Another old piece of work i did back in 2012.

Plenty of foul language and cursing. Skip it if it makes you uncomfortable

Please pardon the language, this is just the rants of a mad man. I hate my job, I hate my office and I hate my boss.

Chao chee bye.

That is for going into an office filled with foreigners that are pretending to work.

Na bei chee bye

That is for doing twice the amount of work because the people in my team keep fucking up.

Kan ni na buay Chee bye.

That is for the management team who removed the 2 most senior staff in the company and replacing them with 4 foreigners.

I work in a small design company on the outskirts of the CBD. Having spent 6 years in the small company of 25, I was considered a fairly old bird. Turnover was high, probably due to the stressful environment and my boss’s bad temper. Shouts of vulgarities were a common occurrence in the office. It did not help as more and more of the capable workers started leaving.

Chee bye.

Even as I pen down my thoughts, I can’t help but let loose a string of expletives.
This is a chee bye world filled with chee bye people.

How can an average Singaporean like me survive… I am a product of my country’s education system. I apologise for not having a suitable term to describe my current state. Armed with only a lousy diploma, I pinned my hopes on getting enough experience and earning enough to finance my own degree, but after so many years, my effort can only be summarized by a red pail.

A red pail half filled with excrement.

Chee bye.

Most of my colleagues see me as the uncouth and couldn’t care less guy that just like to curse at the top of my voice. I don’t give a fuck what those foreigners think.
I used to be so much nicer when I was working with a decent team of designers.

Now I get off on screaming chao chee bye at my lousy team of design and technical staff imported in bulk from overseas.
I made sure everyone of them know what is a chee bye within 3 days of them joining my team.

Chao chee bye.

As if my blood pressure is not high enough, my boss Patrick decided to test the water and dropped me another bomb that Wednesday afternoon
My neck was aching for being on the phone with a particularly clingy client for the past 20 minutes, I was trying to figure out an exit strategy when I saw my boss walking towards my direction. He lifted up his finger to ask for a minute and I ended the call after giving him a curt nod.

I wanted to curse, but I held back.
Chee bye.

I made it a point to send my regards to my client’s husband loud enough to let my boss know that I’m on the phone with one of the bigger fish the company has on it’s hooks.

Corporate sucking up is part and parcel of my job.
All the fucking chee byes in my company is doing this, sucking the cock of the clients we deal with.

I did not notice the girl standing a couple of feet away from my boss until he turned and gestured towards her and introduced me to my new intern.

I was a little surprised as i wasn’t expecting to babysit given the number of projects I have on hand.
After the pleasantries were done, my boss asked for a private word as he took out the box of smokes he has in his pocket and went down the stairs.
I gave my intern a smile and said I’ll be right with her after I’m done.

Settling down on the bench near the frangipani tree beside the entrance of my office, i waited for Patrick to begin. In between his draws of smoke, he told me that the intern is the daughter of one of his potential client in China, and that I was to take good care of her.

Patrick did not mince his words, he told me straight in the face.

Patrick : Suck up to her if you have to. I want that cluster housing job in Fujian.

I snubbed out my smoke after my boss and followed him back up the old shophouse.

Chao chee bye. My boss is gay.
I meant as in real gay, he like to gan other people’s backside, and I was just gan-ed by him that Wednesday morning. Dropping me an intern to baby sit is like gan-ning me deeper.

As I approached my seat, I saw the intern on my seat, looking at some of my belongings and flipping through some reference books of mine. She stood up and smiled and waited for my instructions to her.

Her name is Si Jia

She looked like the typical Chinese girl on the streets but her eyes were huge and beautiful, she had on very basic makeup as her skin is quite flawless from what I can see. Her nails were neatly done up, French.
She is quite tall, almost the same height as me when she is in her heels but I can still see the top of her head and catch a generous whiff of her shampoo when she is beside my frame of 172. Her hair is permed and coloured in a dark and rich copper. She has a good command of English, in fact, if no one told me anything about her being a prc national, I would have thought Si Jia is a local.

I did not have anything for her but I can’t just let her fucking sit there for the whole day.

James : Hey Si Jia , ermm, can you help me look at some furnitures for a lounge ?

She nodded and I briefly went through the ‘masak masak’ assignment with her. After clearing her doubts on a couple of questions, she took up a seat diagonally from me and got down to it.

I gazed at Si Jia’s diagonal profile and my mind began to drift a little.
Si Jia looked pretty decent but prc girls were just not my cup of tea. Not that I have anything against them, it’s a matter of personal preference. I would have been glad to just get this over and done with if not for the fact that my boss seemed very concerned about Si Jia and that i’m just pissed off with my work, my office, my boss. Basically every fucking thing around me

At that end of that Wednesday, he came over to have a chat with Si Jia, asking how is she, asking if I took care of her.

Patrick : Let me know if James bully you ok ? haha, I will bully him for you.

Sometimes I really wonder if my boss has to take sucking up to potential clients to such a level.
Bloody chee bye kia.

Thankfully Si Jia was rather polite and just gave a smile when Patrick made a comment that did not warrant an answer.

I had just wrapped up my 8 slide powerpoint for a product recommendation and I just sent them to the printer. Perhaps I’m just being a chee bye but instead of walking over to the printer, I asked my intern Si Jia to collect it for me.

Si jia bent down to retrieve the documents, flashing me a quick look of the band of her undies that rode a little too high that day.

She was stealing a look at the documents I printed and was about to pass them to me when she suddenly retracted her arms spoke .

Si Jia : James , there are some grammar mistakes.

Chee bye.

I could not believe my ears when the words left her mouth.
I may not be highly educated, but who are you to correct my grammar. Maybe it’s because she’s from prc, and it is insulting to have my work being criticized by her. She was probably still in her mother’s womb when I started speaking English.

Chao chee bye.

That phrase almost flew out of my mouth when I saw Si Jia automatically took up a red pen and circled a few mistakes I made in the presentation.
I did not. I forced myself to take a deep breath and to calm myself down.

As I watched Si Jia correct my work, I felt an overwhelming sense of inferiority complex creeping in.

Here she is, younger, better educated definitely more refined than me. She seemed quite capable, and definitely confident enough to point out the mistakes.
I just felt uncomfortable. It made me feel like cursing again.

Fucking chee bye.

I decided to let the matter pass but deep down I am an insecure man, what Si jia did only made me feel worse about myself.

I thought Si Jia was joking when she pointed out more mistakes from grammer to wrong specifications on Thursday morning.
When I came back from lunch to see more red marks on a drawing I gave her, I felt my blood boil.
Right before I left office on Thursday evening, I received a mail from Si Jia.

Dear James,

Hope you don’t mind me correcting your work, you seemed a little unhappy, and I’m a little afraid to approach you. You are pretty loud with the cursing as well .

Have a nice day

Si Jia.

It was a nice gesture.

I sat back on my chair and closed my eyes, I forced my mind to think. I am not a smart kid in school, I only know how to curse ‘chee byes’ and ‘fuck’ the entire day. They say empty vessel makes the most noise, I must admit sometimes I curse just to cover up my own shortcomings. I really think my brain is defective.

Chee bye, it’s really hard to think in the office.

I finally settled down my mind and put things in perspective. I have had enough of this office and the shit my boss throws at me.
Perhaps it’s time to move on.

When my eyes opened 20 minutes later, I see a lot clearer. If I’m going to leave the company, I’m not leaving without taking some souvenirs.
I replied Si Jia’s mail before I left.

Dear Si Jia,

Please don’t be afraid to approach me, I’m just a little short tempered. This is a stressful environment.
Speak soon 

     ……………………   Friday.

I arrived at work an hour early, but instead of getting to work right away, I sat back again in my chair and tried to organize my thoughts again in the empty office.
When I was certain I have pieced together a few crucial corners of the puzzle, I did some research before I started work for the day.

My boss was not around that Friday and I decided to put my plan into motion.
I suggested lunch to my team, my treat. Out of the 5 in my team, only Si jia and 2 more technical staff accepted my lunch invite.

I droved to the airport and bought everyone lunch at a café followed by a big bowl of ice cream. There was a little frantic checking of watches when the clocked hit 2.15pm but when I reassured the team that boss is away and that we should all take things easy, they relaxed immediately.

I chatted with the team but I was more interested in Si Jia. She’s from Shanghai, I reckon she comes from a rather well to do back ground, she is well travelled, well read and polite.

I can hardly remember any other prc girls in my life as they usually spent 10 minutes on their knees and the next 20 min pretending I got a 10 inch dick.
Seems like Si Jia is going to be my first Prc friend.

I settled the bill and accepted the card from the counter staff.

The card.

That was what I came for.

Turning over to Si jia, I said.

James : Hey, take this.

Si Jia : What is it ?

James : It’s a game card, you can become a millionaire you know.

Si Jia : Haha really ?

James : Of course, remember to give me a share if you win, they usually pick tourist and foreigners as the winner, you’ll stand a better chance than me.

Si Jia : Oh… ok.. what about Andie and Mikel ?

I simply smiled and replied.

James : They’ve already gotten their PR.

I let Si Jia to the airport millionaire machine and I showed her how to scan the card.
I memorized everything that appeared on the screen in front of her as her fingers worked on the on screen keyboard.

Mentally, i filled in Si Jia’s data card and filed it away.

*** Si Jia***
Name : Si Jia
Province : Shanghai, China
Education level : Degree, currently doing her masters.
Height : Around 163
Weight : ???
D.o.b : 5 Oct 1991
Contact number : 
Email : 
Dos : ???
Don’ts: ???
Rates : Café lunch + ice cream.

***Si Jia ***

I felt excited as I drove the team back to work. I caught Si jia dozing off after the heavy meal and my mind started to stray.

I had just rolled my dice on the gameboard, and I’m looking forward to the next roll. …………………  I was feeling pretty good about my plan the more I reviewed it mentally in my mind. Clearing my work and mail was a breeze that Friday afternoon.

I did not work late that evening and I left at 6pm for the first time in a long while.

The weekend was spent working on my plan and preparing my resume. I have got to start keeping a lookout for jobs and opportunities.

I spent an hour googling about Si jia.
I checked out her mail and found her facebook. I placed a bookmark in google earth on the place she lived and I tried to find any other information that I can about her. She did not have a blog which is a pity, imagine all the information I could have lifted up from that page.

