The collection features works by other local writers. I’m in the midst of approaching them online to get their buy in. These are all free to read and i have asked for their permission to reproduce their work on this site. Writer’s pseudonym, nick, & site which they write at will be indicated in the post itself.

Author : Antyhowacc

Writes on Sammyboyforum

Maisie suspected something was amiss when her boyfriend told her he was tired and wanted to call it a night. He was the kind of guy that could game until wee hours of the morning and had, multiple times, hung out so late with her that they had to wait for the first train in order to go home.

It was barely even 11pm now.

However, despite Maisie’s objections, he was persistent, and Maisie couldn’t help but go along with it. After all, they were at a staycation with friends, and it wasn’t nice to cause a scene.

They had chosen a really nice hotel, with great facilities, but with that also came a price tag that they couldn’t really afford being the students everyone there was at the time. So they decided to share an upgraded room together, even though it was clear that the two couples (out of the 5 people there) would much prefer to have their own rooms.

Retreating to their single bed on the far side of the room, Maisie nested comfortably under the blanket, the alcohol from earlier still circulating in her system. She can hear someone showering in the toilet, while 3 of her other friends continued playing cards in the corner that Maisie and her boyfriend were in just 5 minutes ago.

Maisie could feel her boyfriend closing in from behind her, as he played the big spoon to the small one she became. He lightly kissed the top of her head as he said goodnight, his arm reaching across for a nice tug hug.

And that was when everything went astray.

Under the cover of the blanket they put on top of themselves, the adventurous hand toured Maisie’s body. A short trip northwards to greet her boobs, before a detour took them southwards in between her legs.

All these while she had to keep her eyes shut and pretend she was asleep.

Maisie discreetly threw a playful slap as deterrence, but it clearly didn’t work.

Maisie was trying her best to multi-task, listening in to the conversations of the others milling about their activities for any signs that they may be aware of what’s happening under the sheets, while pleasure was being delivered to her. Maisie found herself unable to concentrate on either too well, although the increased intensity on her clitoris and the slippery fingers suggested that one of them is clearly dominating the other. The fact that their friends were so physically close that their cover may be blown at any second only served to heightened Maisie’s arousal.

Maisie kept her eyes closed, but not her mouth as her breath got faster. Her boyfriend was expertly sliding his fingers into her now and she couldn’t help but reach out behind her to return the favor.

The angle was clearly not as natural, but after some fumbling and help on her boyfriend’s part, she found her hand clasped tightly around his thick, warm rod. Mentally orientating her fingers, Maisie was able to peel back his skin harshly, a simple retaliation for the torture her boyfriend was putting her through. She could feel his precum oozing and was undeniably excited at where this little fiasco was headed.

As if to answer her question, Maisie felt her boyfriend extract those lovely fingers from within her and reposition the lower half of her body. It was clearly awkward, but it didn’t stop the passionate young man from figuring out a possible angle, plunging into her.

Maisie flinched from the intrusion, digging into the sheets as she tightened her jaw. To avoid breaking their cover, the strokes were painfully slow but the pleasure provided were warm and blissful.

The pair were literally in their own world.

But it was clear to everyone else what they were doing. No one moves that much while sleeping as pheromones stank up the room.

The conversation around them has died down for a while and all heads were in fact actively looking in their direction. Nevertheless, the bubble that encapsulated them held strong, until the statement popped it like a sharp needle.

“Get a room guys, gosh.” teased one of their friends.

Maisie froze like a deer in headlights, her daydream abruptly interrupted. She felt her boyfriend’s panic through her skin as all of their nerves fired wildly. Maisie blushed as their deeds were so openly revealed. She felt her boyfriend pull out from her cowardly as they thought of how best to explain themselves.

Maisie was silently pulling up her shorts in embarrassment before she heard her boyfriend’s ludicrous reply.

“Aiya, don’t jealous la.”

The next thing Maisie knew, her boyfriend was mounting on top of her, undo-ing her efforts to preserve her modesty and went right back to where they had left off previously. In full view of everyone, to Maisie’s horror.

“Babe, make them envy you.”

It was all Maisie needed to hear, before she twisted her way on top and impaled herself upon her boyfriend. She no longer cared about the others in the room.

Maisie wanted to fuck.

Maisie wanted her friends to see her fuck.

Maisie wanted her friends to hear her fuck.

And after Maisie felt her boyfriend cumming in her, she wanted to show her friends her well-used, glistering pussy as she wrapped her tongue around the quickly dissipating organ.

“Anyone else interested?” Maisie teased, before she went back to coaxing a second life into the night, her naked ass still high up in the air…