Harry discovers a puppet with strange abilities. It allows him to control other people’s actions for a limited amount of time. He can make girls do whatever he wants but there is a side effect when he uses the puppet’s ability. It’s up to Juliette & Laurent to stop him from turning the country upside down with his new toy. Meanwhile, Cornelius hopes Amelia will never find out he is in Singapore

Harry took a sip of his coffee. The strong aroma of the coffee was overpowered by the stronger smell of durians, but he didn’t mind. His truck, filled with a shipment of the King of Fruit, rumbled along the North-South Expressway towards the Second Link. It was coming to three in the afternoon, and with no sign of a jam in sight, he figured he could finish his drop-off in Singapore by seven p.m. and be back home by 10 p.m. for a good sleep. He pulled into a petrol station just before the checkpoint to top-up on diesel. While waiting for his tank to be filled, Harry headed to the bathroom. He was startled by what he saw when he opened the door to the first cubicle. He took a few steps back and considered his options.

Harry: What the fuck…

A wooden puppet sat on a ledge behind the toilet bowl. Harry approached it cautiously, his eyes drawn to its exquisite craftsmanship. The body was carved from a dark timber, its fine grain worn smooth with age, giving it an almost ancient look. The level of detail was astounding. The puppet was androgynous in nature, but with all the features of human anatomy painstaking depicted on each part of its body – bone structure, musculature, everything down to the spiderweb of miniature veins that lined its articulated, jointed arms. The face was the only part that looked unfinished – it had two flecks of green glass as rudimentary eyes, the beginnings of human features, and a rather forlorn expression, as if there was a story beneath it that was yet to be told.

Fine silklike strings ran from its head, body, and appendages, but they abruptly terminated like they were cut off from the crossbars. The puppet’s body had a hollow section in the middle, where a piece of clear glass had been fitted in. Harry hesitantly reached out and picked it up. He fought back a shudder as he brought the puppet closer to his face. There was a red triangle etched onto the glass, but before he could examine it closer, he felt a faint thrumming coming from within the puppet, almost as if it were calling out to him. He warily set the puppet back on the ledge and went about his business.

After relieving himself, Harry picked up the puppet and walked back to his truck. The puppet looked like an antique, perhaps he could sell it for a few dollars at a flea market. Climbing up into his truck, Harry could not resist examining the puppet. He turned it around, trying to see if there was a price tag or something that would indicate where it was made. He was suddenly interrupted by a commotion in front of his vehicle. A lady was trying to argue with the pump attendant. The middle-aged woman was trying to reason with the staff, flashing her blue IC, and stating that although she was driving a Singapore registered vehicle, she was a Malaysian, and therefore, entitled to pumping the subsidised fuel.

Harry shook his head, feeling disgusted by such behaviour. All these cheap people coming across the causeway for cheap fuel and trying to game the system. He realised that his hand was propped up on the steering wheel, still holding on to the puppet. He glanced down at it and unknowingly looked at the lady through the body of the puppet for a second. He shook his head and tossed the puppet onto the passenger seat. He started the engine of his truck, wanting to drive off, but the lady’s car was in his way and he needed her to move off first.

Harry: Oh, just fuck off for fuck’s sake…

The lady, in the midst of her argument, suddenly stopped what she was doing. She got into the car, suddenly accelerating and driving it up a landscaped island. The vehicle crashed into a signboard, prompting several station staff to run forward and assist her. Harry was shocked by what just happened, but he did not think too much about it. He just went back to his daily job as per normal. He crossed the checkpoints, and soon, was en route to deliver the durians to the fruit stalls that ordered them. He forgot all about the puppet on the front seat until he had his last delivery order signed off.

It was coming to seven p.m. and Harry had finished his deliveries well ahead of schedule. He was parked at a carpark along Joo Chiat Road, sitting in his truck, considering if he should head to a coffeeshop for dinner. His head suddenly turned to the left, then with a puzzled look on his face, he started looking around the interior of his vehicle. His eyes went to the puppet beside him and he frowned. He could have sworn that he heard a whisper in his ear. 

Harry: Huh?

He suddenly jerked his head to the front, his attention drawn to a beautiful woman, likely a property agent, walking to her Mercedes. The sight of her figure in a form-fitting white dress sent a wave of desire crashing through Harry. He drank in her graceful femineity, taking in how the fabric clung to her curves like a second skin, exposing her tantalising silhouette beneath its shimmering embrace. His heart raced with a painful, but intoxicating sense of longing – it had been a while since he last visited a sex worker, maybe it was time to get a release.