Si Jia is staying at a private estate opposite science centre. Using my running software, I mapped a 7km running route over to her place from mine.
I spent Saturday evening doing a slow jog and a recce of the estate she is staying in.

The jog took me 2 hours to and fro.
Chee bye.


I have worked out some projects and assignments for Si Jia and the team and I spent a few hours going through what needs to be done. Monday is usually a crazy day for me and I’m packed with meetings. I did a quick run through of the deliverables with the guys before leaving them to their work.
It was drizzling a little that afternoon and I’m having some trouble getting a cab.

I could feel the ‘Chee byes’ and the ‘fucks’ coming to the edge of my mouth as I stood by the side of the road, trying to cover my head with my document files.

I heard Si jia’s voice rang out from behind me as she hurried towards me in the light drizzle. She had 2 umbrellas with her as I watched her try to maneuver her way across the turfing in her heels.

Si Jia did a small pull of her skirt to bring them higher in order to increase the maneuverability of her legs as she took bigger steps to get to where I was standing.

James : What are you doing here ?

I was feeling a little touched when I saw Si Jia approach with the umbrellas, looking up to my office, I realized that from her seat, she could see me standing in the rain.

Si Jia : It’s raining, you didn’t have an umbrella.

I felt a stroke of guilt hit me and I was feeling a little embarrassed about having an intern bring me an umbrella.

James : Oh thank you so much.

I was feeling really grateful and was about to thank her again when Si Jia added.

Si Jia : James , sorry. Ermm, something came up and I need to take a couple of hours off. Do you think ? ,….

Chee bye.

I knew it. She sure knew how to pick her timing, a 2 prong attack. An
umbrella to catch me off guard and to pop a request at such a moment right when my cab is arriving.

I’ve heard of the many patterns the prc are capable off, but I’ve always kept them at bay. This is the first time I’m experiencing this.
I wanted to say no but I couldn’t

Si Jia : Sorry, but it’s quite urgent, a friend of mind is in some trouble, she needs my help, I’ll put in extra hours tonight.

Extra hours, those words rang a bell in my head and I felt everything around me coming to a stop. The rain stopped falling and the sound from the streets and the surroundings became muted.

My small empty brain is trying to think again.


It seemed impossible to think properly then but I managed to rearrange the variables and put things in perspectives again.

James : Ok, go ahead, but keep me informed of your whereabouts ok ? Do you need help ?

Si Jia : No I’m fine, I shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours.

James : Ok, but I really need the design for that foyer today, can you manage ?

Si Jia : No problem, I can finish it.

I stepped back from my cab and offer it to her and the smile on the face spread so wide that I thought it’s going to tear up her lips and destroy the 2 dimples on her cheeks.

Right before she close the door, Si jia thanked me again.

Si Jia : Thanks James, you are quite nice when you are not cursing.

I watched the cab drive off and I cursed again as the rain picked up.
Chao chee bye.

I was partially drenched when I got into the cab. The aircon was freezing and I cursed and swore in that cab. My curses went into a symphony with the cab driver’s curses when our conversation topic went from working in Singapore to the prices of daily necessities.

I exhausted my hokkien vocabulary when I alighted from that cab. The uncle gave me his number and asked me to call him when I need a ride.

He must enjoy cursing with me.

By the time my meeting was concluded, it’s already 5.30 pm.

Si Jia was still working on the design and I reckon she will take a few more hours to wrap it up. I checked and replied all the urgent mails in my inbox.


James : Hey Si Jia, I’m going to buy dinner, you need anything ?

Si Jia : Ermm, it’s ok actually, no need.

James : Ok, is your mum cooking ?

Si Jia : Haha, my parents are in Shanghai. I live alone.

James : Oh ok, so you are skipping dinner ?

I pressed on a little only to find out Si Jia is feeling a little embarrassed and bad that she had to leave for a couple of hours that day. Her friend was in a bit of immigration troubles and she had to go down and help with some translation and filling in of forms. She also apologized for causing me to stay back late that day as her work is still not done.

I felt a little sorry again but I cursed myself for being such a weak softie.

Buay gan. That was the word I scolded myself with.
Chao chee bye.

I told her I’m grabbing something light and that she should get something to eat too. Si Jia finally relented when I offered to get her a yogurt drink and a piece of fruit.

As Si Jia got back to her work, I went over to the copier and took 2 pieces of blank paper.

I went to the pantry and took the ice pick that we use to open up tins of biscuits.

I looped a rubberband around my wrist.

Wrapping the tip of the ice pick with one piece of the paper, I placed it in my pocket. I folded the other piece into quarters and put it in my shirt pocket.

I popped into the home fix shop a distance away and bought a mini hacksaw, a bottle of wood fillings and glue.

Then I went to get dinner….. and to get Si Jia’s yogurt and fruit.

*** Si Jia***
Name : Si Jia
Province : Shanghai, China
Education level : Degree, currently doing her masters.
Height : Around 163
Weight : ???
D.o.b : 5 Oct 1991
Contact number : 
Email : 
Dos : ???
Don’ts: ???
Rates : Café lunch + ice cream. Yogurt drink + fruit

Personality : Enjoys helping friends.

***Si Jia ***__________________  …………  I bought myself a sandwich which I munched on the way to the yogurt stand. En route to the stall, I felt this overwhelming urgency of needing to pee.

Chee bye, I hate this kind of feeling. Since young, I’ve always had this problem with controlling my bowels whenever I’m excited and hyped up. The butterflies in my stomach did nothing to help me control the squeeze on my bladder.

I forced myself to hold on as I picked up my pace.

Reaching the stand,I forced the last bite of sandwich into my mouth and place the order for 2 yogurt shake. Peach flavor.
The 2 drink filled up my loyalty card with another 2 stamps.

While the girl is preparing the drink, I popped into the pharmacy next door and went to get a box of contact laxatives. I smiled as I finger the green box of potent drug.

I quickly paid for it and was just in time when the girl from the yogurt stall placed the 2 drink I ordered in a bag for me on the counter stand.

It is a 6 min walk from my office to where I was.

I picked up 2 piece of papaya from a fruitstall round the corner and I half jog/ran all the way back to my office. My pace slowed right before I turned the corner and my eyes were scanning the entire five foot way. I became wary of every sound and footsteps in the vicinity.

Making sure I was not spotted, I ducked into the lobby of a 4 storey office block and made my way to the 3rd floor.

This is where I would usually come to take a dump. The toilet of a shipping company. They took up the entire floor, the washroom is in the common area. I shot into the washroom and locked the door behind me.

Spreading the piece of paper onto the dry countertop ,I ripped open the bag of laxatives and popped 2 bright orange pills onto the piece of paper. I folded it over twice and used the blunt wooden end of the ice pick in my pocket to crushed the pill. Working through the hard casing was a breeze, it’s a matter of getting them small enough to avoid detection.

Once I worked the pills into powder,I opened the lid of one of the yogurt drink and pour it all in.

I gave it a stir and I double check the texture and consistency of the yogurt drink. It is impossible to grind the pills to a complete powder form with the proper tools, but I had thought of this in advance.

The yogurt drink contained fruit pieces and wheat germ, those bits are enough to conceal the potent drug I mixed inside. I gave it a good stir and replaced the lid.

Taking out my own drink, I gave it a big sip to quench my thirst.

I placed Si jia’s drink and her piece of fruit into the bag.
Perspiration peppered my forehead and spots are starting to form on my shirt.

The fucking central a/c is already off

I disposed off the paper and pocketed the rest of my stuff.
I reached the entrance of my office at 7.45pm.

Taking a deep breath , I went through the rest of my plan again in my head, making sure I’ve got the steps worked out properly.

I entered the office to see Si jia sketching away on the job I assigned her. She looked up and gave me a smile as her eyes darted to the yogurt drink and the fruit. She must be hungry.

I passed her the bag with the laxative laced drink and fruit as I continued my walk to my seat, sipping my own drink in the meantime.

An unexplained erection creeped into my pants as I watch Si Jia took a nice long sip of her yogurt drink before she started munching on her fruit.

I waited for 10 minutes before I made my way to the my office washroom.
Locking the door behind me, I check on the ammo level of the big drum of toilet roll.

Jumbo roll – 95mm width per sheet x 3 ply
1500 sheets per roll at a diameter of 23.5cm weighing 640g.

My mind cranked on the numbers as I worked out the remaining sheets left on the metal axel in the common washroom.

There should be enough for two live firing exercise for a single female.
2 sheets to wipe the rim of the bowl, 6 sheets, folded into half multiply by 3 to laced the perimeter of the bowl. Bringing the number up to twenty. An average person uses 27 sheets per session.

47 is the number

I pulled and disposed off the extra length of paper into the bowl , leaving a diameter that works our to around 100 sheets.

2 sessions with some to spare.

I went back to my seat and waited.


Si Jia finished her piece of papaya and her drink, disposing them in the office bin.

I couldn’t concentrate on my work. I kept stealing glances at her.

I saw Si Jia sit all the way back from her seat and started to look around the office. She fiddled with her phone for a couple of minutes before pushing back her chair.

She slowly stretched and made her way to the washroom.

I her the familiar sound of bathroom clogs as she left her heels at the entrance and changed into one of the several pairs of clogs the girls frequently used. Nobody wants to wear their heels into the office washroom.

I immediately got up and went to the bathroom and i listened.
There was no sound.

Suddenly there was a flush but I could still hear the fart that accompanied the first wave of bombardment.
The first flush died off and it was followed by another courtesy flush to mask the sound.
I tried to control my snigger but I was glad everything is going to plan.

Running back to my seat, I continued to wait.


Si Jia came out of the washroom.

She looked a little rattered as I observed her from the corner of my eye.
I paid no attention to her and continued my wait and observation. When I saw her starting to fidget in her seat at 8.55pm, I immediately got up and pretend to walk slowly to the only washroom in the office.

I checked and saw that the ammo left on the metal axel has just enough juice left for one more session. I pulled and disposed them till there is around 10 sheets left.

I left the toilet 3 mins later and I saw Si Jia walking around the copier, her body language told me she is uncomfortable but I knew she will not let it show.

Girls and their pride.

