Updates : 3/12/22 12.15pm

It appears some are still having issues with the subscriptions.

Can i trouble you guys to give me some details via email?

1)screenshot of the error message

2) type of card used, Visa/master etc

3) issuing country

There are still successful subscription sign ups as of this updates, i’m trying to find out the cause why some are rejected.

Do feel free to leave a comment on this post too if you encounter any issues.

For those who managed to do it, do share if you encounter any errors of how you worked around it.

I’m in touch with the helpdesk to try and figure this out.

Updates : 30/11/22 8pm

Note : I have refreshed all the payment links. For those who have issues subscribing, please try again and let me know if you encounter any issues.

Hi all,

I understand some of you are having issues subscribing to the site due to some credit card errors.

The error doesn’t occur for everyone, which makes it harder to pinpoint the cause. I’ve tried with different cards on different devices and it works on my end, there are also a couple of new subscribers this last week and this.

I’m pretty sure the error occurs on the site end because i could not pull any rejected transaction from the merchant site.

Please give me some time to figure this out, i’m in touch with the engineers from wordpress to find out what is the issue.

This does not affect existing subscribers nor the rest of the site.

Will find a way to sort this out asap.

For those who managed to subscribe, everything should work fine.

James S