government always make the decision that is beneficial to tax payers.

Why ask others to perform the job, when your own employees can do the same ?

Within a week, newly minted wife, Kaiyun received her new appointment letter with her new job scope.

She needed to provide masturbation services to the men she visits if they ask for it.

My heart was beating really fast when I looked at that letter.

It’s not because I was still her partner at work.

It’s not because I am her husband.

It’s not because I knew I needed to see her masturbate a man at work.

It’s because I knew in my heart, it’s a matter of time before masturbation graduates into something more.


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