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Author : Antyhowacc

Writes on Sammyboyforum

The smell of alcohol hit Rena before any of her other senses could activate as she opened her door.

“Hey Babe! I miss you so much, could you suck my dick please?” spouted the reeked mouth. One that unfortunately belonged to Rena’s boyfriend.

“Ew gross. Are you drunk? Why did you guys drink so much again?” Rena demanded as she quickly went forward to support her slobbering boyfriend. He unhelpfully began to litter foul-smelling kisses on the side of Rena’s face that was edged under his armpit as Rena helped him to the bed.

“Aw babe, come on…” Rena’a boyfriend started, as he tried to pull Rena’s neck towards his lower body. “It’ll be like palming that mini-blusher set right into your bra as no one is looking”.

“Oh my god, you’re such an asshole!”

“Yeah? Or the time you pop the little eraser into your pocket at the stationery shop as you pretended to kiss me.”

“Oh Fuckkkk. This is so unfair.” Rena moaned as she scurried and fumbled with the buttons on her boyfriend shorts.

Moments later Rena found herself with a mouthful of cum as she fingered herself to an orgasm while choking on her boyfriend’s generous member.

She cursed and swore at her own stupidity as she picked herself up while he snored on the bed. She should have never told her boyfriend about her secret. Now she had to make the journey of shame to the dorm toilet to clean up.

Rena reminisced about the times her boyfriend was sweet and the sex was great. He was always caring and attentive during sex, asking her how she would like to be touched and consistently putting her enjoyment first before pursuing his own.

It was the afterglow from the sex one day when they decided to skip classes and get kinky instead. Rena was still high from the strenuous exertions, dopamine flooding her veins when her boyfriend asked what other kinks she really had.

Rena had almost opened up to him right there and then, but she knew how dangerous it was and held back at the last second. Guilty for the delay, she looked back at him and saw warm and gentle eyes looking right back at her. Maybe it was the hormones or the pheromones, but for a second Rena felt like she could let him have her whole world.

So she did.

She cheekily whispered in his ear to dress up so she could show him instead of telling him.

Up for the challenge, the pair proceeded to the on-campus bookstore, where Rena subtly slid one of the ballpoint pens up between her legs and maintained eye contact with her boyfriend as it disappeared into her FBTs.

Rena had officially let him in on her most tightly-kept secret. And they proceeded back to her room where Rena pounced on him even before the door could fully close. Anyone in their rooms on that floor could hear them if they bothered to.

Yet now Rena’s boyfriend never bothers anymore. Why put in the effort when Rena was basically an at-command fucktoy?

Rena could only wonder how far he’ll take it.

Further than she could ever imagine, it turns out.

The first time he pushed her boundaries (as if he wasn’t already) with his manipulation was when they were at her boyfriend’s army gathering. It was basically a whole bunch of dudes with their girlfriends at a large KTV room. They were playing drinking games while others displayed their excellent singing skills.

Rena wasn’t the best singer, but she did enjoy a party or two. However, she was cognizant that army guys tend to talk mostly about, well, army things which she could barely relate to.

Thankfully the mic was always available, as is other girlfriends.

Unfortunately, the decent couples had all left by midnight, citing curfews and whatnot. Rena’s boyfriend however was unwilling to go, citing the fact that they stayed outside in the dormitory anyways. It was also true that midnight tended to be rather early for their lifestyle, but Rena wasn’t keen on staying when most of the other girls had already left.

Less so when her boyfriend began exploiting her again.

“Babe, wanna try sucking me off in secret?” Rena’s boyfriend muttered in her ear.

“What?! No!?” Rena shouted back.

“You sure? I’m sure it’ll feel like sliding your hand into one of the handbags just now and secretly taking away the pad pouch that they carry…” Rena’s boyfriend continued.

“You’re a fucking dick.”

“And you’re a tights stealing thief. Now give me a good one, quietly.”

Rena tried her best to pretend to be drunk as she slouched horizontally over her boyfriend’s groin area, her fingers tantalizing playful on his member, her tongue intermittently coming into contact. Rena could feel her boyfriend’s fingers slide in under her skirt, caressing her moist womanhood over her panties as she tried to work discreetly.

“Eh bro, your girlfriend drunk ah?”

“No la! She sucking my dick!” Rena heard her boyfriend respond carefreely.

Before Rena could even protest or scream profanities at the statement, she found her hair pulled back roughly as she came into eye contact with the questioner, her face flushed with exertion and her boyfriend’s dick pointing straight up at the ceiling.

There was no question that the statement was true.

“Wah bro, your girlfriend so slutty one ah. Bojio.”

“Hahaha good stuff bro. Watch!” Rena’s boyfriend crouched and whispered in her ear “My friend here drives a convertible BMW, imagine stealing his keys so we can fuck in it with the top down. Now take off your panties and throw it at him.”

“Oh God, OHHH!” Rena moaned, helpless at the imagery in her head. From reaching into his pockets, onto the joy she would have gotten if she managed to pocket the keys. She quickly stood up on the cushioned seats and reached underneath her skirt for her panties, before smoothly sliding them down her legs.

By now, everyone was basically watching her, but she paid them no heed. Rena was back on her knees, leaning over her boyfriend’s dick as she tossed her panties to his friend. Her clean-shaven pussy was available in the air for all to see, and her boyfriend’s fingers quickly tunneled in them.

Rena was about to have a fucking orgasm while her boyfriend’s army friends watched. She didn’t know whether to be thankful or not that there were hardly any other women there. After all, what would they ever think of her?

Cheers erupted when Rena convulsed, her hands barely steady enough to hold onto her joyride.

“Now take off your top and ride me. I wanna show them who’s the fucking boss…”

Facing her audience, Rena found herself riding to the rhythm of the night, her skirt thumping to the flow. Her boyfriend sucked hard on her neck, bringing her arousal close to another peak as he unclasped her bra, sharing her young and perky tits to her viewers.

“Fuck! Fuck! FUCKKKKKKK!!!” Rena shrieked when her boyfriend’s hands both roughly groped her boob and reached over to toy with her clitoris at the same time. It was almost a full minute before her boyfriend slowed and shot right into her womb.

Rena didn’t remember much after this point, only that Hi-5s were going around.

She was then next placed on her back on the transparent glass table in the middle. It was cold to the touch, like ice on her skin, something that echoed through her back and was uncomfortably hard. Rena’s knees were pulled as far apart as they could be, and men whose faces she could not remember would utter meaningless sentences at her ear before taking their turns in between her legs…

Rena woke up on the floor of her boyfriend’s dormitory room, a jacket over her torso that wasn’t even zipped and the same skirt she wore the night before. She knew she couldn’t do this anymore…