A old free to read piece i did with optional works a few years back. Found it buried in the old blog

Why jail, when you can rehabilitate ? 

This is it.

My life is over.
I’m caught red handed for taking a upskirt video of this hot babe in the middle of town. I have never been that embarrassed in my entire life.

It was a moment of folly that I would regret for the rest of my life.

I thought no one was looking. It was a long escalator ride and this lady, she just literally walked right in front of me.
I will never forget her name.
Daphne . Yes, her name is Daphne,

She’s about the same height as I am, 1.65m. Her legs are long and fair and my god her hourglass figure is definitely a result of hard work and self discipline.
Dressed in a tight body hugging black dress, the hem of her dress reached so far up her knees that she needed to pull them down a little after walking up a few escalator steps.
It was so short. Her buttocks are perky and firm.
And she just parked herself in front of me, just 2 steps away.

My heart was thumping really fast when I looked at that perfect body standing in a pair of trendy black heels with straps around the ankles. Even the way her feet were placed apart was so tempting to look at. It’s not spread wide apart, but not too closely shut wither.
It was just nice
Just nice to slip a hand and a phone under for a quick snap.

I turned to look around, I was the only one behind her.
I know I shouldn’t do it but I cannot resist myself.

I took my phone and switched on the camera function.
My heart slammed against my ribcage as I put the phone under the dress for a good 2 seconds.
That intoxicating feeling gave me a high that no amount of alcohol could bring. It was like a mental orgasm, much more powerful than a physical one.Many people would think I’m sick but I cannot help it.

The instant relieve to my anxiety is like a long awaited cure, it takes the edge off the everyday grind as a commuter. Having to squeeze through my transit ride, my only pleasure during my commute was to feast my eyes on the hot ladies I share the train with.

And on occasions like this, when an opportunity present itself, I consider it a dessert.
I don’t do it all the time.
I have standards. High standards.
I don’t just go around looking for women with short dresses or skirts. It really depends on my mood. The mood has to be just right.
The lady herself has to be my up of tea.

Classy, well dressed and confident.
I don’t want to know the colour and style of a panty of some innocent school girl or the average jane. It’s the confidence that attracts me.
My heart thumped none stop as I put my phone in my pocket.

That was it, I have my stash. All I have to do was to check it somewhere in private, and I would have my wanking material for the day.
As we come up to the top of the escalator, I watch the lady turn to her right, revealing the side profile of her face.
Her beauty and looks literally swept me off my feet. There is this sweetness in her expressionless face . As she walked, her posture, the way she hung her bag around her arms, the confidence in her stride.
Everything about her gave me an erection in my pants.

I fell in step a few metres behind her.
I wanted to go closer , to catch a whiff of her scent but was afraid of drawing too much attention.
The train station isn’t exactly crowded right now.

I watch her get on another escalator and my heart started it’s rampage again, sending this kidney wrenching excitement down my spine.
She got on, reached into her bag and started to fiddle with her phone as I stood 2 steps behind her. It was another long escalator ride. It was the only escalator in that section of the station, for those coming down, they would have to either use the lift or take the stairs.
Since my position is slightly elevated, I have no worries about those on the stairs seeing what I would be doing.
Turning around for a quick check, there was no one behind me either.

I switched on the camera function and went in for another shot between her legs.
How would I have guessed that she turned around at that very moment and caught me in the act.
My heart literally stopped right there and then as she screamed.

“what are you doing !!!!!!!!!!!!!aHHHHHHHHHHHHHH”
I panicked and instead of running, I tried to apologise.
James : sorry… sorry… it was…. It was an impulse decision…. Sorry… I’ll delete it….
She ignored me and hurried up the stairs and I could not believe my fucking luck.

Positioned right in front of the train station exit, were 2 police officers with packets of food in their hands. There was a police post a stone throw away from where we were, they were probably out getting supper.
The lady ran towards the police officer and my life is over.

Just like that.
I stood dumbfounded at the top of the escalator as she pointed towards me.
I didn’t not run, I did not resist.

She demanded I unlock my phone and I did so accordingly.
Damm the police officers who got a free look at the sexy bums and pink lacy boyshorts, I could see one of them raise his eyebrow for just a second before regaining his composure.
What happened next came in a blur.

I was brought to the station, red handed and with the victim in tow.

I’m really fucked this time.
When the investigating officer came, I admitted to everything. There was no point in lying. Everything was there.

I was kept in the station for close to 6 hours before I was asked to call someone to bail me out.
Just as the officer was about to led me out of the interview room, another office came running with a folder in hand. He gestured for his colleague for a word and they shut the door again, leaving me alone.

5 minutes later, the officer who I had been speaking too asked me to continue waiting in the room.
Another 30 mnutes later, a lady came in.
Karen : Hi I’m Karen.
James: Hi…. Hi….

Karen : James… I’m going to give you a chance ok… so you think carefully before answering me…
James: what do you mean ??

Karen said that cases like mine is pretty straight forward, I will be charged, fine and likely face a jail term of between 4-6 weeks.

Karen : you’re fucked…. Really…. A jail term…. Can you imagine how that will look on your resume…… you face will be splashed all over the papers and internet……

I swallowed a gulp of saliva and kept quiet.

Karen : I can make all that go away…. Because it’s your lucky day today….
James : errrr…. Ok…

Karen : We have a new initiative….. a program so to speak…
James: What program…?
Karen said that the program is workable only if both the victim and the defendant is agreeable.
Karen : The victim, Daphne has agreed to the program… so if you agree to it….. instead of a fine, a jail term….. all you need to do is go through the program…
My eyes lit up and immediately nodded my head eagerly.

Anything .
Any fuck thing you want. I will do community work, social volunteering, anything.
James : yes… yes… I agree… I will do it….

Karen laughed and asked me to calm down.

Karen : relax…. Hahah…… it’s a 6 month rehabilitation program….. where you will be… rehabilitated… so you won’t do something like that ever again.
James: ok sure…. Can…

Karen : you are not allowed to contact anyone…. Or to leave the location of treatment for the entire period…..
James: ok… can…. I’ll just say I’m on a business trip to my family….. and… and take a sabbatical form office….

Karen said I’m allowed 1 phone call a month just to let my family know I’m ok and I nodded my head.
Karen : good….if you have no other questions….. please sign here…

She produced a thick booklet which I did not even read.
James: You…. You sure…. After this program… all would be cleared….?? There would not be any records ??
Karen : As long as you follow instructions…. There is no reason why you will not pass this
Karen nodded.

She added that the ultimate evaluator of the program would be the victim, Daphne.
James : but… but what if after going through the program… the victim…. Don’t want to give me a good evaluation…..

Karen : Don’t worry…. The charge will disappear regardless of her evaluation…. Her evaluation report however…. Will determine if there is a need to increase the length of the treatment…. It can be extended by up to 6 months if necessary….
I nodded and immediately signed the document.

Karen smiled.
Karen : Good… thank you for your cooperation James…. I’m sure after this…. You would not be taking any more upskirts….
I swallowed a gulp of saliva as I continued waiting in the room.

30 minutes later, Karen came in and gave me 1 week to settle my personal matters before reporting back to the same police post for my treatment.
I stepped out of the police post at 7am in the morning.

I pinched myself to make sure this was all not a nightmare.
I walked towards the bus stop, feeling the worst I have ever been and 20 steps before reaching the stop, I stopped in my track as I came face to face with Daphne.

Dressed in the same clothes she was in the night before, she glared angrily at me. I bowed my head and mutter sorry when I got closer before quickly walking away.
As I got back home, I collapsed onto my bed and sigh.

Well. Nothing can be worst than being charged with taking upskirt and having my photo splashed all over the news right ?

Or perhaps…. Im wrong…


After a quick nap, I woke up with a head full of sweat as I had a nightmare of myself running out of the courtrooms with reporters in toll trying to snap my picture.This is the problem with this country.

They have no qualms about splashing the picture of a Singaporean all over the news. It doesn’t matter what law you break, as long as you are local, they will splash you all over the internet.Whereas if you are a foreigner, the media would hesitate to do something similar for fear of stirring up anti-immigrants sentiments.

Just look at all the articles, it’s got to the point that when the news don’t identify the nationality of the offender, chances are it’s a foreigner. I could clearly see my own article in my dream.
My full name and a picture of my face on the front page.

“Pervert Singaporean Chinese male caught trying to take upskirt”
It made me wonder if the space is long enough for such a long headline.

1 week. I had 1 week to get my affairs in order and time is ticking.

I fired up my computer and set up my bill payments, my allowance to my parents and sold more than half my stock holdings. It’s almost like a jail term for 6 months with no access to the outside world, I wonder what would happen within that period.
Perhaps the market would crash, another depression would happen, I might come out without a job. I don’t know.

Thankfully I have always been a thrifty person and since breaking up with my girlfriend 1 year ago, my expenses have been pretty low. I will survive this.
I will definitely survive this as long as I don’t get charged and to prison.
Once I’m more or less settled with my matters, I decided to do a search online for Daphne.
Since I fucked up my life because of her, it was only right that I find out exactly who she is.

I had a copy of the police statement I gave and  there was a copy of agreement I signed as well for the new program. Inside had the full name of Daphne as well.
Google churned up her name in no time and I went to her social media profile.

My heart started beating faster when I look at her social media photos.
Daphne looked even better on photos and I could tell there is this rebellious streak in her despite her demure appearance.

She’s health conscious, likes to workout and from what I could tell, she is currently single.
Of course she is single. If she is not, why would she even go through the trouble of participating in the program that would take up 6 months of her time. She would have sent me straight to jail

Her facebook profile is a little outdated. The picture she used was from 3 years back base on the comments on them.

She definitely looked a lot better now.
Daphne is 29 this year, same age as me in fact. Her occupation listed her as a consultant in a trading company.

I trawled through other social media platforms and found her Instagram as well.

The pictures over there are more recent and updated.

As I digested the images of Daphne, I was filled with anxiety and anger.

How could I have been so clumsy and got myself caught red-handed ?
I spent the next 3 hours cleaning up my computer and getting rid of all the porn I had downloaded over the years. Those that were worth keeping, I uploaded it into the cloud. I wiped all traces of it from my hardisk and even bought a program to re-write all the information on it just to make sure it cannot be retrieved.

I wank myself to sleep that day to Daphne’s photos. When I came, I exploded with a loud and angry grunt, part of me hoping I could do it to her in person.It’s just a upskirt picture, I didn’t even touch her.

What’s the big deal ?
I cleaned up and went to bed.

Needless to say, my boss was shocked with my sudden announcement of taking a sabbatical. I could tell he wasn’t pleased but there wasn’t much I can do.
Honestly I don’t know if my position will still be available when I’m out in 6 months.No matter how I look at it, it’s still better than going to jail.

2 days before my treatment starts, I went on a binge eating spree. I called up a couple of my friends and went for hotel buffets before drinking myself silly. It’s common sense.They may term it as treatment but I would be stupid to think that it’s a resort getaway.

It’s bound to be hard, probably involve some manual labour.There would probably be a lot of interviews and assessments. Visits to the shrink, maybe get prod at by scientist to find out what exactly is wrong with me in the head.

1st June 2017


The first day of my treatment.
I wasn’t exactly given a packing list so I don’t know what to pack. I just filled my suitcase with clothes and stuff I think I would need for the next 6 months.
I alighted at the police station from the cab and dragged my trolley case into the station.My heartbeat got faster again as I immediately came face to face with Daphne.
She was there too, sitting on a bench. Her arms were folded and her head was turned as she looked at me.

I felt a twitch in my groin as I remembered the images I called up the night before as I masturbated to her picture for 1 last time.I quickly looked away and sat down.
It was not a long wait.
Karen appeared with 2 folders in hand and gestured for both of us to follow her. We walked down a small corridor and entered a meeting room of sort. There were a few other individuals present as well.

After we took our seats, Karen immediately began.
She started by saying for the record that both Daphne and I are willing participants of this new initiative.
Karen : Both of you are here out of your own free will…. James…. upon completion of the program…. All records of your acts will be expunged……you will not be charged….any questions ??

James : nn… no…no….
Karen : Daphne, thank you so much for agreeing to do this….. as per the agreement… we need the assessment reports daily………and the allowance will be credited into your account by the end of the month…..
Daphne : ok…
There were more non disclosure agreements to be signed which we got out of the way within the next 10 minutes. Karen left with Daphne first before I was ushered to get a full body checkup.

There was nothing much to elaborate on that, one of the guys in the room brought me to a clinic across the road, I got a basic health checkup to make sure I’m fine before bringing me back to the police station.
After getting back in, I entered a room with a pair of medical staff. One of them introduced herself as Dr Sim and she gave me 2 injections.

James : What… what is this for ??
Dr Sim : …. Part of the treatment… don’t worry….everything will be fine….
After the shot, I was left in the room.

I was given a bottle of water and a sandwich as I ate quietly in the room. My phone was still with me and I wrestled the thought of calling someone up but decided otherwise.


Karen appeared with Daphne and I was told to follow them.
We got into Karen’s car. My luggage went into the boot, Daphne took the front seat while I sat at the back.

No one spoke during the journey.
A 15 minutes drive later, we arrived at the a housing estate in Bedok.
Nothing special, just a block of flats.

I wanted to take my luggage but Karen asked me to leave it.
Karen : You won’t need it…. Leave it…

James : what … but…

Karen : hurry up…..
I got into the lift and I could feel the anxiety building up in my body.
I’m a little freaked out.
I know, it’s not a prison, it’s just a normal flat. What is there to be freaked out about ?

That was why I’m worried.

Everything seemed normal.
Too normal in fact.

Karen kept looking at her watch, she must be in a hurry to get somewhere.
This pretty much meant I would be alone with Daphne soon.
I tried to play out my plan in my head.

I shall apologies to Daphne the moment I am alone with her. If we’re going to go through the assessment for the next 6 months, I rather we do it properly. Get off on the right footing if you get what I mean.
We arrived on the 12th floor and we stepped out of the lift.

Daphne turned left and my heart literally stopped beating when I see her reach into her pocket and pulled out a bunch of keys. I could even see a little froggy keychain on it as she unlocked the gate.
Then she put her thumb against the electronic lock before keying in a 8 digit password.
Something is wrong.

My eyes darted around the exterior of the house.
Shoe rack, a couple of plants. A old umbrella.


No. this is not right.

I thought I’m heading somewhere for treatment.
What is this ?

The door opened and I felt Karen give me a gentle shove.
The moment I stepped into the house, my heart started beating faster and faster.
The colour of the walls, the furnitures. The pillows on the couch.The pictures.

The pictures on the walls, the tables.


It was all Daphne.
This is not some treatment facility.
This is Daphne’s house…. 

I turned to look at Karen who shut the door behind us and she pulled out this thin silver necklace of sort. It’s about 1cm in diameter and it looked like a ring but it’s not.
Karen : This is a tracker…. You have to wear this at all time…..it’s waterproofed…. You can shower with it…. If this comes off…. The deal is off…. The program is off… you go to the courts immediately…. You understand… ?
James : yes…yes….

I could head the beep as the ends of the ring connected around my neck. It’s almost like a mechanical buzz.
Karen took out a few more smaller rings and put them on the table without a word.

Karen  : Alright… I’ll leave you guys to it then….
James : what !??  wait… wait… what am I supposed to do ?? …. How ? … wait…
Karen : don’t worry… Daphne will take you through the daily tasks and reports…. Good luck James….

Before I could fire off another question, Karen left and the door shut.
My throat felt dry.
What the fuck is this man ?
You are saying what ? I need to stay with Daphne for the next 6 months ?
I mustered up enough courage to turn around and look at Daphne in her eyes.

James : Dap…. Daphne… i….ermmm.. I just want to say… I’m really sorry…. For what I did…. I hope…. I hope you can forgive me… and…. And we can finish this program and get on with our lives….

There…I said it.

I laid out my cards.
Daphne looked at me without saying a word before pulling out her phone.
She held it up, and I could see her opening up an app.
I could only gasp when I saw her put her finger on a button on the app.

I gasped because there was nothing else I could do as I had collapsed onto the ground.I was shaking. It’s like someone sent a jolt of electricity into my body.
All my muscles were tensed up as I shivered on the floor looking up helplessly at Daphne who put 3 fingers of her to her lips and said the very first words I’ve heard her say.

Daphne : Oops….
Day 1…. I already feel I’m fucked….


The pain came in waves before concentrating into a pin prick that struck into my raw nerves deep into my spine. All I could do was groan on the ground as I looked up at Daphne.
My mind was still working even though my body was not.

It makes sense.
I’m a guy after all and if they were going to put me in Daphne’s house for 6 months, she has to have some form of protection against me.

This isn’t exactly rocket science either, electric prods have been used on livestocks. Stun guns on criminals and all.
Daphne was scrolling through her phone while she cast me a couple of glances.

I wanted to tell her to stop fiddling with that fucking app if she doesn’t know what it does but I could not muster up enough breath to speak.
Daphne put down her phone and hurried to the table. She was reaching for the rings that Karen had left behind.

She bent down in front of me and she started to put them on me. They were not exactly rings, more like bracelets and anklets. I heard the same electronic buzz when they clamped on upon contact with my bare skin and Daphne immediately went to check her app again.
It took a good 3 minutes before I could sit back up and Daphne was still looking at her phone.

James : Hey… hey… please… stop… don’t need to worry about me…. I’m not some fucking pervert that wants to rape you or anything…. I just want to….
Before I could finish my sentence, I felt the jolt again. This time it started from my wrist and my foot up.

I gasped as I lost balance again , slamming butt first onto the ground before going into spasm once more.
Fuck. I don’t believe this.
She did it again.

Daphne : that wasn’t me by the way….

What the fuck is she talking about.
If not her, who else could have done it.
Daphne : There is a proximity range ….. all the rings have to be within 50cm off the ground… or it will go off….

As I digested what she just said, my mind visually drew out a diagram as I worked the math.

That’s like half a metre. What is this ?

Does this mean I cannot even stand up on my feet ?
Daphne squat down in front of me again as she looked at me. She looked intrigued, almost curious as she observed me.

Daphne : I’m also trying to figure out the controls…. but…. We can do it along the way….
I can’t even speak as I look at her, totally speechless.
I have so many questions. I don’t even know what the fuck am I supposed to do at her house.

Daphne on the other hand seemed to know what is going on.
I manage to sit up and was about to stand up but decided otherwise.

I’m not getting fucking hit again by the shock.
Daphne went into her room and brought out a small box. She handed me a phone, yes a phone.
She told me that it only works one way.
Daphne : It’s been programed… you can only receive calls and messages from me… you can’t call out…. and no internet access….
James : what ? …. What is this?

Daphne : So I can tell you what to do when I’m not around…. Here… follow me…
I was about to get up but Daphne stopped me in the nick of time.

Daphne : oh… oh… oh… no…. hahah… unless you want to get shocked again…. Hahah…
She walked on into her room as I looked around before doing the only thing I can think of.
I crawled.

I fucking crawled like a dog behind Daphne into the room.

Once inside, I saw a mattress on the ground. Right beside it was black pad of sort. It looked like those stuff you see in the shops. You know, they scan your purchases with it to deactivate the RFID tags within so you don’t set off the alarm when you leave.

Daphne : That’s the charging pad…. If those chains go below 20% battery… you’ll get hit every 5 minutes until they get charged….

James : What the fuck !….
Daphne : And stop cursing in my house…

Daphne pointed to a mattress on the floor and said this would be where I’m sleeping at night.
James : What about my clothes ?…. where do I shower ?? ….. my toothbrush and… and…
Daphne shook her head and said those are not the priority right now.

James : What is the priority then ?

Daphne : I’ve got some programming and stuff I need to key into the app…. So it can give you the tasks to do when I’m out for work tomorrow…. I already took leave today….
She pointed to a glass and a water dispenser in my so call room.

Daphne : Water is there…. Food…. Is by my discretion as well…
James : What …? …

Daphne : It’s still better than going to jail I assure you… you can have my leftovers… I usually can’t finish my food….

I don’t believe what I’m hearing.
This is a nightmare.

It has to be.
It doesn’t make sense.

Where is my treatment ? Where are the doctors or nurses that is going to treat me. ?

Who is going to cure me of my upskirt fetish ?

James : This doesn’t make any sense to me ? … isn’t this supposed to be some new program…. To… to… to you know…. Rehabilitate me…..

Daphne was still scrolling through her phone as she cast a look at me. She nodded as if acknowledging what I just said but went back to scrolling through her phone.
James : Hey.. I’m talking to you ….

Suddenly the black charging pad buzzed.
Around the rim of the 1.5m x 1.5m pad, it glowed a light shade of red.Then I could hear the beeping sound.

James : what is that !! what is that !!!
Daphne pointed to the pad and asked to quickly get on it…

Daphne : get on… get on !! quick…
James : what ? why ?? why ??

Daphne : quick !!…
I scrambled on all fours like a dog to get onto the pad and the sensors immediately reacted accordingly. The light around the rims turned a shade of green.

James : What’s happening ?? what’s happening ?
Daphne looked at the pad I was on before nodding her head and looking back at her phone.
James : Hey !… what’s happening ??

Daphne : Wait… wait… I’m trying to learn here….
It was then I made another mistake of getting off the pad. The moment I did, I was hit with another round of shock. The spasms I got was so strong that I was shaking and drooling on the floor within seconds.

Daphne laughed and told me that when that was activated, I was to remain on the pad until it shuts down.

Daphne : You step out of it you’re going to get shocked again… hahaha…
I could not even muster a reply as I scrambled to climb back on.

Daphne : ok… ok… hahah… I think I get the gist of it… hahaha….
She just walked away, leaving me in the room.
I had no choice but to stay on the pad.
This is fucked up.
I need to give my feedback to Karen. There had to be some channel for me to communicate. A treatment is a 2 way thing right ?

Whether it’s effective or not, I need to give my feedback.

I remained on the pad for close to 30 minutes before the lights went off.
Even when it did, I was too afraid to move out of the boundary.

There was this fear inside me that I would get hit again if I made a wrong move.

Daphne waltz over to the room entrance and peeped in with half her head showing from the door.

Daphne : Still alive ?? hahaha…
I did not think that was funny and I did not react.

Daphne : come on…. let me give you a tour of the house….
I stopped myself in the nick of time from standing up and scurried on all fours behind Daphne.
It was her house alright and we started in the living room.

It’s a chic place for a single woman. Designer décor, everything is kept neat and tidy.There is a nice fragrant scent to the place, much like entering a upmarket spa.
Daphne brought me around the living room and told me I could watch TV if I wanted.

Daphne : only after you finished all your assigned task…. Your phone will show what needs to be done….
After that we went to the kitchen.

The fridge’s handle looked like it had been modified. Daphne explained that if I touched that with the bracelets around my wrist, I would get hit again.
Daphne : in short… you are not allowed to open the fridge….

James :What if I get hungry ??
Daphne : I will decide when and what you get to eat….

I wanted to protest but thought better of it.
Just survive the 1st day for now and see how things play out.

Daphne showed me the cleaning supplies, the washing machine, the dryer. She even showed me the bathroom I was to use.
Since there was no way I could even sit up properly on a toilet bowl, I had to use the old school squatting pan.
Daphne : clean it after every use…. I get cranky when I see a dirty bathroom…. And you don’t want to see me cranky…

My jaw dropped an inch as Daphne waved her phone in my face with a grin.
There are 3 bedrooms in the house.
Daphne’s room is out of bound, there was clearly a strip of sensor glowing red light at the edge of her room boundary.
Daphne : Go in there… you will die… you hear me… you will die….

I nodded my head.
The other room was the laundry and ironing room. There are stacks of clothes waiting to be ironed and 2 large basket of laundry waiting to be washed right by the entrance.
Last room would be mine.

Daphne told me that she can control the pad remotely from work, and if activated, I was to be on it within 3 minutes.
Daphne : I can see you….. from there….
She pointed to a camera covering the area where I sleep.

There could not be the only camera in the house. There had to be more.I just kept quiet and mentally took note of everything.
Every detail would come in handy if I were to survive for the next 6 months.
Daphne : ok…. Now… let me see…. Ok….

Daphne looked at her phone, referring to the app instruction before looking back at me.

Daphne : Take off your clothes…

James ; What??

Daphne : Take off your clothes… go on….

James : What the fuck… no…. why would I take off my clothes ??? what is wrong with you ??
Daphne turned the app towards me and showed me her thumb hovering 1mm away from the button that would send another jolt of electricity into my body and I quickly pulled off my top.
James : ok… ok… don’t… don’t….

Daphne : your pants as well…
I could not believe this.

I pulled off my pants, leaving only my boxers.

Looking at Daphne, I tried to calculate my moves.
Her phone is the control. I could jump her, grabbed it and maybe pin her down. Then perhaps we can negotiate a better way to do this.
I just want to get my 6 months over and done with.

Maybe lay down some ground rules.
I tried to think how to jump Daphne and pin her down but realised the restriction I was faced with.

The 50cm limit from the floor.
Whoever designed this has given this some thought.

I would only be able to do it if Daphne comes down to my level, perhaps when she’s squatting or lying down.
Daphne : hey… your boxer too…

James ; What !! …. I’ll be naked….
Daphne showed me her phone and thumb again as I pulled off my boxer.

Needless to say, I covered my privates with my hand as I kneeled with my head bowed low
The next thing she says really takes the cake.I don’t fucking believe this. She asked me to remove my hand.

She fucking ask me to remove my hands covering my cock.

