James enters into a relationship with a women ten years older than him. They knew nothing about each other, and by the time they finally understands each other, it may be time for both of them to let go. Sometimes, letting go is the best gift for someone you truly love.

James looked at the order chit and proceed to serve up the two cups of coffee. The buzzer for the delivery orders ring loudly and he tore the order chit from the printer for a quick look.

He worked quietly, putting the croissant in the oven. It’s a slow weekday afternoon and there are only two customers in the café he works in. James will be clocking off soon in an hours’ time for his evening class.

As the eldest child in a family of five, he stopped schooling before getting his diploma. His parent’s are blue collar workers and finances have always been tight, he figured that he could contribute more to the family if he start working early. His studies can wait, he could do it part time after his military service.

In the blink of an eye, two years has passed and James is looking forward to complete his diploma by taking the course part time. He works not only at the café, but also doubles up as a delivery worker in his free time.

That way, he can contribute to the family expenses and pay for his own studies at the same time.

It was a typical day at the café he work, at least that’s what he thought. He cast a look at the two girls sitting at the corner of the café, they were talking in a hush and agitated manner.

James has seen one of them before, he knows her name too. Siqi, he has written her name down on the coffee cup countless times since she is a regular. Siqi is 30 years old, no longer that sweet young thing that men fawns over but she is a beauty in her own league.

James wiped down the coffee mugs as he looked at Siqi’s gorgeous pair of legs. She sat back on the seat, her arms folded in front of her chest. Dressed simply in a white t-shirt and grey cardigan, Siqi oozed the charms of a matured lady that is simply non-existent in girls that are still in school or fresh into the work force.

Siqi’s hair is tied up in a neat bun in the manner that air crew would, however, James has seen them being let down before, and he finds that she looks prettier with her hair down on her shoulders.

Siqi turned and looked at James when she realized he is staring at them and James quickly looked away, embarrassed that he is caught staring.

Siqi : I’m not ready…I don’t want to marry him. We barely got to know each other.

Siqi said to her sister.

Huishan : Think of the family Sis…

Siqi : My god, listen to yourself Sis…are we living in old Chinese dynasty where Pa has to marry me off to some warlord? What the fuck is wrong with you people!

Huishan : No one is asking you to make up your mind now, all we are saying is you approach this friendship knowing what is at stake…Daryl is the only son of the second largest developer in Asia…

Siqi : Stop it…You make me sick…

Huishan : Daryl is a nice guy and you know that!

Siqi : yes he is! But not when you and Pa try to sell him to me in this manner!

Huishan : You’re not getting young Sis…it’s time to…

Siqi : NO!… I’m not having this discussion…I want my own life…I am not some commodity that, that you and Pa can use to further your business interest!

James could not make out what was being discussed but he could tell it was a heated exchange between the two women.

Siqi looked upset but even then, she looked so beautiful. James is aware that she is older than him, but exactly by how much, he is unsure.

At the tender age of 20 and fresh out of the army, James priority is making enough to survive while getting his diploma. He allowed his mind to wander for a moment, thinking how wonderful it will be if he could have Siqi as his girlfriend.

He has seen her come into the café in her office clothes before. She looked absolutely ravaging in pants and blouse, and even more mind blowing when she stepped in wrapped in a tight bodycon dress and heels.

Even during dress down Fridays, Siqi always looked perfect to James. He knew her orders by heart and there are times he will have her order ready even before she placed them.

The extra mile of remembering Siqi’s order did not go unnoticed by Siqi too. She will smile at James with an appreciative nod, and the effects of that smile will linger long after she left the café.

Despite the level of familiarity between them, they hardly spoke to one another.

Siqi : I’m done with this conversation.

Huishan : I can’t understand why is it so hard for you to get a boyfriend? Or rather, why is it so hard for you to accept someone. Why is it so hard to accept that someone loves you and wants to be there for you…men are literally lining up outside your door!

Siqi : It’s my life…I only have one of it. I want to live it in my own way, on my own terms…

Huishan : Sis…please…

Siqi : Boyfriend ? Yes sure, I’ll get a boyfriend…you wait here…

James looked up when he heard the sudden drag of chair against the tiled floor of the café.

He put down the cup and went over to the POS system, ready to take Siqi’s order.

James : Hi…

Siqi : You’re James…right…

James looked down at his nametag before looking up at the beautiful women standing in front of him.

James:  Ye..yes…can I help you?

Siqi gave him a smile before replying.

Siqi : I want you to be my boyfriend…

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