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An artefact with unique properties comes into James’ possession. With it, he unleashed a reign of chaos in the country, releasing all the pent up frustration he has with life. He realised he could do anything he wants with no consequences. Juliette, the police officer in charge of bizarre crimes in the country, is hot on his trail. She has to stop him, before he tears the very fabric of society apart.

James turned his delivery van onto the main road after making sure the traffic was clear. There were no vehicles on the main road aside from some cyclist. They’re far enough for him to make the exit safely.

James changed gear and barely two hundred meters later, came to a stop by the traffic light. Suddenly the group of road bikes cut into his lane and surrounded his delivery van.

Henry removed his shades and swaggered over to James’ vehicle hammering on the window for him to come out of the vehicle.

James : What is the matter?

Henry : Can’t you see we are coming down the road? huh?

James: What are you talking about? you guys are so far away.

Henry : so? you should have waited for us to pass.

James : I’m not even blocking you guys.

Henry slammed his fist onto the door of the van and challenged for James to get out of his car.

Henry : come out…come out!

James : What’s the problem with you?

Henry jabbed a finger into James’ face, called him a coward before kicking a dent into his leased vehicle.

Henry : you no balls ah? huh? come out la!

James: HEY! I’m going to call the police..

Henry : Fuck you understand! Fucking loser delivery guy.

Henry punched and yanked off the driver side mirror while his friends pulled him away.

James got out of the vehicle in horror and shouted for Henry to stop.

James: You damaged the vehicle!

He walked over to try and stop Henry from leaving as he tried to get on his his bike. The scuffle caused his bike to topple and fall over.

Henry suddenly threw a punch across James’ cheeks, sending him sprawling onto the tar road.

Henry : You know how much is my bicycle? huh? I can buy your fucking van i tell you.

James was about to get back up when Henry spat into his face.

Henry : PHUI! fuck you…PHUI!

Henry’s friends, wary of the other road users who have arrived at the traffic junction, quickly pulled their friend away.

James wiped Henry’s spit from his face. He could feel the burn on his cheeks and the traffic light turned green. The cyclist got on their bikes and rode away, leaving James holding onto the broken side mirror. The vehicles behind James’s vehicle started honking, unaware of the altercation that just happened.

Looking at his 20 year old watch, James sighed as he is already late for his delivery.

He quickly drive away from the junction and turned into the first small road leading to a private estate to fix his side mirror. James alighted and was in the midst of taping the side mirror when a BMW pulled up behind his vehicle. The BMW honked several times impatiently while flashing his high beam.

James’ vehicle stopped just before the turn into a private condo and while the BMW could have gone around instead, the driver wanted James to move.

James : sorry, give me a minute, i’m just trying to fix this.

The driver of the BMW, Hamesh, alighted and started shouting at James.

Hamesh : What the fuck? Get the fuck out of my way! you’re blocking the turn into the condo.

James : Sorry, i’m almost done..

Hamesh : I’m not waiting for you to be done! Just get in and move your fucking van!

The shouting alerted the security guards a few meters away in the guard house and he came out to take a look at the situation.

Hamesh shouted at the security guard who is well into his seventies.

Hamesh : get him to move the fucking car! you know how much i pay to stay in this condo? i buy your fucking condo for 1 million you know?

The security guard gestured to James to move off while trying to ignore the abuse the resident is throwing at him.

James got into his van and started the engine. The vibration of the old vehicle dislodged the side mirror again, causing it to hang precariously by tape as James put the vehicle into drive.

5 minutes later, James arrived at the location of his delivery. Another upmarket condominium located in town.

As the loading and unloading bay is taken by a resident’s Tesla , he had no choice but to double park in front of it to unload his delivery.

Just before he wheeled his goods off on the trolley, the Tesla owner returned and started shouting at James to remove his van.

James: bro, this is loading and unloading , you could have taken another lot.

Tesla owner: fuck you understand? who the fuck do you think you are? You know how many units i own in this condo?

The tesla owner walked right up to James in a threatening manner. The security guards quickly came over to intervene and they made James remove his vehicle before completing his delivery.

By the time he came out of the lift, he was admonished by the Filipino helper waiting for him

Helper : Why so long? You are late! My sir will scold me!

James: I’m sorry…

Helper : Help me bring everything into the house!

James : I can’t, i’m afraid i…

Helper : Just quickly do it! My Sir is going to scold me!

James sighed and brought all the delivery into the plush apartment before going back down to his van. He spent the next few hours completing the 1st tranche of delivery drops before heading home for lunch to save a few bucks.

Opening the door, he dropped his keys when he heard moans coming from his bedroom.

He ran and opened the door to his master bedroom to see his wife Huiru in bed with the neighbour. Sam has his penis buried to the hilt while cupping Huiru’s tits from behind.

What made it worse was neither of them show any remorse and they continued their intercourse on the bed.

James : What are you doing!

Huiru : ernghh..ernghhh!..ernghhh! what do you think i’m doing!..ernghhh…

Huiru stopped Sam for a moment before climbing out of their matrimonial bed.

Huiru : I have my needs! Needs that you cannot satisfy!

James : Dear!