My butt barely touched my seat when I saw Si jia dropped off some prints on her desk and she made her way to the washroom again.

I held my breath.

This is the moment.

Creeping towards the bathroom, I immediately heard another courtesy flush but it was not long enough to mask the onslaught of Si Jia’s rectum.

And this time round the smell is quite pungent.

That is it. The moment I’ve been waiting for.

chao chee bye. I could have shouted 将军 as i shifted my 炮 and cornered the empress.
I was worried Si Jia would check the level of paper before she went on but i’m glad she did not.

I’ve always wondered why my buddy called me a chee bye kia in school.

I went to my desk and took out the mini hacksaw I bought and i went towards the bathroom.

*** Si Jia***
Name : Si Jia
Province : Shanghai, China
Education level : Degree, currently doing her masters.
Height : Around 163
Weight : ???
D.o.b : 5 Oct 1991
Contact number : 
Email : 
Dos : ???
Don’ts: ???
Rates : Café lunch + ice cream. Yogurt drink + fruit

Personality : Enjoys helping friends.Shy about bowel movements

***Si Jia ***     I was cautious as I approached the toilet in my office.

It’s a matter of time before Si Jia realized that she is running out of paper. I wonder how does a well educated prc Chinese girl curse when she is in such a situation.

I knelt down on one knee as I try to listen to the situation in the cubicle.


I heard the empty metal axle rotating in the small cubicle, telling me that Si Jia is out of paper. I knew she’s caught in a bind as her handphone is on the her table, plugged in and charging.

She must be racking her brains right now.

I retracted a few steps backwards to the copier and I waited.

The lock to the washroom snapped with a loud tick and I heard the flush of the wc again. Si Jia’s voice sounded out loud and hollow in the empty office.

Si Jia : James ! , Are you there ?

I grabbed a few sheets of paper and I step back, bending my body to pop my head out to the corridor facing towards the toilet.

James : Yeah, what’s wrong ?

I would have though Si Jia was putting on her makeup and putting a lot of emphasis on her blusher if I didn’t knew better. Her face was red and she was utterly embarrassed.

Si Jia : I’m sorry but the washroom is out of paper. You have any idea ?

James : Oh, erm ok. I can grab it from the storeroom below. Just hang on ok

Si Jia : So sorry about this.

She closed the door behind her and I heard another courtesy flush.

The paper deprivation was not the main dish I have in mind. It is merely a ploy to buy me the time I needed. I’ll need more than a few mins to execute the next part of my plan.

I grabbed Si jia’s heels and I went down to the storeroom on the ground floor with my hack saw. I took only the right heel, Si Jia’s master leg is her right as I observed her putting most of her body weight towards the right. She leans heavily on her right heel when she is standing still in the lift.

I was thanking my lucky stars that Si Jia came in her usual pair of heels. It’s a classy pair of black pumps with a 1.75inch timber heel. The grains of the timber alternates in colour as it tapers outwards towards the top. I could not resist taking a sniff of Si Jia’s heels.

They smell wonderful, and I felt the blood slowing filling up my manhood. Her petite toes wriggling in this very heel in my hand is giving me a hard on.

I am a sick man. Chee bye.

And her toe cleavage , I get fucking turned on by toe cleavage. I hate it when the ladies deliberately shoe just that tiny bit of the valley created by their toes slipping into their heels. It just made me want to kiss them so bad.

I held the heel up towards my eye level in the storeroom as I study the construction of the heel. I identified the point I was looking for and I got to work. I place my saw 1.5inch from the top, in between the line where there is a change in colour of the heel grain and I made a 45 degree cut towards the inside of the heel.

I can’t cut too low, there is usually a 1 inch nail that holds the rubber heel bottom to the heel for traction purposes. If I hit that nail, it’ll eat through my mini hacksaw easily. I blew away the dust into the storeroom and spread it all over the dusty floor in the corner. I dropped the hacksaw onto a bucket of tools, screwdrivers, wrenches and nails.

Using the wood filler, I filled in the gap created by my saw and I wipe the heel clean.

I took out 1 jumbo roll of paper and I went up the stairs cautiously.

I called out as I near the washroom.

James : Erm, Si Jia, You there ?

She replied immediately

Si Jia : Yeap, I’m here.

James : Sorry i took so long, the store is in a mess

I do not want to pass her the paper face to face, it will be awkward for a girl to face a guy passing her that jumbo roll of paper. The narrowest width of the roll is 95mm held vertically upright. Giving allowance for her hand, she would need to open the door to accommodate at least 150mm of space.

James : Ermm, Si Jia, How about you close the door and I will leave it at the entrance. I’m going to go smoke downstairs.

Someone give me an award for being so understanding.

Si Jia : Ok, so sorry about this James.

I heard the door close and I left the roll on a timber stool in the pantry and I dragged it to the toilet entrance.

James : Ok , done. I’m heading down, be back in a while k.

Si Jia : Ok, thanks James .

I replaced her heels back where they were and I went down for a smoke.

I lit up , took one puff and threw away the fag.

Chee bye, really waste money, but I force myself to see it as an investment.

I stood near the entrance and listened.

There was the sound of flushing a couple of minutes later and I heard the door of the toilet opened.

I remained where I was, waiting for the figure of Si Jia to appear.

I saw her appear in my line of sight but she remain oblivious to me as she was looking down as she kicked off her clogs.

I saw Si Jia slipped on her heels and she took in a couple of breaths before walking towards her table.

I pray that the heel would hold.

It should not give way so soon.

I timed my entrance just as Si Jia got nearer, I gave her a smile but she was obviously embarrassed and did not really dare to look at me in the eye.


I could see Si jia starting to fidget again.

Standing up, I went over to pretend I was checking on her progress. Si Jia apologized that the progress is slow, she can’t seem to concentrate.

James : Are you feeling ok ? Do you need to go back and rest ?

She hesitated a little before asking if she could bring her work home.

I waved her off, telling her not to worry about it.

James : Alright, pack up. Go back and rest, you look terrible . You better go see a doctor.

Shaking her head again, she replied as she stood up, packing her stuff.

Si Jia : I’m fine, must be the Sichuan food I had this afternoon. My favourite but the spice can really get to you sometimes

I maintained a constant frown on my forehead and I tried to hold on to her forearm as she stood up.

I went over to my seat and turned off my machine.

James : Wait, I’m a bit worried about you, I better go down with you.

Si Jia : It’s ok James, I’m really fine.

James : No way, if something happens to you, Patrick will come and bully me remember ? haha

She smiled and it gave way to a natural laugh. The first I’ve seen from her. As she brushed her hair backwards, I took a couple of big steps without being too obvious but I had to be in front of her.

As I switched off the lights and the a/c , I looked down the precarious 22 steps and 1 landing before we get to the ground floor.

Steady on the footing…..

I tried to take a much up as much of the narrow stairway with my body.

My shoes hit heavy on the timber threads and every step i took, it was followed by a click of Si Jia’s heels.

My breathing quickens, my pulse were anything but regular.

When we made the first 11 steps to the landing, i felt like peeing again. It just dawned on me i have been holding on since dinner.

11 more steps to go.

*** Si Jia***
Name : Si Jia
Province : Shanghai, China
Education level : Degree, currently doing her masters.
Height : Around 163
Weight : ???
D.o.b : 5 Oct 1991
Contact number : 
Email : 
Dos : ???
Don’ts: ???
Rates : Café lunch + ice cream. Yogurt drink + fruit

Personality : Enjoys helping friends.Shy about bowel movements. Likes sichuan food

***Si Jia ***   11 steps of the stairs might not seem to be much when you are reading off the thread but time seemed to slow down with each step Si Jia took.

I started to panic when we got to 5 steps

It’s not because I’m afraid my plan won’t work and that she won’t fall. It’s a matter of time. I cannot begin to imagine the amount of pressure that was placed on the defective right heel.

My plan was for her to fall within the narrow stairway.

Falling forward was not an issue as I was bracing myself for her, backwards works too. In the event her balance is shifted to her sides, the narrow stairway will limit her mobility and she can catch herself and still remain more or less in a standing position.

The whole ball game will change when we get to open ground.
That was one variable that I did not consider properly and it’s starting to make me worried. Assuming she falls in an open area, there is no telling which direction she will go. Most likely she will topple to her right, breaking her fall with the side of her forearm, causing injury to her elbow.

I can almost imagine the court case when the judge started shouting ‘chee byes’ at me.

He would be saying something in the range of “ If you want to fuck a prc girl, go to geylang, chao chee bye, don’t do it in the office to a masters student whose dad is a fucking rich man in china”

Then it happened.

Before my thoughts could drift one full circle, I heard a loud “whoops” sound out behind me and immediately on instinct, I braced my body and I tighten my grip on the handle. I turned around slightly to see Si Jia land thud on her bum as my eye took in the broken heel.

I heard the first non – English vocab left Si Jia’s mouth ever since I knew her.
I did not understand it but it sounded like some form of Shanghai dialect.

I immediately went up and ask if she is ok.

James : Oh my god, what happened, Are you alright ?

To my surprise, Si Jia starting laughing.

Si Jia : Oh dear, I cannot believe this. What a day..

James: Come let me help, are you ok ? are you injured ?

I slinged my back around me and I reached down to touch Si Jia for the first time. My arms went around the back of her body and my nose picked up the smell of her perfume and her shampoo as I lifted her to her feet.

Si Jia lifted up her right broken heel and said

Si Jia : Well… made in China. Haha

We both started laughing at her comment as we half walked and hopped out way to the ground floor.

Si Jia shook off the broken heel and tried to put down her right feet but immediately hissed and leaned heavily on me.

Si jia : Sorry, I think I must have twisted my feet or something.

James : Let me take a look.

I helped her to the bench when I was smoking with my boss just days ago. Sitting her down I squat down and help her remove the other heel. I peer left and right at her heel, trying to pretend I’m an expert in this.

James : Hmm, I think you might have sprained it, it’s going to start swelling in a while.

I gestured to her feet and looked up at her

James : May I ?

I did not want to touch her feet without permission. It is still very much a part of her body, I must remain the gentlemen I have been so far.

Without answering, Si Jia nodded and tried to lift up her right foot.
I formed a ‘C’ with my right index finger and I supported her heel, lifting her feet higher closer to me.

