The collection features works by other local writers. I’m in the midst of approaching them online to get their buy in. These are all free to read and i have asked for their permission to reproduce their work on this site. Writer’s pseudonym, nick, & site which they write at will be indicated in the post itself.

Author : Antyhowacc

Writes on Sammyboyforum

There’s a saying that there is much of women’s money to earn, but it is men’s money that is easy to earn. Kelly agrees wholeheartedly. After all, she has been operating the little, same scheme for a little more than a year and the returns are astronomical.

So much so that Kelly knows she could quit anytime, but why waste the opportunity to earn even more?

The scheme is straightforward. Kelly would utilise her killer features, young body and make herself an irresistible target. Snowy white skin, a subtle cleavage and a striking slit up the side of a body-hugging dress is usually her armor of choice.

Whether it is a club, pub or bar, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is sharp eyes and honed skills. The targets were clear. Relatively well-to-do married men. Car keys, watches, belts were some of Kelly’s biggest clues. A band on the finger usually seals the deal. All that’s left is for the fish to bite the bait.

While there may be some slow nights and some incredible devoted men, more often than not Kelly succeeds, pretending to be a little drunk and suggesting the nearby hotel.

Once in, Kelly bides her time, giving and taking, making it interesting for both parties. The count-down timer was 8 minutes. And how Kelly chooses to spend it is entirely up to her. Some patient men would be willing to take a shower first, and the 8 minutes can easily be taken up. Other more impatient will require more effort from Kelly, a little dance, a little stripping so that Kelly doesn’t have to give much ground.

At the end of the 8 minutes, the deal was done. Two men, Kelly’s partners-in-crime, enter the room, start taking pictures of what often is a half-naked couple caught in the middle of foreplay. A “distressed” Kelly may decide to cry, but an exchange of credit card details later, Kelly and her partners are often 5-digits (or more) richer, with commission due to the venue.

This time it was no different. The target was a suave man, wearing all black from head to toe. He sported a rose gold Cartier watch, LV belt and silver cufflinks. For someone in his mid-40s, he was surprisingly slim, without a hint of beer belly that troubled many men of that age. To Kelly’s delight, he was courteous and humorous, and Kelly genuinely had a good time flirting with him and convincing him to bring her somewhere private.

In the same hotel, the room given was 312, not too far from where her associates usually operate out from. The suave man was not keen to take a shower first, but instead put in the effort to seduce Kelly. Playing with Kelly’s hair, putting light kisses along her neck, Kelly knew despite everything, she would probably enjoy the next 8 minutes.

On her part, Kelly reciprocated the advances with touches of her own. After all, she had to play her role and get somewhat undressed as the 8 minutes ticked away anyway. Unlike most men she had come across however, her target seemed a perfect gentleman, unhurried in this carnal dance.

When their tongues finally met, Kelly was surprised to find herself wet with arousal. Having done the same routine so many times, she had more or less already grown accustomed to what was to come, and had little expectation of the exchange.


“Oh crap!” Kelly thought, as her bra came undone. She got too engrossed and forgot to maintain the pace! It was certainly a step that few have ever reached, and usually through rough manhandling rather than soft seduction.

“Naughty naughty~” Kelly cooed endearingly, as she pulled away and held protectively onto the bra cups that had come loose with her left arm. The 8 minutes should have been up by now and Kelly began to wonder if there was something amiss.

Nonetheless, Kelly kept her cool and transitioned into a striptease, back-facing her target to peel off her bra in the slowest way possible, 1 strap at a time and teasingly measured. Kelly wished time could speed up, but with no luck, she reluctantly tossed her bra away, her protective arm right back across her modest breasts.

Kelly went back to her target for another teasing light kiss when the door finally burst open.

As scripted, two men each carrying a DSLR and a phone rushed into the room and began snapping away at the scene. Victory secured, Kelly acted in distress for the cameras, before reaching for her clothes and dressing backup as the shutters and flashes stopped.

It was only then Kelly noticed something most peculiar. Her target was not at all shocked and panicked like every other man was under identical circumstances. Instead, he remained where he was until the action stopped. Before saying “Surprise!” to Kelly.

It was Kelly’s turn to be astonished. She had now realised that the DSLR and camera wielding men were in fact not her associates. In fact, they appeared to be under the target’s command instead.

“My dear naive Kelly, how many times do you think you can pull off the same shit in the exact same manner?” the suave man asked, amused by Kelly’s stunned reaction.

“Would you please lock the door, my friend. I have unfinished business with my sweet, young lady here.” he calmly stated.

The sound of the locks kicking into place was the loudest sound Kelly had ever heard in her life. She knew it had just sealed her fate…

Two weeks later, Kelly found herself in the same black killer dress, her modus operandi unchanged. The only difference is that this time, the money no longer went to her coffers, but to those that had foiled her plan and made it their own.