It’s the last month of the year and just to bring the year to a close, i have some updates and news to share.

Subscription format

The titles in the premium content list has continued to grow over this period and there are now more archived titles than ever.

Have sped up the planned released of past works and instead of having them all up by June 2023, those are all part of the premium sub as of December 2022.

Moving forward, i will continue to launch and upload updates every Friday until i can hit the subscriber base that allows me to do this full time. I’m nowhere close yet but i’m getting closer every year, inching towards my goal. I won’t go into details but if you follow my diary, you’ll know that i’m doing everything from gig jobs to getting a taxi license in anticipation of writing full time for a living.

I’ve gotten certified as a barista recently too. Currently, i’m reading up on some python courses.

Loading up on multiple skillsets is necessary if i plan to do this, especially when i have family commitments.

Won’t go too much into this, will share more in the diary when i update it.

TBW book 4

There are many questions regarding book 4 including the release date and format of release.

I don’t want to give a concrete date yet, but it will be out in 1st half of 2023.

Release format will be as follow;

There are a total of 20 chapters.

Going with the masterplan of launching non-erotic work in sister site, book 4 will be released in 5 updates of 4 chapters each. If you wish to keep a soft copy, you may do so through the sister site which stocks only non-erotic titles. You can either pre-purchase and get the files each time it’s updated, or wait for the whole book to finish launching and get it in one go.

On , TBW book 4 will be released over 8 updates. During this period, i may or may not release regular erotica depending on the number of chapters i’m pushing out each week. I will inform everyone one month in advance before the launch of book 4. That will give everyone enough time to unsub if you are not interested in TBW saga.

If you don’t want to wait for the updates, just sub after all chapters has been released and read it in one go.

Will book 4 be free to read for non subscribers?


I will upload a chapter every Friday until the end, thereafter it will be removed and it will go into the premium sub list.

As for where am i for book 4, all i can say is plotline is pretty much done. How it starts, how it ends, who lives, who dies. It’s all cast in stone. Chapter 1 has been edited and proofread by my editor and i’m sleeping on chapter 2 for another day before i send it out to him.

Chapter 3 – Banquet with Welly Chin, has been released as a teaser.

Chapter 4-20 are all in various state of editing on my end. Final chapter is already done though.

That’s all i have for now.

Will be penning my thoughts and other trivial stuff in my diary so i don’t clog up the main page.

Here’s wishing everyone a early xmas and a Happy new year in advance!

James S