Ohhh. I could hear myself letting loose a chain of chee byes and fucks. Si Jia’s feet looks so delicious. There were some chips off her pedicure, but that is to be expected when you are wearing heels. Her feet smell good, her toes looked so suckable. I wanted to lift them higher and just try to squeeze every toe into my hungry mouth.

I snapped myself out of my thoughts and I tried to squeeze a couple of places with my left hand asking Si Jia if it hurts.
I stood up and declared my diagnoses as if I’m a doctor.

James : It’s a sprain, you need to rest. I don’t think you can walk properly for a couple of days.

James: Come, I’ll send you back.

I helped Si Jia up to her feet and I picked up her heels in my free hand and we walked/hopped to our car.

It’s a short distance away, still manageable.

I could tell Si Jia is embarrassed so I tried to make a bit of conversation. We chatted about her stay in Singapore, how was it so far. She loved the place, especially the food. I asked her about Shanghai, letting her describe the city to me. She was surprised that I’ve never been to China.

I wanted to tell her the furthest I’ve been was Bangkok but I did not.

I helped Si Jia into my car and I dropped her broken heels into my back seat.
I was about to drive off when I realize that Si Jia’s seat belt is not on.

James : Hey, seat belt.

She gave a oops and tried to pull but it didn’t really extend fully. I undid mine and I leaned over, bringing myself close to her again, I helped Si Jia snapped on her belt.

Si Jia : Thank you.

As I pulled out of the driveway, she asked.

Si Jia : You are one of the nicer Singaporean guys I’ve knew you know ?

I wanted to laugh

James : Haha, really ? What’s wrong with the others ?

Si Jia : Don’t know, they don’t seem to like foreigners very much.

James : That’s not true.

Si Jia : You seemed to be always screaming at them though. Haha.

James : Hey, that was because they keep fucking up. Chee bye, sometimes I just don’t know what the fuck they are doing.

Si Jia asked me to calm down as I approached the main road, I turned on the hazard light and I asked for her address as I parked by the side. She just said jurong, near the interchange.

James : Ok, you’ll have to guide me when we are there ok. Jurong is like the end of the world.

She laughed at my dumb joke and I smiled too, somehow I felt my heart soften a little when I hear Si Jia laugh. She seemed pretty genuine and so far her personality is pleasant but what do I know. I knew her barely a week.

En route to Jurong, we chatted about our life. I steered the conversation more towards her, asking her what she liked and what does she do during the weekend.

When we were near Jurong central, Si Jia started giving me directions I already knew to her place.

Turning into her estate, she said something that boosted a bit of my ego.

Si Jia : You know James, if you stop cursing, I’m sure a lot of girls will fall for you.

James : haha, you try taking on my job and see if you can afford not to curse.

Si Jia : But you could speak nicely too right , no need for all the cursing.
James : Aiyah, no girls will like me, I got a bad temper haha. Patrick made me this way.

We both laughed at my last comment as I revered the car into the lot.

I got out of the car and I opened the door for Si Jia and helped her out of her seat. Hobbling like conjoined twins towards the lift, we entered the old lift and went up to the 19th floor.

I offered to help her open the door and Si Jia passed me her bunch of keys.
I made a mental note of which key opens up into her private abode.

Si Jjia’s place is simple and neat. I could see a mix of old and new furniture in the apartment. It’s quite big, and being a private estate, I would have thought she’s the mistress of some businessman if I didn’t knew better.

I helped her down onto the sofa and told her to just sit still.   ………………….   I locked the gate but left the main door opened.
Her kitchen was easily maneuverable and I could see everything I needed. I set the kettle to boil and I took a medium size basin from the toilet.

Si Jia : ermm James , what are you doing ?

James : Trying to fix up your leg so Patrick won’t bully me.

Si Jia : haha. Ok.

There was a pause before Si Jia added that she knew about the cluster housing job that Patrick wanted.

I just nodded and smile at her.

I set the basin filled with tolerable hot water in front of Si Jia. Rolling up my sleeve, I gestured for her feet.

Si Jia lifted her right foot up and said.

Si Jia : Are you being nice to me because Patrick ask you to ?

Right on que I replied confidently, looking deep into Si Jia’s eyes.

James : Si jia, look at me.

I paused for a dramatic effect.

James : do I look like someone who cares what the fuck my boss says to me ?

She laughed and threw back her hair, brushing her hair away from her face.
I lowered her foot into the basin and I swept some hot water onto her and asked if the temperature is ok before lowering it fully.

I stood up and sat down beside Si jia, keeping a respectful distance. Now is not the time to be pushing too aggressively.

James : Si jia, honestly, I don’t really care about the job.

I paused again because I knew this will make her laugh again.

James : because….. if we do get it. I’ll be the one doing it…. And you will hear more chee byes everyday. Haaha

She did laugh but this time round she gave a jab of her elbow.

We chatted casually but I was observing her body language the whole time. Her posture, her gait, the way she spoke.
I felt the time is right to pop the question.

James : Let me pour away the water, do you have a towel ?

Si jia directed me to a cupboard in her room and I felt the blood rushing to my groin as I entered her room.

I quickly took the towel and left.

After drying her foot, I left the towel covering her and I asked.

James : I’ve taken a course on Chinese medicine before you know, I don’t suppose you would be adventurous for me to try it out ? haha

Si Jia : You are kidding. Haha.

James : Well, nothing too complicated, I’m just curious if the reflexology thing works in this injury.

As I see her settle back into her seat, I knew it’s a go for me as I rest her foot on my thigh.

Si Jia : Well, let’s see it then.

I smiled.

This is the usual trick I used on all my ex gf.
Touching and fucking a girl is not the only way to make her moan.

I placed 8 fingers on the dorsum of her foot and I positioned my thumb on traverse arch in between the inner and outer ball of her foot.
I knew exactly where the pressure points were.

Without warning, I depressed my right thumb gradually as I did a bell curve down the outer longitudinal arch of her foot before ending at the heel bone.
I repeated the motion, gradually increasing the pressure, keeping an eye on Si jia.

Then her facial expression began to change as my manhood began to rise.

That is it, that is the expression I was looking for.

The eyebrows twitched and wrinkled for a second and she locked eyes with mine. Her lips trembled and parted slightly, confused about the pain.
Then the electricity shot through the bottom of her foot up her spine ending somewhere behind her right ear as she sat up suddenly with another exclamation in her Shanghai Dialect

I continued my assault on the pressure points and I heard Si Jia moan for the first time.

It was a sensual soft moan that escaped her lips unknowingly, but what turned me on even more was the words after her moan.

Si Jia : en..ugh. 恩。。。痛。。 James。。 很痛。。

I stopped after that and I explain that the points was for blood circulation, there should be some swelling the next day but generally her foot should be fine.

Taking a look at my watch, I said my goodbyes and told Si jia to get a good rest.

Si Jia : Thank you so much James. I don’t know how to thank you enough.

James : ermm… maybe you can work on the foyer design ? haha .

James : I’ll tell Patrick you are not coming in tomorrow, have a good rest at home ok ?

She nodded her head as I let myself out the before throwing her keys back to her.

I need to rush back home to release myself after hearing Si Jia’s prc moan.
As I turned into my carpark, I received an sms from Si Jia.

Si Jia sms : James, thank you for everything tonight. I’ll buy lunch when I get back ?
James : Sure ~

en..ugh. 恩。。。痛。。 James。。 很痛。。

*** Si Jia***
Name : Si Jia
Province : Shanghai, China
Education level : Degree, currently doing her masters.
Height : Around 163
Weight : Estimated around 46kg
D.o.b : 5 Oct 1991
Contact number : 
Email : 
Dos : ???
Don’ts: ???
Rates : Café lunch + ice cream. Yogurt drink + fruit

Personality : Enjoys helping friends.Shy about bowel movements. Likes sichuan food. Lovely moans in chinese when in pain. Enjoys travelling.
Pleasant and sweet. Lives alone in her apartment.

***Si Jia *** I was peppered with work and arrows the next morning and I did not have much time to think about Si jia until I was about to head out for lunch.

I usually lunch alone as none of the foreigners want to lunch with a chee bye kia. My usual lunch kahkis have already left the company, except for team gatherings and such, i’ll always be eating alone. Such is the life of a half past six middle management.

As I was queuing for my food, I decided to drop Si Jia a message just to try my luck and see how it turns out.

James sms : Hey, are you feeling better ?

I got a rather long reply 3 mins later split into 2 messages.

Si Jia sms : Hey, thanks for everything last night, sorry for not being able to finish up my work, can you manage on your own ? I can work from home too.

Si Jia sms : Stomach had quite a bad run last night but feeling a lot better today, foot has a bit of swelling.

James sms : Have you eaten ? Now that you mentioned it, I do need some help on my work, but I need to brief you about it as well. Can I drop by for a while ?

Si Jia sms : Had a light breakfast, lazy to get lunch  . Sure, feel free to swing by after work.

I do no need to read in between the lines to see an invitation staring at me and I decided to act on it.

I called Si jia to tell her that I’ll bring her lunch , and that I have another meeting to run to after that, it’ll be good if I could brief her about the work before I go.

Her bright and cheerful voice over the phone really brightens up my day.

Arriving at her place at 1.30pm, I brought up fish soup and rice for Si Jia and a pack of oily wanton noodle for myself.
The masak masak work I prepared is in my thumbdrive.

When Si Jia greeted me at the door right when I was about to knock, I suspected that she has been waiting by the door side for a while. Perhaps peering down 19 floors for my car that is in an awful dirty green.

As the gate open, my eyes did a visual appraisal of my intern that afternoon. Si jia was wearing a pair of light grey tights and a long sleeve white blouse. One thing this 2 piece of clothings have in common is that they are really tight

I meant really tight.

As my eyes drift upwards from her heels, her calves and thighs were nicely sculpted by the hugging fabric she is wearing. Every curve, every turn, nicely and proudly displayed for all who is lucky enough to lay eyes on them.
My sight swept pass the overlaying of fabric once it got to the privates, secreting cursing that the long sleeve white top is covering how the grey tights react to Si Jia’s pelvis.

Will there be a camel toe ?

