Titles marked with the (FF) prefix are stories which has little to no build up of plot and character. It goes straight into the action. There are requests for stories that dive straight down into the thick of the action rather than go too much into the characters and what they do. I understand it’s different strokes for different folks, but i will try to cater to all preferences. FF, also stands for fast and furious will have shorter intros, just enough to read you into the scene before the action begins.

It will be dirtier, darker, and i may remove the preview altogether, or restrict it for subscribers only for some titles due to the nature of the story.

James goes on a city tour with his wife Huishan, ends up in a consensual non-consensual (CNC) scenario involving his wife and the three army boys. From there, they three men becomes Huishan’s fuck buddies and they regularly visit James’ place for their weekly release after booking out of camp. For Huishan, being served by three young studs is not enough, she craves for more.

Huishan loves the sex, James loves to watch, the men gets their release, it’s a literally win, win, win situation until an unfortunate incident in a nature reserve ended it all.

It started from a tour on the amphibious boat along Singapore river. I signed up for the day tour along with my wife Huishan because of some credits the government issued to support local business.

Since it’s going to expire, I thought we’ll just sign up for a ride on the boat since we have not been on one before.

On the same ride with us, are three other men who kept stealing looks at my beautiful wife. They are young, from their buzz cut hair, I guessed they are still in the army. Their eyes had difficulty focusing on the sights because of what my wife is wearing. She wore just a white cropped top that showed off her slim tummy.

Huishan does both yoga and Pilates as a hobby, and the results of keeping her core strong always draws plenty of attention from other men especially when she likes to dress in a provocative manner.

On her bottom, my wife wore a pair of white denim shorts with frayed hems. The real treat for the eyes are her pair of long, hairless and fair legs that my friends are all jealous of. Looking at that perfect package packed tightly in a 1.6m frame, it will not be a stretch to say Huishan is sexually attractive to all male who are not gays.

I haven even started on her 34C boobs with cute nipples that erect like a small baby button when she is aroused.

The ride itself is pretty noisy, even more so when the driver revs the engine to go up a slope or to gain some power in the water, sometimes when I talk, I have to raise my voice a notch so my wife can hear me.

Most of the time, all we can hear are the muffled sound of the guide speaking through the overhead speakers because the hum of the engine is too noisy.

Then suddenly, the engine stopped and the decibel of the noise dropped a notch, enabling me to overhear the conversation of the three young men seated on our left.

“look at her breast. So big and round, how I wish I can suck on them.”

Huishan and I turned towards the three men who realised too late that the hum of the engine has stopped and their comments are being heard by the girl they are ogling at.

The three men immediately apologised and I could see the look of horror on their faces.

I mean, talking about another man’s wife is one thing, but for him to hear it, that’s just asking for trouble.

The kids looked scared as I looked at them and they quickly looked away, half expecting me to confront them about the remarks they made. However I’m not like any other men, I am different from other men.

I turned and gave my wife a kiss before walking over to take the seat beside the three men who have turned wary of my approach.

Before they could apologise again, I made them an offer I knew they will not be able to resist.

James : Are you guys interested to fuck my wife? Because I know she would loved to get forced upon by all three of you…

10000 words

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