Titles marked with the (FF) prefix are stories which has little to no build up of plot and character. It goes straight into the action. There are requests for stories that dive straight down into the thick of the action rather than go too much into the characters and what they do. I understand it’s different strokes for different folks, but i will try to cater to all preferences. FF, also stands for fast and furious will have shorter intros, just enough to read you into the scene before the action begins.

It will be dirtier, darker, and i may remove the preview altogether, or restrict it for subscribers only for some titles due to the nature of the story.

James and his wife Meihui are police officers. They have been working on case regarding a pervert for a while only to be told to get their hands off it for the time being. Upset and looking to blow off some steam, they made plans with their regulars for a cuckold session in a hotel. However, one of them decides to bring in a new friend.

I watched my wife slammed a thick folder of documents in front of the suspect we have in custody.

Bob, with his hands handcuffed in front of him just smiled.

My wife Meihui and I have been following Bob’s case for almost three years. He has been accused of multiple sexual misconduct over the years but each time when we want to press charges, the evidence is always not conclusive enough.

What made things worse was that all the victims, from 20 year old sweet young things in university to 35 year old mothers, all refused to testify against Bob.

Every single one of them insist they are a willing participant of Bob’s sick sexual acts. These women were treated as sex slaves and made to perform all manners of degrading acts. Some of these were captured on videos and are circulating on the internet.

All of the complainant are the husbands or boyfriends of these women but each time when we try to dig further, the evidence always comes up short.

Meihui : We have all the information we need to put you away for a long time Bob! I think it will be better for you if you come clean!

Bob sniggered and replied calmly to my wife.

Bob : If you have enough evidence to put me away, we will not be having this conversation.

My wife grabbed Bob by his shirt and I reminded her that the camera is recording.

Meihui : You abduct women, you sell other men’s wives, you turn them into whores and pedal them in the streets of the red light district. You are a piece of shit that should spend the rest of your life in prison!

The sick smile remained etched on Bob’s face. He’s not rattled at all by Meihui’s theatrics.

Bob : So you have proof?

Meihui : YOU!

James : Let him go…

I touched my wife’s wrist, and she released Bob back into his chair.

Bob sniggered like a typical villain and said something that made my wife erupt in the interrogating room.

Bob : Is this about your good friend, Rachel  ?

The mere mention of Rachel triggered Meihui, causing her to snap.

My wife swung her fist at Bob but thankfully I grabbed her in time.

Meihui : You piece of shit!

James : No…no! don’t do it!

Other colleagues rushed in from the attached control room to pull my wife out.

Rachel was sent into Bob’s office as an undercover. However, she too was turned into a sex slave by Bob. She experienced a total change in personality, tendered her resignation to the police force and started working as a freelancer under one of Bob’s many modelling agency.

From a conservative and sweet girl, she began to indulge in sex liberally, going for one night stands and even offering herself up to be the mistress of a business man. It seems no amount of dicks could satisfy her thirst for penetration.

Just last week, she voluntarily auctioned herself off to a group of bidders from India. Within a few hours, she is on a plane, en route to brothel in the middle of New Delhi where she will be the star attraction of the whore house.

Bob looked at me with a smirk that it took all the self control I had inside me not to punch him in the face.

James : We’ll get you Bob, we’re almost there.

Bob : James oh James, all those women, they are all cock craving sluts. I merely showed them who they really are, I showed them how to discover their true self, why are you so bend on assigning blame to me? Hahaha

James : You did something to them!

Bob : And what exactly did I do? Did I drug them? Did I force them? Did I whip them into submission? Hahah.

James : You did something to them! And we will proof it!

Bob  : Yes I did something to them, like I said, I merely showed them who they really are. They are willing to be treated in that manner. I taught them the ways of the flesh. I showed them the pleasures that can be extracted from their own bodies. I removed the shallow mask all women put on these days in order to conform to the society. They are all so worried about how others see them, about how society judges them that they will lie to themselves what they really want.

James:  Enough of your fucking bullshit!

The door to the room opened and I saw a colleague with Bob’s lawyer standing outside the door. He gave me a look which told me not to say anything else or I will risk a complain.

Right in front of my eyes, Bob was released into his lawyer’s arms. A hot female lawyer no less, one whose husband made a report that his wife was being brainwashed into a sex slave by Bob.

With Bob out of the station, Meihui is understandably in a foul mood. To make things worse, Meihui and I were called into our boss’s office who told us very tactfully that we should give Bob’s case a break for a couple of months.

Meihui : What ? WHY!

James : He’s guilty Sir! We are almost on the verge of…

Chew :  enough. These are orders from the top, and you shall follow them. The general election is coming and we want to avoid news or coverage about these less savoury types of cases. We want drug busts, we want illegal immigrants sweep up and sent home, we want scammers caught en mass, these are the news we need! Not some pervert businessman who brainwashes women into sex slaves.

Meihui : But SIR!

Chew : OUT!

My wife stormed her feet and left the office without a word. I gave chase after my wife who immediately head to the car.

She got in and the moment she closed the door, started screaming and cursing


I know my wife’s character and it’s useless to try to get her to stop. She will stop on her own once she’s vent it all out.

After a few minutes of cursing and venting, Meihui finally simmered down. I drove out from the station and seeing my wife so upset, suggested we give ourselves a break and meet up with the guys at the hotel.

Meihui shot me a look like I said something inappropriate but I know sex relaxes her. Nothing drops her stress and blood pressure like a good orgasm. Orgasm given to her by other men that is.

Yes, I have a cuckold fetish. I get aroused and excited when I see my wife have sex with other men. Discretion is a must given the sensitivity of our jobs and it took us years to find a group that we are comfortable playing with.