The white top hugs her frame , sticking to Si Jia’s skin for all it’s worth. She is not shy to show her tummy, her slightest of small cute bulge that gives the tight fabric a gentle push. Just a slight bump. I don’t like my girl to be all skins and bones.

Her breast is nothing to rave about, I’m guessing a rather full B, but until I lay my hands on them, I cannot comment on the firmness and the texture.

Si Jia : Hi James, thanks for buying me lunch.

James : I’m actually here to bring you more work, lunch is just to cover that up.

Keeping my face straight did not keep Si Jia from calling my bluff and I got a playful slap on my arm.

Si Jia : Don’t say that James, I know you don’t mean it.

I just smiled and I laid the food I brought onto the dining table.

Just as I pulled my chair towards my butt to sit down, Si jia added without looking at me as she looked at the fish soup which cost me 10 bucks.

Si Jia : James , I really envy your girlfriend to the max.

James : What do you mean ?

Looking up at me, Si Jia added that I’m one of the nicer Singaporean guy she knew, and that any girl would really could herself lucky to have me as their boyfriend.

I caught on to the que fast and replied in a nonchalant way .

James : Haha, what makes you think I have a girlfriend.

Si Jia : Of course you do, all the cute teddies in your car and the couple pillows at the back seat.

I must say she is pretty observant but she got her deduction wrong. Those belong to my ex-gfs.

I have 5 female and 3 male smurfs in my car, proudly displayed.

5 female for my 5 ex –gf which I dumped.

Chee bye, I better add I never had boyfriend before.

The 3 males was for the 3 gf that gan-ed me in my backside and they dumped me.

They say my lan par not as good as ang moh. They prefer bratwurst , not lark Cheong.

I wanted to tell them lark Cheong is meant to last, bratwurst spoil too fast.
Kidding. Chee bye.

We parted because of personality differences. Which sg girl can stand someone who likes to curse so much. It’s not atas to be around me you know.

Lan jiao atas.

James : You are very observant you know . haha, but I’m sorry, you got them wrong.

Si Jia : What do you mean ?

James : I am not attached, those belong to my ex, we broke up 3 months ago.

She just nodded at my statement and went about her lunch. I swore I detected a hint of a smile breaking out as she avoided my eyes but I couldn’t be sure. I was not prepared to let this drop where it is , I needed to get a little more edge.

James : Why do you ask ? are you interested in me ? haha

She gave me a playful kick and rolled her eyes at me.
After a brief period of silence, Si jia added.

Si Jia : I think if you stop cursing, you’ll be perfect.

James : Haha, you got to be kidding .

I watched Si Jia picked up another slice of her fish and put it into her mouth before setting down her utensils as she chew on her food. She alternated from looking at me slurping at my noodles and taking small sips of her soup.
Right before I was about to finish the last mouthful, she got up and went into the kitchen, reappearing with some tissue and a glass of water.

Right on que, I finished the last of my noodles and she set the water down in front of me and passed me the tissue.

I was shocked.

Her attentiveness was something that I had seldom encounter. Add to the fact that she did it so casually without effort, it’s as if she was raised this way.

I watched her take small bites of her food and I realize she looked so demure and pure at the moment that I felt guilty I was devising a plan to fuck her.
I wiped my mouth clean and took a sip of the water.

Lukewarm water.

Not hot, not too cold.


I was about to pack up the containers to trash it but the moment I set down my glass, Si Jia was already up on her feet, cleaning up after me.
I felt a little uncomfortable.

I don’t usually get waited on in my life but it sure felt good.

I just sat there looking at Si Jia eat her fish soup with a smile on her face. Her hair is tied up into a high pony tail that afternoon, a couple of stray strands of fringes framing her face. As her mouth worked on the food, her dimples appeared to be flashing on and off her face.

When she placed the last piece of fish into her mouth I said.

James : You know Si Jia, I think your boyfriend is a lucky man.

There was an extended length of laughter as she gave me another playful slap on my shoulder while she tried to swallow her food at the same time.
Pausing to catch her breath, Si Jia gave me a straight face and said.

Si Jia : What makes you think I have a boyfriend ?

I can almost see where this is heading as I prepared my answer in my head.

James : Of course you do, look at that pair of men’s shoe by the door .

A smile broke out on Si Jia’s face as she clear the table of her food container. When she came back, she added.

Si Jia : You are very observant you know . haha, but I’m sorry, you got them wrong.

James : haha, What do you mean ?

She smiled again and added.

Si Jia : I am not attached ….. yet.

I laughed at her reply and nodded in agreement. I handed her the thumb drive and briefly told her about what needs to be done.

We smiled at each other before I slipped on the pair of men’s shoe by the door and left.

*** Si Jia***
Name : Si Jia
Province : Shanghai, China
Education level : Degree, currently doing her masters.
Height : Around 163
Weight : Estimated around 46kg
D.o.b : 5 Oct 1991
Contact number : 
Email : 
Dos : ???
Don’ts: ???
Rates : Café lunch + ice cream. Yogurt drink + fruit , $10 fish soup

Personality : Enjoys helping friends.Shy about bowel movements. Likes sichuan food. Lovely moans in chinese when in pain. Enjoys travelling.
Pleasant and sweet. Lives alone in her apartment. Attentive and observant. Good table manners.

***Si Jia ***    I was pleasantly surprised to see the task I assigned to Si jia completed in my mail when I returned to the office at 5.30pm.

I texted her a thumbs up sign and said ‘good job’ but I did not get a reply from her.

Work kept me irritated and when I left work at 11pm that evening, I was looking forward to the bed.

Si jia came back to work the next day in a pair of flats instead of heels. It is a busy day and we exchanged smiles as whenever we pass each other in the office. Almost subconsciously, I was aware that my mood seemed to be a little better with Si Jia around.

The chee byes and the curses still flew around the office but noticeably lesser.

I did not know why but it seems I was consciously aware of the fact that every I cursed, I would scan around the vicinity to see if Si Jia is within ear shot.

When I finally got a chance to settle into my seat for to reply my mails , I took the luxury of letting my mind drift off for a brief moment. Why am I so concerned about what Si Jia thought of me ? Perhaps I’m going mad. After all,at the end of the day, I just want to fuck her.

Snapping myself out of the thought, I went back to the pile of work that needed my attention.

I did not realize it at 7.15pm until Si Jia came over to my desk and placed a 2 full sheets of A4 white paper on my desk. The 2 sheets of paper were adorned with post it notes of various colours and sizes, almost like a piece of graffiti artwork.

I see rows of post it notes, the thinnest one in yellow and red, punctuated by the occasional green. Then out of the blue there is one of the bigger size, before the pattern resumed again.

Looking up I asked Si Jia what was that on my table.

James : Nice, artwork for me ? haha you should have just bought me dinner you know.

She smiled as she overlaped her palm at the top of my cubicle panel and leaned against it. She was dressed casually in a pair of off white capri pants and a simple work blouse with a tapering sleeve that flares apart at the forearm. Her hair cascaded down her shoulders and I could not help but smile when I saw the dimples that appeared on her cheeks when she was about to speak.

Si Jia : I would like to buy you dinner for being so nice to be the last couple of days. I wouldn’t have known what to do without you helping my back that day.

James : Don’t mention it, Patrick will fuck my backside if I let anything happen to you. Haha.

Just that moment Si Jia smiled again before taking out another post it note to add to one of the sheet of paper on my table.

And I realized what that artwork meant and broke into a laugh.

Si jia came over to my side and took a pen from my holder and asked for my signature at the bottom of the 2 sheets.

Si jia : Date and time please.

James : Haha, what is this man.

Si Jia : red slips is for ‘chee byes’ , the yellow is for the ‘kan ni nahs’ , green is for the number of times you said ‘thank you’

I laughed again as I watch this little girl in front of me who is so insistent on getting my signature on the 2 sheets of paper. I played along and pen down my initials.

James : What’s with the large sheet of yellow ?

Si Jia : Oh, that is for a knock out combo.

James : What do you mean ?

Si Jia : Kan ni na beh chao chee bye.

I was almost hugging my sides as I tried to control my laugh. Si Jia just shrugged her shoulders and took the 2 sheets over to her desk and punched 2 holes in the sides before filing it into a file she prepared. She flashed me a look at the cover.

It had letters beautifully written in a calligraphic way that says, “ James’ xxx”

I was simply blown away as I watch Si Jia keep the file she made for me into her tote bag. I felt a weird unexplainable feeling in my heart as I exhaled a deep breath. This simple gesture of no significant importance somehow made my day.

I cannot wipe away the smile from my face as she walked over to my desk again.

Si Jia : So, can I buy you dinner ?

I nodded my head in admiration of her ingenuity and replied.

James : Of course you may..

En route to dinner, I asked what did the ‘xxx’ meant on the file and Si Jia replied that she did not want to write any curses or bad words on the file, so she just gave it an xxx.

James : But xxx meant porn you know, people might think you are secretly collecting pictures of me.

Si Jia did a mock stomp of her foot in my car and looked out of the window, I would have found it childish usually but somehow it brought another smile to my face.

James : Ok, I’m just kidding.

I made the turn into Serangoon garden and I asked.

James : What is the purpose of the book ?

Si Jia : Well, it’s to help you regulate your cursing and to control your temper. You can keep track of how much you curse.

That brought up another round of hearty laugh for me as I pulled up in front of a car that happened to pull out. This has to be one of the rare occasion of me coming to chomp chomp during the peak hours without having to wait for a lot.

James : Ok, so what happens when I manage to do that.

Si Jia : Well, it’s good to control your temper, and I’ve already said, you are a nice guy by nature, so you shouldn’t curse so much.

Si Jia : I’ll give the book to you as a present If you can manage a day without cursing.

James : haha, okay. That’s all ?

Si Jia : What else would you like ?

James : To leave a pair of shoes by your door ?

I would be blind if I did not notice the shy smile that broke out on her face as I guided her across the busy road.

We left the conversation as it is and had a sumptuous dinner of hawker food. True to her words, Si Jia paid for everything.

Dinner was concluded and I sent her back to Jurong , taking a longer route chatting with Si Jia along the way. Somehow all the lights seemed to turn green in my favour and I still felt the journey and time spent with Si Jia to be a little short.

