If you don’t know who Welly Chin is, this post is not for you.

Perhaps you will want to check out Book 1 to 3 of TBW saga at http://www.lucasandk.com

Book 1 to 3 are free to read for now.

Uncut version of the 3 books are available in the archives in http://www.sensualsingapore.com for subscribers as well.

For those who do know who WC is, “Banquet with Welly Chin” is an actual chapter from Book 4 of TBW saga.

It will give everyone a feel of the mood and how heavy this final book is going to be for all the characters involved. I put in a lot of effort into the plot, the build up and the ending. Each chapter has been revised over and over countless times. The fight scenes, where it takes place, how it start, how it end, i gave it my all. For the places that i could visit, i did. Those that i can walk through, i did it as well. I climbed and explored nature reserves, went on park connector walks, even went on runs in the gardens. Underpass in town, tourist attraction, shopping malls, if it’s publicly accessible, i will go there.

I want to make sure i can capture what i want to express as accurately as possible. When you read, i hope you can picture yourself in that very scene fighting alongside the men.

I have shortlisted a few chapters that i thought would be nice to release as a teaser, and i decided on this particular one.

While working on book 4, several scenes are particularly hard to write, and i find myself writing and getting emotionally overwhelmed when developing certain chapters. Maybe i’m just being emotional, but book 4 is something i threw my heart and soul into.

Perhaps the scenes will not hit the same for some of you, i only hope i can capture the emotion, the angst, the frustration and the desperation of the characters i created in the story.

I cannot give a definite date for Book 4 completion at the moment

It’s still work in progress, but it’s coming along fine. I hope to release it in 2023.

The preview for ‘Banquet with Welly Chin’ will be uploaded on this page in early August for subscribers.

I hope you will like it.

James S

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