James has a naughty cousin that is an absolute bitch. One day, while he was snooping around in her room during Chinese New Year, he could not resist snitching one of her underwear. As if stealing was not bad enough, James decides to crossdress with Abby’s worn undies. To make things worse, he was caught with his pants down literally.

Just when he thought his world is going to come crashing down, Abby decided to make him an offer he cannot resist.

I’ve always envied my cousin Abby. Compared to her, i seemed to have drawn the shorter stick in life. She’s intelligent, talented and pretty. She attend one of the best schools in the country while i am barely scraping through a neighbourhood school which pretty much takes in rejects from other neighbourhood schools.

Oh please, don’t give me the every school is a good school narrative, we all know that is not true. My school has a police vehicle permanently parked at the housing estate next door and every single provision shop beside the school has been booked for selling cigarettes to underage smokers. Gang slogans are scrawled in the toilets and we have three discipline master, all of whom are former retired military RSM.

Everyday, the school is a hair’s breath away from a full blown riot. Sometimes i suspect my school is so crowded only because Boys home don’t have the capacity to take us all in.

If i were to be compared to Abby, it’s literally heaven and earth. I get single digit grades, while she gets full marks most of the time. I never once cried when i get my results but Abby once cried because she scored 95 out of 100.

My mother was sharing the story with me and it was a truly ‘what the fuck’ moment for me.

There is something about Abby that the adults are not aware of. She is an absolute bitch to me. I’ll give you an example.

Once, i was at her place for dinner and she invited me into her room to check out her new phone.

Abby : Look…

James: Wow, an Iphone.

Abby : But it’s not the latest series…

And to my horror, she threw it onto the floor, cracking the screen and sending splinters of hard plastic all over her bedroom.

I was frozen in shock as i stared at Abby who started to cry. The adults came running and she told them i threw her phone on the ground.

My father dragged me out of the room and gave me scolding i will never forget. My Uncle and Auntie are very nice folks, they just brushed the matter aside. To the both of them who are successful business owners, getting another phone is just like getting another eraser from the bookshop to them. It’s no big deal.

However, my parents were so upset at my behavior that they cut my allowance, they want me to save up and pay back Abby for the damage to her phone.

I knew no matter how i try to explain, it would not matter. Everyone will only believe the girl from Raffles Grand secondary (RGS), no one gives a shit about the boy from Circuit Central Boys (CCB).

Abby had the cheek to tell me that she was just angry that instead of the latest iphone, her parents had given her one from the previous release.

She’s spoilt rotten in my opinion but the adults don’t see it that way. She is always the princess, the darling in everyone’s eyes. It took me almost two years just to save and pay Abby back the amount. An amount she didn’t even care about.

She makes fun of my grades, my looks, my height, basically, i’m like her punching bag.

Despite Abby being such a bitch to me most of the time, i find myself being attracted to her in a manner i cannot describe. Perhaps i come from a all boys school and have limited contact with girls my age.

When i go to Abby’s place, i find myself wandering into her room just to see her things. I will open her wardrobe to look at her clothes. I watched her training bras and cartoon panty transform into proper bras and undies fit for a woman.

I never stole anything, i just want to look at them. I wanted to touch them but i was too afraid to so anything stupid.

It was always a quick peek, and i will have that image imprinted in my head for days after that. I will picture her drawer filled with neatly folded undies and bras arranged by their respective colours.

I would feel a strange arousal in my pants as weird thoughts flooded into my head.

Then something happened during a Chinese New year gathering.

The family is all gathered at Abby’s place for dinner. After the meal, everyone crowd around the table on the ground floor for a bit of friendly blackjacks. The TV in the living room were showing countdown programs and i wanted to watch something else. My auntie told me to head up to the family area on level two, there is another TV there where i can watch the movies showing on another channel.

I made myself comfortable but 15 minutes in, i felt a strange yet excited stir in my stomach. My eyes looked beyond the family area towards Abby’s room. She has gone over to a friend’s place down the road after dinner for a chat. I felt this sudden strong urge to go into her room again.

Ever since i turned 16, i could feel the temptation to enter Abby’s room increase by leaps and bounds. We are of the same age, but she is taller. Abby is already 1.6m tall while i’m still a scrawny 1.5m for a guy.

Her body has developed into a sexy hourglass shape, her legs so long and slim. She must have been eating the right food because she’s not too skinny or fat, just perfect in my eyes. I have this strong urge to touch her soft skin, run my hands through her hair, kiss those lips that could part so easily to let out that sweet laughter, or in my case, her verbal abuse.

Abby’s breast is a full C cup by my estimate. Her breasts and ample hips give her an aura of confidence and strength. Whenever she wears a tight fitting dress or a top, it accentuates her voluptuous curves that makes me forget everything else. Sometimes, i had to constantly remind myself to look away from her body during gatherings.