Who is the pervert here ?? You tell me..
You tell me.
I merely took a upskirt picture.
Here she is asking to see my cock.

I removed my hands , exasperated beyond words.
What the fuck man. Go ahead and see.
I have nothing to hide.
I got a good girth and a full 5.5 inch when erected. Nothing to be shameful about.
I looked at Daphne’s feet, her calves as I slowly traced her legs upwards to her thighs.
I watched her fair legs disappear under her grey cotton shorts. Her cotton shorts held on tightly to her bottom, revealing on the slightest tease of a camel toe.

Then her white singlet. It was too short to cover her tummy area properly, revealing a 1 inch circumference of her slender and toned waist.
And her belly button of course.

My eyes went higher as I looked at how full her breasts are. I could see the peek of her grey bra strap that is not aligned with the thin strap of her singlet.
Daphne put down her phone and she squat down, hugging her knees to look at me.
This is it.

My chance.
Her phone is on the desk. She’s down to my level.

Then the unexpected thing happened.
Daphne came closer and she just stared.
She fucking just stared straight at my cock. My penis.

It was then I realise something was wrong.
That tingle that I was supposed to feel was no longer there. Daphne looked at my flaccid dick. Then she looked at me before pulling off her singlet.

I kid you not, she fucking removed her singlet, leaving only her bra.
With her good looks and smoking hot figure, my cock should be bursting with semen by then but it was not.
My heart beat faster and faster as Daphne’s grin got wider and wider.
She looked at me, then to my dick.

I looked at her body, her lacy grey bra and back at my cock.
My throat felt dry.

Then Daphne removed her shorts as well , squatting right in front of me in only her panty and bra.
She raised an eyebrow and cocked her head sideways as she grinned at me.
Daphne : so …. It really works I guess…. Hahahaha
I looked at my dick and there was no reaction at all.

Daphne laughed as she put her clothes back on.
James : What… what is happening… what did you do to me.. ?? !!

Daphne knelt down, cupped my face in hers as she looked at me for a good 3 seconds before giving me a slap.

Daphne : That was for taking my upskirt picture…..
Before I could register the sting of the slap, Daphne dropped another bomb on me.

Daphne : If you….ever….ever… want to use that thing of yours again…. You better make sure you don’t piss me off…. Hahha… and oh yeah… you need to pass your evaluation….

With that Daphne got up, took all my clothes, chuckled and grabbed her phone before leaving me naked and shivering in the room.
It took me a good 30 minutes before I composed my emotions and got my head back on track.

I will not be defeated by this. It’s the electricity. I got hit so many times. It’s natural to get erectile issues. It will be fine by tomorrow.
I will survive this.

I must.

This is better than going to jail. I kept repeating that to myself as I crawled back onto the mattress to rest.I’m a survivor.

I will survive, no matter what it takes.


I must have fallen asleep without realising.The moment I was awake, I felt quite thirsty and I helped myself to the water dispenser.

I checked the pad I was on to make sure the lights were off before venturing out into the living area.
It was quiet. There was no one around.
James : Hey…. Hello…. You there ??
There was no reply and I took the opportunity to explore on my own.
I saw a mirror on a table and tried to reach for it.

The moment my left hand left the 50cm threshold, I was hit with the shock again, causing me to curse as I grabbed onto arm. It’s like someone whack me really hard , sending the purest of pain into my body.
I laid on the floor as I looked around.
Visually I mapped out the area I was confined to. Anything of significance were all placed above the threshold.

I went to the kitchen and opened up cupboards and drawers. Pots, pans, plastic bags.
I went to the laundry room and other than clothes, there was nothing interesting as well.
The laundry basket is almost full and the clothes were separated neatly into 3 piles.The lights, the coloured and lingerie.
I hesitated as I looked at the basket of lingerie.

Part of me want to check them out, to touch them and feel the texture. I would love to smell them too, rub the soft cups of Daphne’s bra on my face as I suck in her scent.I know I’m not the only one.
There are so many people that share the same fetishes as I do.

Many time we underestimate how powerful a turn on a smell is. The scent of a hot a pretty girl can arouse me more than seeing her naked in person.
A basket of her worn clothes, lingerie can easily provide hours of entertainment and self satisfaction.
It was really hard to resist peeking in.
Harder to tear my eyes away from the lingerie.

Daphne’s taste for lingerie is vast and wide ranging. I could see innocent plain white cotton panty, I could see a pastel pink boyshort, I could see the lace of a black g-string, I could even see a seamless hip hugging panty with prints of roses on the back of a leopard spots fabric.

Her bras, strapless, cage, in a variety of colours lined the edges of the lingerie basket. There was even a couple of sports bra, twisted beyond recognition as it laid quietly on the side.I knew from my ex-girlfriend that it was really hard to pull of a sweat soaked sports bra at the end of a workout. I wonder if that was the case for Daphne as well.That she would one day come back, soaked after a long run perhaps and have difficulty taking them off.

I snapped myself out of my stupor and looked at my naked body once more.
My dick was still flaccid and lifeless. I touched myself. I could still feel my fingers on the skin of my cock. It’s not numb or anything, but I could not get an erection.
Usually I would be leaking pre cum by then when faced with such a wide selection of wanking material. I’m talking about a few days worth of worn clothes sitting right there.
I tried to stroke myself as I thought of Daphne, nothing.
Absolutely nothing.

I could not get an erection.
I buried my head in my palms as I tried to calm myself down.
Recalling the series of events that happened, I remembered the injections I received. That must be it.
They gave me something.

They better not chemically castrated me.
My heart thumped faster as I shook off a shiver.

What if that was true. That I was chemically castrated ?
Would a jail term be the better option then ??
I heard the door being unlocked and I scrambled behind the kitchen counter.
The door opened and Daphne came in with a packet of food in hand.

Daphne : Oh… you’re up….
She shut the door and switched on the TV, turning to some Korean drama.
James : I’m… I’m hungry… is that for me ??
Daphne shook her head.
Daphne : It’s mine…. I’ll share with you…. I only eat a little.
She cannot be serious.
Daphne opened her packet of chicken rice and took a few bites while her eyes remained glued to the TV.

15 minutes later, by the time that packet of rice was given to me, it was drowning in  a pool of black sauce and chilli. The rice were all mixed as if she was trying to fry carrot cake in the container.
The chicken. There was only a couple strips of chicken breast left but plenty of chicken skin.
Daphne : Nah… for you…

I looked at her, totally speechless for a few seconds.
Part of me was hoping this was a joke, that Daphne would magically take out another portion of food for me but that was not the case.

I even had to reuse her spoon as I wolfed down the food, finishing every last scrap.

Daphne went to take a shower.

It was my turn to shower and there was only cold water.
I gritted my teeth as I washed myself down. At least there is soap.

I consoled myself with the fact that if I was in prison, I would not get hot water to shower as well.
After I was done, I realised I had no towel. It was all in my luggage.
James : err…ermmm…Daphne…..
Daphne : yeah ?? what ??

She called out from the living room couch, I could hear her munching on some cookies.
James : I… I need a towel…
Daphne : Tsk !….
She walked over with a frown on her face as if I had disturbed her chill out time. She gave me a glare that would have made anyone capable of an erection rape her there and then as well.
Daphne came out with a light blue towel and handed it to me.
Daphne : nah….
I thanked her with a mumble as she cast me a look at my privates before stifling a laugh.

Her towel feels so soft and warm to the touch. It’s like those high threadcount stuff you get in posh hotels.
It smells really good too.
Since I had no clothes to wear, I wrapped it around myself and settled down on the floor at the edge of the living room while looking at Daphne laugh and enjoy her cookie on the couch.

She turned and saw me with the towel.
Daphne waved her hand, gesturing at the towel around my waist.
Daphne : no.. no.. no… remove it… you’re not allowed to wear anything….
James ; What !…why ??

Daphne gave an irritated ‘tsk’ as she  reached forward for her phone after sucking her thumb and index finger off to remove the crumbs from her cookie.
James ; woah… woah… woah…..!! okk…ok… ok…

I quickly removed my towel, revealing my flaccid and lifeless dick.
Fuck. I have never felt so humiliated before in my life.
I guess this is a way for Daphne to be sure.
If I have no erection, I would be of no thread to her whatsoever.
It would be a way to constantly monitor my state of health.
Fuck. I hate to admit it. The person who planned and came up with the program is brilliant.


Daphne : alright…. Bedtime…. Good night….
I used the same towel as my blanket and lay down on the thin mattress.
My stomach is growling and I did the only thing I could. Water.Lots of water.
Within 5 minutes of me drinking that water, I knew something was wrong again.
There is no way I could fall asleep that fast in a unfamiliar place.

Even the nicest hotel rooms I would have issues trying to sleep but in Daphne’s room.
On that thin mattress.
I could literally feel my world closing in on me.
They fucking drugged the water as well.
My eyelids felt really heavy and it was near impossible to fight it.

I gave up my fight eventually and fell asleep.

Day 2

I felt Daphne kicking me and I jumped awake.
She looked gorgeous. Long sleeve white blouse and a waist high beige skirt with a slit on her side exposing almost 2 inches up her knees showing off her creamy thighs.

Her head was tilted sideways as she tried to put on her earrings.
Daphne : Wake up … hey… I’m going out to work ok…. You check your phone for the list of things to do….

James : oh… ok… but… but… what about my breakfast… lunch ?? …
Daphne threw 2 small boxes of kids cornflakes to me and that was it.
Fuck. She’s literally going to starve me.

Daphne : Ok.. ok… I’m really late….got to run… behave yourself k…. and watch the boundaries… byeee…. Have fun…. Haha…

I watched Daphne opened her shoe cabinet and I shook my head at the amount of shoes and heels she owned.
She pulled out a pair, slipped them on and left the house.

The moment the bolt turned shut, I received a list of tasks I was to complete.
I stare at my phone, unable to believe what I’m reading.

James : fuck….
Laundry, house work, even cleaning the toilet.

I wanted to scream so badly but I forced myself to calm down.
Household chores is nothing compared to a stint in prison.
Suck it up James… suck it up…

I went to the kitchen and rubbed my aching knees. All the crawling around is chaffing my skin.
I was about to check out the washing machine when my eyes caught a glint.
A glint my friend.

A metallic glint under the washer.

I looked around the kitchen and there is no sign of a camera pointed straight at me. Perhaps it’s hidden, I don’t know.
I reached in and my fingers felt the cold touch of a paper clip
A metallic paper clip.
I broke into a smile as I palmed it and pretended to try and figure out how to work the washer.
So what if I have a paper clip ?

Well , I don’t know what I can do with it but I know if I were to survive this, I need an inventory.
An inventory of everyday stuff that would help me.
Everyday stuff that you don’t even give a 2nd look.

This thin line of hope was all I could grasp onto.
I’m not doing some fancy prison break of course.

I just want to even the odds a little.

Maybe negotiate a easier way to pass the 6 months, or get the functions of my cock back or something. Maybe get hold of Daphne’s phone.
As I chuckled, lost in thoughts, something hit me.
Wouldn’t it be fun…… if Daphne was the one with the collars and the bracelets…. While I held the phone…. ?


Looking at the pile of laundry, I estimate it would take me almost half a day to sort them through. My stomach is screaming as well.
The 2 small packets of cereal is seriously not going to cut it but I’ll just have to make do.
I took 3 small bowls from one of the low level drawers and separated the 1st box of honey stars into 3 portions.

Knowing that my water in the room is fucked up, I chose tap water from the toilet instead. Thank god for the quality of water we get from the tap in this country.Or rather, thanks to the foresight of the 1st generation of leaders this country had.

I could wolf it all down but I know I will get hungry in no time. I need to split it up.
I drank as much water as my stomach could handle before filled all 3 bowls with water.
I’ll let the cereal soak and puff up so it will be more filling.

While my breakfast is soaking, I went to Daphne’s laundry room and pulled out her basket of work clothes.
One by one, I went through every pocket.
Most of her clothes didn’t have pockets but I manage to find a hair clip and a 50 cent coin in the pocket of her romper suit.In another of her denim shorts, I found a safety pin.

There was this exhilarating feeling in me as I put the items aside.

I’ve read somewhere that people in prison comes up with the most ingenious tools. Perhaps we all needed circumstances like this to force us to be creative.
I was about to reach for the controls for the washer when I was hit with another jolt of shock.
James : fuck !… arghhhhhh
I forgot about the 50cm rule and my right arm was now numb with pain.

I cursed and dropped Daphne a text about the issue. While I’m at it, I told her I can’t reach the washer and the ironing board as well if I were to remain on my knees.

Daphne sms : I’ll remove the height constraints in kitchen…. Gimme a minute.
So, she can control the height restriction as well from her phone. Can she active my cock or something from it too ?
Daphne sms : done… try again…

I almost rolled my eyes as I cautiously reached my hand upwards.
Phew. Nothing.
I got up onto my feet slowly and stretched myself.

Feels so much better to be up on my feet.

While the 1st load of laundry is underway, I ate up my 1st bowl of puffed up cereal.
Heading back to Daphne’s laundry room, I dragged out the rest of her clothes that needed to be washed and place them in the kitchen. Then I went to the pile of clothes that needed to be folded.
I spent about 20 minutes folding her t-shirts, shorts, even bras and panty.

I even smell them, placed the soft satin panty on my cheeks but still, I could not get an erection.
It’s a really weird feeling. I know I’m aroused, I know I’m horny and there is this feeling of restlessness inside me yet there was nothing I can do about it.

The frustration is really hard to describe.
After I was done with the folding of clothes, I went to the soiled lingerie basket.
I pulled out the bra right at the very bottom. Pressing it to my nose, I wrapped my flaccid cock with a damp panty that was coiled together with a pair of tight workout pants. I tried to work myself into arousal but still, nothing.

I gave up trying and went on to sweep the house with exception of the master bedroom. I could see the angry glow of the red warning lights. A painful reminder of what would happen if I crossed it sent a shudder through my spine.


The 1st load of laundry was done and I promptly hung it up. Those that were dryer friendly, I put it in.  

I ate my 2nd bowl of puffed up cereal. I’m still fucking hungry.

By 1pm, I was done with the laundry and I embarked on an ambitious task of ironing Daphne’s clothes.Fuck I cannot believe how much clothes she has.

She could probably go through 3 months without repeating her wardrobe.


I finished my lunch rations and washed it down with a shit load of tap water.
I was too hungry to split it up into 3 portions.
All the task assigned to me was completed and I found myself staring at the empty house wondering what else to do.
I went to the living room and started going through the drawers and cabinets.
I barely got 5 minutes in when I felt the shock hit me all over my body again as I rolled on the floor, cursing and drooling.

James :arhghhhhhhhhhhhhh!…
I coughed and panted as I tried to get up.

Then I was fucking hit again when I barely got on my feet.

It took me longer to recover the 2nd time round. I crawled to my phone and saw messages waiting for me from Daphne.
Daphne sms : what are you doing going through my cupboard !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The next message that followed was ;
Daphne sms : height restriction back on !!!! idoit !!!

I collapsed onto my back as I massaged my head.

Looking around the living room, I deduced that there is probably a camera in there.

Camera 1 in my room.

Camera 2 in living area.

I don’t know if it’s just by chance Daphne happen to be watching when I was snooping around. There should be a camera in every room I guess except her master bedroom.
Then again, why didn’t she hit me when I was sniffing or trying to masturbate with her lingerie ?
Maybe she was not looking at the cameras then perhaps ?

It’s ok, I have time.
I’ll just need to find out where all the cameras are.

I was starving.

I found myself sprawled onto the floor like a lifeless dog by the main entrance waiting for Daphne to come back home.


I swore I would have wagged my tail when I heard the bolt of the door turn.I was jumping for joy when I saw Daphne come into the house.
Daphne : have you been good today James ?? hahah
Oh the balls she has in her.
She’s literally treating me like a dog.

I managed a smile but did not give a reply.

Daphne put down her bag and I watched her slip off her heels.
She was a plastic bag in her hand and I could smell food.

Definitely food.
Daphne walked by me, and she fucking run her hand through my hair before heading to the laundry room.
Daphne : good job !!… well done !… hahahaha… Thanks James… hahah.. really appreciate this… hhaa..

She chuckled as she checked out the kitchen and the rest of the house, commenting that she was glad the house is in 1 piece.
She switched on the TV and set her food down by the coffee table.
I could not care much about the humiliation by then.
I was too hungry to care.

I crawled over to her side and just looked at her.

Daphne cocked her head sideways and raised an eyebrow.
Daphne : ok… now seems like a good time to do the assessment. …
James : huh ?

Daphne opened up her food, flooding the entire living area with the smell of her char grilled chicken chop.  
Daphne did not even look at me when she asked me if I would take upskirt pictures again.
Daphne : Would you take upskirt pictures again ??

I immediately shook my head and swore never to do it again.
James : No… no.. never… ever….i won’t do it again.

She nodded and put a juicy chunk of chicken into her mouth.
Daphne : have you ever considered doing more than taking upskirts ? …. As in stalking the girls and victims ??
James :No… never… I only do it for the thrill…. That’s all.. I don’t follow them….
Daphne : Have you uploaded the upskirt pictures online before ??

James ; No… no… it’s just for my personal…. Errr…. Personal….
I paused, unsure of what word to use.

Daphne stopped cutting her chicken as well, turning to look at me.
Daphne : … gratification ?? ….

I swallowed a mouthful of saliva and nodded.
James : yes… personal… err.. gratification….

Daphne : how do you pick your victims ?
James : err.. it’s random… I just see them and .. that’s it…

Daphne : You did it because they are wearing short skirts ??

James : err.. well.. that’s the… point right ?? …
Daphne ; have you taken pictures of girls secretly before?? …. As in not upskirts….
I hesitated for a moment before shaking my head.
Daphne : Don’t lie to me James…. nothing good comes out of it….

James : ok…ok.. yes…

Daphne : You masturbated to them ?
James : yes… yes….
Daphne : Does it feel good ? … to think of the girls while you do it ??
The questions came hard and fast and I just nodded and said yes. I don’t care what she thinks about me.

This is not a match making session for fuck sake.

I’m just starving.
Daphne cut up several smaller pieces of chicken and I was hoping she would throw me a piece.
Daphne : do you delete the photos after you masturbate ?/
James : sometimes..

Daphne : would you have taken a picture of me if I was not wearing short dress or skirts?
Daphne turned and looked at me as I hesitated again.

This is fucking awkward.
I nodded my head and said yes.
James : yes…

Daphne : Why ?
James ; because…. Because you’re… you’re really hot… and pretty…..
Daphne broke into a smile before chuckling out loud.

Daphne : awwwwwwwwwww… that was so sweet of you… hahaha…
She slapped her thighs and gave me a piece of chicken using the same fork.
Oh god that taste.

I never knew chicken tasted so good until that day. The oil, the char grilled taste, the amount of juice as I sank my teeth into it. I may not have an erection but I had a mental orgasm when I chewed and savoured that piece of meat.

I kid you not I almost cried when I finally swallowed that mouth of chicken.

Daphne : if you think I’m hot…. Why…. Instead of approaching me… or talking to me… you chose to take my upskirt??
That was the million dollar question.
I don’t know.
James : I…ermm…i….

Daphne : Are you that not confident of yourself ??

I looked away, a little embarrassed at the question.

Daphne waved a piece of chicken in front of me, as if enticing me to answer her question.
Daphne : yum…yum…
James : I’m… I’m a little shy….. besides… besides…. What would you think of a random guy approaching you out of nowhere to talk to you…. you’ll probably think I’m a creep or I’m mad right ??
Daphne nodded her head and gave me the piece of chicken.

Daphne : true… but comparing to catching you trying to take my upskirt…. I speak for all girls… I would prefer the former….. my opinion of you would be better…
James : nom…nommhh.. mno.. hmml nom… nom… really ? .. you serious ??

Daphne : Yeah….. of course…

I kept quiet and did not say anything else after that.
Daphne watched her Korean drama as she ate. Every couple of mouths, she would pass me a piece. After she’s done, she pushed the box over to me where I clean up every single scrap of fries, salad and baked beans.

Daphne : Well…. I’m a nice person…. Just don’t make me angry… and I’m sure 6 months will pass in a flash… haha
I nodded as she got up and announced that she’s heading off to take a shower.

The moment she got up, my heart stopped beating for half a second.
It really stopped.

Daphne got up and went into her room leaving her phone on the table.
Her fucking phone.

My heart started slamming against my ribcage as I eyes the innocent looking device on the table in front of me.

It would be locked of course. Password protected but I found it hard to resist.
I wanted to touch the home button, just to try.

If you don’t try, you never know.

What if it’s really unlocked.

I shivered a little as I turned to look down the hallway. Daphne was in her room, I could hear the cupboard door open and close as she picked her pyjamas.

My hand trembled as I reached for the device.
It felt cold and foreign in my hand.
It vibrated when I held it

Someone just sent her a message.

My throat felt dry as I deliberated over my options.

If I could access the app, I could be able to know the control options Daphne had over me. Maybe, just maybe, there is some button I can press to get my erection back or some shit.
I don’t know.

Maybe some button to deactivate the collar or bracelets ?

The phone vibrated again in my hands.
Should I or should I not ?

I heard a voice behind me and I jumped, dropping the phone , I tried to grab it, caused it to bounce twice in my hand and arm before it landed safely on the couch.

Daphne : never….. ever…. Touch my phone James….

James : I.. I didn’t read your messages… I swear… i.. i…

Daphne had her towel over her arm left arm while her right held her pyjamas. She was leaning against the wall of the corridor.

I took the phone and handed it to Daphne.

I would have expected her to grab it, take it away from me but she did not. 

Daphne narrowed her eyes and spoke in a soft witch like voice.
Daphne : James…. I assure you…. that the worst thing I can do to you….. I can do it without my phone or that app….so….please don’t ever touch that again….are we clear??  Please don’t make me stop being nice to you…

That was it.
My patience has ran out.
I’ve been pretty tolerant as it is. I was expecting treatment or rehab .

Definitely not a case of abuse like what I’m going through. I’m really being treated like a dog, starved, and humiliated.

James : I appreciate you talking nicely to me Daphne…..but If not for what I’m wearing….. and the situation I am in…. I would not be on the floor talking nicely to you after the way you treated me the past 30 hours or so………
I regretted it the moment I said it as I saw Daphne’s facial expression changed.

I would not be that worried if she started screaming at me or something but after a 2 second blank look, Daphne broke into a smile.
She smiled, nodding her head slightly as she straightened her body.
She took her phone from me, nodding as she head into the shower.

I was immediately hit with a foreboding feeling. FuckI forgot the one key takeaway from my growing up years.

Women are petty creatures. I don’t know Daphne well but she struck me right away as one of those petty ones.
I sighed and slapped myself lightly on my cheek.
Should have just kept my mouth shut.

I heard the warning beep from my charging pad chimed the same time my bracelets started glowing red.

James : oh fuck…. Fuck…
I scrambled to get into my room shouting I’m sorry to Daphne along the way

James :Daphne !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m sorry !!!!!!!!! I’m sorry!!!!!!!! Stop !!!! I’m sorry !!! please.. stop !!
When I saw the charging pad, the warning lights were beeping angrily and I literally threw my body onto the pad and heave a sigh of relieve when it turned green and all the beeping stopped.
My heart slammed against my ribcage as I panted.

I reached my hand over the boundary of the pad and the warning sounded again.

James : fuck…. What a  bitch !…
I mumbled under my breath as I thought about my next move.
It’s ok. As long as I stay within the pad, I’ll be fine.

I could hear Daphne come out of the shower.

I shouted I’m sorry again but she was not replying me.

Daphne walked into the room, and I could see she was fuming mad.

She was probably a little irritated but you know women.
They brood over everything and their mind keeps replaying the same situation over and over until they are on the verge of exploding.

That was the look on Daphne’s face right then and I could see she was trying to think of what to say to me, or rather scream at me.
James : ok ok.. calm down… I’m sorry… I’m sorry…..
Daphne pulled up her phone, and I could see her finger going for the app right away, determined to send me writhing in pain.
I braced myself and clenched my teeth.

I even felt the squeeze in my anus as I tightened my body for the inevitable.
Then all was quiet.
Nothing happened.

I was still breathing.

I looked at Daphne who was hitting the button over and over again in frustration.

Daphne : arnghhhh!arghhhhhhhhhhh

I looked at my hands and touched my naked body.

I’m fine.
I’m ok.
Nothing happened. 

I looked down at the black charging pad I was on and I broke into a smile. No matter how many time she hit the button her app, I’m fine.

She cannot shock me while I’m on the charging pad.

I calmly sat down in the middle of the pad with a grin on my face. 
Finally a small victory of my own. 

Daphne : James…. you are….. so dead…… you just don’t know it yet…… 

I chuckled as Daphne turned and stormed back into her bedroom. 

From the corner of my eye i thought i saw something blinking around my collar. I tried to look down but i could not see anything. 
I took my phone and started the camera function and that was when my heart almost stopped beating. 

There was a digital display on my collar. 


I don’t know what the fuck it means but it’s counting down to something. 

It’s definitely counting down to something. 

James : fuck…. 


Calm down. I need to calm down.
I’m still safe from being hit by the electricity.
This must be a safety feature of sort to protect whoever is undergoing the program.

As long I’m on the pad, the restraints are charging, I’m fine.I looked at the timer through the phone camera.
It’s counting down to a single digit.
James : shit… shit….

