Titles of a longer length release will be marked with (LL) at the back of it’s title. (LL) titles span between 2-4 releases. The longer length allows for better character development and more detailed scenes for build up.

Following James internship in Jovito fashion, he has been offered a permanent position with the company. Join him in his adventure and follow his bag of tricks as he completes his trap for Bryan. This 4 part series will also see James getting in Elaine’s pants before going for Selene.

Part 1 – 9200 words

James positions himself to play both sides, gaining Bryan’s trust and getting close to Elaine when she is vulnerable. Yanru decides to drop James a surprise visit after a night out clubbing.

Using the videos Bryan gave of Elaine’s compromising moments, James decides to drip feed it slowly to blackmail Elaine while putting the blame on Bryan. Meanwhile, the office finalises their plan to retrieve the hard disk from Bryan

Part 2 – 9600 words

Elaine has no choice but to comply, giving James the perfect opportunity to finally do what he wants to her. The best part, he could still put up the good guy act while pushing it all to Bryan. Suspicious of James loyalty, Bryan decides to put it to the test.

Part 3 – 11100 words

Elaine warms up to James’ ‘helpfulness’. She agrees to perform the acts dictated by Bryan in exchange for her explicit contents to be deleted. James positions himself to get all the benefits while painting Bryan as the villian who instigated it all. Having tested the effectiveness of the drug on Elaine, Bryan is ready to use it on the twins.

Part 4 – 11400 words

James and the girls pulled a stunt in the office and put on a show before making an attempt on the hard disk. James hopes to complete his ‘collection’ by taking Selene.

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