Harry couldn’t take his eyes off the woman putting her stuff into the boot of her shiny black vehicle. His eyes were literally glued to her pair of gorgeous legs, that curved gracefully from the hem of her short dress and disappeared into a dazzling pair of sky-high, black heels. Her legs had the smoothness of silk, and they glinted in the last rays of the evening sun like polished gold. Every inch of her was perfection – from the curve of her hips down to the tips of her toes. Harry’s heart raced as he watched her gliding around the car, each movement seemingly deliberately choreographed, as if she were performing an elaborate dance just for him. Almost unconsciously, his hand went to the puppet beside him. It felt warm, strangely reassuring, almost calming. A sudden wave of confidence washed over him, a sense of knowing, a sense of control, of confidence. Something made him lift the puppet up and aligned the glass section of its body with the woman of his infatuation. Harry chuckled as he wistfully looked at the woman.

Harry: How I wish I can fuck someone like this…


Audrey was about to get into her vehicle when she suddenly looked up and towards the truck parked across from her. She didn’t know why, but she smiled and started walking towards it. She approached the truck and knocked on the driver’s window. The man within had his mouth gaped open in shock, his eyes were staring at her in incredulous amazement. He tossed something that looked like a wooden figurine to the dashboard, and then fumbled to wind down the window.

Harry: Ye… yes?

Audrey’s eyes focused intently on the middle-aged man in the vehicle. Her nostrils were filled by the acrid stench of durians and pungent odour of stale sweat – yet strangely, a feeling of arousal coursed through her veins. She felt moisture gathering between her legs, and she felt a strange compulsion – no, it was a need – she needed to seductively lean forward, taking care that her chest was thrusted out, and her cleavage peeked out from her blouse – the same way she provocatively used her body to close a deal earlier. Audrey then said something she never thought she would.

Audrey: I want you to fuck me…

Harry: What?

Audrey: I want you to fuck me… Now…

Audrey opened the door and climbed up into the truck. She hitched up her dress and straddled herself onto the man’s lap.

Harry: What…? What the fu…

Audrey did not wait for him to finish. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately. His lips were soft and warm against hers, their tongue-play felt right. It felt good, and she wanted more. She felt every second stretching out into eternity as they continued to make out. His rough hands explored her body, pulling her closer against him, heightening the intensity of their kiss. She could not explain why, but she needed him desperately. She needed to feel his cock inside her wet cunt.

Audrey broke away from their embrace and started unbuttoning his sweat-stained and discoloured shirt. She struggled with the second button, before she gave up and ripped his shirt open. She could feel the racing of his heart when she nuzzled her face against his chest and ran her palms down its greasy surface. She felt his anticipation and his need, but it all faded away into insignificance for her – her need for him was far greater.

Her hands moved lower to unzip his pants, then reaching in to trace the contours of his hard cock beneath his underwear. She heard a sharp intake of air as she teasingly began to massage it, her fingers caressing the veiny, muscled hardness underneath the fabric. His breathing quickened, his forceful exhales rippling the fine hairs on the back of her neck. A wave of goosebumps washed over her skin, and she increased the intensity of her touch, sending in return a rush of pleasure throughout his body. She straightened herself, moving her hips forward and grinding her silk-clad, valley-of-desire against his crotch. Her lips met the tanned skin of his neck, lightly sucking on its surface, her tongue drawing a wet line upwards until it met his in a frenzied wrestling match.

She slowly made her way across and downwards, licking her way from his cheek to his ear, gently nibbling on the lobe, before planting small nips down his neck. She worked her way down his chest and across his belly, until she reached his crotch. She freed his cock from the confines of its sweat-scented underwear. Then slowly, teasingly, she licked the shaft, running her tongue down to the bottom of it and then up the side of the head, before taking it in her hand and teasing it in between her palms until he was shaking with anticipation. He groaned as she increased the intensity of her teasing, varying the pressure and the rhythm of her strokes, before she suddenly took the whole thing into her mouth.

Audrey could not believe what she was doing – never in her life did she expect to be fucking a durian delivery guy in the middle of an open-aired carpark – but the arousal overwhelmed her, it intoxicated her in a giddy haze of light-headedness. And she revelled in it, allowing her strange desire to consume the last vestiges of conscious thought. She knew she wanted this, and she must have it. She continued her gentle sucking and licking, one hand on his shaft and the other fondling his balls, drawing him ever deeper into her mouth. She felt him tightening as her soft mouth covered his cock-head. She was working him over good, bringing him closer and closer to orgasm. His breathing grew ragged from her merciless teasing. He moaned again and again, only pausing to shout out a series of profanities, before she withdrew his length from her mouth and sucked lightly on the tip. She looked up at him and met his eyes, taking her mouth away from his cock just long enough to beg for him to come.