Daphne would not have walked away just like that unless she is satisfied with the fate I would suffering. She knows the pad is a safe zone, that was the reason why she activated whatever the timer might be for.
The timer went down to 5 and I gritted my teeth again.

Maybe there’s another feature to force me out of the safe zone or something.
It went down to zero and I braced myself, squeezing my eyes shut.
Nothing again.

Honestly I was perspiring a little. Having been shocked a few times, my body has grown to fear the next one. It hurts like hell and it’s pure agony.
I looked around the pad, checked my wrists, ankles, neck collar. Everything seemed normal.
I collapsed onto the pad, sighing with relieve.

It’s been a couple of hours and still nothing.I had a bit of time to think about this and I decided to eat the humble pie.

My hot temper earlier was probably because I’m hungry.You know, a hungry man is a angry man.
I picked up my phone and text Daphne that I’m sorry. That I want to talk.I told her I lost my temper because I was starving the entire day and I promise I won’t do it again.
I hit the sent button and waited.

There was no reply from her and after lying around for a while, I fell asleep.


I woke up in cold sweat as I heard the loud slam of the main door.I shook my head and scrambled out on my knees, calling out to Daphne.
Fuck, she left me just like that. Without food for the day.
Fucking bitch.

I quickly went to grab my phone. Looking at the home screen, I realised it was a Saturday.
It’s a weekend.

Ok, maybe she went out to buy breakfast.

I was about to drop Daphne a text but the list of task to do for the day came in.
I opened the task list message and instead of the usual housework and stuff, it just says ‘die’

Over and over again.

James : What the….
Before I could even comprehend what it means, I was hit with the shock out of no where.
James : arnghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It stopped after 3 seconds and I scrambled to crawl over to the charging pad.
Before I got there, I was hit again , throwing my entire body into a convulsing spasm. I could feel the tightening of my testicles and I fear there were going to explode.
I barely had time to catch a breather after it stopped when I was hit again in my wrist.
James : arghhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Then it was my ankle.
Then my arm again.
I screamed and crawled towards the charging pad for safety but then I got there, I got another full body shock that almost made me squeeze the shit out of my asshole.

It’s not working.
Why ?
I was shaking and convulsing and when it stopped , my hand felt something. Like s string of sort.
I pulled it and my heart almost sank when I saw Daphne had removed the plug for the pad.

No matter how advance your technology, it is still driven by power.

After the initial burst of closely packed shocks, the subsequent ones came at 5 minute intervals.
I tried to plug the pad back in but I was still getting hit.

She must need to reset the settings or something.
Oh god, the agony I was feeling.The fear of not knowing when the next shock will hit me.

I was lying in front of the living room, totally defeated and I really thought I was going to die.I started to consider if going to jail might be a better option.

I heard the jingle of the keys in the doorway and I barely had enough strength to look up at Daphne.
She was drenched in sweat as I watched her stepped into the house in her running attire.
A short black running shorts with the hem tapering upwards to the side of her thighs. Beads of sweat rolled down her legs and body as she panted and kicked the door shut.

She had a water bottle in hand, those kind of sports bottle where you can squeeze the water out. She sucked onto it and drank up as she tilted her head and cast me a pitiful look.

I watch her pull of her running shoes and just dropped them near the front door before removing her sweaty ankle socks. She did not even put them into her shoe or laundry basket, Daphne just dropped them on the floor near the entrance of the house.
She walked over,  lowered herself to my level and gave me a haughty look.

Daphne : You have something to say to me now James ?
I knew it was futile trying to fight this.
I’ll just play the good boy and get the 6 months over and done with. In the meantime, just try and make my life more comfortable with whatever I could find in Daphne’s place.
James ; I’m…. I’m sorry…..

Daphne squeeze her water onto my head and face, squirting me with her water. I could feel the heat from her freshly worked out body radiating towards me.
Daphne : Not sincere enough…. Try again…
James : Please.. Daphne … I’m sorry…..

Daphne : oh… really…? Are you ??
I nodded my head.

Daphne : Let me feel your sincerity haha….

She pointed behind her shoulder towards her worn socks.
Daphne : pick up my socks…
I crawled over and was about to pick them up when she demanded me to use my mouth.
Daphne : use your mouth…
James : what ? !!!

Daphne : You have a problem with that ?

James : Hey…. Don’t I deserve some respect ? … I’m also a….
Daphne cut me right off before I could finish what I wanted to say.

Daphne : Respect ?? you gave me any when you tried to take my upskirt pictures?? What respect are you talking about ?? !
I sighed and knew immediately I was done with the conversation.

I bit onto Daphne’s worn running socks and was immediately hit with this amazing smell.That musty freshness of sweat layered with this sweet scent of fragrance.

Daphne : put it in the laundry basket…
I crawled on all fours and put her socks into the basket.

Daphne stifled a smile as she tried to keep a straight face.
Anyone could tell she was getting a kick out of this.

James : Daphne …. Can we… talk about… this… entire arrangement…. Like… adults…
Daphne : no…
What the fuck.

She just stood up and walked away into the kitchen.
Daphne started opening drawers before pulling out a knife.
James : woah.. woao….woah !!!…Daphne…hey…hey…

She leaned against the counter and as she panted, she wiped away a good portion of her sweat from her forehead.
Daphne : have you ever wonder…. Why….. why I accepted this deal…..?

I backed away from Daphne as I shook my head.

Daphne : Why… would a girl… willingly go through all this… to take in someone who should be in jail…. Don’t you think something is a little off here James ? hahah…

She started walking towards me with the knife in hand.
James : Daphne, put that knife down….. this is not funny…

I backed away into my room and when Daphne saw that I had plugged the power for the pad back on, she took her phone out of her pocket.
James : Daphne ….. I’m serious.. let’s talk about how…. We can both… get through this 6 months… peacefully and….

The lights flashed a couple of times around the pad and it looked like it had been reset.
I climbed onto the pad for safety and appealed to Daphne to have a proper conversation with me.
Daphne : do you know… how angry and upset I was…. When you took my upskirt….

James : I’m sorry Daphne… but please… put that down…I i… I promise… to behave…
Daphne, seeing that I was safely on the pad, went to her app on her phone again.
She must have activated something, the bracelets felt heavy. It’s like it was being dragged downwards.

The moment it touched the charging pad, it remained stuck there, held in place by a powerful magnet.
James : aerhghhhhh…

Not only are my hands stuck to the pad now, I could feel the pull of the collar, trying to connect itself with the pad.
I did not resist for fear of hurting my neck and I was pinned onto the mat.

I could still move my legs and lower body, only my wrists and neck were stuck to the ground.
James : Daphne ….. Daphne !!!!!…. hey….

She ignored me and went to take her shower.
15 minutes later, I heard her door open.
I called out again to her but she was not answering me.

I tried to look upwards but my field of vision is limited.

Suddenly I heard the sound of heels hitting the floor. Fuck, she better not be going out and leaving me in that state.

The clicking got closer and closer.
James ; Daphne …. Daphne !!!

She came into the room and all I could see was her foot and the pair of black heels she was wearing.

James : Daphne …. Let me up… and lets talk about this….

Daphne : We’re done talking…

James : Daphne… wait.. wait… Daphne !!… hey !! argnnhh.. what is that… what are you doing… arehghhh !!!!!!!!!

I woke up with a jolt, knowing instantly it was goddess who woke me up.
She was wearing that same black pair of heels


Daphne : Who’s the boss around here ?

James : you….you are….

Daphne : Can you be polite from now on ?

James : yes… yes I will…

Daphne : I want a dog I can cuddle up with….. you want to be that dog…. ?

James: Yes… yes… I will be that dog….

Daphne ruffled my hair and kissed me on my cheek before walking out of the room.

Well, I survived the night.

At least I didn’t die.

She’s clearly mad. 
Or rather, it’s her split personality that is mad.

6 months.

It seems surviving this 6 months is going to be harder than I expect.

I’ve met Goddess and Mummy. I prayed there isn’t anyone that I have yet to meet.


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I retreated to my room for the most of Sunday and my heart would jump in fear whenever I hear any noise coming from Daphne’s room.

I was so hungry that I thought I would pass out from hunger.
I would risk my life by darting into the toilet and drinking as much water as I could before rushing back into my room.

Daphne came running into my room.

The moment I saw her, I was immediately on guard, hugging my naked body as I prayed she would not go all crazy on me again.

Daphne : My god I’m so sorry James… I’m so sorry….
James : No… no… no don’t be sorry… please… just stay away…. It’s ok…

Daphne looked really apologetic as she brushed her hair behind her ears and looked at me.
Daphne : You must be hungry…. Shit… I’m starving as well… wait…wait.. ok… I’ll fix this..

Daphne put a pot of water to boil and announced she was cooking noodles while we wait for the pizza to arrive.
Despite her acting normally, I was still worried. What if this was another one of her split personality ?
Would she suddenly turn around and kill me or something ?

Daphne came into my room with a bathrobe in hand.

She said she thinks that would probably fit me. I was too afraid to even take it from her as I eyed her offer suspiciously. I don’t believe this.

Me as a man, afraid of a woman like her.
Daphne looked sincere as she handed me the bathrobe.
James : Are you…. are you…Daphne ?? you sure ??

She nodded her head.
Daphne : It’s me… I’m ok… I’m fine… really….

I took the bathrobe from her and put it on.
For the first time in almost 3 days, I’m finally clothed.

The feeling of having something to wrap around my body with was a huge boost to my morale. It’s weird that a bathrobe she took from some hotel would give me that level of security.
Daphne took her phone and showed me the controls.

Daphne : I disabled the height restrictions…see… it’s off… you can stand up…
James : you’re scaring me Daphne….

Daphne : No.. no… I’m trying anything… it’s me… James… I mean… it’s really me….
After much coaxing, I finally end up in the dining table slurping down my bowl of noodles while Daphne ate hers.

When the pizza arrived, I wolfed down the food like a man who was starved for 2 days.
No matter how much I ate, I still felt hungry.


Daphne topped up my coke and I calmed down enough to talk to her properly.
James : ok.. ok… i… I think we need to talk… about…err…about your…. Your… friends…
Daphne took a deep breathe and she apologised in a sincere manner.

Daphne : I’m sorry… it shouldn’t have happened… but… I lose control sometimes…. I was pretty stressed out at work…… and…. A guy I was interested in started seeing another colleague…. And…. I have to deal with you…. and… you made me angry… so….
I could see her taking huge breaths of air and I put up 2 of my hands, trying to ask her to slow down.

James ; Calm down…. Ok… calm down… think happy thoughts… think happy thoughts….
Daphne took a long sip of her coke and I asked her how do we make sure something like this doesn’t happen again.

James : We… we have to make sure… errrmmm. Your friends… don’t come out again… if you get what I mean….
Daphne buried her face in her palms and asked me who was I referring to.
Daphne : my god… who…. who came out ??

I leaned back further on my chair as I observed her. She looked genuinely scared and apologetic.
James : You…. you don’t remember ??

Daphne : I…I don’t know… it was all very dream like…. I can’t tell for sure….

James : ……err…. You…ermm…. You called me a baby… and.. and I sucked on your breast..
Daphne touched her own boobs as she looked at me with her eyes wide opened before covering her own chest.
Daphne : You sucked on my breast !!!

James ; You made me do it !!
Daphne : You could have said no !!!

James : I was not in the condition to say anything…. I was scared shitless..!
Daphne : You …. You sucked in my breast !!!.. are you sure !!
Daphne’s face turned a bright shade of red as she got up and walked away.

My god, her reaction was so big when she knew I met her mummy character. What would her reaction be if she knew I met goddess as well. That she made me blow on her wet pussy.
Daphne : what…what else … what else did it do to you ?? …. I vaguely remembered touching.. touching your behind…and… there was something in you….
I sighed and bit my lips.

The moment of humiliation is coming back to haunt me.
I told Daphne about how she made me lick and clean her heels before sticking a vibrating bullet inside my ass.

Daphne : My god…. I did that to you !!? shit… I’m…. I am so… sorry….
I hugged onto my glass of coke and eyed her suspiciously.  

No wonder she is still single.
She’s so hot, with such a great figure. If I didn’t know better, I would have guessed she was a lesbian.

With her shapely figure and heart melting smile, she would have no lack of suitors.
I guess she must be turning away a lot of them with her condition, and those that mange to get close, I’m pretty sure they would run to the edge of the earth if they knew who she was sharing the body with.

Daphne: You know what… I’m really sorry… but we need to fix this… so it doesn’t happen so frequently…
James ; what !…

Daphne : well.. it happens sometimes… when I’m stressed….
James : ok..then don’t be stressed…..why are you stressed ?

Daphne : hello… I need to work… stress comes from everywhere….. it’s stressful taking care of you too ok….
James ; I don’t need you to take care of me…

Daphne ; For the period of time you are here… you are my responsibility…. !
I could see Daphne getting a little worked up and I quickly stopped talking.
Let her calm down a little first.

After a couple of minutes, I asked Daphne if she has any way to keep herself under control.
James : if… I mean… if your…ermmm your friends… come out again…. What can I do….?

Daphne looked at me, a little lost and unsure what to say.

James : ok… ok…. Let’s simplify this….how do we make sure your friend’s don’t come out….
Daphne : ermm.. just make me happy all the time…

I see this as an opportunity to bargain for a bit of dignity. I decided to leverage on it and see how much I can get out of it.
James : errmm.. ok… but… I don’t think seeing me on my knees crawling around naked would make you happy right…. Isn’t it weird ? ?

Daphne : hey !… you think I want this ?? … I need to keep an eye on your…on your….
James : on my what…??
Daphne : On your dick la….

James : What… why ??!!

She explained that she needed to report to Karen about the status of my penis everyday.That if she sees an erection, she was to report it to her immediately.
James : what !!!

Daphne : It’s an experimental drug…. They needed to know…
James : what did they give me !!!
Daphne said it softly as if I was over reacting.

Daphne : Just something to make sure I’m safe you know…. I’m a girl after all…
I looked towards the skies and raised my hand to the man above.
I’m the one that needed protection from Daphne.

James : This is…this is ridiculous….
Daphne : I think so too… but I have no choice….
James : how about…. How about I get to put on clothes…. And…and…

Daphne : And what… I come home from work and you flash me your dick everyday ??
That didn’t come out right and it resulted in a bit of awkward silence.

Daphne : anyway….anyway…. it’s… it’s an experimental drug…. The effects would start to wear off after a week or so….it might be faster for some… which is why I needed to monitor you….
James : What happens after it wears off….??

Daphne : I would need to give you more of it…

I digested what I’ve just heard as Daphne and I looked at each other without a word.
James : ermmmm…. Is there anyway… I can negotiate such that I don’t need to take that drug….
Daphne : No way !… what if you rape me ??!!
James : Please…. That is the last thing on my mind….. I don’t want to risk making you angry…. I’ve seen what goddess can do…..

I did a show of my hand being twisted around my neck as I tapped the floor for mercy.
James : She almost broke my arm…. Did you go for MMA lessons or something ??
Daphne : i… I did…. But I stopped….i stopped going….

James : Well… you still remember the moves… that I can tell you….
Daphne grew a little quiet and I got worried again.

James : Please don’t tell me I’m losing you Daphne…. Please tell me you are still here…
Daphne : I’m still here… I’m still here…

I weaved a sigh of relieve as I patted my own chest.

James : Are you ok ?? …

Daphne  looked at me and asked me a question.

Daphne : You mentioned goddess….. you met goddess… that means goddess put that thing inside you !…. am I right ??
I was about to answer her but I stopped.

Something is not right.
I thought she knew it was goddess when I told her about it earlier.

James : Who else could it be ?? … I thought you knew…. I mean…I mean… it’s not like your mummy side would make me lick her heels… I was already suffocating with your breast pressed against my face.
Daphne reached across the table and smacked me across my arm hard.
James : Owwwww!!…

Daphne : don’t you dare say a word about that to anyone !…
Daphne got up and went to her medicine cabinet. She took out a bottle and handed it to me. It was not labelled but it had 6 orange pills inside.
James : What is this…

Daphne : I’ll… I’ll usually calm down… after taking 2 of this…
James : how…I mean… I don’t suppose you would be taking it willingly if your friends are out…. if you get what I mean…
Daphne : You have to force me to take it….

I chuckled and laughed, gesturing to the collar and the bracelets around my wrist.
James : If not for these… I bet goddess would not be able to do anything to me…. why don’t you remove them for me ??
I asked with a smirk and hoped for the best.

Daphne’s reply wiped the smile off my face immediately.
Daphne : James…. look…. You won’t need to give me these if it’s Mummy and Goddess that you’ve met.

I felt as if a stone was dropped onto my chest as I looked at Daphne’s expression. She looked worried.

James : Don’t scare me please Daphne…. My heart cannot take this…
Daphne grabbed my shoulder and looked at me in my eye.
Daphne : James… this is serious… I mean it….
James : ok… ok…. Who should I give this to…. ??
Daphne let go of me and handed me the bottle.

Daphne : Trust me James…. when you meet her… you will know….
Daphne started packing up the dining table leaving me slouched back onto the chair.

This is not good.

Not good at all.


I helped Daphne with the clean-up and I managed to sit her back down at the dining table.We really needed to get this sorted out before the next disaster strike.
James : We need to lay down some… I don’t know… some sort of ground rules….

Daphne : hello… this is my house…. I should be the one laying down the rules…

James ; Well… if you are in control all the time… I don’t mind following your rules.. it’s just in case your friends come back…. I need to know how to deal with them.
After a good 30 minutes of discussion, I managed to negotiate for quite a bit of leeway in terms of my daily routine. I had to leverage on the suffering I went through with goddess as my bargaining chip.

I could tell Daphne felt bad about it and I was not shy to capitalise on it.
Yes, I will still do all her housework and all but the height restriction has got to go.How the fuck would I be able to work efficiently on my knees anyway.
I will get to put on some clothes as well.

James : I think seeing a naked man around your place will only serve to agitate you…
Daphne : Well… that can be true….
Daphne needs to submit a daily assessment of my so call treatment, but mainly it’s for the experimental drug I am taking.

I’m not going to flash her my cock everyday, and Daphne wanted to know if she can trust me to tell her when I start getting my erection back.
I promised to tell her when I start feeling something.

James : I will let you know…. But then what ? …
Daphne : You will need to take the drug again… there’s no way around it…. It’s for my own protection….

I almost wanted to roll my eyes but held myself back. I shudder at the thought.Well I don’t deny that she is hot and I want to have sex with Daphne, but can you imagine doing it halfway and one of her friends decided to pop out ?
My cock would probably get crushed by goddess.


No erection, so be it. I guess it cannot be helped. Karen is probably using me as a testbed of sort for the drug anyway. If I don’t take it, it’s a matter of time before the game is up.
Daphne said Karen would pop by every month for a house visit.

Daphne : When that day comes…. All these privileges are gone you hear me ??
James : Don’t worry… I understand… I’ll just play along when the time comes…. I’ll be your little puppy..

Another 15 minutes of bantering and we’re set.

In return for giving me more freedom around the house, Daphne wanted me to keep track of how many times and when her split personality appears.

She will do her best to keep them at bay and for me, if they appears, I would need to stop them and get her back to normal as soon as possible.
Daphne told me that the longer she stays in that state, the higher the chance that she might hurt herself.
Daphne : Sometimes it feels like a very long and tiring dream…. That I cannot seem to wake up from….anyway…. you need to help me snap out of it….
James : Ok…. I’ll try the methods you said the next time it happens.

So how do I fix this ?

First, for Mummy.
Her weakness is actually whatever she was infatuated with, in this case, it’s me. She has a soft heart according to Daphne and if I play my cards right, say by pretending to cry or that I hurt myself, it would make her fluster.

Mummy would then be running around, trying to appease me or make me comfortable.
James : How did you discover this by the way ?

Daphne : I went through quite a few therapy session….. my doctor…. He recorded it all down…and these are all her advise….

Just keep making Mummy busy and flustered, eventually she will tire out and leave.
What about method 2 ?
That is straight forward.

I grab her, restrain her and keep her there until she snaps out of this.
This is assuming I’m not zapped till my balls shrink by the controls.
Technically I can make a grab for it, Daphne says Mummy won’t put up much of a fight.

Now, moving on to goddess.

How do we deal with a mad woman like her ?
You can’t go head on with Goddess.

Daphne : She’s stubborn, and she only likes to win. So… no matter what you do… don’t belittle her…. she’ll fucking hit you….i hit my… sorry.. I meant… goddess hit my doctor pretty badly…. i…. I had to change doc 3 times…

James : wow……. And they still let you out ?? aren’t you dangerous ??
Daphne gave me a look and I immediately shut up and plastered my hand across my mouth.
James : ok….ok…. how do I deal with her ??

Daphne : Goddess hates men….she hates them to the core and her only pleasure comes from humiliating them…. If she can’t humiliate them… she will hit them…
James : Oh…. Errrrr… ok….
Daphne : There is a way around this…..

James : How ?
Daphne : by pretending you are a girl….

James : What ?? how ??
Daphne : ermm…well……….

James : Go on…. this might just well save my life ….Daphne : The doctors tried and successfully fooled Goddess by dressing up as a woman…
James : you got to be shitting me….

Daphne : I’m not…. That’s the truth…
James : Then what ? … I’m suppose to run where.. into your wardrobe…. Come out dressed in your clothes and pretend I’m you ??

Daphne nodded her head.
I could not detect any signs of her fucking with me either.

Daphne : My clothes…lingerie…you can take them from the laundry basket…. Or from the laundry room…
James  :You are not joking are you ??
Daphne : no I’m not….

James : Then after I pretend I’m a woman then what ??
Daphne : Goddess might test you out…. smell… touch or something…. No matter what she does or say…. Do not admit you are a man….

I massaged my head and nodded.
Daphne told me that once goddess is satisfied that there are no presence of men around, she will disappear.
Daphne : straightforward right ??

James : errr……..i just hope I don’t need to use any of these methods…. Anyway…. We will focus on keep you happy everyday…. That way…. You will remain normal….
Daphne : great !… then that way we won’t have a problem at all…

James : Wait…wait… wait… before you go…..is there like erm….. anyone else… I should know about…. Like… you know… the one you are not saying…

Daphne’s expression grew a little grim and said that she had a twin sister that died during child birth.
Daphne : Her name is Dawn….
There was a moment of silence before Daphne told me that if I meet Dawn, there is nothing I can do.

Daphne : you need to try and feed her…or rather me… the tablets… that would knock me out and calm me down….
James : What is Dawn like ??

Daphne stood up and I could see her choosing her words carefully before she spoke.
Daphne : Dawn…is like me…. she knows and is aware of everything we say…. Just like right now…
James : Oh… will she be angry that… that you are telling me all these ??

Daphne : No… but she will be aware of you….and she knows that I want you to stop her….
James : Oh….ermmm.. ok…

Daphne : I don’t want to talk about Dawn…. Everything we say… she knows…. If you get what I mean….
I nodded my head and did not prod further.

Daphne went on to pack up her room while I did the housework.

She came out a while later with some clothes, t-shirts, sleep shorts. They’re all too loose for her but a little tight for me.

I looked like a skank wearing shorts too small and t-shirts too tight but I can’t complain.
I don’t want to walk around naked with a flaccid cock.

As I packed up the laundry room, I turned to make sure Daphne Is not within sight.
I pulled out the drawstring of a pair of pants before folding it away.

Then I found another pair of pants and I pull that out as well.
I pulled out the draw string of a total of 4 pairs of pants.

I packed those right at the bottom, hoping that they don’t get discovered.
I needed the strings.
If I plaid enough of them together, I can get a strong rope. If I needed to restraint Daphne , I could use that.

I cannot depend on Daphne’s advice to protect myself from her split personalities.
I needed insurance of my own.

Now that I can stand and walk around, I pretended to wipe down the kitchen cabinet and I checked through all of their compartments, looking for things I can use.
I saw the red powder dye for making red eggs during festivities and I took it.

I picked some of Daphne’s clothes, including lingerie and placed them in strategic positions throughout the house. I need to be able to access them when the time comes.
One set in living room, one in the kitchen, one in the bathroom, and one set in my room.The red dye, I used it to make a small tube of red liquid.

I carefully poured the solution into a straw and sealed both sides using a open flame.
Alright, that should suffice as blood. It should freak Mummy out when I need to use it.

Now for Dawn.

If Dawn is what Daphne said she is, she would already be aware of my possession of the bottle of pills. There is no way I can make her take them without a fight.
I would need to trap Dawn.

I would need a trap that would immobilise her and give me chance to feed her the medication if she ever appears.
That is easier said than done though.
I don’t know what Dawn is like, I don’t know what she is capable of.


I was just finishing up a packet of takeaway rice Daphne’s got for me when I felt this weird tinker in my pants.
I’m feeling it. It’s coming.
My erection is coming.

It’s been about 3 days. My erection is not hard enough, but I could definitely feel it.
It’s finally coming back.

I tried to calm down and kept my expression neutral when Daphne came into the kitchen dressed only in a thin apricot colour singlet and boyshort panty.
I could feel blood rushing to my groin.

This feeling.
It gave me a sense of confidence.
It made me feel like I’m a man once more.
I watched Daphne drink her water as my eyes traced the contours of her body. It’s throbbing. My cock is throbbing as I looked at the cameltoe at Daphne’s privates. Images and smell of her vagina came rushing back into my head as I tried to imagine myself in the same scenario as the night before.

I started to have some pretty disturbing thoughts.
If I could restraint Daphne while she’s having one of her attacks. Does that mean I can do anything I want with her ?

