James’s cock teasing wife was grabbed by the town council cleaner and his friends.

Dragged to the bin centre, James was forced to watch his wife get impregnated by the man she cock teases on a regular basis.

*Note: This piece contain inter-racial scenes taking place in a dirty environment that may make some uncomfortable. Do give this a skip if it’s not your cup of tea*

I stay in a 3 room HDB flat in an old neighbourhood with my wife Simin. We got married when we were both 27 years old, and we are considered to have settled down early compared to many of our peers.

A lot of my guy friends are envious of me from the moment I introduced my partner to them even before we settled down. My wife Simin is the prom queen both in her Junior college and in the university.

Even today, if you googled her name, pictures of her will pop up on the search engine. At 1.6m tall, my wife is blessed with a slim frame of 46kg and a pair of full B cup tits. Simin looks good in whatever she wears because of her curvy body shape.

Her legs are naturally long and tone even without hitting the gym, she has really fair skin too because she seldom ventures outdoor. And if she did, she will layer up on those skin moisturizers to take care of her skin.

Simin works in an auditing firm, not one of the big four but a small family run business located at the edge of town. It may not be glamourous and all, but the pay is on par with what the big boys are paying, the boss is nice too so my wife is really happy there.

I work in the civil service, doing engineering work for the utilities board. Life I would say, is well above average for our small family. Simin and I have no intention to have kids. We’re happy with our simple life, we work, grab dinner and chill in each other’s arms in front of the TV after work.

On weekends, we will cook and sometimes we host some of our friends over for dinner.

And who can forget about the sex?

Since it’s just the two of us, we can have sex as and when we feel like it. I love everything about my wife Simin, and I could sing her praises whole day, but even the most perfect woman will have their flaws.

My wife is no exception.

You see, my wife’s flaw lies on the extreme end of the spectrum from the perfect woman she portrays herself to be.

Simin is a cock teasing slut when she is in the mood for sex. The things she will do to turn herself on will make the stories you read on sex forums sound like fairy tales.

Yes, you read it right, my wife cock teases because it turns herself on. And the more she does it, the more aroused she gets.

Going out without bra, wearing short skirts without undies into town. She’s done it all before. Wearing a vibrator into the cinema and putting the controls in my hand, that’s elementary, Simin wore it to church too.

My wife also likes teasing delivery riders, going about our house without bra and allowing those pokies of hers to really shine through the white singles she absolutely adores.

Who could forget those short grey dolphin shorts that when worn by a perky butt, simply draws all the eyeballs of men towards the curves. Curves that will trigger impulses of smoldering their faces in those firm buttcheeks that Simin carries with a seductive jiggle.

The more the men looked at my wife, the more aroused she feels. I’ve talked to my wife about her fetish, it’s about feeling desired. The more she feels it, the more she is in the mood for sex. Knowing how all the men around her wants it, yet she is in the position to reject them made her feel powerful and horny.

There was once we even made out in the car in full view of another couple having their supper in theirs. Simin was trying hard not to chuckle when she saw the other women trying to stop her partner from looking.

Even at home, while doing her gardening along the common corridor, Simin made it a point to time her gardening to coincide with the town council’s cleaning time.

Raja, the cleaner for our flat will sweep the corridors between 7am to 9am on Saturday mornings, Simin will make it a point to wear a low cut singlet without bra. She will then squat outside the corridor and pretend to tend to her greens while waiting for Raja to show up.

When he did, she will pretend not to notice as Raja feasted his eyes on her assets from above. Sometimes Simin will even bend over and display that round perky butt of hers to block the corridor, making Raja avoid her with a lustful grin.

After her usual bout of cock teasing, Simin and I will go on to have a bout of dirty love making, it usually involves some name callings and role play.

Simin gets aroused when I call her a slut, and her passion for sex doubled when I introduced sick scenarios to her during sex.

From being touched by Raja, to him rubbing her with his wooden broomstick, we advanced to my wife being forced upon by Raja and his friends when I’m out of town.

Scenarios like this gives my wife some of the most powerful orgasms ever especially when I tie her up and forced her to picture being taken against her will.

James : you like that huh ? being blindfolded and gangbang by Raja and his friends?

Simin : ernghhh yes…yes…I love it… I love it when they fucked me like a slut! Arnghhh…

It’s arousing for me too, especially when I see my wife so worked up and passionate during sex.

It’s one thing to have fantasy and fetishes, but it’s another when they come true.

You see, I know my wife’s frequent cock teasing will one day get her into trouble.

I just never expect that trouble to really come from Raja and his friends.

This year, over the Deepavali long weekend, Raja and his friends came over to our place to say hi.

I thought it was really just to say hi.

I never expect to Raja and his friends to made a grab for my wife Simin.

And I never expect to bear witness to her being gangbang like a slut in the bin centre.

I always saw Raja as the cleaner that maintained the estate’s cleanliness, not as the man that tries to impregnate my wife.

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