Dan and Cho are both doctors who we met on a wife sharing forum. Meihui and I met up with them for dinner a couple of times and after the first session, we knew they are the group we want.

James : I’ll give Dan and Cho a call ? We can head to the hotel opposite their hospital in town? I’m sure an hour or two with them will take the edge off.

My wife made a face at me and I grinned, knowing that she will not say no to an offer like that.


Dan was in the middle of an operation and his assistant told me he will be out in another 3 hours. Cho, however, was available. So the plan was for him to meet up with us first in the hotel room before Dan joins us.

Meihui and I checked in first and while walking to the room, she asked me how I want to play out my fetish that evening.

James : I want to be handcuffed and gagged while I watch you get fucked by them.

Meihui : hahha…you sure? Will you be able to take it?

James : I think so…

Meihui : You’ll have to wait for it to be all over before I can come to you though.

James : And when you come over, you will be dripping wet with both Dan and Cho’s semen oozing out from your vagina…

My wife chuckled and she presses her lips against mine. We fondled each other’s bodies and entered the room in the 5 star establishment. We needed this to get our minds off Bob’s case.

Meihui set me up in the chair and handcuffed my hands behind my back. I took a deep breath and groaned as my wife slid off her underwear from under her body hugging dress and stuffed it into my mouth.

She removed her dress and kicked off her high heels, revealing a tone and taut body blessed with a round, supple B cup tits. The push up bra she is wearing gave her already gorgeous breast a bouncy boost.

Cho sent a text to our group chat, announcing that he is coming up to the room.

Meihui waited by the door and when the bell rang, she opened it and immediately had her breast fondled and groped by the horny doctor.

Cho : Yoz guys…holy shit. I’m so horny today. You are all ready to play! Hahah

Cho complained that looking at vagina’s all day with gloves on gives him a permanent hardon, with all the hot young wives dressed to their nines and spreading their legs on his examination beds, it’s hard to maintain a straight face.

My wife helped Cho remove his clothes and asked him to pretend she is one of his patient.

Cho : really ? mmmmh? Do you know what I want to do to my patients? Hahah

Meihui  : why don’t you show me? Hahah…

Cho locked lips with my wife and seeing how he dominates my wife’s body sent blood rushing to my reproductive organ.

He saw my wife’s handcuffs on the table and he immediately went for them.

Meihui : mmmmh….do you handcuff your patients?

Cho : I cannot resist the steel bracelet, they look good on you…

Seeing my wife and Cho flirt really gets the heart pumping and my erection pushed painfully against my underwear. Cho handcuffed Meihui’s wrist above her head at the foot of the king size poster bed.

With toys that he brought, he spread my wife’s legs with ankle cuffs, securing them to the foot support of the bed.

Meihui shivered as she begged for Cho to touch her. Cho’s fingers gave her vagina a playful flick and I could hear the well lubricated lips squeak in the hotel room.

Meihui : ernghhhhh! Fuck me please…

Cho : you are going to have to do better than that…

Meihui : please…fuck me like a whore…

Cho shook his head and paced about his cum dump for the evening.

He unsnapped my wife’s bra and lifted up the cups from behind her while whispering by her ears.

Cho : you smell so good Meihui..sniff…

Meihui : ernhhhhh…

Cho : I feel like forcing myself onto you tonight…

Meihui  :do it! force yourself on me!

Cho : you want that? For men to force themselves on you?

Meihui : yes…YES!

Cho chuckled and he snipped off the straps of my wife’s bra with a pair of scissors, releasing them from her body. Giving the bra cups a whiff, he gave the lingerie a quick trim, pressing the bra cup onto Meihui’s mouth. He then tapped it with masking tape. My wife moaned and I could see her dripping with excitement. Cho and Dan always had these sick ideas, their creativity when it comes to sex trumps all my attempts to spice things up with Meihui.

Often at times, I look towards them like a mentor.

Just when I thought I’m about to get a front row seat to how Cho will play with Meihui, the doorbell rang.

Cho : Oh, Dan will take a while to come over, but I have a surprise for you.

My wife groaned with a muffled cry as Cho walked towards the door.

Cho : Remember our last few play, we said we want to introduce a friend of ours?

Meihui nodded.

Cho : You mentioned that you are ready for a 3rd guy to come in and fuck you together with Dan and me.

My wife nodded again.

Cho : It has to be someone we trust, and we found the perfect one.

My wife trembled excitedly at the realisation that she will be gangbanged by three men that evening while being tied up and helpless.

Cho opened the door and both Meihui and I opened our eyes in disbelief, because standing by the door, is Bob.

Cho : Tada! Hahah… This is Bob…

Bob, upon seeing the both of us, froze for a second before a grin slowly spread on his face.

Cho  : we’ll fulfil your fantasy of being gangbang blindfolded Meihui. Just like what we talked about during our last session.


My wife struggled against her restraints and groaned desperately. Her breast jiggled and I could see her natural juices dripping down the sides of her creamy hairless legs.

Cho : Hmmmm…getting into character already? Hahah…

Cho took a blindfold and stepped onto the bed behind my wife. Facing me, he gave me the thumbs up before slowly sliding the blindfold over Meihui’s head.


My wife struggled, Cho’s penis throbbed with excitement while the grin on Bob’s face turned into a silent chuckle.

I looked at my wife’s perfect body that she spend so many hours in the gym for. It’s one thing to be used like a whore by doctors, but it’s another to be used by a douchbag like Bob.

It’s all too late however.

As the blindfold descended over Meihui’s eyes, I saw that spasm like tremble spread throughout my wife’s body. A tremble that I could not discern whether is it excitement or fear.

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