Base on the characters, Mummy seemed like my best bet.
Or why wait ? What if, what if I could have Daphne right away.
Without her knowing ?

Daphne put down her glass and turned towards me.
Daphne : good night James….
James : Good night….

As Daphne disappeared into her room, I did something I should have done a long while ago.
I emptied the water in the tumbler from the kitchen and quickly went to the dispenser I have in my room.
I filled it up and quietly replaced the water in the kitchen.
Now all I can do is wait.


Initially i could not sleep.
My heart jumped every time i heard noises coming from Daphne’s room. The excitement wore off after a while when i had more time to think. Perhaps it might not be such a good idea to fuck with her so soon.
It might just trigger another round of attack.
The thought of losing my newly negotiated freedom kept me awake for quite a while before i doze off. I jumped awake a couple of times that night as i slept but nothing happened.
No Goddess, No Mummy, No Dawn and No Daphne. Everytime i woke, i would touch myself and i felt a little more reassured that my cock was still there
and the tingling feeling is still present. I even went out to the kitchen to check the water tumbler to see if Daphne has drank any of the
spiked water. It never moved. I touched my still flaccid dick and suddenly realised something. So what if Daphne has drank the
water and knock herself out. At this time, in the middle of the night, she would most likely be headed back into her room
which i have no access to. She’ll sleep through and there’s nothing i can do. Even the best case scenario of her falling asleep in the living room does happen, without an erection,
i can’t satisfy the lust inside me either. After deliberating for more than an hour, i decided to replace the water with tap water.I have time, don’t need to rush things. Strangely though, the next few days passed by without a hitch. Everything happened smoothly.
There were no incidents of Daphne’s friend’s popping out and i could feel myself starting to
adjust and get comfortable. Comfortable to a point of settling into a routine. Yes a routine. My day is pretty much predictable, split into 2 parts. The part without Daphne around,
and the part with Daphne around. Each has it’s own merit. First, the part of the day after Daphne leaves for work leaving me alone in the house.I was given a list of chores to do as usual and i did it without complains. With the access to the TV, i could clean up the house while keeping myself up to date
with the news and whatever is happening out in the real world. I found more cameras pointed at specific locations, they don’t really cover every part of the
house so i made sure to keep to the blind spots when i check on my dick.
I washed everything for Daphne, from her tops and pants, to her skirts and panties.
You might think i’m weird but i was actually starting to look forward to doing the chores i do. Suddenly i’m removed from the stressful world of everyday life. No more commuting in packed public transport, no more meeting project deadlines and no more
dealing with shitty clients. Being unplugged from the internet was a refreshing change.
No more scrolling through facebook or social media platforms to see what my friends are up to,
who’s on holiday, which couple is in the verge of a ugly breakup and so on. No fake news,no silly time wasting videos and no annoying chat groups buzzing non stop. It was during these few peaceful days that i realised how much time we have in a day and
how much we can accomplish. Daphne would deposit a fresh load of clothes into the laundry basket every day when she comes
home from work. These include her work clothes, and a set of gym gear.
In the morning before she leaves, she would drop in her pyjamas she wore to bed. Going through them every morning was starting to feel like opening a treasure box. You can say i’m bored, or i’m sick, it’s ok. I don’t mind. All i know is i’m enjoying doing the things i do. The 3 different set of clothes bring out different emotions and feelings. I started to develop a ritual of sort as i go through her laundry.
Her work clothes, i would always start with her work clothes. I cannot explain the infatuation i have with her worn lingerie.
The feeling of her soft panty in the palm of my hands felt like i was running them through the
fine sands of a luxurious beach resort. That softness felt surreal as i made sure to spread them out
properly before sniffing it. I inhaled deeply like a glue sniffer, concentrating my nose around the spot where her vagina
would be touching for the most part of the day. A matured musky scent of aged maple syrup would fill my nose before i detected the hint of of the
body lotion she uses everyday. Her bra cups provided excellent padding to my testicles as i cupped
my balls in them, rubbing as i coax more blood into my recovering dick. In order to fully take in Daphne’s intoxicating scent, i would make full use of her sports bra and
singlet. Before i shower in the afternoon, i would rubbed my face, my body, my cock with Daphne’s
stale sweat. The pores in my arms would open up, the hair on my body would stand as i mixed Daphne’s
stale sweat with mine after a few hours of household chores. You would surely laugh and judge me when i tell you what else i did next. It wasn’t enough just sniffing and playing with her worn clothes. I found myself craving for the touch of Daphne’s panty and i actually wore them. I fucking pulled up Daphne’s panty, soaked with stale sweat from her daily gym and
workout over lunch up and over my flaccid cock. I hated myself for it but i cannot resist.
The high i get from doing that was better than the joint of weed i took in
Europe more than a decade ago. Not contented with only Daphne’s panty, i would attempt to wear her pants too. FBTs and running shorts are a little tight for me and i could not pull them all the way up,
leaving me frustrated and disappointed. Thankfully Daphne had a couple of pairs of those tight
workout pants that are pretty elastic and stretchable. Every hair on my leg tingled and i could feel the effect in my recovering groin as i slid the tight and
damp workout pants up my leg. It felt so good, there was this tightness and compactness as i squeeze myself into Daphne’s clothes. It was one of the most sick things i;ve ever done in my life but i knew my body likes it.
My mind craves for it. I would take a shower with her clothes on and dry myself with the same gym towel she used the
day before. After i was done, if her pyjamas were those loose fitting ones, i would put them on,
relishing her scent as i hid away from the camera view in a corner of the dining area.

My erection would come and go, it’s hard to predict. It’s also hard to control. It doesn’t mean that i’m doing some sick acts, or sniffing Daphne’s panty and i would get an instant
arousal. There are some reaction yes, but during other times of the day,
it would come without warning as well. One day i would get a spike of hardons when i played with her gym gear, another day my cock
hardly moved even though i knew i was aroused. Another day it would come when i was dressed in Daphne’s pyjamas, or none at all even
when i was dressed in her wet gym gear and panty.It’s still unpredictable but a lot better than when i first arrived.
By 3pm everyday, i would snap out of my stupor and wash all the laundry.
This way, they would be up on the drying racks and in the dryer before
Daphne comes home from work. Aside from the usual chores,I was also made to take out all of Daphne’s heels from her shoe
cabinet for cleaning. As i set the different high heels down on sheets of newspaper i laid out,
i felt a little reaction in my groin. It’s not a full blown erection but there’s blood being pumped into it.
I can feel it getting a little bigger and tighter. Every pair of Daphne’s heels looks interesting to me.

I don’t know why. The bright red pumps with a full 4 inch heels complete with a metallic gold bow near her toes
looked as if it was brand new on the outside. I orientated it and i could tell it had been worn before
from the soles. The insides felt soft and firm, it smells really good, like the leathery smell of a new car interior. There were several pairs of black heels she rotated for work. Pumps, some with straps,
even a couple of more casual slip ons for fridays. I wiped each one down, feeling and looking at them up close. It suddenly dawned on me that if not for this incident, i doubt i would ever get the chance
to see so many pairs of heels and shoes from such a pretty girl up close. I did not even look at my
ex-girlfriend’s choice of footwear that closely either.I brought every pair of heel to my nose, trying to detect some sort of a scent from Daphne but
there was none, This cannot be, there has to be some smell.
There has to be something unique scent of Daphne’s feet but it was mostly musty leather smell.
Daphne had 16 pair of high heels in all. That was only the high heels.
I wiped and cleaned each and every one of them down before laying them down to dry. Moving on to her flats, she had 5 pairs in different design and colours. Then it’s her running shoes. The scent was the strongest in her running shoes.
Daphne rotated between 2 pairs of them, letting the other one air every alternate day. No fancy and neon colours for her, they are both black with the unmistakable white tick.
It’s the same design. Among all of Daphne’s worn articles, her socks and shoes provided the strongest stimulation to
my dick. In fact, i could feel my cock recovering to almost half it’s former size as i indulge in them every day.
There’s no foul smell, and there’s no sweet scent. I don’t know how to describe it. Maybe it was all just stale sweat but i liked it. My mind likes it.Still, the stimulation only lasted for a while before the remnants of the drug kicks back in
and my erection was gone before i can feel the same hardness i was used to ever since reaching
adulthood.By 6pm, i was all ready to welcome Daphne home. My stomach would be growling by then. What about food you say ? Although i was not being rationed boxes of cereal like before, my choices were still limited. Daphne received strict instructions to restrict the amount of food i was given. It seems that the amount of calories i was allowed to take in each day has to be the same as what
they are having in a normal prison. I don’t know how much is that but i know i’m constantly hungry. Hungry but not starving. Daphne gave me access to her Quinoa, her chia seeds, rolled oats and even unsweetened soy milk.
Yes. i had to eat shit like this for breakfast and lunch. They were pretty tasteless but it kept me full. Dinner wise, i can look forward to some rice, perhaps noodles, all Daphne’s leftovers.
She only takes a few bites and i probably get to eat more than 75% of the original portion.I kept track of my weight as well, by the end of the 10th day, i had lost 4kg.
Besides the dinner Daphne brings back after work, there is something else i look forward to everyday. My chat with her.You see, the only way for us to be less awkward with each other was by getting to know each other. What are our likes, or dislikes. It would be done at the end of the day before we go to bed. Daphne would be in her pyjamas, she would make a cup of tea, sit down at the dining table
and slowly sip it. The first time before i sat down, i asked her if i could join her.By the 3rd day, i made the cup of tea for her.By the 10th day, i started to see Daphne in a different light.
10 days. That’s a really short time to get to know a person. Minus the 1st 3 days of hell, it’s 7 days. A short 7 days. Yet somehow it felt i know Daphne for a good 7 months.
2 hours every night without fail, we would talk until the clock strikes 10.30pmBy the end of the 1st month, i felt as if i had known Daphne my whole life. There was no outburst of her other personality, no Goddess, no Mummy, no Dawn. In fact, i started to think i had a part to play in keeping them at bay.
Daphne : i cannot believe i told you so much about myself…. i don’t even tell my past boyfriends
these much…. James : Well, i’m a good listener….Daphne : I think it’s more of you don’t have a choice… hahahJames : Don’t like that say la…. haha…. Daphne made it a point to smile and remain cheerful but i could see beneath it, she was constantly
keeping her emotions in check. It’s like trying to suppress a monster inside her.Her parents separated when she was in her teens. It hit her pretty hard and that was when the
split personality started. Daphne : My dad blamed my mum for the death of my sister Dawn….. he said they did their best
to stay together for me until i’m old enough to handle the divorce… James : How old is old enough then ? Daphne : 16…. after my ‘o’ levels….She stayed with her mum for a while after her dad moved to Hongkong. By the time she graduated from university, her mum decides to relocate to Thailand.
She could not bring herself to leave and she decided to stay in Singapore. Daphne : Money… was never an issue…. there was old money in the family….
from both my dad and mum…..but….but…. what good is money… when you don’t have any
love ones to share them with…. Daphne enjoyed travelling and i could not help but pity her when she said she signed up
for tours alone. Daphne : Sometimes it’s a little lonely….when i see those happy families on tour….couples…
kids…. grandparents…. retiress…James : don’t they ask why you are alone for the tour ??? Daphne : They do… hahaha….. so weird right… i mean if you see a girl on a tour alone…
you also will be curious…. James : Of course…. somemore you so pretty……What did you say then ?? Daphne :My friend fly me aeroplane lor… hahha…James : THat’s a good one… hahah… She could have travelled alone but she craved the company.
The human connection. The couple of close friends she had bailed when she snapped and Goddess
came out during a house warming gathering. Daphne : THey freaked out…..and…. i accidentally hurt…i meant Goddess….
accidentally hurt her husband….so….well…. James : Oh… that sucked… but… but… Daphne : I know what you are thinking…. close friends right… should stay by my side…
by seriously….. if it was me in their shoes… i would also keep my distance….Daphne said in their defence that they never did avoided her or anything.
It was more of her own initiatives to skip they next few gatherings and after a while,
they stopped asking.Daphne : can you imagine ….being in a relationship with someone like me… haha…. James : Well…. honestly…i think… i think you are really hot…and pretty…Daphne : hahah… on the surface that is…beneath me….under it all… i’m just a monster… She held her tea with both hands and sipped it, looking out the window. Good times. Those were really good times. It’s like living with a housemate. A hot and pretty housemate.
However, good times don’t last. The end of the 1st month also meant the 1st monthly visit by Karen. I told Daphne my erection has not recovered fully even though
i could sustain a hard cock for almost a minute. She insisted i take another dose of the medicine. I would have objected if not for our nightly conversation. In the end i took the dose the day before Karen was due to visit. It was a saturday and i was up at 6am. I was aware that i needed to behave in a certain manner. Total obedience. Daphne insisted on rehearsing before the visit at noon. She came out of her room and we had breakfast together at the dining table. Daphne : James….James :Yah ?? Daphne : I hate to do this to you…. but… i have to do it…James : WHat ???! …Daphne held up her phone and i could see the app open. James : what !!.. wait.. wait wait… what is this… don’t do it….Daphne !…Daphne : it’s not.. don’t worry… She opened another tab of the app and showed me what was Karen’s expectations for the visit that day. I took a glance, my eyes widened and i looked back up at her. James : WHAT ! Daphne : i… i know… i could have forced you to do it….by after getting to know each other…
i was… i was thinking you would willingly go along…. James : WHAT !!!! I looked at the list again as i sank back into the chair.Nobody said anything about a visit by other potential test subjects. James : How… how many ?? Daphne’s eyes look up to her right as she tried to phrase it in a nice way. Daphne : Karen will visit at 12…. and…. following that, a pair would visit every hour until 6pm… James : You got to be shitting me… Daphne : Well… they needed to show how successful this is…. to others….James : Others as in…..?!! Daphne : girls like me ?? … who are willing to give their upskirt takers a chance ?? I felt a little faint and giddy. I need to be paraded like a dog in front og god knows how many people. James : WHat are my options then ?? !! Daphne shrugged and showed me the app with her finger on the shock button. Daphne : We could always go back to the old ways ?? James : Oh fuck no…!… Daphne smiled and patted me on my arm as she got up and said we should start rehearsing. Daphne : Come on… it’s just for a day…. it’ll be fun….hahahaI sighed as i reluctantly got back down on my knees. It’s going to be a long saturday……………………………………………………………

Daphne : ok…. Hold on ah…. Let me firm up the settings…
I removed all my clothes, feeling the sudden touch of the cold air on my naked body.I was conscious of myself suddenly.

Previously when it first started, I hardly knew Daphne, so although I was a little uncomfortable, I did not feel as awkward as I did now.I’ve been with Daphne for a whole month.

It’s like we’ve gotten to know each other quite a fair bit and now this.
I looked up at Daphne and I saw her quickly shifting her eyes away from my naked body.
I felt embarrassed.
It’s like I had to bare myself to a friend. A new friend.
It feels different.

Daphne turned on all the restrictions and settings, reminding me to start crawling around if I don’t want to get shocked.
Aside from crawling like a dog, there were a few sets of so call basic obedience command that Daphne was supposed to train me to perform.
Daphne : You will not talk to me…. not a word…. And everything I say… you will do…. Understand ??
James : err… ok…. But what if I don’t understand what you want….
Daphne : Tsk !…

She kicked me on my butt as I fell onto my side.
James : Hey..!.. what was that for..
Daphne : You’re here for a month already… you should know what I want by now…anyway… my commands will be simple and straightforward….nothing complex…
Daphne went on to elaborate the few key actions I needed to do.
Daphne : lie on your back… when I say lie on your back… you are expected to do so and do not attempt to cover your dick…
James : this…this…

Daphne : lie on your back….. quick !!.. do it….
I sighed and laid down on the floor, baring my lifeless cock to Daphne.
Daphne : This is part of the daily inspection process we need to do…. Karen will surely ask us to do it….
Daphne referred to her phone before bending down.

If anyone were to walk into the house that moment, he or she will be greeted with a strange sight. Me, totally naked on the floor with Daphne squatting down beside by privates.
Daphne : I will need to perform a check to make sure you are unable to sustain an erection….

Without breaking a beat, she used a pen and humiliated my cock by lifting the head up a little before letting it flop down.
I could feel her pen on my dick, I could feel the weight of it hitting back down, worst of all, I could feel myself turning red with embarrassment.

Daphne used the pen to push and prod a little more of my cock before pulling on a surgical glove.
James : what is that for ?? !
I gasped as I felt the gloved hand pick up my limp dick. Daphne squeezed and played with my cock as I stared at her in shock. She was squeezing my fleshy and rubbery shaft, shew as rubbing the tip of my pee hole, she was trying to pull back my foreskin.
James : What are you doing !!!

Daphne : It’s a inspection…. I was suppose to do it once a week you know…. I’m sure later Karen would make me do it….

I don’t believe this is actually happening.
Can I feel anything you ask ? Of course, I can feel everything bit in fact, every touch, every pull every tug.

If not for the medication I was on, I would be leaking precum by then.
Daphne removed the glove and told me about the other commands I needed to do.
Daphne : If I say go and sleep… you shall do so without hesitation….go to the charging pad….
James : Ok… fine…

Daphne : If I say come to me…. you shall do the same as well….. clear ??
James : Yes… yes….
Daphne : ok… last one….

I was expecting another verbal command but it was not.
The slap came without warning across my face.
Smack !
James : ow !!! what was that for !!
Daphne : Hey.. hey…. What is that tone for…. Hello…..

Daphne explained that if she were to slap me, that was because I did something wrong and after getting slap, I was to say thank you.
James : You got to be shitting me…
Daphne : I’m not… go on… say it…
James : WHAT !!

Daphne raised her hand and was about to slap me again but I quickly repeated ‘thank you ‘ a few times.
James : Thank you.. thank you !!…
Daphne : good… I’m trying to help you here ok….

She mumbled under her breath as she went through the rest of the things to take note.
Daphne : If Karen decides this is not working… the trial will be off and it will be back to prison for you….
I swallowed a gulp of saliva and I spent the next couple of hours living my life the way it should have been.

Daphne was obviously enjoying herself as she toyed with me while she lounged on the sofa.
Daphne : James… oei… I dropped a cracker…. You can have it… hahaha..
I crawled over and ate the cracker.

I was made to fetch tissue paper, I was even made to change the TV channel even though the remote was right in front of Daphne.
James : My back is aching… can I stand up…

Daphne : No… it’s almost time…
James : It’s only 9 !… it’s a good 3 hours to go… !
Daphne raised an eyebrow and cast me a haughty look.

Daphne : You have any complaints ?? haha
I resigned to my fate and collapsed on the floor beside the sofa.
Daphne channel surfed for a while before settling on a old romantic comedy.  50 first dates

We watched the show quietly, her up on the sofa, me down on the floor.
Neither one of us said anything.
I’ve watched the show before a long time ago and I sort of remembered the storyline. The female lead will only remember everything within the day and wake up forgetting everything that happened.It made me wonder what it was like for Daphne.

What it’s like to wake up knowing one of your split personality had taken over and not knowing exactly what happened.
It’s a little like losing your memory for a short period of time.The more I think of it, the scarier it became to me.

I cannot imagine one day something like this happening to me.
What if the real me never wakes up?

Does that mean my split personality has taken over permanently?
Does this mean I’m dead?

Does Daphne feel the same way ? Living each and every day not knowing if she would wake up as herself the next day.
Perhaps one of her greatest fear would be to go to bed and never wake up as herself the next day. Worst still, imagine if she was somewhere inside one of her split personality, watching and feeling every emotion and thought yet unable to do anything.

It’s like you are paralysed while your body and soul is being taken over.
I looked at Daphne who was clutching onto a cushion as she hung onto every word that was being said on screen. I could tell she was really enjoying the movie.
When the end credits started to roll, I looked back up to see Daphne’s eyes a little red. She looked a little emotional and I checked the time on the clock.
It’s almost 11am.

If she decides to go all crazy right now, it would really land both of us in a lot of trouble.
James : Oei… you ok or not…

Daphne took a moment to react before turning to look at me.
Daphne : you think… perhaps it’s a blessing to be able to wake up and not remember anything…. Start your life fresh everyday ??
James : Errrr….. I think I prefer to live a normal live….no need Hollywood drama…
Daphne switched off the TV and I handed her another piece of tissue.

She dabbed her eyes and blinked a couple of times before saying that it was a really sweet movie.
James :It’s a old show….

Daphne : Really ? …. I don’t really watch movies….
James : Why not ??
Daphne : Sometimes when it’s too dark… like in the theatre…. I can feel…. I can feel as if someone inside me is trying to reach out….
My eyes widened and I told Daphne she is starting to freak me out.

James : Ok… ok… hellow…. Karen is coming soon… please don’t scare me like this…
Daphne laughed and blew her nose before heading back into her room.
I switched off the TV and kept my eyes on the clock.
The appointment is set at 12pm.

There’s a chance Karen might turn up early.

There was a knock on the door and I crawled to get Daphne.
James : Daphne…. Door…

Daphne came out of her room and gave my hair a playful pull as if I’m really her dog.
Daphne : Don’t call me name !!!….
I was about to protest but she was already down the hallway.

I remained on the floor as I watch the door swing open. There she is, Karen.
Karen is not exactly a looker, she just looks like the plain jane you see along the street. You won’t cast her a 2nd look . There is nothing attractive about her but you also can’t say she is ugly or repulsive.

She just has this serious and I’m very busy kind of expression on her face all the time.
Karen : Hi Daphne…. Hi… how are you…. all good ?
Daphne : Hi Karen… yeah…. So far so good…
Karen came in and looked at me from afar.

Karen : He gave you any trouble ?? …
Daphne : well… first couple of days is a little tricky… but once settled in… he’s fine….

Karen  : good… the drug working well right ?…. Base on the online reports you filed…. All seems good to me…….
Daphne nodded and she gestured impatiently at me.
Daphne : Hey… come here !…

She pointed at me with her index finger before making the come to me sign. The expression on her face, her body language, I would fucking rape her if she ever dares to do that to me when I’m not chained up and I have full use of my cock.
I crawled over, keeping my head low.
Daphne : lie on your back….
I hesitated and immediately felt a smack on my head.

Daphne : hurry up la !!…
I turned and laid down, exposing my deflated and useless dick to Karen and Daphne.
Karen  :…. looks pretty useless to me… hahaha….

Nothing in my vocabulary could describe how humiliated I was by that comment.Karen sat down with Daphne in the kitchen and they went through some questions while I remained on the floor.

15 minutes later, Karen said that initially she would be bringing 5 other pairs of test subjects up but due to some unforeseen circumstances, she would only be bringing 2 pairs.
Daphne : Sure… no problem…
Karen : We’ll need a bigger sample pool for the drug testing… so… later… please help to sell this program a little to the girls ok ? haha…
Daphne : I will do my best… hahaha.. it’s really quite fun…

Karen raised an eyebrow and gave Daphne a questioning look.
Karen  :Err.. fun ?
Daphne : oh… I meant interesting… you know… sometimes… when you have a bad day… you have someone to take it out on….

Karen immediately caught on and nodded with a sly smile.
Karen : well…. Just be careful….. and remember….he was trying to take your upskirt picture…. He might try to do something worse if given the chance…
Daphne : haha… don’t worry…. There’s nothing he can do anyway…
The girls chuckled as Daphne walked Karen to the door.

Karen  :Ok… the 1st pair should be up in about 15 minutes.. they are on their way over… 2nd pair just left the station too…

Daphne : What do I need to do ? .. just show them…. Around ?
Karen : They have been brief about the program and basics…. So they have an idea in a way… so just answer any questions they might have will do….
Daphne : Ok… sure…


When Daphne opened the door to welcome the 1st pair of visitors, I hid behind the kitchen.
This is so fucking embarrassing.

Daphne : James…James !!! where are you !!.. come here…
I crawled out reluctantly coming face to face with a lady that looked like she was in her fifties.
Holy fuck.

She’s like the auntie selling me chicken rice in the hawker centre, who the fuck would take a upskirt picture of someone like that. She has thighs thicker than my body and she’s swaddling from side to side as she walks.
There are visible white streaks in her hair and she looked like she’s easily 20kg heavier than she should be.

I looked behind her to see this guy about the same age as me. My heart immediately ached for him.
He looked shocked beyond words seeing me naked and on the floor but his eyes lingered longer at Daphne.

I could see him checking Daphne out from head to toe.
Daphne : Hellow….feel free to ask me if you have any questions….
Auntie : I heard…. It’s safe… that they won’t be able to have an erection….
Daphne : yes… it’s very safe…. Let me show you… James…. lie on your back…
I cringed at the thought of revealing my cock to this auntie but inside my heart I was thankful for my choice.
Note to self.

Want to take the risk of shooting a upskirt picture ?, Die also find a hot girl, never settle for anything lesser than you deserve.
Daphne confidently grabbed my cock without a glove this time round in front of the visitors.
Daphne : See…. No use one… it’s dead…

She even tried to stroke and coax a erection out but nothing happened.
Daphne : First few days of course will be a little hard but after you get use to him…. It’s alright… hahah…
I could see the eyes of the auntie twinkling as she looked at my naked body.
I had to bit my teeth to stop myself from crying.

