This is a work of fiction

Doing what i really wanted to do to my tuition teacher.
Good grades should be rewarded isn’t it ?
Drunk tuition teachers are what dreams are made of.


I barely had a strand of pubic hair on my dick when I first saw Lydia when I was in secondary school. I was a late bloomer and coming to terms with what is happening to my body. I remembered it was just after my 16th birthday in January when Lydia was brought in to tutor me for secondary 4.

It’s the ‘o’ levels and there’s nothing more worrying than a child doing badly for his exams in Singapore, for parents that is.

I was hitting the peak of my puberty years when I knew Lydia.

That was when I started getting all these weird reactions in my body whenever I see her.

Lydia is 3 years older than me and the effect of her well developed body is like putting sugar outside the entrance of an ant’s nest.

I could get a hard erection whenever Lydia walks into my house.

We have our lessons in the living room. There’s a large study table just by the piano we would always sit.

Initially I called Lydia ‘teacher’ , but after a while, she suggested I call her by her name instead.

3 years isn’t that much an age gap.

Lydia smells so good that I wondered if all girls smell as nice as her.

I came from an all boys school, I hardly have any female friends. So you can imagine the excitement i have whenever it’s time for my tuition with Lydia.

It’s like spending an hour or 2 with a close girl friend or sort. Except that she is being paid.

The first few months, my parents were always around at home. My grades improved greatly after Lydia came into the picture and it wasn’t long before she gained their trust to look after me like I’m her little brother.

My parents would go run their errands while the class is going on, leaving me alone in the house with Lydia.

I’m a growing boy.

The things that go through my mind, is the same thing that went through yours when you were my age.

When I looked at how firm Lydia’s breast were, I wanted to touch them. I want to squeeze them.

When I saw how smooth and thin her bra straps were, I wanted to snap them against her fair skin to hear that sickening ‘ piak’ sound.

Everytime Lydia crossed her legs , I wished I could smell them, or put my dick in between her thighs so when she put her legs together, it would squeeze my small dick together.

Sick thoughts like this constantly filled my head.

There was once Lydia came with a sweater because it was raining outside. She was a little drench. While she was drying herself up in the bathroom, I picked up her sweater and started smelling it.

My cock got so hard that It took a while for the erection to die down.

3 months before my ‘o’ levels, I found myself drinking from the same cup Lydia used during the tuition. I would smell and lick the part she put her mouth to.

I would also sit on the same chair she did, trying to imagine myself feeling the warmth from her body.

I did really well for my ‘o’ levels thanks to Lydia and my parents were over the moon. Motivation to see Lydia played a big part in my grades.

I was eager to go to a Junior college and have Lydia continue as my tuition teacher.

Then something happened.

About half a year into my year one in JC, Lydia turned up for one of our Saturday lesson drunk.

It was a 8am lesson.

I was already up and ready by 7.30am

That was when I saw Lydia staggering towards the gate.

She could hardly walk straight.

James : Lydia…. Are you ok ??

Lydia : morning James… morning….. morning…. Hahah…

When I opened the door for Lydia, I could smell the stench of alcohol from her body and her breathe.

She must have partied through the night and came straight to my place.

James : Are you ok ?? Lydia… ?

Lydia : I’m ok… I’m ok…. I’m early right…. It’s not 8am yet….

James : No… you’re early…. You better sit down….

Lydia staggered into the house with her shoe on and I quickly went to the kitchen to get her a glass of water.

When I came back, I saw Lydia slumped on the sofa in a weird position.

James : Lydia…. Lydia… are you ok ?? hey….

I tapped her several times and she’s totally out cold.

I could hear her snore a little too.

I was about to call my parents when something inside me snapped.

My heart started beating faster.

My throat felt dry.

Looking at Lydia’s body, my own started moving.

I know it’s wrong but I can’t help it. I cant control myself.

I put my hands gently around Lydia’s bottom. She did not move.

I held my breath and I touched her breast, something I really wanted to do for so long.

She did not react either.

Lydia suddenly stirred and I quickly backed away.

I thought she was going to wake up but no, she readjusted her body, and fell back down the sofa.

I looked at the clock.

It’s 7.45am.

My parents will usually come back around 10.30am.

That gives me lightly more than 2 hours if I include some buffer.

I was shaking by then as I kept feasting my eyes on Lydia’s body.

Looking at her legs, her bottom and her exposed midriff, I highly doubt I can last more than 5 minutes.

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