This is a work of fiction.
You should not be here if you cannot differentiate erotic fantasy and reality.

A night at the club.

A drunk couple

A night of opportunities.

One thing I’ve always hated about being a non-drinker was that I’m the designated driver for the night.

It did not matter that I don’t own a car, there are plenty for me to choose from. I could never understand some of my richer friends who were blessed to have a ride given to them for their 21st birthday, why they chose to drive to a club when they know they are going to get pissed drunk.

That day was like any other Friday night.

A couple friend of mine Max & Tsaiping are celebrating their 2nd anniversary together. Their spending power as 23-year olds and fresh out of university is out of this world.

Perhaps it’s was because their parents are either lawyers or doctors. So is the rest of their extended family.

The gathering usually starts the same way, everyone all dressed up for dinner in town before the 1st round of drinks.

By 11.30pm, half the group were already tipsy and high, that was when we start to make our way to the clubs to get our eardrums damaged.

I drove Max’s car, a large Volvo Suv while the group of them sang and laughed en route. I was hoping we would not get stopped by a roadblock, there’s 8 of us in that vehicle, far exceeding the legal limit.

The girls are on the laps of their boyfriends and I could see the hands moving to spots they should not be at through the rear mirror.

Kang sat in the passenger seat beside me and while we chatted, our eyes never left the grouping hands just behind us. I was pretty sure I saw Max putting his hand under Tsaiping’s dress to grope her privates.

We arrived at the club and skipped the long queues because Max already had us on the invite list. We had a table reserved and with a wave of his credit card, Max took care of the night’s expenses just like that.

I only drank the green tea that came as a mixer.

It’s not that I don’t want to drink, i flush really red from alcohol and once I had quite a bad reaction to it that a doctor had to be called in. I stopped touching that shit after that but I still joined my friends on the nights out.

Expenses are usually paid by Max, yeah I’m cheap but I’m not going to be left out just because I can’t drink.

Kang drinks a little but never to the point of fucking himself up. So he’s usually my only sober company by the end of the night.

By 2am in the morning, the couples are more or less spent.

Ben and Yuri are the first to call it a night, they said their goodbyes before grabbing a cab over to Ben’s place for a night of fucking.

Kang and I are the only sober ones left and we shook our head when we saw Tsaiping sitting on Max’s lap as they kissed, oblivious to the world around them.

I like Tsaiping. She’s pretty and she knows how to dress herself up. She’s like the belle of the course and even when she’s attached to Max, she gets a lot of suitors trying their luck.

I was pretty close to her initially when we started university together. However as time passed, it became apparent that we belong in different worlds.

I could not help but feel a tinge of jealousy when I look at her kissing Max with that dreamy smile on her face.

Max looked like he did not know what was going on by then, he just kept drinking and drinking.

By 3am, the other couple ,Cindy and Thomas said their goodbyes.

Kang, me and Tsaiping had to drag Max out of the club and into the car.

Tsaiping : god… we can’t go back like this….Max’s parents will flip….

James : Then what are we going to do ??

Tsaiping : he has to sober up first….. his parents threatened to cut him off if he gets back in this state…. I’ll have to say he stayed over at my place or something….

James : Ok… so…I drive him over to your place… ??

Tsaiping : no no !… not today… wait… let me think…. My dad is back from his outstationed…. I can’t let him see Max like this…. Arhg… shit….

Kang : hey guys… I got to run man… I have a morning shift tomorrow at the café…. Can’t afford to sleep in….

I too have a morning shift at a ice cream parlour at 11am but I can’t bring myself to leave Tsaiping behind.

James : is ok, you go ahead… I’ll send Max and Tsaiping back….

I suggested driving them back to Max’s place and explained that I’m the one driving the car, perhaps his parents would be more forgiving if they knew Max is not behind the wheel.

Tsaiping shook her head saying that I doesn’t work this way.

She leaned against the side of the car as she massaged her head. I could feel a rise in my dick as I looked at how tightly her dress is sticking to her body contours.

Her long tone legs looked so good in her high heels.

I could tell she’s not wearing a bra. I was close enough to see the slight imprint of a nipple tape showing from the tight dress.

Tsaiping : ok… ok… here’s what we’re going to do…. Oh god…. Take us to the hotel…. We’ll sober up there.. then we head back….

It’s not the first time we did this anyway so I did not think much of it.

Max was sprawled out on the back seat.

I had to help Tsaiping into the passenger seat.

As I helped to buckle her up, I could see she could hardly keep her eyes open.

Tsaiping : James…..

James ; yeah ? …

Tsaiping : thank you….. for being so sweet….

I just smiled and said nothing.

James : I’ll drop you guys off… then leave the car in the hotel carpark….

Tsaiping pulled out $50 bucks form her purse and insisted I take it for my cab fare. I refused. My ego too big for me to accept her gesture even though I knew I’m probably going to spend 4 hours working for my cab fare home at the ice cream shop.

We got to the hotel and I half drag and carried Max up to the reception.

Tsaiping held onto the reception counter as she asked for a room before paying with her credit card.

Max was totally out and he was drooling onto the carpet.

By the time Tsaiping got the room key, she kept slapping her own face to stay awake.

It got so bad that she had to squat down in the lift.

I took the key from her and dragged Max to the room, thankful that my efforts in the gym paid off. I turned and I saw Tsaiping walking slowly on her heels, her hand supporting her wobbly body by the wall.

I opened the door and saw the suite with a view of the city skyline.

Fuck , it sure pays to have rich parents.

James : yo bro…. yo….oei.. Max… oei…

I pulled him over to the sofa and put him on it as I caught my breathe.

He’s totally gone and was snoring out loud.

I looked towards the door and wondered why Tsaiping has yet to come in.

I went out and I felt my heart skip a beat as I looked at the sight in front of me.

Sprawled on the floor and snoring softly, was Tsaiping.

Her dress had hiked up high and I could almost see her panty.

I looked down the quiet corridor of the club floor. It was empty.

I could not resist, taking a picture of Tsaiping.

I could feel my heart beating really fast for doing such a perverted act.


I kept my phone and bent down to try and wake Tsaiping up.

James : Tsaiping… hey… hey… wake up… we’re at the room already….

She did not respond to me.

I picked up her purse and carried her into the room. Walking past the living area, I removed Tsaiping’s heels and carried her onto the king size bed.

As I did, I dropped her purse and I saw a packet of condoms fall out.

I froze as I evaluated the situation I was in.

I knew I should just leave the car keys and go.

I needed to leave the room before I do anything I regretted but it is hard.

Seeing Tsaiping on the bed , I could smell the fragrance of her body.

I did not realise my hands were shaking.

I turned and looked at Max. He’s totally gone.

I looked back at Tsaiping, the girl I’ve always had a thing for.

I looked at the condoms on the floor and I knew immediately what I have to do.


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