The auntie turned to look at the guy that was caught taking her upskirt.
Before that auntie could say anything, the guy immediately turned to the police escort to say he has made up his mind.
Guy : I want to go to jail…. We can leave now…

The auntie looked disappointed with the decision and they left after another minute or so.
The moment the door closed, Daphne and I burst out laughing until we were both on the floor.
Daphne : What the hell man !!… that guy… that guy… ahhahaha… tried to take the auntie upskirt…. Hahaha

James : Yah… what the fuck was he thinking man… hahaha….i’m so thankful I chose a hot and pretty girl… at least get caught also worth it.. haha…
The chuckling went on for a while before there was another knock on the door.

The other pair must be here.
Daphne wiped her tears from her face and composed herself before checking through the peephole.
She broke into a smile and turned to look at me.

Daphne : Ohhhh….you’re going to love this one.. hahaha….


When Daphne swing back the door, I came face to face with a young and sweet looking babe. She looks pretty familiar, I remember seeing her face somewhere before. I would put her age to be somewhere between mid to late 20s but her features and her petite build gave an impression she is younger than she looks.

If she was a social escort, it would be wise to ask for some identification.

After saying hi to Daphne, her attention was immediately directed to me. She was checking me out from head to toe the same time I was looking at her.
She was wearing a short romper suit that is light blue in colour with white motifs.

It exposes quite a bit of her legs, well above her knees in fact. She was wearing a pair of sneakers that looked so white, it can only be brand new.Her features are sharp and she’s definitely a head turner.
If I were a serial upskirt sniper, she would definitely be at the top of my list.

Her hairless legs are smooth and toned. I could see the sexy curves of her buttocks as it fills out the thin fabric of her romper. Her buns, my god, they actually wiggled a little with each step she takes.
She stepped into the house and bent down to remove her shoes, as she did, I saw a white tube on the inside of her romper framed with the neck line plunging V.
I definitely have seen her somewhere before.

She’s not a celebrity that’s for sure but I just cannot place her face anywhere.
As she removed her shoes, I realised she was not wearing any socks, her manicured toes were painted in a shade of pale Aztec green. It’s like staring at unpolished jade.
Daphne : please.. come on in…

The girl immediately came towards me and she knelt down.

As she came closer, I finally recognised her. She’s some famous blogger or media influencer or something.

She knelt down in front of me as if she was looking at rabbits at the children’s zoo, only in this case, I’m the exhibit.
I was immediately conscious of myself as she appears to be staring at my naked body. I was sitting up and avoiding eye contact. My hands cupped around my privates as if I was awaiting a free kick awarded by the referee.

She looked intrigued and curious as she asked Daphne whether is it true that I’m unable to have an erection.

Daphne : It’s true…. The drug… you need to let him take it once a week or so…. It keeps it under control… I’m Daphne by the way….
Lisa : Hi I’m Lisa….

Lisa prod me on my arm and I jumped.
What the fuck is she thinking ?
I looked at Daphne, glaring at her, half expecting her to jump to my defence but she appeared nonchalant.

Oh right, we’re putting on an act.
Lisa asked Daphne what is the daily routine like and if things were awkward between us.

My attention went to the man hanging back by the door as Daphne gestured to the sofa and started talking to Lisa after sitting down.

Like the 1st, he was also checking Daphne out. It was obvious. His eyes, his head, they were moving up and down, tracing the curves of Daphne’s tight body. He almost salivate at the scene of the 2 girls sitting at the sofa, both their legs crossed, exposing the delicious flesh that i would love to lick.
The man is much older than I am. Probably in his late 40s.

After he was done checking out the girls, he turned his attention to me.
He looked pretty disturbed by what he was seeing.

The man looked like he wanted to talk to me about the program but was too shy to do so.

Instead of stepping into the house, he chose to remain outside with the police escort.
Daphne gestured for him to come in but he shook his head and indicated he wishes to remain outside.

Lisa : hey hey…. Frank… come in…. come in and see for yourself…you fucking piece of shit…
I was a little taken aback at the sudden outburst of vulgarity
Lisa went to explain that Frank not only took her upskirt pictures, he took a video with her face as well.

Lisa : The whole thing was uploaded onto the internet before the police arrived…..
Apparently Frank uploaded it onto a popular forum in the hope of being to download it later even though he deleted it from his phone.

Lisa : He still tried to deny it initially…. Then he tried to pay me off…. $50…. What the fuck man….
Daphne : calm down… calm down…
Lisa : What about him ? what did he do ??

The girls turned towards me and Daphne said I took a few upskirt shots of her but got caught red handed.
Lisa : All these men… fucking perverts …. If I get to go into the program… ill fucking kill him before it ends…
Daphne :errr….

Lisa : How about you Daphne ?…. im sure you had your chance to get even since you’ve been in for a month now…. Did you get even ??
Daphne :erm…. Well… sort of….

Lisa : I hear we can give them an electric shock if they don’t behave…. Can you show me ??
James: What !!  are you mad ??!!

Lisa : Oh… he talks…. He’s so rude…. Do it… do it… show me…

I wanted to strangle the life out of that bitch but before I could react, I saw Daphne reached for her phone and sent me down onto the floor, convulsing and jerking like I was on fire.
Fuck that pain.

I forgot how it felt like as the current ran thought my body.
To make things worse, I can hear Lisa chuckling in the background.
Lisa : wow…. Swee la…. I’m in for this program… hahaha…

I curled into a ball as I turned to look at Frank who was turning white at the door.
He had his hand over his mouth as he retreated right into his police escort.
Frank : It’s ok…. I’ll face the charges in court…. It’s ok…

Lisa : What ?!! you pussy !…

As I groan in pain on the floor, I started to wonder if I made the right choice.

It seems that everyone preferred to be jail and charged instead of going though what I did.
Perhaps if I get to see what it is actually about, I might not have agreed to it so readily as well.
Lisa was shouting for Frank to get back but her was already gesturing to the police escort that he wanted to go. The officer led Frank back towards the lift lobby and left.

I watch Lisa stand up exasperated and torn between staying to talk to Daphne or going after her upskirt taker.

Lisa : He’ll only get what… 4 weeks in jail at the most…. For this program… it’s at least 6 months….
Daphne : well….. it’s a jail term…. I’m sure it wall affect him… his career and…
Lisa cut in and say Frank has his own business.

Lisa : I very much doubt he would care about the jail term…. Anyway… he’s probably just going to get his image splashed all over the papers that’s all…. Fuck…Lisa directed her attention to me and I could almost guess what she had in mind by the look on her face.

Lisa : All of these perverts are the same… sick fuckers…
She’s probably trying her luck to take it out on me now that she doesn’t have the chance to go through the program.
Lisa : Say… Daphne… you think… you can let me… you know…. Try this out for a bit…
I was on the verge of fainting but thankfully Daphne saved me from it.

She declined politely, telling Lisa that she would prefer she not do that.

I heave a sigh of relief too soon only to hear Daphne say that she would love to explain and show Lisa in detail what happens on a day to day basis.
Lisa: really ? you would do that?? Thank you so much !…show me… show me…. You can order him to do anything right…. I mean… he needs to follow your instructions….

Daphne : Yeah… in a way…. I get him to do all my housework… laundry…
Lisa : really ?? !! show me… show me…
This is ridiculous, worse than getting a dog to perform tricks for strangers.

Daphne looked around the house and tried to think of something for me to do.The house is clean, spick and span in fact due to my diligent cleaning routine. Before Daphne could think of something, Lisa beat her to it
She took a tissue from her bag and blew onto it.
Then she fucking throw it on the floor.

She fucking threw it in front of me.

Lisa : there….thorw is away…. Something like that… right ?? Daphne….?
Daphne : Well…. I guess you can do that….

My jaws dropped an inch as I looked at Daphne who was trying to stifle a laugh.
Lisa : Go on… what are you waiting for ?? throw it away…

I was about to pick it up with my hand when Lisa stopped me.
Lisa : No…  not with your hands… use your mouth
I could not believe what I was hearing.
She wants me…… to use my mouth… to pick up the ball of tissue she just blew into ?? …
I paused and look back up at Lisa who was taunting me.

Lisa :Why ? no ?? not happy is it ?hahha… Daphne… zap him… zap him…
I could see Lisa happily egging Daphne on and I gritted my teeth and bent down , picking up the tissue with my mouth and throwing it into the bin.

Lisa clapped and laughed as she sat down on the coffee table as if this was her house.
She crossed her legs and looked around the house before asking me to fetch her shoes.

Lisa : My shoes… go get my shoes… hahha…

I went over to her sneakers and was about to pick it up only to hear Lisa demand that I use my mouth again.
Lisa : Mouth please… hahaha.. use your mouth please… hahaha.. this feels so good..  haha

I bit onto Lisa’s sneakers and as I did so was greeted with a wave of intoxicating aroma.
There’s the smell of a new pair of sneakers alright but I could detect a hint of saltiness to it. The aroma.
It’s like Lisa’s fresh sweat lingering from the soft foam which lined the interior of the pair of sneakers.

I brought it to Lisa who used her feet and stepped onto my head from behind.
James: grunn,,,
Lisa laughed and asked Daphne to take a picture of her with her phone.

She wanted a picture of me face down sniffing her shoe with her bare foot resting on the back of my head.
Daphne : Sorry Lisa… we cant take photos…
Lisa : ohhhh… that’s too bad….

I thought Lisa was about to put on her shoes and leave but she’s not.
Lisa accepted a glass of water from Daphne only to take a mouthful before spitting it back into the glass.
Lisa : drink it… hahaha…

I took the glass and as I downed the glass of water, I heard Daphne tell Lisa that this was not exactly what she had in mind when she meant she could show me what happens on a daily basis.

Daphne : I was thinking more along the routine… you know.. something to give you an idea how to cope… when if happens…. If it happens….
Lisa:  It’s ok.. I don’t need any advise from you….I just play with him for a bit more before I leave.
For the next 30 minutes, I did all manners of stuff I never knew I would do.

Daphne whispered to me that she told Karen about this Lisa issue but the only reply she receive was to just close one eye.
Daphne : you’ll just have to rough it out…. Karen says for you.. this is a lot better than prison record.…

I could not believe my luck as I ate another piece of potato chip gripped between Lisa’s toes.

My face flushed red when Lisa used her toes and tried to play with my dick.
She even used her large toe and the middle one to try and masturbate for me. Lisa sat on the table as she rested her feet on my chest, occasionally drawing circles around my nipples.

Lisa :  wow… really eh… really… they cannot get an erection hahaha.. haha…
Lisa tried to stroke my cock with her toes as I cast another look at Daphne.
Daphne: ok I think that’s enough….

Lisa :do you do things like that to him too ??

Daphne : No I don’t…
Lisa : Why not ??

Daphne : you know what… I think it’s about time you leave…. I need to head out soon too..
Lisa pouted and shrugged her shoulders.

Lisa : sure…. What a pity…. i’m sure I’ll be having a lot of fun with him if it was me doing the program… hahah

Daphne went to open the door as Lisa bend down to put on her sneakers.
Lisa : you know… you should really think of ways to have fun…. If not… life is too boring you know… hahaha

Lisa finished putting on her left sneaker and was about to start on her right when Daphne closed the door.
I looked at Daphne and I felt my body go cold all of a sudden.
The look on her face.
Fuck. Not now.

Not in front of someone else.
There was this blank look on her before her eyes focused on Lisa.

Daphne : Did you say I don’t know how to have fun ??
Lisa finished putting on her other sneaker and stood up.
Lisa : Huh ? ?

Daphne rushed towards Lisa and before the scream left her mouth, she put her in a headlock, dragging her behind onto the sofa.
I quickly got up only to be shocked into oblivion, forgetting about the height restriction in effect.
Daphne was grunting and taunting Lisa

Daphne : You say I don’t know how to have fun ? is that it ?? huh ?? do you know who I am ?
Lisa was gasping and choking for air while I bit down on my teeth to fight off the pain.

I crawled towards Daphne and yank on her feet, lifting them off the floor before leaning back and jerking her off the sofa with Lisa in tow.

This threw everybody off balance as we all collsaped onto one another.

Lisa coughed and was on the verge of tears as she struggled to get out of the house.

Daphne : oh no you don’t…. nobody fucks with goddess and gets away this easy…
Daphne ran after Lisa, grabbing onto a bunch of her hair and yanking her back.
Lisa: let go !!!!! let go !!! arghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I crawled over to Daphne and held onto her left leg like a koala bear, using my foot, I push and kick on her right feet, forcing a split.
This caused her to naturally lower her body just a tiny bit before she struggled for balance, giving Lisa the chance to break free.
Lisa: what is wrong with you !!!!

A back hand slap shook my skull as Daphne broke free from me. She jumped over the dry kitchen counter and reached for a knife in a swift and well practised motion.
Within seconds, she was back , with her back plastered towards the door, Daphne laughed and I could see the weird toothy grin as her eyes widened in a delirious manner.

She tried to stab Lisa but I grabbed her by her clothes and yank her back behind me. I must have pulled a muscle as I grunted in pain. Yanking someone that hard while I’m sitting on the floor is just bad for your joints.

Lisa: AHHHHHH!!!! What is wrong with her !!!
Daphne, angry that I had tried to stop her reach for me but I managed to grab onto her arm.
As I wrestled for my life, Lisa screamed for us to stop.

James : She… she has a split personality….. she is not herself right now !!
Lisa : what !!!.. what do we do then !!!

Daphne : hahahaha.. haha.. there is nothing you can do…. Hahahah….
I manage to wrestle the knife off Daphne while she was talking and I must have hit her under the jaw or something.

It was an accidental hit but she fell backwards and plastered against the door once more.
Her head was slouched like a ghost ready to pounce in a horror movie.
That was it.
She stopped moving.

I panted on the floor, sliding myself backwards to put some distance between me and her.
I felt a pair of arms grab onto me from behind.
Lisa was trembling and in tears.

Lisa : This is fucked up…. What do we do…

Daphne sighed loudly but she remain in that scary position.
Lisa : fuck… fuck.. fuck!! What is she doing… is she turning into a zombie…
James: I don’t know… I don’t know…

We backed away as Daphne slowly raised her head.
Then in a creepy and half laughing voice, Daphne made a comment.
Daphne : I don’t know how to have fun ?? hhee… hee.. hee.. you’re saying I don’t know how to have fun ? hhahah…

Lisa and I exchanged a look before turning back to face Daphne.
Daphne started laughing inn that sitting position and I scrambled , crawling back to the safety of the laundry room with Lisa in tow.
We got in and I told Lisa to shut the door.

She closed it and turned the bolt before retreated to my side.
Lisa : what do we do now ?? when will she snap our of it ??
James: I don’t know….

There’s a knock on the door and it was Daphne ….
Daphne : You…. Cannot hide from the goddess you know….. hahahahhaahah…

Lisa : oh my god… oh my god… oh my god…..  what do we do !!
James : let me think….. let me think…..


Lisa was cursing about leaving her phone in her bag in the living room when I saw the knob on the door rattle as Daphne tried to open the door.
Daphne : Open up…. Hello….. hahaha….. I know you are in there… hahaha…

Lisa ; What is wrong with her … !! is there some medication she needs to take ??!!
James : There’s nothing we can do but to wait it out…

Lisa could not believe what I just said as she subconsciously hugged herself as she asked me to think of something,
Lisa : you mean you… you survived so long with her…. with that condition..?? !!

James : What choices do I have…. I don’t even know she is sick when I signed up for this…
Lisa : shit… shit… shit…. Will she turn violent ?? !! …. Shit !!… fuck !!…

Suddenly there was the jingle of the keys from behind the locked door and both of us scrambled to push against the door.
We leaned against the door as Daphne unlocked it, trying to push her way in.
I could feel the force of her slamming her shoulder against the door as she tried to ram us off balance, but we were stooped down low.

Every time she shoved, the door would budge a little before being slammed back down with the weight of our bodies pushing against it.
After 4-5 attempts, Daphne stopped trying.

Instead of getting angry, she was laughing. I could hear her chuckling as she walked away.
I was about to turn and lock the door again when I felt that slam of current shooting into my body.
Lisa screamed as I threw my body onto the floor, convulsing like I was about to transform into a zombie.
James : arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

With me out of the way, Lisa’s body weight was not enough to stop Daphne from forcing herself in.
Lisa : argh hh h!!!.. help me !!1 arghhhhhhh!!! Help me !!!.. arhgg!!!

With 3 good slams, Daphne pushed the door wide open, throwing Lisa’s feeble body onto the floor of the laundry room.

Daphne : hello…… hi there… hahaha…. Someone was saying I don’t know how to have fun…..
Daphne put her hands behind her back as she did a little skip like a kid whose parents just allowed her to go to the playground.

She skipped into the room where I was paralysed from the electric shock while Lisa was trying to get back up on her feet.

Daphne : Who ?? who was it ?? ….hahaha…
Daphne did a big show of putting her hand to her ear and asked loudly.
Daphne : Who was the one that says I don’t know how to have fun ? haha…

Lisa attempted to make a run for it by dashing towards the door and shoving Daphne aside but with a well placed shove and a tripping foot behind Lisa’s calves, Daphne sent Lisa back down onto the cold hard floor beside me.
Lisa fell so hard with a thud that it knocked the breath out of her lungs.

My fingers were trying to clench into a fist as I looked at Lisa gasping for air after such a hard fall on her back.
Daphne : I know how to have fun… it’s just that I don’t always have friends who want to play with me ….
Daphne reached down to grab Lisa by her top, scrunching them up as she lifted her to her face.

Lisa was still gasping and she was on the verge of tears as she held onto Daphne’s wrist.
Daphne slapped Lisa tightly across her face without warning before dropping her back onto the floor.
Daphne : I’ll have fun with you…. I like to play with girls…..they are so much more fun than men….
Daphne was about to grab Lisa again when I called out to her.

James : Daphne wait !!….sorry.. goddess….goddess…. wait…. There’re cameras…. There’s cameras in the house… they’re recording…. Please… stop… don’t do this….
Daphne smirked as she looked at me with scorn written all over her face.
Daphne : I’ll deal with you later….
She got up and walked out of the room.

I heard a loud click and realised that the fan in the room stopped turning.

Daphne had gone to the DB box and cut the power to the house.
Everything is off.
I sat up and hesitated.

Does this mean the height restrictions is off too ?
I clenched my teeth and tried to stand up slowly.
Nothing happened.

Good. The sensors must be connected to the power.
Before I could figure out my next step Daphne came back into the room and the moment she saw me on my feet, she sent me back onto the floor with another tap on her phone.

The current hit me again, turning my vison black for a second or so as I cursed quietly, curling onto my side as I shivered like I was naked in the south pole.
Daphne : get back down on the ground my boy…. I’ll deal with you after I’m done playing with her… haha…
What Daphne did next was totally beyond me.

Lisa was sobbing on the floor and she straddled her.
Daphne straddled Lisa as if she was a man trying to mount her.
Supporting herself with her knees, she rested her bottom on Lisa’s tummy. It was not a hard sit, but more of one where she is slowly increasing the pressure.

Lisa groaned as she tried to push Daphne off but instead had her wrist grabbed by her.
Daphne held onto Lisa’s wrist and pinned her weak arms onto the floor beside her ears.
I panted as I struggled to shake off the numbness from the recent shock.

Daphne: you’re so pretty….. I like to play with pretty girls….
Daphne lowered herself towards Lisa, she looked like she was about to kiss her. Her long hair covered Lisa’s face, falling onto her head like a severed sail from a pirate ship.
As the curtain of hair draws down on Lisa’s face, I could hear her scream
Lisa : stop…. Stop !!!… what are you doing…. Ernghh… stop..eruummmhumpppp…

I saw Lisa’s feet draw back as she planted them on the floor. Her toes were scrunching up as she struggled but Daphne was stronger than her.
They’re kissing.
I don’t believe this.
Daphne is forcing a kiss on Lisa as she struggled beneath her.

Lisa : Let me go !!!.. argnhhh… help me !!.. argummm.. rummmm….mhhh…..

Lisa used her feet as a lever, trying to push Daphne off but it was no use.
Daphne lowered her body, planting her bottom firmly onto Lisa’s pelvic area and started grinning her.
Lisa : help me …!!!.. do something !!!… armg.. turumm.. rum…..

Lisa struggled and kicked, topping over a pile of clothes that I had just folded the day before.
Watching the pile of clothes fall over, I was suddenly reminded of the conversation I had with Daphne.
Dress up as a girl.
Yes. I’ll do just that. Perhaps it can draw some of her attention to me.
I crawled over to the pile of clothes that had toppled over and pulled out a large t-shirt Daphne used as pyjamas.

Without thinking it through, I pulled it over my body, looking ridiculous in a pink hello kitty pyjamas with generous splatters of pink and red dots.
James : Goddess… goddess…. Hey.. hey.. look at me…

Daphne turned and burst out laughing.
Daphne : Don’t be ridiculous… what are you thinking…?? …hahah… get out of clothes right now… hahaha….

Lisa’s screams intensified as I saw Daphne yank down her bra strap from her shoulder.
Lisa : do something !!!… please…. !… ernghhh!!!!
I grabbed the basket of worn clothings from the laundry basket and spilled everything out onto the floor.
I pulled out a laced dark marooned bra that Daphne worn the day before to work and I slipped my arms through the hole.

I sucked in a deep breath and grunted as I tried to clip it behind my back.
James : arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

I felt the clasp connected and immediately moved on to Daphne’s panty.
The pale blue seamless boyshort panty was scrunched up into a roll of fabric and I had to spend a precious few seconds trying to unroll it out properly.
It felt a bit damp, or perhaps I was sweating, I don’t know.

I only know I felt a tingle in my groin as I slipped and put on Daphne’s worn panty.
Not all of her clothes will fit me, only those that are stretchable and the loose-fitting ones.
The rest of the clothes in the basket were tight fitting dresses and pants. I can’t fit in those.
I ran out of the corridor towards the kitchen laundry area.

Grabbing a short sleeve dress, I slipped it on and reached for a belt before tightening it around my waist.
I’ve seen Daphne in that a couple of times.
The bottom of the skirt would reach just below her knees, but since I’m a little taller, the hem of the dress reached well above my knees.

I grabbed a pink cap Daphne wore for her job what was drying on the laundry pole and put it on my head before dashing back into the laundry room.
The top of Lisa’s romper was already down to her chest as she struggled and cried for Daphne to stop.
I could see Lisa’s bra and her hands desperately trying to protect her bra cups from being flipped up by Daphne.
I got into the room and immediately went to get Daphne’s attention.

James : goddess… hey…Goddess…
Daphne looked up from Lisa and as soon as her eyes settled on me, she stopped whatever she was doing.
I could see her checking me out.

Lisa too looked shocked beyond words seeing what I was dressed in.
Daphne slowly let go of Lisa but she remained sitting on her.
She checked me out from head to toe before gesturing me to go over to her with her right index finger.
I exchanged look with Lisa as I slowly approached Daphne .
This must be the weirdest thing I’ve done.

Suddenly Daphne grabbed hold of my bra. She fucking cupped her left hand on my right bra as I yelped.
She started to knead when my breast with her left hand.
Daphne : this is confusing… so.. are you a guy… or are you a woman ??

My heart was thumping as I tried to keep a neutral expression.
Girl, female, say you are a female James !.
James : I’m… I’m….
Daphne never stopped kneading my breast through the bra and I could feel my nipples getting stimulated by her touching.

Before I could answer, Daphne grabbed me towards her and she pressed her face onto my chest.
As she did, her hands reached behind me and felt around for my bra strap.

I cannot explain what I was feeling.This is arousal on another level.
Daphne’s hand explored the back of my body, tracing the lacy bra straps that held her worn bra on my body.
She took deep whiffs and she kissed me on my bra, pressing down hard enough such that the cups touched my sensitive nipples.
James : I’m… I’m a girl….

Daphne pulled back and she looked at me. Her hand dropping from the bra I was wearing to my bottom.
She reached under my dress and touched my privates.

If I was not on the special medication, I would be having a raging erection by now.
I gasped and shivered as I felt Daphne’s hand on my testicles, she stroke my balls upwards towards my flaccid cock.
As she touched me, she continued looking at me as if she was trying to look into my soul.
Lisa was too afraid to move on the ground.

Daphne was still sitting on her.
Suddenly Daphne lifted up my dress and run her palm across her worn pair of panty that was hugging onto my useless cock snugly. She pressed her nose onto my private, pushing the smooth fabric of her panty harder onto my compacted penis.
3 seconds later she pulled me down by my hand gently to join her on the floor.

I was trying hard not to shake as I prayed she would slowly calm down and return to normal.

Daphne’s hand reached for the back of my head and she pulled me towards her.
I could hardly breathe as I felt Daphne’s soft and sweet lips touched mine.
She kissed me.

She fucking kissed me like a lover. I was too shocked to move.
I did not do anything as I felt the tease of her tongue entered my mouth in a domineering manner.
Daphne pulled herself back with a smile and a dreamy look on her face.
Daphne : You are… indeed a girl…hahah….

James : yes… yes I am….. erm…erm… shall we… shall we all…. Calm down… and… and… erm… catch a show on TV… or… erm.. erm…
Daphne chuckled and brushed her fringe behind her ears.
Daphne : Of course not…. We’re here to have fun…. Let’s have fun together with her….

Lisa : what…what ?? no … !… no !!
Daphne : I have to…  I have to show you I know how to have fun….
Daphne pulled me close and whispered into my ears before breaking into a smile.
Lisa could see the change in my expressions as she kept asking what did Daphne say to me.

Lisa : What did she say !!! …. Tell me… what did she say!!!!