I walked Si Jia up to her unit and she hesitated a little at her door before asking if I would like to have some tea.

I accepted the invite of course.

I settled down on the the sofa as Si Jia prepared a fragrant brew of tea.
She brought out a tea set and arranged it in front of me. I was expecting perhaps a lipton tea bag, and maybe an invitation for staying over but I was wrong.

I was simply blown away as Si Jia knelt down beside me and walked me through the art of drinking tea. It felt like a dream, reality for me seemed to blur as I watched Si Jia prepared a simple cup of tea no bigger than an espresso cup.

Never in my life have I heard of the terms she said that day in mandarin.
I felt ashamed of myself as a Chinese as I watched Si jia narrate every step she made in a mixture of English and mandarin.

When the tiny cup of 龙井 was finally presented to me for drinking by Si Jia, I felt like an emperor for the first time in my life.

A girl just served me a cup of tea on her knees.

Chao chee bye.
This cannot be possible.

Si Jia and I spent another 30 minutes chatting, me on the sofa, her sitting with her legs tilted away by her side as she rest her arms on the sofa seat. Her chin soon joined the top of her palms on the sofa as she looked up towards me with her doleful eyes, attentive to every word I said as I described growing up in Singapore.

It’s getting late, somehow my lusty mood seemed to have dissipated during my conversation with Si jia

I stood up and said I better be on my way as it’s getting late.

Si Jia sent me to the door, her hands behind her back, the dimples on her cheeks flashing at me.

Si Jia : Good night James , I enjoyed the evening.

James : Me too. Good night Si jia .

Right before she closed the door, I was hesitant for once in my life as I looked at her in the eyes. Our faces were inches away and we were parting with a smile on both our faces.

Friday seemed to breeze through and I was thankful Si Jia was there to help me with my stuff, not to mention correcting my grammar.
When she presented one and a half sheet of post it notes that evening, I burst out laughing again.

I left my initial on the slips as she filed them into her file.

Si Jia : Lot less combos today James , Good Job.

James : Haha, do I get a reward ?

She flashed me her sweetest smile and replied.

Si Jia : I’ll let you buy me dinner ? haha

And we shared a nice pizza for dinner at City hall that Friday evening.
We did not linger around town and I sent Si Jia back early. We finished another round of tea at 9.45pm and Si jia asked if I’m in a hurry to go off.

James : no I’m not, what’s up ?

Si Jia : Do you want to catch a movie ?

James : Sure.

Si jia : Let me get a quick shower, make yourself at home yah.

I heard the thud of the bathroom door when it closed and the moment I heard the spray of the shower, I knew I would have a good private moment to explore the room of this 23 year old girl.

*** Si Jia***
Name : Si Jia
Province : Shanghai, China
Education level : Degree, currently doing her masters.
Height : Around 163
Weight : Estimated around 46kg
D.o.b : 5 Oct 1991
Contact number : 
Email : 
Dos : ???
Don’ts: ???
Rates : Café lunch + ice cream. Yogurt drink + fruit , $10 fish soup, Pizza in town.

Personality : Enjoys helping friends.Shy about bowel movements. Likes sichuan food. Lovely moans in chinese when in pain. Enjoys travelling.
Pleasant and sweet. Lives alone in her apartment. Attentive and observant. Good table manners. Enjoys drinking tea. Attentive and thoughtful.

***Si Jia ***    I took a quick look around before creeping stealthily into Si Jia’s room.

The queen size bed took up most of the room , leaving only a narrow passage way that leads to her work desk.

Her wardrobe is tucked neat the alcove in the entrance. Si Jia’s deck is neat and her bedsheet is a pleasant light beige in colour. I lowered myself onto the neatly made bed and wondered when can i test the quality of the springs.

The bedsheets were smooth and cooling to the touch, i reckon at least a 700 threadcount. I flipped the pillow to check on the label and realised that that pillow alone would have set her back at least 259 bucks.

Chee bye, it’s good to be rich.

I’ve never slept on a goosedown pillow before.

Mine at home is rabbit brand cotton.

I glance through the photo montage on Si Jia’s wall by her bed. She is definitely well travelled, i have never seen a picture of her with another guy so far, i’m guessing she hasn’t been in a relationship. Or perhaps she did, just that there is no point in keeping pictures of a failed one.

Si Jia looked like her mum but she has that resemblance to her dad especially her huge eyes.

I opened her wardrobe and was greeted by this pleasant scent of fabric that had a healthy dose of time in the sun after washing. I found her lingerie drawer without difficulty and looked at the array of colours and designs that laid before me . I eagerly await the day when i get to choose the pieces i want to see on her body.

Buried behind a stack of towels was a metal safe the size of a large shoe box.

Rich people has got more secrets. It’s a combination lock.

I went back to the bathroom to check on the shower and it’s still going strong. Moving on to the living room , i opened the cabinet where Si Jia kept her shoes. 6 pair of heels, 4 pair of flats, 4 pair of casual sandals, and 2 pair of boots.

Si Jia’s footwear is kept clean and dirt free, i’m pretty sure she took the time and the effort to wipe and clean them after wearing. There isn’t any smell too which probably meant she air them out often.

A bunch of rolled up socks sat in a basket on the side.
At the top of the cabinet laid 3 more boxes which i did not bother to open up.

I reckon i have a couple more minutes before she is done with her shower and i went back to her room again. Looking through her laundry basket, i saw some shorts and large t shirts which i assumed she wore when she slept. I couldn’t resist bringing them close to my nose.

I brought up a worn strapless navy blue bra to my nose as generous amount pf blood started flowing down south. Pressing the part where i imagined Si Jia’s nipples to be at to my nose, i inhaled deeply and i tarik the fragrant.

That was the first prc bra i had smell in my life and i enjoyed it in a perverse way.

I also found the pair of tights that Si jia worn previously. That lucky pair of tight fabric that got to hug her delicious thighs and pelvis. Checking to make sure the coast was still clear, i let me nose take in the rich scent of her tights. I would be mad if i didn’t take the opportunity to brush my nostrils against the seams where her privates were.

Chee bye, i felt so alive whenever i do something this perverted.

Her blanket and pillow fell prey to my nose as well when her scent from the laundry is not enough to satisfy me. Everything that belongs to Si Jia seemed to smell good.

Taking in another glance of her room , i decided that i should probably be back on the sofa in the living room .

Si Jia came out of the shower dressed in a pair of cotton slacks and a cookie monster t shirt.

James : nice shirt. Do you like cookies ?

Si Jia : haha , do you need to shower ?

James : i would love to but i don’t have any clothes to change into though. I don’t think yours fit me anyway .

Si Jia : haha, of course not. I could lend you a towel though if you would like to freshen up .

I declined the offer and we left her place 30 minutes later.

Being a weekend evening , it’s quite impossible to get decent seats at a moment’s notice at jurong point. Si Jia seemed a little disappointed about not being able to catch a movie with me but she did not say much about it.

I suggested a walk perhaps at chinese garden but she gave a shy reply saying that place always seemed dark and scary, she has always avoided it .

Not knowing where else to go,i suddenly thought of a make out spot i use to go with my ex on top of jurong hill.

James : have you seen the entire western part of singapore before ? I know a hilltop park with a great view.

Si Jia : hmmm okay.

I was starting to feel a little frisky again as we walked to the car. I caught a couple of sideway glance being thrown our way as Si Jia and i were nearing the carpark.
An old man shooting a glance at Si Jia’s bum , a guy talking to his girlfriend but kept darting his eyes towards the girl beside me.

As we neared the door that opens to the carpark, a group of guys came out and blocked most of the space , talking and walking at the same time. Instinctively my right arm reached out for Si Jia’s waist and i pulled her closer to me while my left hand stopped the door from closing on us after the group of guys cleared away.

I couldn’t resist resting my hand for a moment longer as i felt the firmness of Si Jia’s lower back on my palm. I let go of her reluctantly after we advanced 3 metres away from the door.

She did not comment about my hand.

Jurong hill was a short drive away and before we realised it , we were chatting happily with each other as we made our way up the top of the spiral look out tower.

Our conversation came to a stop as we talk in the breathtaking view in front of us. We did not have the luxury of privacy as we shared the top floor with another 2 couples.

We were just enjoying the cool breeze without a word.

I stood on Si Jia’s left as we gazed into the distant industrial park.

Si Jia sneezed and my right arm went around her shoulders stroking her right side of her arms for a while.

James : are you feeling cold ? Do you want to make a move ?

She nodded and we turned to head down the spiral ramp.

We kept out distance between our body close as we decent the tower.
Right before the ground level out my hand brushed against Si Jia’s wrist and i decided to test water.

My fingers reached for her hand

Her fingers interlocked with mine as our feet hit level ground.

Barely after 5 minutes, Si Jia let go of my hand when we got nearer to the car.

Si Jia : Are you planning to win over the James ‘xxx’ book from me ?

James : if it means letting me leave a pair of shoes at your place, i would do anything haha.

She gave me another playful and shy slap as i unlock the door.

*** Si Jia***
Name : Si Jia
Province : Shanghai, China
Education level : Degree, currently doing her masters.
Height : Around 163
Weight : Estimated around 46kg
Bra size : 34B
Waist : 27
D.o.b : 5 Oct 1991
Contact number :
Email :
Dos : ???
Don’ts: ???
Rates : Café lunch + ice cream. Yogurt drink + fruit , $10 fish soup, Pizza in town.

Personality : Enjoys helping friends.Shy about bowel movements. Likes sichuan food. Lovely moans in chinese when in pain. Enjoys travelling.
Pleasant and sweet. Lives alone in her apartment. Attentive and observant. Good table manners. Enjoys drinking tea. Attentive and thoughtful.

***Si Jia ***   Nothing happened that friday evening after i sent Si Jia back. There was a long moment of hesitation from both parties as we looked longingly at each other in front of her unit

I spent a good amount of time thinking about Si Jia that night as I drifted off to sleep.

The weekend mornings was spent on texting each other as we discussed plans for the afternoon. I sent out a few resumes before spending of the day in town with Si Jia.

There was an overwhelming sense of sweetness as we walked around town, our fingers were always interlocked. Food tasted better that it usually was and the movie theater was not as cold when 2 bodies are close together.