I could feel Abby’s open door beckoning me forward to take a look. Just a quick look to satisfy this strange desire in my body.

The fear is real, usually when i did it, the house is not so crowded. To do it during Chinese new year gathering when someone could easily pop by takes balls of steel for a 16 year old

I took a peek to be sure all the adults are still engrossed in their game on level one before making my way towards Abby’s room.

I froze at the edge of Abby’s room, and i could feel my heart racing. To me, Abby’s room is like a treasure trove full of secrets. I was so tempted to open every drawer, every wardrobe and flip through all her diaries.

There is so much i want to so but i was frozen by fear. If i get caught, it’s going to be impossible to explain myself.

At that moment, i asked myself a simple question. If i give up on that opportunity, when will i ever get the chance again to explore my cousin’s room.

Looking down at her laundry basket by the entrance, i felt my heart skip a beat as my fingers dug into the door frame.

Memories of how she bullied me came flooding into my head and i was overwhelmed with this urge to get even. I don’t know how, i just know i need to do this.

I must.

I took a deep breath, and crossed the threshold from the corridor into Abby’s room.


The lights to her room are on, her laptop is streaming some music and her lava lamp cast strange shadows on the walls by her bed.

The shades of white and light brown seemed to scream luxury, the carpets were soft and fluffy. It smells like a posh hotel lobby, the kind purely out of my reach. I can tell that no expense was spared when it comes to furnishing and decoration in this room.

Abby’s bed is queen size,the sheets are all pristine white and i can almost feel the luxurious fabric against my fingers if i had dared to touch them. On her bedside table sits a pair of black oxygen speakers that gives off an air of sophistication even with its simple design.

My mind drifted to my tiny bed with its childish duvet and pillows, and a wave of shame washed over me like the waves on a beach.

The walls are adorned with of picture frames and posters ranging from Kpop stars, cute cartoon characters to travel pictures from around the world and an oil painting portrait that she painted fof herself as birthday present last year.

I turned and look at her wardrobe and i could feel butterflies in my stomach. There is a whole wardrobe of clothings and lingerie for me to discover but yet i find my attention drawn to her laundry basket.

The sudden erection took me by surprise as i peered into the rattan basket lined with thick rough fabric.

The clothes she put on that morning were in the pile of laundry, tangled up together. Her underwear and school shorts were intertwined, obviously taken off in unison when she came home after half a day in class.

I was so tempted to reach in for them when my attention was drawn toward the pastel pink cheongsum hanging by her wardrobe.

The delicate flowers of pastel pink, snowy white, and pale yellow seemed to whisper at me to touch them. It made me wish the next day will come faster as long as i get to see Abby wearing that cheongsum.

I could almost imagine how she looks when paired with a pair of seductive high heels.

The more i thought about it, the harder my erection became. Between the cheongsum and the laundry, i chose the latter. I felt as if i had lost control of my body as i lowered myself towards the laundry basket.

I untangled Abby’s worn undies and did something i never expect myself to do.

No, i’m not going to sniff it or lick it.

I want to wear it.

I can’t explain my absurd intentions. I don’t know why would i even consider doing something like this but i knew i need to do it.

I need to feel ‘close’ to Abby and the only way i can do it was to wear her panty.

I glanced quickly down the empty hallway and then proceeded to strip down, removing my shorts and underwear with one motion. After that, I put each foot through the leg openings of Abby’s panties. As I tugged them up my hairy legs, I experienced a peculiar pleasure as I crossdressed for the first time ever.

James : arnghhh…

The snug fit of Abby’s panty against my privates felt so good, I thought I was going to faint. It’s tight of course, it’s not designed for my body’s anatomy but given that i’m also rather small size for a guy, the panty was a snug fit.

The soft cotton pressed my erection against my pelvic area, squishing my already small, inadequate tool.

I could feel my heart thumping with each breath that I took and it sent adrenaline coursing through me.

It made me feel excited and aroused but also scared at the same time. I was about to reach into the basket for more goodies when i froze.

Suddenly, i heard Abby’s voice and then the sound of footsteps thumping up to level two. I panicked.

I quickly pulled on my pants and kept my own underwear in my pocket. It was too late for me to head back to the family area, Abby was already at the corridor staring at me.

She looked at me and my body language immediately betrayed my thoughts. Abby knew i did something.

Abby : Why are you inside my room?

James : Nothing… i…

Abby : You what?

She walked into her room and looked around her table, checking her belongings to see if anything is missing.

James: Nothing, i heard music …so i came to see what is playing…

I lied and Abby could tell i was lying. I could see it in her eyes.

Her eyes continued looking around and she could sense my nervousness. My heart was thumping so fast i thought i will get a heart attack.

Then her eyes went to her laundry basket and i knew i’m fucked.

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