Huiru : What can you do with your short dick? What can you give me? You cannot even afford to buy me a bag i want! 10 years already and we are still staying in a shitty HDB flat with drug addict neighbours and loan sharks dropping by every week! You’re the most useless man i know!

Huiru pushed James out of the room and shut the door.

Moments later, James could hear his wife moaning like a whore again with their old bed creaking rhythmically.

Huiru : ernghhh..ernghhh fuck me Sam..ernghhh…fuck me harder..ernghhh…let my useless husband hear me moan..ernghhhh!

James backed away from the bedroom and he could feel his chest tightening.


He shouted and ran out of his house. He kept running until he reached the park opposite his house. Holding onto the truck of an old tree, he screamed, kicked and shouted his frustration while punching the dry bark with his fist.

James : ARHG!

Defeated, humiliated and cast into the depths of living hell, James sank onto his knees and stared at the line of ants crawling on the exposed root of the rain tree.

He started to laugh.

James: hahha…hahaha…i’m worse than an ant…i’m worse than a fucking ant…hahhaa…

Auntie : No you are not.

James turned around in shock to see a lady in her seventies smiling at him. Her crooked teeth came in shades of black and yellow, her grin as wicked as the witches burnt at the stake. Her clothes are old and torn in several places and she was holding onto a dagger in her hand.

James looked at the bronze blade caked with dirt and rusty with age. How unlucky must he be to be robbed by an old lady when he is already so beaten down by life?

Auntie : I know how you feel James…

James : What? who are you? why do you know my name?

Auntie : I know everything about you James…i know exactly what you need…

The lady turned her blade and handed it to James.

Auntie : You need this…take it…you will thank me for this…

James : What? No…no…i got no money to pay you for this…

Auntie : hahahhaa…take it James…take it…

James wanted to leave but for reasons he cannot explain, he felt he compelled to stay. His eyes were drawn to the intricate carvings on the old artefact and he could not pull himself to walk away.

The lady put the blade into James’ hands.The handle was black with age and worn smooth in his hand where his fingerprints had left marks on its surface. The artefact felt weird and it tingled his pores when he held it.

Auntie : use it on your wife James…

James looked up in horror.

James : No…no i’m not killing her!

Auntie : hahahah…no…not kill…cut…just a small cut James…just a small cut…

The lady got up and started to walk away from James, leaving him with the artefact in his hand.

James : Wait…wait!

Auntie : Just a small cut James…and you will thank me…you will…hahaha…

James groaned and he felt as if his body stopped listening to his brain. He shuffled from the park back to his house, the blade swinging casually by the side of his body.

He arrived home and Sam is no longer there. Huiru, clad only in her top and no bra, was wiping the semen stains that leaked onto her thigh in the master bedroom. She saw James at the door, holding the bronze blade in his hand.

Huiru :What? you want to kill me? are you sure you can do it? huh? Can a useless man like you even do anything? huh?

Huiru walked towards James and slapped him across his cheek.

Huiru : Useless! Useless loser!


Huiru : kill me la…come…kill me! KILL ME you useless man!

Huiru grabbed James’ wrist and waved the blade in front of her face.

James: STOP IT!

James pulled his wrist away and accidently cut Huiru on her collarbone. It’s just a small 2cm cut but enough to draw blood.

Huiru looked at the cut and then at her useless husband.

Before she could say anything, James suddenly felt his body go into a freefall. It’s like he is plunging down a cliff.

He gasped and scream as his eyes flashed white for a second.

The next thing he saw was a scene right out of a nightmare. James saw his body collapse into a heap.

He screamed and turned around. The reflection in the mirror showed him an even frightening sight. It was a reflection of his wife, Huiru.

James screamed but only the voice of his wife filled the bedroom.

15 minutes later, James touched his old body and realised that he’s no longer breathing. He looked at his wife’s body in the mirror and his hand reached for his breast. He groaned as he felt that arousing tingle when he touched his nipples. His breast felt so full and arousing to the touch.

He lifted his leg and looked at his vagina, he could even feel the weird soreness from the intercourse earlier.

James chuckled and he started to laugh. He laughed and he laughed for a good 5 minutes before he opened the wardrobe to get dressed.

He put on a nice short dress and slipped on a pair of seductive heels. Tying his hair up into a pony tail, James picked up the dagger and left the house.

While heading down to the ground floor in the lift, the car stopped and a neighbour entered the same lift car. It was the neighbourhood bookie Bengsan.

Bengsan’s eyes immediately feast on the new body James acquired, his gaze lingered long on the braless woman whose nipples are poking visibly through the thin fabric of her white dress.

He grinned at Huiru, not knowing that it was James inside her.

James looked at the thick gold chain Bengsoon is wearing along with the sling bag full of cash from his illegal venture.

He smiled at Bengsan as his hand reached into his purse for the dagger.

When the lift door open, Huiru’s lifeless body lay slumped in the lift as James walked out with a thick bundle of cash under his armpit.

That was when he came face to face with the old lady that gave him the artefact. She smiled at him.

Auntie : Hi James…didn’t i tell you that is exactly what you need?

James : What is this? how come i can do this?

Auntie : are you happy with it?

James: YES!…yes!

Auntie : You can keep it…on one condition…

James: what is it!

Auntie : Keep using it…again…and again…and again…

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