More than meets the eye is a series of works that attempts to combine erotic fetishes with a fantasy story.

From taking upskirt pictures, stealing lingerie, to wife sharing, sister in law fantasy and non-consensual sex, i want to offer an alternative explanation as to why some of these actions are done through these works. It’s not an attempt to justify the actions, it’s more of a peek through the eyes of the protagonist where he or she feels this needs to be done because of some reasons we won’t understand.

These works will all fall under the horror/occult genre.

I have the outline of these plots worked out and will be releasing them in the coming months.

There will be zombies, exorcism, graveyard rituals, possession and even black magic love spells.

I will update this post with the titles that are released under this;


They walk among us


There is only one way to get evil spirits out of a body.