There is only one way to get evil spirits out of the body.

James is watering the plants in his garden when he saw the onvoy of vehicles approach his front gate.

Setting the watering can down, he walked over to his patio and picked up his coffee. Taking a sip of the warm coffee, he looked at the men wearing earpiece approach his gate.

Eye contact was made, and they gestured for him to go over.

James took his time sipping his coffee, not moving until they flashed their identifications.

They’re police officers.  

Keeping a wary eye on them James set his drink down and he took his time to stroll over. Before he reached the wrought iron gate of that separates him and the visitors, his two dogs got up from their resting spot.

The low growl of the two rottweilers startled the officers and they reached for their service weapons.

The dogs were there all along, barely a few meters away from the guest but they remained hidden in their sheltered den that blended into the lush landscaping.

“Odin, Theodore, it’s ok.” James said

The dogs stopped growling and sat down, keeping their eyes on their owner and the guest.

“what can I do for you officers…? “ James asked while looking at the convoy of cars behind them.

There are a total of four vehicles, with this amount of escort, whoever it is must be a VIP.

“Mr James ? “ One of the officer asked.

“Yes that’s me..”

“We are in need of your service.”

“I think you have the wrong guy… I don’t provide any…” James replied with a smile.

The same officer retrieved a card from his pocket and flashed it to James.

James reached for the white card with his name and address embossed on it.

It’s not just any card.

People will kill for one of these. Word is that these cards go for tens of thousands of dollars in the black market. Cut out of a solid piece of metal, the white cards are numbered and James know exactly who the owners are.

Turning the card behind, James saw the serial number embossed into the metal.


He closed his eyes for a moment before he looked at the police officers.

“63 was given to a former 2 star General.” James said. “ He gave it to you ? “

“To my employer.” The officer said

James hit the remote in his pocket and the wrought iron gate starts to open outwards. With a click of his tongue, the dogs got out of the way and James directed the cars to park along the landscaped garden.

All 4 cars entered his property and the wrought iron gate began to close.  

More men came out of the vehicles with several opening umbrella to shelter the VIP.  

When James saw the man he is about to meet, he could not help but smile in amusement.

The health minister of the country approached James with a grim expression on his face.

“They say you are the best exorcist in this country.” Minister Tan said.

“Do you believe them? Dr Tan” James asked.

Dr Tan turned to one of the cars and his men opened the door.

“arGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” The shriek scream resembling a enraged banshee immediately filled the property.

“Oh…” James commented. “bring her in..”

It took four strong men to drag the possessed girl into James’s house.

Gesturing to the 6 metre long dining table cut out of a single red oak tree, James asked the men to bring her over to the table.

“argHHHHHHHHH!” The girl swung her slender arm, easily sending one of the man flying across the dining area.

Another 2 jumped in to try and restrain her.

The girl is young, definitely still a student. Probably in university. She has a sporty tan, healthy hair and a nice body. Looking at the security and the minister coming in person, the girl must be related to Dr Tan.

James put his money on the girl being his daughter.

“what’s her name ? “ He asked

“Lynn, her name is Lynn.”

Lynn fought the guards violently, refusing to be dragged to the oak table.

With a sudden burst of strength, Lynn sent two men flying backwards and broke free of the others. With what appears to be a gentle push of her palm, she sent a man twice her size flying backwards like he was hit by a truck.

Another guard the size of Dwayne Johnson grabbed her from behind but Lynn took a deep breath and broke free effortlessly.

James ran forwards and grabbed her wrist. Depressing his finger into her wrist, he stopped all movements in her much to the surprise of all the guards.

Lynn glared at James like she wanted to devour him.

“Carry her onto the table.” James said.

Four men tried to lit Lynn but she is unmovable. It’s like she weighed a ton.

James looked Lynn over, trying to search for something.

He found it behind her ear.

Biting his index finger on his free hand like a Taoist priest, James pressed his bloodied finger against the spot behind Lynn’s ears.

The four men lifted Lynn easily and quickly transferred her to the table.

James kept his finger on Lynn’s wrist until she is on it.

Upon being laid down, she stopped moving like she was glued onto the surface.

Her eyes darted around and she started hissing.

“What was she doing ? Before she ended up like this? “ James asked the minister.

“She went out partying with some friends, got drunk and woke up like this.” Dr Tan said. “I brought her to the hospital thinking she is on drugs, but her blood test came back clean. “

All the diagnostic tests were done, they even did a MRI. Nothing is wrong with Lynn medically.

“We brought her home for her to calm down, a friend came to visit. That was when he recommended for me to come to you.”

“She’s possessed.”

“By who?”

“I don’t know. But I can find out.” James said.

“Then do it, get it out of her.” Dr Tan said.

James put his fingers on Lynn’s neck and looked at his watch, counting the pulse. Lynn’s jaw kept snapping like she wants to bite his fingers off.  

“Does she have a boyfriend? “ James looked at her father.

“Yes, or rather, used to, what has that got to do with this ? “

“Why did they break up ? “ James asked.

“Lynn found someone else better.”

“He put it inside her.” James said. “ It was the boyfriend.”

Looking at the guards in the room, James asked that everyone vacate the room and head out into the patio. What he is about to say is for the Lynn’s father’s ears only.

With a nod from the minister, all the guards left the air conditioned comfort of the living room and headed out into the patio.

When the door to the house is shut, James turned to Dr Tan.

“Money is not an issue James, just get it out and return my daughter to me.”

“It’s not about money Dr Tan.” James replied.“ To get it out, I need to have sex with your daughter.”

“what?” The minister’s jaws dropped an inch.

“It’s not one off, it could be close to a dozen times over the course of 2 weeks. The things I will do to her are too obscene to be mentioned but I assure you, it’s either this, or she spends the rest of her life locked up in a mental institution unless you find someone else who can get it out.”

Dr Tan took a couple of wobbly steps and sat down on a chair. He looked at his hissing daughter with strength to overpower his personal guards.

“I want to revenge James.” Dr Tan said. “ After you get it out, I want you to..”

“Stop please Dr Tan… I don’t do vengeful stuff like this.” James replied.” However, I can give you a name card, that will point you to the right person.”

The minister closed his eyes and it was a difficult decision to make.

His daughter is barely at the prime of her life. She should be enjoying her tertiary education, making friends, travelling and exploring what life has to offer before she enters the corporate world.

Yet now, he needs to make a decision whether or not to let her have sex with a 40 year.

Fuck this, do it. Just get it out.” He said while looking at James.

James smiled.

“Sure, now…. We can talk about the money.”

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