One particular incident remained etched on my mind till this day was when we were waiting for the green man at the crossing in front of raffles city. The sun showed no mercy as it’s rays battered the streets. I could feel myself starting to perspire and I raised my right hand, about to brush away beads of sweat that are starting to form on my forehead.

Before I could get to it, Si Jia asked me to wait and immediately dug for a packet of napkin from her bag.

I have had my girlfriends wiped sweat from my face before, it’s a sweet gesture but I did not like it. I have my own hands and I’m not a surgeon, no need to dramatised such a simple matter.

Si Jia folded the napkin into half and did a flapping motion of the tissue, trying to simulate a manual fan in a comedic way.

Si Jia : huff puff, huff puff.

Passing me the tissue after her silly act, I laughed sweetly at what she just did. I did not care for the other 2 pairs of eyes from the couple beside us. Si Jia ignored me and looked straight, but kept her mouth crooked to a side, doing a cheeky puff of air towards me.

I turned to face her and when the man was green, we remained on the path and we locked lips for the first time. There are no words in my limited vocabulary to describe the sweetness of her lips, the sensual texture of her tongue.

My manhood raised it’s head in agreement moments later.

we locked lips again whenever we got to an escalator, our PDA generating quite a bit of looks from others around us, be i didn’t care.

I almost did not want to let go of Si. Jia’s hand when we parted at the gate of her place that sunday evening.

When I entered the office on Monday morning, I told myself that I will win over that swear book from Si Jia.

I made a conscious effort to cut down on the chee byes.

Come Wednesday, I was able to squeeze the post it notes into one sheet.

When I pen my signature on a half filled sheet of paper on Friday evening, I myself was amazed.

We had made plans for dinner that Friday evening at mortons in mandarin Oriental. Although we did not turn the heads of every diner, Si Jia got a few looks that bordered along the line of envy and hatred by a few female diners.

There was no baring of flesh as Si Jia is dressed in a classy black silk work blouse paired with a pair of dark grey work pants. Her matching dark orange belt and heels added that touch of zesty colour to her outfit.

They say money cannot buy class, I dismembered my steak, shoving large chunks of dead cow into my mouth. Si Jia’s steak was enjoyed in tiny morsels, she took time to chew and to swallow.

By the time we ended with dessert and drained the last drop of wine, we were smiling and giggling softly at every silly joke we cracked.

I can usually hold my liquor, but my body cannot take the sweetness of a potentially rewarding relationship and the flavors of a well aged wine together.

The bill came shy of 400 and I felt a few of my blood vessel burst as I put my initials on the slip of paper.

However I immediately felt the sacrifice was worth it when Si Jia and I locked lips again at the lift lobby.

My eyes darted for the briefest of moment upwards to the hotel rooms when I heard the jingle of the lift arriving.

Si Jia just looked at me for a moment before her lips pressed against each other she gave a shy and curt nod.

I saw the image of a Libra scale with ‘Hoh seh ‘ and ‘Hong Gan’ on it’s scale.

Reaching the ground floor, I wanted to be sure about our intentions, I hinted that we might need to make a trip to the pharmacy.

Si. Jia’s head nodded as she linked arms with me.

She kept her eyes on my phone as I navigated the hotels website, bringing up windows of pricing and rates.

She did not bat an eyelid when the final price worked out to be around 450 including taxes. . I started to key in the guest details and Si Jia offered to key in her own when we reached the pharmacy in marina square. My guess is she did not want to be seen buying condoms with a guy.

The durex was tucked safely in my pocket as I approached Si Jia who was waiting at a short distant away.

When she returned my phone, I only saw a Page that displayed “reservation confirmed “

Si Jia : My treat.

I saw the dimple on Si Jia’s face lit up her expression as she linked arms with me and we walked towards the hotel.

Before the bellboy opened the door for us, she added.

Si Jia : thank you for dinner James. I enjoyed it.

I smiled and I went to the counter for checkin while Si Jia excused herself to the washroom.

The staff told me they could not find my reservation ask asked when did I make the booking.

James : 5 minutes ago….ebooking through hotel website

The manager was professional and gave me a nod, his expression hardly changed when he reappeared 5 minutes later.

He explained that the room has been fully paid for and that he would just require a credit card for the room charges if any. He would also require the credit card that the booking was made on for verification purposes.

I was about to call Si Jia when I saw her standing a distance away, I waved her over and we got the registration part out of the way.

I held the key card tightly in my hands as we approached the bank of elevators.

I will finally get to write my FR.

Our lips were locked the moment we entered the lift till we reached the 19th floor.
I turned left holding on to Si Jia by the waist as we padded along the carpeted corridor.

The mechanical beeped of a lock never sounded so good.

*** Si Jia***
Name : Si Jia
Province : Shanghai, China
Education level : Degree, currently doing her masters.
Height : Around 163
Weight : Estimated around 46kg
Bra size : 34B
Waist : 27
D.o.b : 5 Oct 1991
Contact number :
Email :
Dos : ???
Don’ts: ???
Rates : Café lunch + ice cream. Yogurt drink + fruit , $10 fish soup, Pizza in town. One week of dating,movies and petrol, dinner at mortons. Durex 3pc pack, extra thin.

Personality : Enjoys helping friends.Shy about bowel movements. Likes sichuan food. Lovely moans in chinese when in pain. Enjoys travelling.
Pleasant and sweet. Lives alone in her apartment. Attentive and observant. Good table manners. Enjoys drinking tea. Attentive and thoughtful.

***Si Jia ***   Si Jia and I entered the door to be greeted by a seductive evening view of the Marina Bay. Facades of fancy towers glittered with lights outside out windows as I spent a couple of minutes adjusting the room’s lighting to something that is contusive for couple bonding.

I let her by the hand to the full height window and we spent a good 5 minutes by the curtain wall enjoying the wonderful view. I rest my hands on Si Jia’s hips and she wrapped hers around my waist.

Our foreheads touched and we gave each other the silly awkward smile right before it happened.

Si Jia unbuttoned the first 2 buttons of my shirt and paused, apparently too shy to carry on as my hands remained at her waist. I smiled and caressed her cheek with the back of my index finger before letting it slide down south to her neck.

I followed her lead and unbuttoned 2 buttons of her blouse.

I leaned in for a kiss before nudging her lips upwards. Si Jia seemed to be reading my mind as she tilted her head up, throwing her head back and exposing her neck to me like a sacred offering to a blood thirsty vampire.

I kissed the bottom of her chin and I traced the profile of her jaw, caressing her soft supple skin with the tip of my nose.

Every nudged sent an unique smell from Si jia’s body into my brain.

Perhaps it’s just my imagination, but it was enough to fire up my engine. Si jia’s hands left my waist as I went lower, her fingers running through my hair as I explored the depths of her love pillows. I worked off another 2 buttons, revealing a black bra with lace trimmings. A pearl was set nicely in the middle where the strap connects the 2 bra cups.

I tasted Si Jia’s raw flesh and I allowed my tongue to brush against her chest , trying to lap up every taste my tongue could detect.

Using my cheeks, I tried to peel back the bra cups, it flapped open for a short moment before snapping back into place immediately, too shy to reveal the nipples that are hidden behind. I felt the breath of hot air on my head as my hands caressed Si Jia’s breast.

My manhood was already crying for attention at it strained against the seams of my pants, threatening to burst out into the open.

We unbuckled each other’s belt at the same time, mirroring each other’s move, our right hand slid the belt off our waist as we retracted our right hands back in a wide arch, giving the simple motion of taking off the belt a dramatic twist.

Si Jia Slid my pants off easily as I wriggled myself free, stepping out from the bunch of fabric on the floor and kicking it aside in one motion. I was holding my breath as I undid Si jia’s button on her pants, this was the moment that I was most particular about.

I personally have a odd preference when it comes to taking the pants off my partner. Undoing the rest of the buttons, I held my breath as I felt Si Jia’s hands on my shoulders.

My hands let go of her pants and I held my breath.

It dropped an inch or so, unable to go further down as it was stoppered by the perkiness of Si Jia’s butt. The contours creating a naturally barrier for falling pants.

There is a reason why it is called 脱裤。 You need to take off the pants. And not 掉裤。。

The pants should not dropped off when unbuttoned. If it does, the pants is too big.

I placed a mental tick on the quality assessment checklist as I pulled Si Jia’s butt close to me and I slid her pants off after some light pushing of her firm butt. I was greeted with a bright yellow boyshort underwear. There is a rim of black lace around the hip before it branches out into 2 as it followed the contours of her pelvis down to her privates. A tiny black bow with another pearl setting made Si Jia’s privates seemed like a present to me.

A present for me to unwrap.

I took a step back as I appraised the wonderful woman in front of me. I did not care that the curtains were not drawn, I could hear my penis begging to be let loose .

Si Jia kept 1 hand on me even as I stepped back, even with such a nice and irresistible body, she still felt shy.

Our bodies connected once more and we frenched deeply, our tongues trying to find a comfortable spot to rest before our saliva was slurped up by the other.

Si Jia’s fingers dipped into the waistband of my boxers as I retreated backwards, angling my direction towards the bed. Like a medley of dance steps, we took small measured steps to the bed. When I felt the soft mattress against the back of my knees, I rotated ourselves and planted Si Jia gently onto the soft comfortable embrace of the mattress.

I requested that Si Jia keep her heels on and she slipped then on again. I knelt down on my knees and I lifted her legs up, planting her heels onto the white sheets. Si Jia adjusted her position, giving me more room to work with. I hesitated for a brief moment as I have never done this with a prc before.

I am a virgin when I comes to servicing the privates of a prc girl.

I pressed my nose down gently onto Si Jia’s vagina and I felt a cool wetness caressing my nose. I nudged her privates through her panty and I felt the wetness spread on the tip of my nose. I stole a glance at Si Jia and I wanted to scold chee bye again.

She faced me with her eyes closed but kept one finger on her lips, pulling it down like a japanese porn star. My nose must be glistening with her love juice when I lifted myself up. Her panty has a visible wet patch that turned the colour of her bright yellow panty into a dark dull yellow .

I pulled and tugged off her wet panty and I slid off my boxers.

Climbing up onto the bed, I spread Si Jia wide apart and her hands reached up for me. I positioned myself in front of her entry and we kissed again.