Daphne slowly got up from the floor and backed away from Lisa.
Daphne : do it… you’re both girls… it’s alright…. It’s alright… hehee…hee….
Lisa : What is it ?? what did she say to you ??? what did she say ??!!

Daphne’s chuckled trailed off as she disappeared out the door.
I pulled Lisa off the floor but before I could explain to her what Daphne said, she reappeared at the entrance to the laundry room.

Daphne held the same knife in one hand and her phone in the other.
Daphne : do it…. Do it…. Or someone if going to get hurt…. Hee.. hee… heehehe…
I looked at Lisa who was trying to pull her bra straps back onto her shoulder.
James : i…. i….
Lisa : What ?? ….!! What are you saying ??

James : i…… she wants…. Me… i…
Daphne : do it…. Do it !!!… ahhahaah….

Lisa : what is it ?? what is it ??!!!

Daphne waved the knife dangerously close to Lisa, sending her scurrying and screaming behind me.
Lisa : what did she say to you… what does she want !! ??

I looked at Daphne had the same deliriously look on her before as she gripped the knife tighter.
James : Listen to me Lisa… Listen to me….. this is what we’re going to do….
10 seconds in, Lisa’s eyes went wide open as her jaws dropped an inch as she choked up the only reply she could muster.

Lisa : You have got……. to be kidding me…..
James : I can’t do it.. you have to do it…

Daphne : over there….. that cupboard…..take it…take it out….
I walked over to a top hung cupboard I never opened and pulled out a black shoebox.
Daphne : do it….. do it !!…. haha… let’s all have fun together….

I removed the cover and Lisa gasped in horror before covering her mouth and backing 2 steps away.
Lisa : No…. no way… that’s not possible…. No way…

Daphne : hehehe… hehe…. Oh yes… it is possible… it ….. is…. Possible……


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Dawn is finally here.


I huddled in a corner as I tried to organise my thoughts.
Daphne or rather, Dawn made me removed all my clothes, rendering me naked and vulnerable.
The image of what she made Lisa do kept replying in my head.
Throughout the incident, Daphne did not display an ounce of weakness or vulnerability. The only time I felt she did was when she was on the verge or orgasm.
Yes, that must be it.

The moment when she started panting really hard and started to stutter.
She sounded a little unsure.

It’s like she cannot decide whether to give in to her animalistic cravings to have that orgasm or to hold on. If not for the fact that she saw Lisa trying to get away, I would have been able to find out.
I jumped when I heard Daphne came out of the room totally naked.

She paid no attention to me and grabbed something from the living room before casting me a disinterested look.
Daphne : Don’t worry…. I’m going to get my beauty rest…. I’ll leave you alone for a while… hur hur…..
She got back into the room and I tried to recall every single detail and emotion I was feeling.
Yes, I was mouth fucking her with ther dildo.

She was holding onto my hair. Tight at first, then it got weak.
One point she totally let go.
Daphne was in control until the very end when she was on the edge of her orgasm.
This is still very much my theory.
I have to find out if this is true though.

I heard the room door close and I immediately dash to my secret spot when I hid the pills Daphne gave me when she was sober.
There are 6 of them. I immediately split them up into 3 portions of 2 each.
I hid one set in the kitchen.
I placed the other one near the sofa in the living room.

I put the other one inside the laundry room hidden inside the pocket of one of her denim jeans.

If I have a chance to force feed her the pills, I must be able to reach them in the shortest period of time.

I went into the laundry room and started organising the clothes in the room. Partly because of the mess Daphne made earlier and I also cleaned up the sticky floor coated with Lisa’s love juice.
I threw aside the strings I wanted to use for plaiting a rope. They would not be able to hold Daphne.
Instead, I looked for sweaters.
Yes, Big baggy sweaters.
I found one which looked like it would fit me and I placed it at the top of the pile.
Why sweaters you ask ?
Well, if I could get her to wear it, I could grab the sleeves part and by tying it into a knot, I could buy myself a few precious seconds when her hands are immobilised.

Sure, she can easily pull them out from below when she attempts to remove the sweater but if she cannot access her phone, those precious seconds would mean a lot to me.
She’s not going to take the pills without a fight.
I have to think of a way to trick her, or rather, to bait her to do it.
I need to know more about Dawn.

I went to check the power box, the power to the house has been restored but I’m still standing.
The shut down must have reset the settings for the chains I have around me.Making sure Daphne’s room door was still closed, I checked out the DB box with all it’s switches.
My heart was thumping as I looked at the rows of numbered switches.
Ok. Each switch controls a circuit.

I switched on the lights in all the rooms, kitchen, living, laundry and my pathetic cell.
I hesitated for a moment before pulling the 1st one.
The last thing I want would be to cut the power to Daphne’s room.
She might realise what I was doing and throw a fit and kill me.
Worse, she might decide to fuck me with that dildo.

The lights in the living room went off and I put it back on.
Ok, that one’s for the living room.
I worked my way down the row, each time the lights in the house went off, my heart would skip a bit before I quickly turned it back on.
With each switch I threw, I got more confident.
I should have thought of this long time ago.

I saw the switch that disabled the lights in my room and I felt a wave of relieve.
I kept everything on except that switch and replaced the cover.
Switching off the lights, I went back to my room and checked the power.
Yeap, everything is dead.
Even the charging pad.
I touched the cold metal around my neck and wrist.
Ok, based on the initial briefing Daphne gave, if battery falls below 20%, I’ll get hit every 5 minutes until they are charged.
The devices are small, the batteries must be small.
I doubt I would be hit too many times before the power drains out.

The problem is I don’t know when it will fall below 20%.
If I can time it such that it happens when Daphne goes to bed, I would be able to drain the battery.
I’ll bite the bullet, take the pain and fucking drain it once and for all.

20%, assuming it hits me every 5 minutes, I’m thinking it would probably consume quite a bit of energy to deliver that jolt.
Give and take 2-3% ?
I don’t know
It’s just an educated guess.
That works out to what, 9 – 10 hits at the max ?
I could feel the pain even before it starts but I don’t have much choice.

If I can drain the battery, I would stand a bigger chance against her.
Every little trick would add up.
I looked at the cans of fizzy drink on the table that Lisa bought for Daphne.
Perhaps I can put the pills into them too.
Then again, Daphne is usually holding onto can when she’s drinking, I would probably need a diversion or something in order to slip the pill in.

I noted that down in my head and went on in search of other ideas and tricks I can use on Daphne.
After rummaging through a few more cupboards, I was starving.
I grabbed some biscuits and ate them with water.
After I was done, I grabbed  a quick shower and when I stepped out, I could hear a beeping sound.
I looked around the room and finally tracked the beeping to the metal bracelet on my left wrist.
That must be a warning for the battery level.

I quickly dry myself and went to the kitchen. Grabbing onto the solid leg of the dining table, I clench my teeth and brace myself for the pain to hit me.
It didn’t take long.
10 minutes later I was hit.
James: arenhghghghghghgh !!!!!!!!!!!!!
It’s painful but not that unbearable.

It’s only the left arm but I could feel the effects ripple outwards to my entire body.
5 minutes later, the 2nd one came.

James : arnghghghgh g!!!!!!!!!!!! fuck !!!
I gasped and I could feel a hot tear roll down the side of my cheek as I panted for air.
I looked at my left arm and checked out the bracelet.
Why did this one run out faster ?
It suddenly struck me that it must be my sleeping habit.
I sleep on the charging mat but I would sleep with my left arm sticking out most of the time.It’s just my sleep posture.
That must be why the battery on that run out faster.

The 3rd time I was hit, I felt I could manage the pain better.
The 4th felt a little weaker, or I was numb to the pain by then, I don’t know.
James : arnghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I grunted and fell to the floor when I was hit the 5th time.
My body was drenched in perspiration despite my recent shower.
That numbness in my arm made me remain on the floor.
I didn’t want to move any longer.
I prayed it would be over soon as I mentally counted down the time to the next jolt.

I waited and I counted but it never come.
5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes past and I saw back up confidently on the kitchen floor.
James : Ok…. Left arm checked…..
I looked at the rest of my restraints and the clock on the wall.

Soon….. Soon…
Soon I will be free.
Free of these restraints, I can take Dawn on.

At least that’s what I think.


I must have fallen asleep on the kitchen floor after lying down for a while.
The next thing I knew, Daphne was kicking me with her foot on my cheek. When I was nudged awake, she turned her head sideways, looking at me as if she was checking out what creepy crawlies were lying under the rock she just turned over.
I tried to get up but was pushed back down by her foot.
Daphne : shhhhh… shhhhhhhhhhh….
Her toes pushed and dug into my mouth. I remained still as I looked at the phone she was holding on her left hand. Her toes ran down my row of teeth, I could feel my gums rubbing against the skin beneath her toes.
She rubbed herself several times inside my mouth and I did not even swallow my saliva. My saliva started to pool up in my mouth and I could feel Daphne nudging the top of my mouth so I could open up wider.
I could smell a mixture of Daphne’s feet and my own saliva.

My tongue kept it’s position, right at the bottom , I don’t know if she wanted me to lick her and I don’t want to take the risk of doing something she did not want me to.
James : gruhhhahhhaghh!!
I gagged as Daphne dipped her foot into the pool of saliva and sent some of it back down my throat.
As I gagged, I coughed and sucked down on Daphne’s toes, bathing her toes with another coating of my saliva before swallowing the mixture.

She giggled, as if amused that I was in discomfort.The lights in the house were all off.
I could still see Daphne from the ambient light that was spilling through the opened windows. She’s naked.
Her figure and form still clearly visible to my eye like a silhouette in a dark street.
Daphne : get up….. we have work to do…
She turned her back and walked away and I pulled myself off the floor.
I could feel a dull ache in my left arm but after a few shakes, it felt a lot better.I only hope the other restraints don’t run out of battery at the same time.

The more I think about it, the more likely I think it will happen.
Assuming the devices are new, the new batteries should drain at roughly the same speed.
As I followed Daphne into the living room, I begin to wonder if I should charge up the other restraints while letting only 1 drain.

Say if I keep my left foot out when I sleep, let it drain while I charge up my right side and the one around my neck, but wait, this would mean dragging another 4 days.
I don’t know what else Daphne’s evil twin would get up to by then.
Daphne shouted at me from her room and I walked over, stopping right at the edge of the door.
Daphne was lying on the bed as she looked at me.

Daphne : Come in…
James : I can’t…. there’s a barrier that….
Daphne cut me off and gestured me in with her index finger.

Daphne : I disabled it…. Come in….
I hesitated for a brief moment before stepping into Daphne’s room.
The moment my foot felt the smooth carpeted entrance of Daphne’s bedroom, I was shaking with anticipation and excitement.
I cannot explain it but I’m excited.
I remained at the doorway, checking out the interior. Daphne’s room looked sterile and calm, a stark contrast to her personality.
I have caught glimpse of the room from the outside but stepping in allowed me to see a wall that where her study was located. The table was clear of clutter with only stationarities in black that stands out against the white laminate.
The pencils, then hole puncher, the stapler, everything right down to the paper clips are black in colour.
Everything was immaculately arranged as if this was a display at a shopfront.
It didn’t look like she uses the stationaries at all.

Her laptop sits on her side table and I could see a pile of lingerie lying outside a drawer on the floor.
Daphne remained on the bed, staring at me with a smile.
Daphne : come over here James….
I took a cautious step towards her as I tried to read her body language.

She was relaxed, naked and on the bed.
Does she want to fuck me ?
She definitely gives me that vibe but my cock is far from getting hard.
James : what…. What do you want me to do ?
Daphne laughed and stretched her left leg out before orientating her body away from me. She then made space for me on her bed.
Tapping onto the soft white sheets, Daphne asked me to get on the bed.
I swallowed a gulp of saliva and looked at the crumpled sheets where Daphne was just lying on moment ago.
Is she for real ?
I got onto the bed and could not help but notice she was staring at my flaccid cock.
Daphne : ohh.. that awful awful drug… ….. sucks doesn’t it….
James : you made me take it… 
Daphne shook her head, waving her finger at me.
Daphne : ah… ah… ah….. not me…. Not me…. I’m Dawn….. my sister made you take it… not me…
I got onto the bed with my knees and kept a distance of about half a metre away from her.
James : well… you 2… you 2 are the same….. I mean…
Daphne : we are not the same !!!!!!!

Daphne reached up suddenly and grabbed me.
By grabbed I meant hugging onto me, pushing me down onto the soft bed.
I was flushed with a wave of frustrating arousal as I felt Daphne’s body rubbing against me.
Her weight was pressing down on me and her privates.
I could feel her privates pushing down on my flaccid cock.
Daphne : James…..
She grabbed the bottom of my chin and looked at me.
Daphne : I…… am not…. Daphne…
Then for absolutely no reason at all, she kissed me.

Her lips pressed onto mine and I could feel her tongue pushing violently into my mouth.
Daphne’s tongue started licking my teeth, my tongue and she was sucking my saliva into her own mouth. Her body pressed harder against mine and her sucking grew more intense. She was even sucking onto my teeth and lips as she grinded her body against mine.
After what seemed like a minute, Daphne stopped and looked down at my cock.
It was still soft and useless.
Daphne : I see….. I think we need to really ramp things up a bit….
James: Daphne ….. what are you…
She turned and slapped me across my face without warning before closing both hands around my neck.
Daphne : I  AM NOT……. DAPHNE         !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! …
James : cough…. Arghh.. cough..!!! ok/ cough!!! Dawn…..Dawn !!! arnghgh,…

I could feel the muscles around her grip as her fingers closed around my windpipe.
I tried to prise her fingers open but it was not as easy as I hope it would be.
With her body weighing down on me, I could not find the proper leverage to get her off my body.
I think I must be close to blacking out when Daphne let go of me.
James: cough… cough… couygh…qarghhhhh.. cough….
Air never felt that good as I filled my lungs with them.
Daphne grabbed a tuff of my hair and turned my head to face her.
Daphne : are you ok…. James ? …..
She kissed me gently on my cheek as I nodded my head.
Daphne : answer me….
James: yes Dawn… yes… I’m fine….
She beamed widely with her smile and snapped her fingers.

Daphne : Good…. haha.. we’re off to a good start….
James : What… what do you want me to do …. Dawn…. 

She propped me up on a pillow and began to snuggle into my arms like a scared little girlfriend.
James:  What are you doing ??
Daphne : Helping you….
James: Helping me with what ??
Daphne : ohh…. To get your erection back…..
James: Why…. Why are you doing this…..

Daphne : Because I have a kink you see…..
I felt Daphne;s fingers close around my cock and testicles as she started to massage and play with my private part.
She pressed it, teased my pee hole, rubbed my foreskin, she even cradled my balls in her palms.
Daphne : Are my hands warm enough ??
James : i….i… D…. Dawn… i… I don’t understand….
She smiled and continue massaging my dick.
Daphne : you see….. I like Lisa…
James: what ???
Daphne : Yes… I like Lisa…. She’ pretty…
James: what has this got to do with her ??
Daphne : well…. I think she’s hot…. And…and….
James : arngn.. ernghhhh!!
I gasped as I looked at my cock.
Something is happening.
I could feel a bit of reaction.
James : and … and what ??
Daphne  smiled shyly before giving me an answer that I had to take 3 seconds to digest.
Daphne : I… I want to have a baby with her….. so she can stay here… we can have a family together…. I’ll take care of her and the baby….

James: WHAT !!!
Daphne pressed onto the base of my cock and tugged at the loose skin before starting to stroke me.
James : arnn.. ernghh… ernghh….
It’s happening. It’s happening.
The feeling is different but it is happening.
I’m starting to get a erection.
Daphne started to speak.
She started to share with me what she wanted to do with Lisa.
It was sick, perverted and outright disgusting but , but the idea.
The idea , though sick, appealed to me.
It appealed to the animal inside me.

Daphne : You want to see Daphne again ???
James: Yes…. Yes….
Daphne : Then… help me satisfy my lust, my needs, my wants, and perhaps…. Just perhaps….. i might just decide to let Daphne out….again… ahhahaha….

She kissed me on my ears and whispered.
As she did, her hands never stopped moving. Her fingers never stopped working.
James : ernghhh…!

For the first time in a long time, I stared at my rock hard erection.
Daphne stopped her stimulation and almost immediately, I could see it deflating

Daphne : There… just a bit more…. Just a bit more help and you will be able to perform….

Daphne straddled me , cupped my cheeks in her hand and brought her breast to my face.
Her tits were screaming for me to suck on them.

Daphne : be a good boy James…. Be a good boy…. And I will make you very….. very happy….. what say you ?? I’ll let you doing anything…. Anything to me…. What say you ?

She pressed her soft and supple breast onto my face and offered her nipple to my waiting lips.
I sucked onto it and Daphne moaned.
Daphne : erngnhhh!….. gasp….answer me James…. Answer me…. Ernghh…. Will you be a good boy ???
James: Yes…. Yes I will…..
Daphne : awwwwwwwwwwww….. that is so sweet…..
She pulled away from me and I shivered a little before gasping as  felt her hot breath on my privates.
Before I could speak, Daphne looked up at me with her pair of devilish eyes and took my cock into her mouth.

James ; Argnhnnnnn!
It was a long and wet suck and it ended with a popping sound after 5 seconds.
Just when I thought that was all she had in mind she asked me the question I dreaded.

Daphne : where are the little pills that Daphne gave you ? ….

I knew it was a matter of time before that question was popped.

I was trying to think quickly on my feet but I could also see the look Daphne, or rather Dawn had in her eyes as she took my half erected and wet cock into her hand.

The pressure she applied was firm and just right. Enough to make me squirm not in pain, but rather a subtle reminder of the control she has over me. There’s was the wave of pleasure that followed immediately after the squeeze, like she was dropping me a hint.

A hint that I have a choice to choose.

That I can choose either to go with the carrot or the stick.

Daphne : What do you think ?

I knew I had to decide within that few seconds.

James : Ok….ok…. I’ll….. I’ll pass them to you….

Daphne smiled and proceeded to lie down on my lap. She stretched herself out, groaning as she straightened all her limbs as if she just ran a marathon.

Daphne : I feel so relaxed….. it’s been a while since I felt this way… ahhhhh…..

I pushed myself off the bed but Daphne pushed me back down.

Daphne : stay here…. Where are you going ?

James : I….errr…

Daphne : Stay here…. I want to hear your thoughts about my plan with Lisa.

James : What are your plans with Lisa ??

Daphne smiled and rolled herself onto me. The lower half of her body started to grind my pelvic region, she started nibbling on my lips.

Daphne gave me a naughty smile and asked me back the same question I asked her.

Daphne : What do you think are my plans with Lisa ?? hur hur….. haha

I kept quiet as she got up and held my hand.

There was all the crazy talk about her wanting Lisa to herself but honestly I’m not sure how much of that is true or if she was just fucking with me.

If it really was the case, Lisa is truly fucked.

More so than me I think.

Daphne led me out of the room and into the main living area.

She gestured to the surroundings and asked me to point her to her pills.

Daphne : All of them…. every single one….

My options were limited at that time so I told her the hiding place for each and Daphne happily took all of them.

I watched her put them inside a ziplock bag before staring at the pills with a bit of disdain.

James : The pills….. they…. What exactly do they do ??

Daphne raised an eyebrow and told me it’s a powerful sedative.

Daphne : Puts you to sleep, slows your heartrate, your brain activity….. calms you down….

I thought she would have wanted to flush it down into the drain or something but instead I watch her fold the bag and held it in her palms.

James : Sleep…. As in deep sleep ??

Daphne : Well…. 2 will do the job……definitely…. But say if given half….half a pill or I don’t know…. Depends on individual…. Things might get a little interesting…. Haha…

I waited for Daphne to go on as she gave a sly smile on purpose before walking around me to my back. She hugged me from behind and whispered softly by my ears.

Daphne : say if…. Half a pill…. Grind into powder…. Put it into the drink…… of someone….. I don’t know….. Lisa ?? hahah

Daphne turned around and she played with my ears and cheeks.

Daphne : She will….. well…. She won’t knock out….. but it’s enough to slow her down…. Calm her down….

Daphne went on to say that Lisa would be awake.

Her eyes would be open.

Daphne : Isn’t that what men always fantasised about ? …. Hahaha a girl that is awake…. Helpless to do anything….unable to fight back ??… hahah

I swallowed a lump of saliva as I tried to picture what she was trying to sell me

Lisa is hot and the thought of fucking her definitely crossed my mind.

But the thought of doing it while she’s sort of incapacitated turned me on even more.

I started to think what would it be like .

Would she have strength to fight back ?

Would she cry ?

Would Lisa have enough strength to say perhaps push me away, close her legs or turn her face away ?

Or would it be like what I always imagined in my head base on the adult porn I see online. The girl would be there, tears in her eyes, aware of everything that is happening to herself.

That she can feel every touch, every thrust and every violation. Her eyes, piercing into mine while her mind screams for me to stop.

That reluctance in her expression coupled with the fact that she could not do anything about it would surely heightened the senses of the guy doing the deed.

It was a sick and erotic thought.

Imagine the girl being able to feel herself getting wet yet unable to resist at all. The realisation that her mind is a disconnect from her physical self.

She may be screaming no in her head but there is absolutely nothing she can do.

Imagine feeling the moisture in between her legs starting to seep out, wetting her love hole for penetration the same time her tear roll down the side of her cheeks.

I could almost picture Lisa’s trembling lips as I nudged one of her legs apart, spreading it away from the other.

I could almost feel the shiver in her body as I put my cock at the entrance of her moist vagina.

The most private sanctum of her body being violate while she looked on, conscious and awake.

Daphne : Ohh….. I see a bit of reaction there.. haha … are you thinking about Lisa ….. or me ?

Daphne grabbed my half erected cock and massaged me as I gasped.

Her free finger found it’s way up to my nipples as she fondled my chest and flicked my nipples.

Daphne : I’m sure you are going to look forward to that….. hahaha…. But that’s all I wanted to do…. I wanted something more… you know….. I need something more from Lisa…..

Daphne smiled and put her arms around my neck.

Daphne : I want not only her body…… I want her mind…. Her heart…. Everything bit of her…..

James ; There is no way…. She would be willing to stay here….

Daphne : well but if she’s pregnant…. You know…. She just might

James : That just does not make sense….

Daphne : Why not ?

James ; She… she can just remove the child…..

Daphne  ;What ??

Daphne gave me a raised eyebrow as if she heard something ridiculous.

Daphne : Why would she do that ??

James : It’s common sense…. Why else?

Daphne looked like she was about retort, but I beat her to it.

James ; Look…. Just because you have some naked pictures of Lisa…. It doesn’t mean she will do everything you say…. So what if you have the pictures???

I saw it as an opportunity to talk some sense into Daphne and I took it.

James : just weigh it yourself…. Which is worst ? having your naked pictures leaked or forced to bear a child with someone you don’t know… ??

That seem to have struck a chord and I could see Daphne thinking about what I just said.

James ; Besides…. If…ermm… if Lisa decides to kamikaze and blow this whole thing wide open….. she rats this out, you would surely get locked away….how many more times can you threaten her to come over here….. once… twice ?? … maybe you’ll break her even before that….

I told Daphne that if Lisa refuses to turn up, there is nothing else left for her to do.

James : She won’t come back…. Not again and again if she knows what you have in mind for her….

I could see Daphne’s eyes narrow as she looked at me, trying to decide if I was fucking with her.

James : I mean.. erm… I mean… there has to be a better way to do this right….without you know…. Going to the extent of…. Ermm…

Before I can finish what I wanted to say I heard a buzzing sound.

Daphne and I looked around us are we realised it was her phone that was ringing.

There was a slight frown on her face as she went over to the phone.

I could not make out who was calling but it seemed like her colleague as I caught a glimpse of a department name in brackets behind the caller ID.

I followed behind her to eavesdrop on the conversation but to my surprise, she cancelled the call.

Not only did she cancel the call, Daphne switched off the phone.

After she threw it to the sofa, she folded her arms and looked at me.

Daphne : So….. if my method doesn’t work….. what’s the best chance of making Lisa stay ? you have a better idea? …

I took a deep breath and pretended to think when in actual fact my mind was already spinning.

It was spinning fast and hard as I turned and stole a discreet glance at the shut off phone on the couch.

The phone is off.

There is nothing stopping me from wrestling Daphne down right there and then and force feeding her the pills she was holding in her hands. Even there I cannot be sure I would be able to do it.

There were too many possibilities. If I were to take a gamble, it has to be one that I can win.

My heart started beating faster as I watch Daphne eyeing me like a hawk.

Daphne : Well ? …..

James : There….. there might be a way…..

Daphne : How ?

I knew it was a gamble

James : if it works…. I know for sure Lisa would come back….everytime…

Daphne : Stop beating about the bush and just spit it out….

James : How good can you act ??

Before Daphne could say anything, I started to tell her snippets of what I have in mind.

As a smile broke on her face, she hugged onto me with a smile, pressing her body against mine.

Daphne : If it works….. I’ll make sure you get your dues… hahaha… haha…

James ; It will work….

Daphne : Let’s find out….

My plan is to contact Lisa and get her over to Daphne’s place on the pretext that Dawn is now gone.I would tell Lisa that Daphne needed to speak with her, something along the line of helping her keep a secret so she would not get locked away.
It would also be a good time for Lisa to confirm all photos of her has been deleted.
With Dawn pretending to be Daphne, it would give me the chance to play out my plan.
I have to do it in such a way that Lisa does not know I’m playing her and that Dawn won’t know I’m trying to fuck with her as well.

