Titles marked with the (FF) prefix are stories which has little to no build up of plot and character. It goes straight into the action. There are requests for stories that dive straight down into the thick of the action rather than go too much into the characters and what they do. I understand it’s different strokes for different folks, but i will try to cater to all preferences. FF, also stands for fast and furious will have shorter intros, just enough to read you into the scene before the action begins.

It will be dirtier, darker, and i may remove the preview altogether, or restrict it for subscribers only for some titles due to the nature of the story.

James was hoping to catch some interesting photos of his girlfriend’s staycation with her friends on her cloud drive. However, he realised his girlfriend is not in the hotel suite in town. Instead, she is at an abandoned estate located on the other end of the island. And the pictures that synced onto the cloud server, are a lot more interesting that the content 3 girls could have created over a weekend staycation. Instead of selfies and perhaps an accidental upskirt, James saw dirty mattress, tattooed men and of course, his girlfriend in various state of undress.

I met my girlfriend Xianwen in University when we attended the orientation camp together. We hit it off instantly and within two months, we started dating each other.

Xianwen is two years younger than me, and she is very beautiful. She has your typical Asian fair skin like she soak herself in Korean skin care products. Her hair is dark, glossy and hangs to just below her shoulders. She has a petite frame with curves in all the right places. Her breasts are full and round, giving her an hourglass figure that I love so much, while her slender legs give her an air of gracefulness as she moves around. She looks so good when she wears dresses or skirts that accentuate her physique!

She has a kind heart and a great sense of humour which always remind me why I fell in love with her in the first place. On top of it all, Xianwen is also smart; she achieved excellent results in both high school and university, which makes me proud of how far she’s come despite being two years younger than me.

Xianwen has a certain grace about her that no words can truly describe — it’s like there’s something magical about how she moves when she walks or dances. Every time I see her, I feel my heart skip a beat — it’s like I’m looking at an angel who descended from heaven to be with me.

We were madly in love with each other and needless to say, we were fucking our brains out whenever opportunity arises.

This story is not about showing off my wonderful sex life or my beautiful girlfriend. It’s about a staycation. A short trip Xianwen took with her friends that changed her totally.

It’s your typical girls weekend out in town. Think a nice hotel suite, pyjama party, spa session. That’s what i was expecting anyway. However, that 3 day 2 night trip with her friends, turned out to be a nightmare that she will not forget anytime soon.


Just before sending Xianwen off at the train station, i playfully asked for more pictures of the girls in the onsen they plan to visit.

James : Take more pictures ya. More selfies, especially with Meihui and Lydia.

My girlfriend shot me a dirty look before calling out my true intentions.

Xianwen : You mean you want more pictures of Meihui’s 34C breast and Lydia’s sexy long legs?

James: hehehe…

She gave me a playful pinch on my stomach before pouting. I put my arm around her shoulder and helped her with her overnight trolley.

James : Just kidding…you are the best!

Xianwen : Right…my breast are not as big as Meihui and my legs are not as long and sexy as Lydia…

James : but i still love you…haha

She rolled her eyes at me and said she will deliberately edit the pictures to cover up the bits i want to see with stickers.

James : That is just evil…

Xianwen : hahah…

My girlfriend is the kind of girl that will actively nudged me to look at beautiful girls along the street, and i would do the same to her when i see a good looking guy. Not only that, she will also send me pictures of her friends, asking if their bodies turn me on. Depending on her mood and my answers, sometimes it’s a trap for a beating, while another time, it may lead to a steamy session as we discussed the ideal body i want in a woman.

Everytime during her day out with with girls, i always look forward to the pictures she will forward to me. The best kind are the accidental upskirts. Pictures that are taken by accident and never deleted. Pictures you accidentally chance upon after scrolling through the evening’s picture haul.

There is a secret Xianwen doesn’t know about though. I don’t need her to send me any pictures. When i gave her the phone as a present, i helped her set it up and synced it to the cloud. Everytime she takes a video or a picture, it gets uploaded onto the server.

All i need to do, is to log in on my end to see what she has been up to. Yes, i know it’s wrong but there is something exciting about being a voyeur. There is a sense of thrill.

After i bade farewell to my girlfriend at the train station, i went about my day, caught up with some buddies for dinner and i went home to camp in front of my computer for updates.

I want to see what she has been up to, i want to see what kind of pictures and selfies the girls have been taking the whole day.

That was when i was in for a surprise.


There were no new updates into the cloud drive.

James : Impossible…

i mumbled under my breath, knowing how much of a cam whore those three were.

I refreshed the screen a few times, and it’s coming to midnight.

I decided to give my girlfriend a call.

James : Hello…

Xianwen : Hello…yes?

James : Are you ok? how’s the staycation?

Xianwen : I’m..we’re ok..we’re fine…

Her voice sounded a little off but i could not put my finger down as to what is wrong.

James : What are you girls doing?

Xianwen : Dear i got to go. i call you tomorrow.

Then she hung up on me.

James : What the hell?

I was puzzled but i decided not to bother her. Suddenly, i saw a series of icons appearing on my screen.

James : oh. those must be it.

I selected the folder to display the large thumbnails for the files, expecting to see pictures of my girlfriend having fun with her besties at the hotel, but i was shown something else.

Something that almost made me fall off my chair.

The pictures uploaded onto the cloud showed several men with tattoos having sex with young girls on dirty mattresses on the floor. The background looked like some abandoned residential building awaiting demolition.

Then the shock came like a slap to my face as i saw a picture of Xianwen. My girlfriend.

She was only wearing her bra, her legs were spread and she parted her underwear to show off her vagina. The expression on her face was one of reluctance and one can see she was coerce into posing for that photo.

My heart raced as the other pictures started loading.

It’s not just Xianwen, there is also Meihui, and Lydia. All three girls are made to perform acts that they would never have done on their own for the camera.

My hands were trembling as i looked at the photos. I must do something, i must. I downloaded the photos and secretly thanked the technology gods for making this possible. I right clicked the photos and searched the properties for the geo location tag. I entered the coordinates and saw that the photos was taken a few minutes ago in an abandoned estate at the edge of Jurong. They are supposed to be in a hotel in town, why are they all the way in the west?

I must save Xianwen before it’s too late.

I must…

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