This is a work of fiction

The most effective weight lose program…..ever

I am an overweight individual.

At 1.7m tall, I weight almost 95 kg.

I’m only 32 and my doctor was saying that if I continue down this path, I’m going to be facing a whole lot of issues later on in my life.

Doctor : James…. Bro…. I think you need to do something about this man…

James : I can’t help it…. I love to eat… work is stressful and all… and eating is the only thing that I enjoy….

Doctor : come on… fuck… get off your ass and do something…. Go work out… you used to be the fucking gold runner when we were back in the army.

James : you just said the key word dude…. ‘ back in the army’ … we’re no longer in the army…

Doctor : I don’t care…as your doctor…. I strongly recommend you do something…. Why not join the trekking program.

James : trekking program… ? hahaha…. It’s a scam…

Doctor : It’s not a scam… it’s effective and it has helped a lot of people.

James : You mean to say it has let a lot of people down… hhaha

Doctor : come on…. Go try … you never know if you will get lucky….

James : It’s a scam dude…. I don’t want to waste my time…

My friend of almost 20 years Alan hit the intercom on his phone and told the reception to inform other patients that he will need a while longer.

Alan : it’s not…. and I can proof it…

Now, the trekking program is a new initiative by the health and wellness board. HWB. They are in charge of all the wellness and fitness program for the country.

You see, a healthy population would be beneficial to the country in the long run. Lower healthcare cost, and less strain on the infrastructure.

From coming up with pace trackers and offering vouchers to citizens who are willing to keep fit, HWB always tried to be ahead of the curve. Their latest initiative, the trekker program attracted a lot of controversy initially.

However, the results speaks for itself.

Men who use to have difficulty passing their fitness test for the military suddenly all shaped up.

I’m talking thousands of men voluntarily going for high intensity training and trekking. You must be wondering what is the motivation here.

Is it money like in the past ? No.

It’s not money.

Money itself, it’s not a good motivation.

The motivation itself, has to be something more primal.

No one gives a shit if you say hey you, go and run and lose weight, keep fit.

I’ll pay you a few hundred bucks.


People don’t care.

Now, someone in HWB figured out that with the right motivation, you can move mountains.

In this case, it’s climbing mountains.

Everyday, 500 men will gather at the bottom of Bukit Timah nature reserve.

200 men. 5 women.

It’s a primal game of hunting.

The prize ?

You guessed it.

The women.

Now the women are all single, certified fit and of breeding age. They are being paid a lot of money. It’s not only about the money for them, it’s about finding the strongest and fittest mate too.

The fittest sperm for their eggs.

There are many different category. You can select the groups you want to be in after looking at the girls that will be taking part.

The girls on their end will specify the groups of men she wants to play with.

So say if you are looking for a guy, age 25 to 35. Annual income of 100k and above. Owns a property , a car etc. All these can be customised into your program.

And the system will match you with profile of men that matches what the girls are looking for.

The law dictates that if you successfully catch and remove the tag around her waist. She is yours. You can fuck her, you can marry her, you can date her, anything goes, as long as you get her tag.

Now the girls can reject you too. Marriage is for life right, so it’s important you choose the right mate but in this case, since she participate in the competition, she is obliged to be sexually active with the winner for at least 48 hours.

So in short, for the men, you get the girl, she doesn’t want to marry you, you fuck her a few times and you move on.

For the rest at do work out, congratulations. You sill can fuck, chat, date a little before deciding if you want to spend the rest of your life together.

It’s perfect.

Alan : you know our former classmate….. Loon… ?

James : Yeah.. yeah… what about him…

Alan : Look at this…

Alan showed me a picture of what Loon took after his race and my eyes widened in shock.

James : what the fuck… she’s damm hot !! you mean Loon managed to get her ??


Alan nodded and I could not help staring at the picture.

James : are they together now ? ?

Alan : they are dating now… he was bragging about how good the sex was after the hunt… you know… the sweat… the thrill…. They fucked at the summit of the hill

James : what the hell…..

I told Alan I always thought it’s a marketing scam.

They always get the fittest and fastest girls who know the hill well.

As long as they can out run and out last the men, they will get paid and never get caught. Then suckers like us will be left chasing nothing.

Alan : It’s as real as it gets bro…. very low news coverage and many don’t come forward with success stories….

James : this is tempting indeed…

Alan smacked me on my tummy.

Alan : So… get the fuck in shape and join the trekking program….

James : ok… ok ….


I went home and I logged into the HWB portal with my login ID.

I created my profile and put in what I was looking for in a potential partner before filtering the list of girls out.

James : woah…

There’s almost 1000 girls looking for men like me.

I’m in my early thirties, I earn a high income and I have a fully paid private property. There are a lot of pretty girls and as I scroll through the profiles, I have yet to find one I don’t want to have sex with.

I narrowed my search parameters, specifying the ideal height and weight I was looking for.

I kept fiddling with the filters before I narrowed the search down to 10.

10 girls which I feel whose eggs is worthy of my sperm.

Suddenly I sat up and almost dropped my laptop when I saw the profile picture on the screen staring back at me.

My colleague is on it.

The colleague that is always at odds with me and my team.

That bloody slut. Selene.

Always picking on my projects even though she is not involved.

Sometimes I fantasised of grabbing her, tearing off her tight dresses she is so fond of wearing and just giving it to her right in front of the boss.

The more I look at her, the angrier I got.

Her sweet smile, the tightness of her body. Her pretentious social media profile and pictures. All her post is about sharing and showing off her body and her legs.

Selene may be turning 30 but she’s still got that youthful vibe.

That’s not all, she is one of the top 10 un-catchable girls.

Thousands of men have tried. Thousands have failed.

I could feel an erection building in my pants as I pushed my belly away to touch myself while looking at Selene’s photo.

I don’t care if she hates me.

I don’t care if she rejects me.

I don’t care if she could not stand the sight of me but I know this. If I get her, she will have 48 hours with me.

I will darn well make sure it’s a 48 hour she will never forget.

It’s true.

With the right motivation, you can climb any mountain.



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