It will be the balancing act of the century.
Dawn was eyeing me like a hawk as I made the call using her phone. The moment it was switched on, I could see messages streaming in. There were a few missed calls and plenty of notification form her group chats.
My heart was beating really fast when the ringing tone came on. Dawn wanted me to put it on speaker mode so she can hear everything we say.

Lisa finally picked up after 7 rings with a soft voice.
James : Lisa?…..
Lisa : James ?
James : Yes… is me…. Dawn is gone…. Daphne is back but… but there’s a bit of a problem….
Lisa : really !!.. Dawn is gone ?? oh my god…. Thank god… that’s good news !!…. can you get her to fucking delete everything about me…. All the photos…..i cannot imagine if any of those get online…. All my Instagram followers would be gone…. All my endorsement contacts…
James : Lisa wait.. wait… there’s a bit of a problem….
Lisa : What problem..? there’s no problem once that psyco bitch is gone !!… that crazy bitch !!… she’s mad…. Crazy…. I don’t know what is going on in her head !!!
I wanted to stop Lisa form going on but she just went on and on. I didn’t even get a chance to warn her that she was on speaker mode.
Lisa : that bitch…. !! what the fuck was she thinking !!
James : Lisa wait….

Lisa : she fucking raped you hear ?? … she literally violated my body fuck …. I’ve never felt so humiliated before in my life that fucking slut….. I have half a mind to fuck her with her own dildo and watch her squirm….. !!!
I felt my heartrate just go up a notch as I watched Dawn’s expression beside me change.
Her eyes narrowed and she exhaled a breath of menacing air.
I raised my voice a little, trying to get Lisa’s attention.James : Lisa !! listen … I need your help…. We have a situation….
Lisa : What ! ?? …. There’s on more situation if Dawn is gone…. Better still… you should talk to Daphne to fucking kill her… take some medicine you know…. Just make sure that crazy bitch don’t ever come out again….
James : Lisa listen to me !…
Lisa : Yeah yeah… what !
James : You see…. I got into sort of a scuffle with Dawn….I meant Daphne…. Oh… I mean Dawn… ahhhh.. fuck this…..
I told Lisa that during the struggle, things got a bit rough.
James : I had to tie her down…. And now that Daphne has woken up, she’s throwing a fit about the state she is in….. she’s threatening to report me for rape or outrage of modesty, or basically anything…. I need your help to talk to her…
Lisa : Oh…
James : She wanted to know exactly what happened…. I gave her a brief summary but she wanted to talk to you as well… you know… girl to girl and all ….
Lisa : What about my photos…. Are they deleted ?
James ; They will be… but can you drop by…. And just sort these things out with her…. So we can all move on…
Lisa : yeah yeah… sure… but I’m not free now…. Probably later in the evening…. I can head over after my gym class….
James : Yeah.. that’ll be great…

Lisa : fuck… you tell Daphne I need to talk to her about that bitch inside her head…. I may not get to talk to that bitch herself but I will fucking give her a piece of my mind and let Daphne convey the message… !!
I massaged my forehead and wished I could shout at Lisa to shut up.
Dawn’s face was changing again.
The murderous look was gone and replace by a smirk.
A smirk that I knew would not bode well for Lisa.

After I hung up the call, Dawn looked at me and waited for me to say something.
Dawn  : So… now what ? ….
James ; well… we got her to come over…like I said…..

Dawn  : She’s coming over to give me a piece of her mind….then what…
James ; I’m sure she’s kidding…. She don’t mean it…
Dawn  :We’ll see…
James : Dawn… please… stick to the plan… pretend you are Daphne…. Play the good girl for a while…. Convince her that all is fine….
Dawn  :Yeah. Yeah…. Whatever…. I’ll play the helpless and useless Daphne ….Now, if Dawn is willing to play her role, the ideal scenario would be to have Lisa there talking to her.
My plan is simple.
The girls talk.
I prepare drinks.

I will tell Dawn I’m going to drug the drink Lisa would be drinking.
Yes. With that same yellow pill.
2 drinks, 1 drugged.
Lisa drinks.
With Lisa immobilised, that would give Dawn her chance to talk to Lisa. Bare her heart out or some shit. That was what I’m selling to her.
Now, I’m not going to drug only Lisa’s drink.
I’m going to drug both drinks.
This way, it protects against the chance of Dawn getting suspicious and switching drinks with Lisa.
It also ensures that no matter which drink she decides to take, she will get drugged.
With both girls knocked out, I can easily tie Dawn up until Daphne gets back, or if needed, force feed her more of the pill until this blows over.
As for Lisa, as long as Dawn is under control. She will be save.
No matter how I see this, there’s no way of this going wrong.

When Lisa comes over, she will be greeted with a sight of Dawn being restraint on a chair. A fake restraint that is. Dawn would not agree to a real tie. It would have to be a fake one where she can easily release herself.
Dawn will pretend to be agitated, choosing not to believe every word I say until Lisa has verified what happened.She will maintain that her memories are in a blur and everything is in bits and pieces.
I’ll let Lisa help to untie Daphne while I prepare the drinks.
Then it’s a wrap.
It cannot get simpler than this.

An hour before Lisa is due to get here, I started preparing.
I asked Dawn for the drug and she hesitated before giving it to me.
I did not remove any from the ziplock bag.
I took the whole bag and using a rolling pin, squashed all the pills together into a powder form.
Why ?
So Dawn cannot see how much I take out.
If I have taken out too much to drug one pax, she would have suspected my intentions right away.
This way, by crushing everything, there is no way she will know how much I will use.
I put the powdered drug on the kitchen table before putting a 6 pack carton of coke over it.
James : I’ll pour the drink, put in in Lisa’s one and you can let the drug do it’s work.

Dawn : what if she doesn’t drink it ??
James : She will…. Just get her to keep talking…. I’m sure she has a lot to talk about especially if she thinks she is talking to Daphne about you….
Dawn smacked me across the back of my head before walking away.

I followed Dawn into the laundry room and we went through the 2nd half of the plan.
The amount I was supposed to give Lisa is small, not enough to knock her out totally which means she will still be awake to a certain degree. Half a pill according to Dawn.

That would be the time for Dawn to supposedly talk to her, and if Lisa don’t agree to stay behind and accompany Dawn, I would come in. Dawn said that if Lisa could not understand what she wanted, then I should go ahead and start fertilising her eggs in her womb.
I argued that I might not be up to the task due to the left over effects of the drugs in my body but Dawn asked me not to worry about it.
Dawn : I will make sure you are rock hard when you fuck her…..
Dawn would be documenting the entire ordeal. With that, she would not only have naked pictures of Lisa, she would threaten to upload the entire process of how a supposedly famous media influencer gets impregnated.
If that don’t work, it’s fine.
Dawn wants me to do it again. And again.
In her own words, she said having Lisa in the house is already winning half the battle.

Dawn : Having her here… would help me keep you obedient too no ? hahahah….. I’ll let you fuck her…. And play with her body whenever you want…. As long as you behave…. Isn’t that an incentive ?? hahaha….
My cock throbbed at that sick thought.
It’s like throwing a dog his treat for behaving, only in this case, she was throwing me Lisa.

As long as I behave, she would let me fuck Lisa.
As long as I become her dog and listen to her, I get to do anything I want to Lisa’s body.

Dawn : It’s not like she will get pregnant on the first try…. So I think we might have to try it a few times…. You know…. Pump her full with your semen… haha… that’s quite a sick thought….
I could feel my body shiver as the thought of it actually happening.
I would be the one to get the pleasure yes but I would also be the one to get all the blame.
Imagine having gone from taking an upskirt to raping and cumming inside a famous blogger.
My life will really be over by then.
Perhaps I should have just taken the jail term.
I shook my head and tried to keep my mind clear.
None of this is set in stone yet.
If I play my cards right, I will get to play  both of them out.

Have both of them knocked out perhaps. 2 helpless naked girls.
I could perhaps play with them for a while, nothing crazy that would implicate me of course but touching them. Licking them.
Sucking on their tits and pushing my tongue into their pussy or something.
I was quite tempted to push my cock into Lisa’s mouth as well, her full and sexy lips seemed built for sucking cocks.She would look good if she’s on her knees pouting while asking for a cock to go inside her mouth.
Maybe some photos perhaps, quickly taken and sent to my dropbox before deleting them from the phone.
Something like this would work.
Daphne would be back, grateful for my help, Lisa would be safe. I serve out the rest of my sentence and life goes back to normal.

Yes, it will work.
It have to.


When Lisa text Daphne’s phone that she’s heading up, I quickly got things ready.
I did a tight knot around Dawn’s wrist behind the chair but leaving the free end of it in her palms. If she wanted, she just needed to pull that and it will come loose. Just before she lets Lisa untie her, she will release it and make it seem like she was unable to ready that free end of unaware of it’s existence.
There was a knock on the door and I opened it.
There she was. Lisa.
She looked good in her gym gear.
Black tight yoga pants that ended above her ankles. Her shapely calves and thigh immediately sent blood into my cock as I gestured for her to come in. She was wearing a loose white top with one side of her shoulder exposed.
The thick straps of her racer back sports bra was visible, the black elastic bands rimmed with neon pink trimmings.
She removed her running shoes, revealing a pair of white socks that barely reached the bottom of her ankles.
Lisa : where is Daphne ??
James ; Inside the room…. Tied up…
Lisa : what ?? why ?? …..
James : She threatened to keep zapping me with the phone…. She don’t believe what I told her about Dawn and what she did to you …
Lisa : let me talk to her…..that fucking bitch ……she needs to do something about her….
Lisa walked into the room and my heart was slamming against my ribcage.
I was worried she would see through the whole ploy but Dawn was amazing.
The moment she saw Lisa she broke into an apologetic groan.

Dawn : ohh my god…. Lisa… I’m so sorry… I’m sorry you had to go though that……
Lisa : Daphne ? …. Oh thank god you are back … !!…
I watched as Lisa went over and gave her a hug before giving her a stern look.
Lisa : That fucking bitch inside you needs to be taken care of !!!! I have a contact for a shrink… quite good one…. I pass to you…. You should get yourself hypnotised or something… then kill her off…. !!
Daphne : i…. I just feel so exhausted… and tired….James…. James told me what happened but… but they sound a little exaggerated…i… I just want to verify with you….
Lisa : oh that fucking bitch literally raped me with a dildo… fuck !… I still haven got over it by the way….arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!
Lisa clenched her fist and shook them at Daphne before starting to untie her.
Lisa : If I get to see her again, I tell you…. I will fucking do to her the same thing she did to me… arhghhhhhhhhhh!!!!
I swallowed a gulp of saliva and said nothing.

Daphne : I’m so sorry…. Really sorry…. But can you help me keep this a secret…. i….she… I mean…. Dawn don’t really come out often….i also don’t know why she came out this time….
Lisa : you need to keep her under control !!… the way she look at me….. my god.. it’s like she’s infatuated with me…. Like a spurned lover or something you know ahhaha…
Daphne : oh… really ?
I massaged my forehead as Lisa went on.
Lisa : Yah.. that look…. Fuck… that look when she push the dildo inside me…. Fuck her… it’s like my ex boyfriend or something….. the look that knows it’s probably the last time he gets to touch me…. Hahaha…
Lisa added that it was like sympathy sex.
Lisa ; Yah…. Thinking back… I think it’s really like pity sex…. Letting him do it for the sake of doing it… anyway…. Back to this…. I really need you to delete the photos and all your bitch of a personality made me do.
Daphne : oh…sure .. of course….
Lisa : Really a fucker that Dawn…. Sigh… I don’t suppose you can let me strangle you for a while ? hahahah … just kidding…
Daphne : Oh..ermm…
Lisa : Kidding la… hahaha…. I feel a lot better after my gym class…. Fuck… lucky it was a dildo fucking me…. I cannot imagine if it was him… haha
Lisa pointed to me and chuckle.
Daphne : Oh… why ? ….
Lisa ; I would fucking panic and freak out of course… a real cock…. I’m having my ovulation period this few days…. Can you imagine what would have happened if he cum inside me.haha…
I almost choked on my own saliva as I watch Dawn look at Lisa, giving her a really sweet and understanding smile.
Lisa : fucking men all thinking about the same thing right ? James !?? well, at least you and Dawn have him under control… he’s quite cute la… I don’t mind having him as my dog as well hahaha….
Daphne  : James .. can you get us both a drink….
Lisa : Oh yes… I’m fucking thirsty…. Rushed her after my gym….
My heart beat faster as I went into the kitchen.
Lisa is so fucked this time.

I wonder what her reaction would be when she realised it was Dawn that she was talking to all this while.

I turned to make sure the kitchen is clear.
I poured a can of coke into the 2 glass and I estimated the amount of powder for half a pill into each glass.

This is it.
It’s almost over.

I went into the room and placed the drink on the small stool beside the girls.
Lisa was still yelping away about her blog and her recent deal with a sportswear maker when Dawn held the drink and offered it to Lisa.
Lisa, without breaking a beat, took it and drank it all.
Dawn smiled and my heart stopped beating for a moment as I prayed that she too would take a sip of the drink.
Even if she don’t drink it all, every sip helps.

The drug was a fast acting drug.
Lisa’s speech started to slow and I could see her feeling confused as her motor skills slowed down by a notch.
She just looked at Dawn before turning to look at me, eventually turning to look at the drink.
Dawn : shhhhhhhhhh… it’s ok…. It’s ok….

Dawn smiled and held Lisa who by then was trembling a little but there was nothing she can do.
She was just shaking and I could see the fear in her eyes as Dawn kissed her on her forehead.
Dawn : We are going to have so much fun together.
She laid Lisa down before turning to me.
Dawn ; for a moment , I thought you were going to put the drug in my glass instead… hahah….
I held my breath and kept my expression neutral.
Take the drink, just take the fucking drink. I was literally screaming out in my head as I look at Dawn.
She took it.
She held the drink in her hand but instead of drinking it, she got up.
I watched in horror as Dawn took the drink, offered it to me and added.
Dawn : drink it….
James ; What….
Dawn : Drink it…..
James : but… but…

Dawn ; you have nothing to be afraid off right ? …. You put it in Lisa’s drink… not mine….
I swallowed a gulp of saliva and held the glass with a shaky hand.
Dawn : come on…. Drink it….
I took the glass and took a large mouth of the coke but I did not finish it.
James : There… happy ? ….
I went on to pick up the glasses and headed to the kitchen on the pretext of cleaning up.
Turning back, I saw that Dawn did not follow me out and I quickly went to the kitchen sink.
I tried to force myself to vomit by digging my own throat but I can’t.
I immediately started gulping down glass after glass of water in the hope that it would dilute the drug in my body.

I turned around and almost jumped when I saw Dawn looking at me.
James ; What are you doing there ??
Dawn smiled.
She came over, took my hand and let me back into the laundry room where Lisa was lying on the floor with her eyes wide open.

Before I could do anything, Dawn held me and kissed me.
She pressed her mouth against mine and by the time I realised what was happening, it was too late.
She had something in her mouth. She was pushing it into mine with loads of saliva.
I tried to break away but Dawn had a grip on my neck.
It got to the point when Dawn was literally spitting saliva into my mouth forcing me to swallow whatever shit she had just given me.
James : bleggrrhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Berkghhhhhhhhhh!!! What was that ?? !!!
Within less than a minute, I could feel my body shutting down.
It’s like my energy has drained from me.
Dawn too was breathing a little slowly with a weird smile on her face.
She sat down and lean against a bag of clothes, breathing slowly and smiling at Lisa and me.

I could not feel my legs any more and I collapsed beside Lisa who just had a drop of tear roll down the side of her eye.
With much difficulty, Dawn who herself ingested a bit of the drug, spoke in bits and pieces.

Dawn  : those were …… not the only….. pills…..i have…..haha… there’s more….haha… haha….

She took a deep breath and she struggled to keep her eyes open, her last sentence chilled both Lisa and I into our spine as she struggled to stay awake and focus.
Dawn : let’s see…… let’s see who comes out of this first…. Hahah…. Hahahah….

With that she stopped talking.
I stopped moving.
Another drop of tear rolled down Lisa’s cheek and the room fell silent.

There’s only the sound of us breathing.


The fear and anxiety slowly descended on me as I tried to see what is going on around me.
The feeling is really out of this world.It’s like I’m high on some kind of drug.
It felt good on a certain level when I could feel all my thoughts, my muscles just relaxing. My limbs felt heavy, there was a burning sensation much like the soreness after I ran a marathon.
I could still move my body but everything felt so heavy and slow.
I tried to lift my arm and although I tried my best to lift it up, it barely moved an inch off the ground.
The moment I relaxed my body, it actually felt kind of good.
I could still breathe but I need to take more frequent gasp of air.
My lungs felt like they were not functioning at 100% capacity.
My lips could move as well but they too felt numb, the same numbness you get after stepping out of the dentist after an extraction.
I could feel saliva pooling on the side of my mouth as I tried to take stock of which muscle in my body I could still employ.
I swallowed a pill.
By my estimate, Lisa probably got about 3/4 or 1 pill max.
Dawn shared that pill with me while she tried to force it down my throat.
She probably absorbed 10 -15 % of it max.
I could see Dawn breaking out in a grin.
She was grinning at me before looking at a petrified Lisa.
The look in her eyes is too scary to describe.
It’s like she was enjoying the moment. She enjoyed that fear that she was putting in us in that room.
I don’t know how long has passed but when I saw Dawn pulled a leg up towards her body as she tried to stand up before falling back down onto her butt, I knew trouble would not be far away.
Dawn laughed, giggling in a drunken state as she chuckled at her own fall.
I tried to move my body and realised I could hardly turn my body while Dawn was wriggling her wrist.
I could see Lisa’s trembling lips as she could not even move her body.
I closed my eyes and tried to focus.
Different people have different resistance to the drug. There’s no telling how long it would take for it to be process through my body. I could feel my heel dragging along the floor a little.
I have to keep moving, or rather, keep trying to move.
About another 15 minutes passed and after staggering and falling 2 more times, Dawn got up on her feet, chuckling and laughing at Lisa and me who is still on the floor.
Dawn angled her head sideways and looked at Lisa before saying she looked beautiful.
Dawn : You looked really beautiful Lisa…. I really think you are beautiful… haha
Then she started to strip.
Dawn removed the loosely stretched singlet she was wearing and dropped it by her side.
Then she removed the pair of light pink shorts she was wearing.
Both her bra and panty are light grey in colour and I could feel her stumbled again as she came down on her knees to get closer to Lisa.
I grit my teeth and got my feet planted firmly on the ground as if I’m ready to attempt a sit up workout. Dawn used my knees as a support as she dragged herself closer to Lisa.
Dawn : you’re so beautiful Lisa…. If only you would just stop talking…. Like what you are doing now… you would be perfect….really…. you would be perfect… hahaha….
I panted for air as I felt my perspiration roll down the side of my cheeks as I tried to rotate my body.
Lisa could only groan helplessly as I watch Dawn bend over her and kissed her.
Dawn kissed Lisa on her lips and I could see Dawn sucking on Lisa’s lips as she frenched her.
Her tongue licked Lisa’s trembling lips as if she was applying lipstick with her tongue.
Dawn’s hand touched Lisa’s tummy, sliding upwards and pushing up her loose top.
I could feel the first drop of saliva leave my mouth as my cheeks could no longer hold them in.
I tried to speak but all I could managed was a gurgle like a baby.
James : gruuuuuuuuuu……….
Lisa was totally helpless.
She looked on as Dawn’s hands pushed away her top revealing her sports bra.
Dawn : ernngh……
Dawn kissed Lisa’s breast through her sports bra before pressing down on them with her lips, sucking on the bra, trying to extract essence of Lisa’s sweat after her workout.
Dawn : ermmmm…. Ummmm.. ummm.. enrghh.. slurpzzz… erun,mmm….
There was nothing Lisa could do except breath.
I muster up all my strength and tried to turn.
I only got as far as balancing on my right arm before toppling back to look at the ceiling.
I heard Lisa’s first groan and as I angled my head to look at her, Dawn’s hand was at Lisa’s groin.She was rubbing Lisa’s pussy through her yoga pants.
It started with a sensual slow rub before it became faster.
Dawn kissed Lisa’s abdomen as she rubbed her privates in a rapid manner, eager to get her wet.
Dawn : are you aroused Lisa ?? ….. are you ?? … I know you are….
After a bout of vigorous rubbing, Dawn laughed and pressed her nose onto Lisa’s privates to take a long deep sniff.
Dawn : ernghhhhhh…..uuuuuuuuhhh…..
Then she started rubbing again , determined to make Lisa wet her panty through before she subject her to more humiliation.
Dawn had a delirious look on her face as she quickened her pace of her pussy rub.
Dawn : you’re getting wet Lisa…. You’re getting wet…..you want this right ??? you want this ?? … I know you want this… if not you won’t be getting yourself wet when I touch you…ergnhh… you want this ??
I tried to turn again but this time round I barely got past the halfway mark before my body gave up and I laid back down, panting hard for air. It’s like my muscles were trying to prioritise which of my body functions I needed to survive and at that moment, it was just to breathe.
Dawn exclaimed loudly in the room as her face plastered once again on Lisa’s privates.
Dawn : ernghhhhh…..uuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh….. you smell so good…..you smell so good….
I looked at a trembling Lisa who could hardly move a muscle.
Dawn took a couple of deep breath before crawling on her knees to her cupboard.
She opened it and took out the box where she kept all her sex toys.
She took out the same large double headed dildo she had used before crawling back towards Lisa.
I could see Lisa shaking her head slightly in vain as Dawn smiled.
The moment she got close to Lisa again, she pressed her face once more onto her private, sniffing and sucking up Lisa’s wetness with her nose.
Dawn : I’m also wet you know that ?? … I’m so wet already….
I could feel my fingers trying to close into a fist as I watched Dawn tug and pull down Lida’s tight yoga pants.
It took a few tugs before I saw Lisa’s privates.
She was not wearing panty.
Dawn : no panty eh….. afraid of the visible panty line is it ?? …. Hahah…. Wearing such tight pants to the gym…..i can imagine all the attention you are getting when you work out….
Dawn blew onto the neatly trimmed pubes of Lisa’s privates before kissing her vagina.
I saw Lisa tremble as she tried to angle her head to see what Dawn was doing.
I could not feel my bottom and my cock at all.
If I had an erection, I don’t know I have one.
This probably meant Lisa is not aware of what Dawn is doing as well to her privates.
Dawn removed Lisa’s pants totally before spreading her legs apart.
I watched as she took the large dildo in both hands , giggling as she position it at Lisa’s vagina. Then without hesitating, she pushed it into Lisa.
I was expecting Lisa to gasp or moan but there was nothing.
Lisa trembled a little but there was no moan.
Dawn pushed it in probably halfway before removing her own panty.
I witnessed the erotic sight of Dawn using the other side of the dildo on her own pussy as she slide it into her vagina.
Dawn : ernghhhhhhhhhh… ergh… ernghhhhhhh… god…..ergnn… this feels so good… ernghhhhh..
Dawn chuckled as she tried to work up a rhythm.
I continued to try the muscles on my limbs.
Lisa is perfectly safe.
Nothing can happen from being fucked by a dildo by another woman.
I just need to concentrate on getting free and start using my limbs again.
I tried to turn again, groaning and moaning as I tried to get myself to lie on my belly instead of my back.

James : ernguuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Before I could complete my turn, Dawn pushed me back down.
I panted for air as Dawn stopped her fucking and dragged me closer to her.
Then she removed my pants.
I could feel some part of the fabric rubbing against the side of my thigh.
Only after the pants came off did I realise that my cock was rock hard.

It was literally throbbing at attention as I witness the erotic sight that is happening in front of me.
Dawn smiled and did the sickest thing ever.
She moaned and pushed the dildo back into Lisa as she started to massage my cock.
I could feel something.
I could feel the whole shaft moving, or rather, an extension of my body moving but the feeling is not of pleasure.
Dawn : ohhh… look… what do we have here….
I watched as Dawn lifted up her thumb and index finger.
She pressed them together before separating them again like she was splaying with a sticky candy. That’s not candy.
Dawn rubbed the tip of my cock, scooping up my precum, chucking as she showed it to Lisa.
Before I could say anything, Dawn did the unthinkable.
She coated the tip of her finger with my precum and inserted it into Lisa.
Lisa gasped and I could hear a muffled groan but that was all the protest she could manage.

Dawn : hahaha… hahaha… let’s exchanged the fluids shall well…. Let’s exchange… haha.. hahaha…

Dawn then began the crazy task of rubbing her finger full of Lisa’s cunt juice before rubbing it all over my cock, coating the shaft of my throbbing dick and rubbing it all over the dick head.
Then she started to masturbate for me using Lisa’s cunt juice as a lubricant.
Dawn : hahaha… hahaha… so well lubricated…. Hahaha…. Hahaha….
After a few strokes, Dawn would scoop and take more or my precum before rubbing it on the end of the dildo meant for Lisa.
Dawn held up the dildo, waving and showing it to Lisa , chuckling gleefully as Lisa groaned in fear.
Dawn  : I’m going to do it… I’m going to do it ok… hahaha… you want me to do it ??? you want ??