Audrey: Cum in my mouth… please? Ernghh… I want you to cum in my mouth… Will you? Ernghhh… please?

Harry: Ugh… oh fuck… more… more…

After a few more up and down motions on his shaft, Audrey abruptly broke away and began pulling up her tight dress, revealing a white, filigree embroidered bra. She saw the lust in the man’s eyes, she felt his excitement as her warm body pressed against his. She lowered her bra, allowing her lovely breasts to spill out. The man appeared shocked – no doubt amazed to see that her breasts were larger than what her frame would suggest – but his surprise soon turned to muffled groans of appreciation, when she cradled his head firmly against her cleavage.

She slid down her free hand and parted her matching G-string, exposing her shaved pussy. She then took and guided his cock between her legs, lowering herself onto him in one smooth motion. She felt every inch of his rock-hard meat as it slid between her tender folds, each engorged vein and unknown bump, sending a shimmering warmth that radiated up her body. He threw his head back and gasped in pleasure, his hands grabbed onto her hips as she began to ride him slowly at first, before picking up the pace and started to rock herself faster. She rode him hard, pushing down on his shaft with every thrust, making sure to apply just enough pressure for his maximum pleasure. It was unbelievable how good it felt when his cock penetrated deep inside of her tight pussy, rubbing against her inner walls in perfect harmony with her movements.

Audrey: Ernghhh… fuck me… ernghh… fuck me harder… ernghhh!

Harry: Arghh… arghh… arghhhh!

The pair in the front seat of the truck held on to each other tightly as they continued their passionate lovemaking. It continued until both of them screamed out in pleasure, finally reaching their climax together, two halves becoming one, in a moment of ultimate bliss.


Audrey had draped herself on Harry’s chest, exhausted from the intensity of their lovemaking session. Harry smiled as he stroked her hair and brought his face down to kiss her again. It was just then, when the glazed look left Audrey’s eyes. She pushed herself off his chest, her eyes wide in horror. Then she began to scream.

Audrey: AHHHHHHHHHHH! Who are you?!

Harry: What? What the fuck?!

Audrey looked down at her naked body and she carried on screaming. She was shocked beyond words. She could not believe what she had done. There was no way she would even talk to someone like Harry, not to mention have sex with him. She screamed, trashed, and kicked as she struggled off Harry’s lap and climbed naked out of the vehicle. She reached in to grab her clothes, then spun a full circle back to face Harry, threatening to call the police on him.

Audrey: You raped me… You raped me!

Harry: WHAT?! It was done with mutual consent!

Audrey raced to her car and fumbled about to find her phone. She was hellbent on getting the police involved. Harry still sat in the truck, shaking his head in confusion, not knowing if he should follow her and try to talk his way out of the situation, or to make a hasty exit and try to leave the country before immigration was notified. He looked at the puppet on the dashboard, frowning hard in bewilderment as he picked it up and put Audrey within the sights of the red triangle etched into the glass in the puppet’s body. Harry’s heart thumped against his chest. His outstretched hand trembled, the head and arms of the puppet flailing around in a macabre dance.

Harry: Stop… stop! Just stop!

Audrey suddenly stopped moving. The glazed look returned to her eyes and she calmed down immediately. She stopped fussing about and just sat in her car. Harry swallowed a gulp of saliva, alternating his eyes between the puppet and Audrey. He stammered out his next words in a trembling voice.

Harry: Put… put on yo… your clothes…

Audrey slipped her exposed breasts back into her bra and adjusted her underwear in place. She pulled her dress over her head and started to put on her heels. Harry watched in awed amazement. His breath came in short laboured gasps, almost on the verge of hyperventilating. His gasps faltered, then slowly tapered away into a wheezing laughter.

Harry: Hahaha… ahahahah…

He looked at the puppet and then back at Audrey again.

Harry: You had sex with me willingly. You understand? Huh?

Sitting relaxed in the driver’s seat, Audrey nodded her head. Her face held an expression of dreamy compliance – she seemed to be at peace, almost happy even.

Harry: Forget about this and go home…

Audrey put her car into drive, and her black Mercedes exited the carpark. Harry stared at the taillights of her vehicle as they faded into the distance. He began to chuckle, the sound of his stifled amusement soon breaking out into a roar of bellyaching laughter. He laughed and laughed, resting his forehead on the steering wheel as his hand slapped a tune of his satisfaction on the dashboard. His soon calmed himself, a look of clarity and purpose on his face. He licked his lips, tasting the hints of alluring freshness of Audrey’s lips left on his.

Harry kissed the puppet and put his truck into gear. Now that he knew what that puppet could do, he wanted to find out how far he could take it.

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