I could feel the warm and moist interior of Si Jia’s love hole beckoning to me as my tip brushed against her vagina

Si Jia : wait James, the condoms..

The sheer excitement of fucking this well educated and sweet prc girl seemed to play tricks on my mind as I disregarded common sense.
The risk is high but fortune favors the brave.

James : can I put it on later?

Si Jia : No, James, please…

She pleaded with me with a look that reminded me of more porn movie produced by the japs.

I nodded my head but as I tried to adjust myself upwards, I felt the weakness in my mind gave way as it shot an instruction to my arm, making it give way slightly and I pushed the tip of my penis onto Si Jia’s wet vagina lips.

The push parted the folds of her flesh and she let out a gasp pf air

Si Jia : erhnn James. .. Wait

James : oh no, sorry..

I tried pushing a little more and it slipped in a bit more and Si Jia’s eyes went wide apart

Si Jia : ernghh James, oh..

I decided to just go in all the way since I’ve come their far. Pushing in all the way, Si Jia’s hand gripped onto my shoulders as she gave a blood curling moan.

The look of confusion on Si Jia’s face turned me on even more as I thrusted into her
As I worked myself up to a steady rythem, I was rewarded with the arousing screams of Si Jia.

Si Jia : ernghh, James, ernghh ernghh.

I flipped Si Jia onto her knees as I entered her again from behind.

Si Jia : James… Ernghh

The next words that left her mouth blew me away.

Si Jia : 很舒服 .. James.. 杆

Her moans started to get punctuated with the occasional chinese phrase. I ram her hard and the ‘ piak piak ‘ sound filled the cosy room.

Si jia : 杆… 杆… 杆… Ergnn ahh.

Suddenly I heard the loud boom of my Rsm voice echo in my ear.

Magazine of 1 round. Load and ready…

I quickly pulled out my manhood and I struggled to pull on a condom before quickly rushing to enter SiJia again. I flipped her onto her back and our eyes locked as I entered her again.

Her mouth gasped open as her eyes started to water when I started drilling her prc. Chee bye

Somehow I felt myself being transformed into another person as I near my climax. I felt like a bastard but I didn’t care

I echoed ‘ready’ subconsciously as I poised my self to a comfortable position
Figure 23, deliberate target… Own time own target.

I lost it before I could echo the ‘carry on ‘ in my mind. I gripped hard onto the bedsheets and I gasped and uploaded the first round into The condom after just 10 minute of nonstop thrusting.

Sorry, it’s a habbit, I’m a weak man.i never gave my best when I engaged prc. It’s just a matter of releasing

. I’m just glad I did not have to part with 80 bucks

I laid down beside Si Jia and she cuddled up beside me.
Round one in any new relationship is seldom spectacular…

*** Si Jia***
Name : Si Jia
Province : Shanghai, China
Education level : Degree, currently doing her masters.
Height : Around 163
Weight : Estimated around 46kg
Bra size : 34B
Waist : 27
D.o.b : 5 Oct 1991
Contact number :
Email :
Dos : FJ, raw but cum in condom. Allows frenching and licking. No smell.
Rates : Café lunch + ice cream. Yogurt drink + fruit , $10 fish soup, Pizza in town. One week of dating,movies and petrol, dinner at mortons. Durex 3pc pack, extra thin.

Personality : Enjoys helping friends.Shy about bowel movements. Likes sichuan food. Lovely moans in chinese when in pain. Enjoys travelling.
Pleasant and sweet. Lives alone in her apartment. Attentive and observant. Good table manners. Enjoys drinking tea. Attentive and thoughtful. Wet and well lubricated.

***Si Jia ***   After I calmed down enough to get my breathing back to my regular speed. I assessed the emotions that was going through my mind

Embarrassment was at the top of my mind as I laid there beside a wonderful girl and all I can think of is shooting my sperm into a piece of latex.

James : Sorry, did I hurt you ?

Si Jia : No I’m fine. Are you ok ?

Si Jia turned on her side and she caressed my face, wiping off the perspiration on my forehead. I smiled and we cuddled up into a ball of human flesh on the king size bed.

We sweet talked for around 30 minutes before the human ball slowly came apart and sub consciously, Si Jia’s legs started to get wider with the frenching and kisses I pulled in between our conversation.

Honestly I felt a little guilty that I blew my load that fast and I didn’t really cared about Si Jia but I was too excited. This blame cannot fall on me alone.

I blame my 2nd head.

I was determined to make amends to Si Jia as I slid my body lower and my kisses went south as well. I orally tuned her nipples, twirling my tongue around her breast while my hands caressed her body. I alternated between giving her mounds a gentle squeeze, imagining the pressure would bring her nipple higher for my tongue.

I did not suck blindly at her nipple, using the tip of my tongue, I starting lubricating the rim of her areola even more before sucking in a deep breath through my mouth, drawing the cold air of the room to evaporate the thin layer of moisture. This created an instance of cold chill and almost immediately after I exhaled out a breath of air that was warmth by my body onto her erected nipples.

I ran the tip of my nose across her nipple before pressing down to kiss her love pillows. My left hand ventured down south to her wet spot and I found a swollen lump of flesh that is peeking out from her vagina lips, begging to be touched.

Alternating between using my nose and my mouth on Si Jia’s breast, my left hand pressed down gently on her clitoris and I heard a sensual moan escaped from Si Jia’s mouth. I gave it a couple of quick gentle strokes and I felt the arching of her body as her mouth gasped open for air.

Leaving her breast alone, I adjusted to face Si Jia and we locked lips once more but I kept my left index and middle finger on her swollen clit. My thumb decided to join the duo and soon I couldn’t feel the movement of Si Jia’s tongue against mine.

I opened my eyes only to see her mouth gapping wide open as a look of confusion messed up her face. Her eyes blinked and her lashes fluttered like the wings of a dying butterfly.

Si Jia : James .. erngh… 杆。。我的 。 B。

Si Jia : Ern.. 嗯。。。嗯和。。。和。

I felt repeated breaths of uncontrolled breathing on my face as Si Jia spread her legs wider, allowing me more space to work on her.

I got up and I gave my fingers which by now is already sopping wet and well lubricated with her love juice.

I knew if I considered too long, I would never do it and having knew Si Jia for the person she is this couple of weeks, I felt that she is a nice girl and I was willing to take the risk.

My hands palmed the bottom of her thighs and lifted her legs up, spreading her privates wide open. I see a small stream of liquid nectar streaking down the sides of her privates, and they shone proudly in the room.

I did not pay too much attention initially to her vagina when I plunged straight in the 1st round.

Now that I was looking at it closely, I realized that her vagina was neatly trimmed. I like neatly trimmed as compared to clean shaven. As I nudged my nose and mouth onto her vagina lips, I realized that her pubic hair is soft and silky to the touch. Not the rough curly and thick ones. It was as if she shampooed and use a conditioner on them.

I blew a breath of air and the few strands that were not soaked in her love juice danced gracefully in the dimly lit room of mandarin oriental.
My tongue parted the folds of her vagina lips and explored the depths of her privates. I felt Si Jia’s hands on my hair as she adjusted herself to be comfortable.

I did what I reserved only for my gfs for her.

Cupping my mouth into a small ‘o’ , I covered her swollen clit as much as I could and sucked on it lightly, bringing the shy piece of flesh further out into the open. My tongue gave a series of short licks and teases on her sensitive spots and Si Jia filled the hotel room with her screams.

Si Jia : James … urghh… what did… you do ? 杆。。什么。。嗯。。。

I could only manage a 5 rep of between 4-5 seconds but I kept it up for 6 sets with a decent interval of break for my mouth as this forbidden move takes up a lot of energy.

I know I was doing the right thing as Si Jia was caught between trashing on the bed with her upper body but at the same time being very mindful of getting dislodged from my mouth.

Si Jia : Oh my god James….. urghhh…

I switched to just plain tongue motion when I felt the grip on my hair getting tighter as I was worried I would start balding soon at this rate.
Using the widest part of my tongue, I swayed and licked Si Jia’s clitoris, lapping up her lovely secretion with my tongue.

I know I was going mad when I felt her love juice tasted like a well aged single malt.

Si Jia : James ! , sTop.

Her sudden raising of voice caught me a little off guard and I was about to raise my head but her hands pushed me down onto her vagina and I felt the swollen clit got pushed onto my nose before her pelvis started trashing wildly on my face.

I maneuvered and manage to get off another couple of licks on her sensitive clit before she clamped down on my head with both her thighs but her hands refused to let go, pressing my nose onto her clitoris again.

Si Jia : Arughhhh… erng…. 操。。。James ~。。。我的。。嗯。

Her long strings of blabbering seemed to go on for almost 15 seconds.

I had to tap the bed repeatly before Si Jia let go to allow me to catch a breath of air.

that was the first time i was face fucked with a chee bye.

We collapsed onto the bed beside each other without a word.

Round 2 was concluded when Si Jia got up and was feeling very embarrassed as she took some napkins to help me clean up my face.

After what seem like 15 minutes of cuddling, she asked me back the same question.

Si Jia:Are you ok ? Did I hurt you ?

James : haha, No I’m fine. Are you ok ?

We smiled and cuddled into a ball on the bed again.

That evening was well spent as we finished the 3rd round in the bathroom on the vanity top.

The cramp shower stall with hot water pelting down on us witness the 4th attempt.

The room service at 2 am was critical as it replenished much of our needed energy.

Falling into a deep sleep, I was surprised when Si Jia climed on top of me when the Sun was just rising along the marina bay.

By the time we checked out in the same clothes at 11 am, i felt as if i was drained of all my 阳气.


That weekend marks the start of our sexual relationship. Si Jia and i got along well and we enjoyed each other’s company.

The saying always goes that all banquet must end eventually.

6 months 3 days after Si Jia and i got together, i met the woman which is now my wife in my new company.

7 month 8 days after Si Jia and i got together, i sat in my chair in the office thinking with my eyes close. I had my own room when i switched my job into a more established company.

7 Month 10 days after Si Jia and i got together, i had another clearer plan in mind.

She may be a wonderful girl, but she is not someone i would like to settle down with.

I have spent much effort getting her, it would not be fair if i did not put in the equal amount of effort to get rid of her.


The end