Dawn was literally talking to herself, laughing and chuckling as she went on.
Dawn : answer me please Lisa… hahah.. hhaa… answer me please…. Oh.. no answer ??
Dawn continued to masturbate for me.
I could feel her hand on my cock but I was not feeling anything except constant tugging.
It’s ok, I don’t think I will cum.
No feeling on your cock how to cum ?
The most is just come precum.
I don’t think it will be that bad.
Or rather, I don’t think Lisa will be that unlucky.
Dawn : what was that ? … you want to let your pussy answer for you ?? ok… ok… let me ask her…

Dawn was obviously enjoying herself as she made a big show of asking Lisa’s vagina if she was enjoying herself and wanted more.
Dawn : Oh…. Oh…. You’re getting wetter by the minute…. You must really want this.. hahaha…hahah…
I could see Lisa’s lips moving.
That soundless plea into darkness.
Dawn just laughed and continued stroking my cock.
Then suddenly Dawn exclaimed again.
Dawn : ohh… ohhh… ohh.. what is this…what is this ??? hahaha.. hahaha… hahaha..
Dawn looked at my cock before looking back at me and back at my cock again.

Dawn : Look James… finally… hahaha.. you finally get to cum after so long … hahha… look… look !!
I could hear the genuine excitement in her voice as she showed me the amount of white cum I produced.
They went all over the place, some on my tummy, some leaking down the side of my cock, some on Dawn’s hand.

I don’t believe this.
How could I have an orgasm without myself realising.
Dawn : hahaha… hahaha… hahaha…
Dawn started to scoop and coat her dildo with my cum and by then I could see Lisa shaking her head.
She could finally muster up enough strength to move her head but she could not speak.
All she could do was groan.
Lisa : ernnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn…..
Dawn : oh… don’t worry…it’s ok… it’s ok…. Don’t worry… I’ll put it inside you ok…. I’ll put it inside you…. Hahaha…
It happened so fast.
Dawn coated the dildo with my cum, rubbing thick globs of it on the head and shaft of the dildo before putting it at the entrance of Lisa’s pussy.
Dawn : hahaha.. hahaha… well…. Are you ready to let James’s sperm swim up your vagina ?? ..hahaha..hahah…
Lisa : ernghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!
Dawn chuckled before pushing it into Lisa who gasped and trembled for a second or so.
Then without hesitation, Dawn took the free end of the dildo and inserted it into her own pussy.
Dawn :ernghhhhhhhhh…..

Lisa shook her head and more tears rolled down her cheeks.
Dawn just smiled and started to fuck Lisa.
Dawn : push them in ok ?? …. I help you push them in…. push them in….

Dawn tilt her head back and look up into the ceiling as she enjoyed the tightness of her own love hole being stretched.
I gasped and pant before biting down hard on my teeth.
I turned to my left, grunting and straining every bit of my muscle as I finally balanced on my left arm.
I gasped and strained every bit of my muscle before collapsing down on my face.
As I struggled for more air, I saw Lisa’s eyes pressed shut as Dawn increased the intensity of her fucking.
I reached out one arm towards the exit of the room.
James : arnghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
I grunted and pressed down before dragging myself forward.
It worked.
I managed to drag myself a little closer to the exit.
I grunted and did it again.
James : aarghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
I did it for the 3rd time before Dawn finally spoke.
Dawn  ; James ~~~~~~~~~
She said my name in a high octane manner like a childcare teacher calling out to a misbehaving kid.
Dawn ; where are you going ??? hahah….
I ignored her and dragged myself closer towards the exit.
Suddenly I felt Dawn’s hand on my shoulder.
She yanked me back on my back and I could see the end of her wet dildo hanging from her own pussy.
The end that had been fucking Lisa’s wet cunt that by then was probably swimming with my semen.
Dawn  ; you have been a naughty boy James….. do you know that ??
I felt Dawn grab my cock, then I felt her spread my legs apart.
James :nn…..n…………….no…..
I managed a weak no as Dawn smiled and positioned me in the same missionary position I would put my girlfriend in before I fuck her.

James : .nnnnnnnnnn…..no….
I tried to move my body but at that point, Dawn just seemed a lot stronger than me.
Dawn : shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. James… shhhhhhhhhh… it’s ok…. It’s ok… SHhhhhhh…
The next thing I knew, Dawn held up my cock, I felt the push of something against my anus, then I gasped in a sharp intake of air before I felt all the oxygen leave my lungs all at once.

Dawn  : shhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..shhhhhhhhh….it’s ok….. everything will be ok…


It’s a combination of pain and helplessness as I watch Dawn tower over me.
Her face scrunched up as she tried to pull out the dildo with her vagina’s grip alone.
Dawn ; gasssssssssspppppppppp….. you’re so tight…. I’m squeezing hard you know…. Squeezing hard to pull out… ernghhh….nerghhh…..
James : ernggggggggg….

I was literally shaking as I felt the relaxation of my anal muscle as the large dildo slowly made it’s way out of my behind. The exit process was like a smooth discharge of a day’s worth of shit but right at the end when you think you can relax your muscles, Dawn pushed it back into me again and I was pretty sure my eyes rolled to the back of my head.
I can feel it inside me. It gave me a feeling that my stomach or rather my rectum is full and filled up.
I tried to squeeze, to resist but found myself deprived of the strength.
Dawn groaned as she held onto my wrist and pinned it on the floor.
She bit her lips as I gasped helplessly as she fucked me with the dildo with another long and full stroke.
There was this almost childlike smile on Dawn’s face as she shared the pressure and pleasure of the dildo with my anus.
My toes were trembling. I could feel it move as if I was recovering from a cramp.
I wanted to scream but no sound came out.
Only sissy gasp of moans that would hardly register on the noise meter.
I felt my innards hollow out, them pumped full, then like a vacuum, the pressure left my body before being forced upon me again.
As I locked eyes with Dawn, I started to wonder if this was how all my girlfriend felt when I fuck them
That was not all.
With each stroke Dawn fuck into me, I could feel my dick throbbing.
My erection is starting to come alive.
And Dawn was aware of it.
She can see it happening.
As she pushed the dildo into me, she teased and played with my erection. Her thumb and index finger would pinch me playfully, trying to squeeze my pee hole shut.
Another moment she would give my throbbing cock a good grab, holding it in place.
Dawn : you like this don’t you….. you enjoy this James….. hur hur…. Hur hur…. You should be a girl…. Don’t you think so ????
I could only watch on in horror as Dawn suddenly increased the intensity of her fucking.
My mouth formed into a oval as weird unexplained noises started to escape from my mouth.
James : erohhher…. Oerhhhhhhh.. oerereerhhhh… erhggh… erohghghg….
Dawn had worked out a comfortable pace for her.
I could see her chest rise and fall, groaning as she used her vagina muscles to push the dildo into my rectum.
Dawn : ernghhh…e regnnnn.erngnnh…e rnghh… erngh… ernghh….
She was obviously enjoying the feeling.
My fingers tried to clench themselves together but I can’t.
The constant fucking of my rectum is like a spell.
I cannot move, I can’t resist.
The only think I can do was to try and control my breathing.

As Dawn fucked me, I could feel the tip of the dildo hitting me somewhere.
I shit you not, it was hitting me somewhere.Probably on some organ I could not even identify.
The sourish pain that I recognised would build up into my orgasm started to form.
It was getting stronger with each stroke.
I never imagined I would feel this way when getting fucked by a dildo but whatever button that sick act was pushing, it was doing it right.
I heard a fart.
Dawn laughed as she commented about pushing too much air into my rectum,
Dawn : ohhh…. Someone has a stretched hole now…. Ernghh.. erngfhhh… got…. You feel so good James…. Better than Lisa I would say…. So much more tighter….
James : ergnnhhhh.. gasp.. gasp…. .ernghhhh… st…. ssss…. St……
I could feel myself slowly regaining the use of my muscles.
I could almost form the word stop already.
Dawn : what ?? … what was that ?? …. Hahah….
Dawn kissed me on my lips, and I don’t know why but she deposited a large dollop of her saliva into my mouth.
Dawn ; ermmmmm…mmmmmmm….
We kissed and her tongue was actually churning the saliva in my mouth, mixing it with mine before and broke off. A long trail of saliva hung onto her tongue as she broke off, falling onto my nose and my forehead as Dawn pushed the dildo deeper into me.
James : erngghhhhhhhhhhh…. Erngh…stt…….
Dawn : oh. God…. You’re so tight James…. Ernghh… you’re so tight…. Hahah.. erngh… I need to stop…. Ernghh… I need to stop… haha…. The push back pressure from you… is harder than Lisa….. feels so much better.Dawn straightened her body and took a breather.
She pulled out, giving my stretched anal muscles a rest and right before I could enjoy the pleasure of having my muscles relaxing, the dildo violated my rectum once more, fucking it’s ways deep into my body.
Dawn chuckled, amused that she caught me off guard.
My body went into a series of short spasm lasting 2 -3 seconds as Dan angled her head sideways. She touched my nipples, flicking and teasing me as she grind herself against me.
If I was looking down from above, the dildo would surely be out of sight, buried inside Dawn’s vagina and my anus.

Dawn was perspiring heavily and I could see She was enjoying herself.
She was literally looking at my erected cock throb with each push.
Dawn : are you enjoying this James ? hahaha… are you enjoying this ?? ….
Dawn lowered her head and started to kiss me.
My lips could register her but I could hardly response. I can feel her nibbling my lips.
I only knew I was drooling saliva down the side of my cheeks.

There was a sudden thud, a commotion.
Dawn turned her head and she saw Lisa started to move. Lisa tried to turn her body but end up falling back again.
Dawn  : hi Lisa…. I can see you are feeling better now… hahah… haha… are you feeling better?? Are you ?? hahah….

Dawn pulled herself out from me and I felt my entire body shiver and go into a short 2 second spasm when the dildo left my body.
I could still see my cock erected and throbbing.
Dawn was talking to Lisa, she seemed to me whispering something to her and laughing at the same time.
I tried to turn my body around and start crawling again.
Right when I tried to make my turn, I realised my erection was getting in the way.
My cock is rock hard.
I made the mistake of leaning on my erection too hard when I turned and it sent a shot of pain into my body causing me to fall back down on my back once more.
I was pretty sure my cock was broken after that but I was wrong.
I could still see my erection.
It’s rock hard and throbbing. The veins on my shaft looked like they were pumped up and ready to go.
I saw Dawn dragging Lisa over to me.
She had her hands under Lisa’s arms, dragging her like a broken marionette doll towards where I was lying down.
Dawn : come…let me help ok…. Let me help you … hahaha.. hahaha…
Lisa : ernghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..
Lisa could only groan as she was placed over my body.
I could feel her hair falling all over my face and chest.
Lisa’s mouth was somewhere near the left of my neck.
I could feel her body, her sweat pressing against me.
Dawn took Lisa’s legs and spread them apart.

I knew what she wanted to do.
I could not protest.
Lisa’s body felt warm and she was perspiring badly as well.
I could feel drops of her sweat landing on my body , her hot breath constantly teasing the side of my neck as she allowed Dawn to position her body.
Lisa :erguuuuuhhhhhhhh,… erguhhhhhhhhhh… erguhhh
I knew what I was feeling the moment Dawn lifted Lisa’s privates against my cock.
She was spreading Lisa’s vagina lips and positioning her above my throbbing cock.
I felt the pressure bearing down my me as I whimper in pain.

James : erenghhhhhhhh….
Lisa groaned for a second or 2 before moaning and drooling all over my left shoulder.
Lisa is letting me slide in.
Or rather, It was Dawn who helped Lisa spread her legs for me.
After positioning my cock at the entrance of her wet cunt, there was nothing much Dawn could do.
She just let gravity do the job.
Lisa :nnnooooooooo… ernhiiiiiiii….. ernguuuuuu… no….
I can feel Lisa sliding down.
She’s sliding down slowly but surely, and as she slid down, her tight cunt is pulling back my foreskin.
It’s painful. I can feel my foreskin rolling back.
The pain gave way almost immediately to pleasure as my exposed and raw cock felt the warmth and wetness of Lisa’s pussy.
James :erguh.ernhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..
Lisa : erngnhnhnhhhhhhhhhh……

Within seconds, I was inside Lisa.
Totally fucked deep and lodge within her vagina.
Dawn stood up and admired her work, wiping sweat from the back of her hand as she chuckled, amused and pleased with her work of art.
Lisa : err….ergh… noo…. Ni….. no….
I could hear Lisa trying to speak.
James : Li…..Li….

I too wanted to speak but I can’t.
Just a while more.
I’m sure just a little while more and I will be able to speak.
Lisa and I groaned at the same time as Dawn laughed and lifted Lisa’s waist from behind.
Dawn : Let me help ok ?? .. let me help… hahahahaa… hahaha….
Lisa ; ernghh.. ernghh… ernghh… ernghhh……
With her breast pressing against my body, only Lisa’s privates were moving, assisted by Dawn as she moved and lubricated my entire shaft with more of her cunt juice.
Each slide is like a wet stroke of my cock, causing me to moan in pleasure even though I could hardly move my body.
The sensation I was getting on my cock is getting stronger and stronger.
My pleasure nodes is feeling the treat I was being given right then.
Lisa’s wetness allowed my cock to slide in and out of her easily.
It was smooth, like pushing a heated knife though butter.

There was also a squeezing sound. Sound of air being pushed into Lisa’s vagina.
Lisa :ernghh…. Ernghh…. Nerghh…..
More of Lisa’s saliva fall on my body as she was made to service my cock with her vagina.
James :nno….. noooo…. No…..
I finally managed to form a proper word but by then I was already on the edge of my orgasm.
Dawn was totally drenched with sweat as she worked Lisa’s bottom onto my cock like she was pumping weights in the gym doing some high intensity interval training.
Up and down. Up and down, it just kept going.
The feeling of orgasm started to take shape. I could feel the final march of my cum to the edge of my cock.
James : rnn… ernoo…. No.. nooooooooooooo

Lisa could lift her head a little but still not strong enough to get out of this.
I managed to utter the word ‘no’ one more time as Dawn assisted Lisa to milk my cock.
Dawn was literally pushing and egging Lisa to the edge of no return.  
 Dawn panted and took a breather, panting and chuckling.
Dawn ; my god… this is so fun…. It’s like… it’s like working out at the gym you know…. Hahaha… hahaha….haha… oh my god… haha… haha…
Dawn wiped her perspiration and went to the kitchen.
My cock was still throbbing inside Lisa. Firmly lodge and ready to fire my load into her.
I felt Lisa using her chin as leverage to try and push herself off my.
She grunted and managed to do it, supporting her arms by the side of my neck.
Lisa : ernghhhhhhhhh… erhghhhh !!!!!!!!!!

It took all she had to lift her head up from my body.
Her face was about 30 cm away from mine.
A mix of tears, saliva and perspiration dripped onto my nose and mouth as Lisa locked eyes with me.
I could see the anger in her eyes as she no doubt blames me for the drug I slipped into her drink.
I shook my head.
I wanted to tell her not to move.
James :nnn…. Nooo… no….
I wanted Lisa to stop moving because I can hardly control myself.
I’m almost cumming but instincts told Lisa to get away.
To lift herself away from my cock so as to get to safety.
Lisa : ernghhhhhhhhh….
As Lisa grunted, she squeeze her vagina muscles, triggering a series of chained events.
James :ernnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!
My eyes widened as I gasped out a loud moan.
Her bottom trying to lift up with a squeezing cunt only help to milk my primed cock for it’s semen.
Lisa realised what was happening and she screamed.
Lisa : NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ERNGHHHH !!!!!

I came amidst spasm, jerking my pelvis upwards as I fucked my cock deep into Lisa, depositing my cum inside her pussy, staining the path leading to her fallopian tubes.
Dawn came back from the kitchen with a drink in hand, chuckling and slapping her thigh when she saw the state we were in.
Dawn ; hahahah…. Hahahaha… you guys are so cute you know that… hahaha… hahaha…
I groaned and groaned as I could feel myself shooting squirts of cum into Lisa.
Lisa’s body rubbed and gyrate against my body, desperate for a way to escape but the was none.
I was lodged in deep inside her.
Our reproductive organs were fused in the heat of love making.

Lisa : erGH >.. eGHHHHHHHHHHHH … NO!!!!

Lisa collapsed onto me, and I could feel her full body weight.She just cried and I panted , breathless and trying to suck in more air for my lungs.

Dawn left us the way we were and it was a good 20 minutes before Lisa made another attempt to dislodge her pussy from my cock.
I still had an erection but it was not as hard.
I could feel blood rushing into the rest of my body.
Strength was returning to me but I remained still.
I don’t want to show anyone that my strength is returning.

It will be my trump card.
Lisa covered her face with her palms, sobbing as she curled up into a ball.
Dawn came over, smiling as she sat down beside Lisa with a cup of freshly made coffee. I could smell the fragrance from that brew.
Dawn had a crooked smile as she blew on the coffee before taking a small sip.
Dawn : Why are you so sad?? ….why ?? hahaha… haha…
She tried to stroke Lisa’s hair but Lisa pushed her away.

Dawn : hahha….why so upset ?? … hahah…. Silly girl…. I’ll wash up for you in a while…. Dress you up in some nice clothes ok ?? … hahaha.. haha….
Dawn got up and I could see she was heading towards the bathroom.
She’s going to shower from the looks of it.
This is it.
This is my chance.
The moment I heard the shower come on. I gritted my teeth and grunted , turning onto my belly in 1 fluid motion.
Using every ounce of strength inside me, I pushed myself of the floor. I managed to get on my knees, I can do this.
I grabbed the wall and lifted my body off the ground.
Seeing what I was doing, Lisa did the same as well.

She almost grabbed onto the nearby sofa for support.
James : get….. get…… get her phone…. Phone… call…. Call…..help……
This is getting out of hand.
I cannot imagine being fucked in my rectum again as I staggered towards the kitchen.
Lisa did not say a word but she kept crawling.
She kept crawling towards Dawn’s mobile phone.
I went to the kitchen.
I went straight for the drug inside the bag.
It was right there where I left it.
I panted and forced my shaking hands to steady itself before opening it and emptying the lot into Dawn’s coffee.


It was all I could managed before I collapsed back onto the floor.
Lisa on the other hand managed to grab the phone.
With trembling fingers, she hit the dial button.
I could see a list of frequently contacted numbers from where I was.
I saw a familiar name.

Yes, the officer which started this all.
James :kk…. Karen… Karen… she’s… she’s the officer in charge….
Lisa hit dial and the call connected within seconds.
Plastering her face onto the phone, I could hear Lisa blurt out her desperate cry for help.
Lisa : karen… help….. Dap….Daphne’s place… hurry….

I leaned against the counter and heaved a sigh of relieve as Lisa broke down again.
She cried and screamed into the phone .
James :hide.. … hide the phone…
Lisa caught what I was trying to imply and she pushed the phone, sliding it under the sofa.

15 minutes later Dawn came out of the shower.
She flashed me a sweet smile and she went for her coffee.

Drink it fuck.
Drink it !
I was literally screaming it in my head and Dawn did drink it.
She drank all of it.
I closed my eyes and heaved a sigh of relieve.
It’s over. Finally.
5 minutes later, just when Dawn was about to drag Lisa into the shower, I heard the doorbell ring.
I broke into a smile and I was elated beyond words.

Dawn went to take a look through the peephole.
James : hahahah…. Hahahaha… it’s ok Dawn…. It’s all over… hahaha… hahahaha….
Dawn ; what did you do ??
The knocking on the door got more intense and I could see Dawn taking a few deep breathes. She was touching her chest.
She was feeling the effect of the drug.
I smiled as the look of horror spread on her face.
Dawn glared angrily at me.
There you go bitch.
Dawn frown and she panted for air before slowly sliding down on the floor.
The knocking on the door continued and Lisa shouted.
Lisa ; help !!!!!!!!!!!  help !!!!
Dawn frowned, and she tried to crawl towards me but she never made it.
She knocked out before she could reach me .

My mouth felt dry as I closed my eyes.
The knocking continued and Lisa shouted again.
Lisa ; Help !!!!

Suddenly my eyes opened.
The hair on my arm and neck stood on it’s ends.
A cold chill ran down my spine as I heard the jingle of keys.
I heard the lock come apart.
The bolt of the door snapped back and Karen pushed the door open, taking in the scene in front of her.
Lisa ; thank god…. Thank god…. Hahah… please… please help us…..
Lisa sobbed and prayed, thanking her lucky stars as she looked at Karen while a terrifying chill ran through my body.
Why did Karen have the keys to this place ?

I locked eyes with Karen and in that moment, I saw a crooked smile form on the side of the lips.

This cannot be.

James : NO!!!..NO!!!!
Lisa : yes…. Karen… he.. he raped me… James raped me….. he drugged me….
James : NO.. Lisa… no.. they’re together… they’re in this together !!!!

Lisa looked at me as if I said something ridiculous before turning to look at Karen.
Karen did not say a word.
She went to check on Dawn on the floor.
I saw the door being shut and the bolt being locked.

James ; No… no….
I saw Karen took something out of her pocket and everything went dark.

When I work up, I felt really tired.
It’s as if I had a really long sleep.
I sat up and realised I was wearing a sleeveless dress. I was also wearing bra. I lifted the dress to see myself with a pair of panties on and there was even a panty liner attached to it.
I touched my cock, it was still there but flaccid and lifeless.
I looked around and I was still in Daphne’s place.
My face felt weird.
I went to the mirror and realised someone put on make up for me.
I could hardly recognise myself.
I was wearing a wig. My eyebrows were trimmed, I was wearing fake eye lashes. I had foundations on me and I was wearing a pink lip gloss.
I tried to stand up but I fell.
There’s no strength in my legs.
James : anybody there ?? !!

A figure appeared at the door.
It was Lisa but I could hardly recognised her.
Her hair was cut short. She was wearing pants and a tight t-shirt.
I could see she was wearing a tight tube top that presses down on her breast.
There was a bulge in her pants.
James : Lisa….Lisa… are you ok ?

She walked over to me and I saw her unzip her pants.
What the fuck is she doing.
I watched in horror as she pulled out a dick, a fake one that is.It’s a dildo strap on.
James : Lisa…. Lisa … what are you doing….
Suddenly I heard familiar voices at the door. It was Dawn and Karen.
They were talking and smiling.

They too came into the room, surrounding me.
My heart raced as I looked at Dawn who too unzipped her pants, revealing a similar strap on.
Karen did the same thing too.
James : No… no….what is this… no….
Karen  ; This is the program remember ??  
James : No… not like this… not like this…..

Lisa pushed her strap on into my mouth and I gagged but was held in place, forcing me to suck.
Dawn made me masturbate for her strap on, the resulting push from my hand giving her clit a good massage from the knob at the back of the strap on.
Karen lifted my dress. My heart was racing.
She pulled down my panty.

James : erngh… ernhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


James ; ARHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Daphne : James !! James !!! JAMES !!!OEI !! OEI !!!!
I jumped up in cold sweat panting as I looked around.

Daphne was sitting right there with a questioning look on her face.
Karen was there was well. There is a doctor and another nurse tending to me.
James ; What happened ?
Karen : You blacked out….
James : huh ?? I blacked out….
I was aching all over as I listened to the conversation around us.
Karen  : Daphne, the voltage is too high…. Need to lower it… his body is unable to….
The voices trailed off after that.
I was in a daze.

The next thing I remembered was Daphne coming into the room where I was in.
She bent down, looked at me.
Daphne : you got the balls to take my upskirt…. Then don’t pretend to black out on the 1st day…..

James : What ?!

Daphne walked off, leaving me alone in the room as I tried to deal with the mind fuck I was getting.
What is this ?
What is she talking about.
How can this be the 1st day ?

I remembered something.
The paper clip. The safety pin. The 50 cent coin.
I crawled towards the kitchen and went straight to the spot where I had hidden them.
It was there.
They were all there.
Daphne : James !
I turned out and saw Daphne narrowing her eyes at me.

Daphne : you have been very naughty.

James : Are you Daphne or are you Dawn ??

I watched in horror as Daphne looked up towards the ceiling of the kitchen and signalled a cut sign with her palm.
Daphne : he knows….. do it again….
James :NO.. no… what… what are you saying … do what again !! NO!!
I saw the all the lights outside the window go dark all of a sudden.
The entire living room wall came apart revealing a large warehouse of sort.
I was shivering in fear as I looked at the team of support staff behind it.
They were all girls, all women.
I saw Karen with a phone. Lisa was drinking a packet drink.
I saw Dawn. No. Daphne , No. Goddess….
My god.
They are identical.
There are 3 of them.
They all look the same.

James : What is happening here !!
No one paid any attention to me as I caught a glimpse of what’s happening in the background.
Another guy was being dragged, screaming and crying before being strapped onto a stainless steel table.
They were hosing him down like an animal.

I could hear the boom of a PA system telling the staff that trial 6B is in progress.
Karen : ok… let’s do this again….
Lisa gave me a wink with her boyish haircut as I felt my testicles shrink to the size of a pea.
Lisa was typing away on a tablet of hers before speaking into the headset she was wearing.

Lisa : Facility 3.0, test subject 01, Trial 7.
After she spoke, Lisa turned to Karen and added something that sent a knife like chill straight into my heart.

Lisa : Karen we’re out of time…. He needs to take his first client tomorrow….
Karen : he’ll be ready… don’t worry…..

Lisa came out and checked the collar I was wearing as I looked at her.
This is not happening.
I fucked her.
She was crying, screaming.
This is not real.
Lisa : Alright guys….. one last time….. let’s go…
The staff moved out of Daphne’s house, the wall of the living room came back in together.
The windows lit up.
My heart was slamming against my ribcage.
And I blacked out again.

The end