My editor is helping me clean up the formatting & grammar of my old works.

My love from the star vista is one of the first few that is completed. Both the original story and the hidden chapter has been cleaned up and formatted properly for a better reading experience.

Moving forward, i will be cleaning up other classic works like The facility i work at, My good friend’s marriage and many more.

Upon cleaning up the formatting, they will be removed from the free to read list and entered into the subscription archives. The free to read previews for these old works will not contain any erotica as well.

There’s a couple of reasons i’m doing this.

There’s a new law coming into play soon, online platforms will be legally required to protect children from harmful contents. There’s a code of practice to follow or something. There is nothing you can do to stop a curious youngster from searching online for erotic reads, and if he/she is determined to find something, they will still do it.

The only way to restrict content on this site is via a paywall. I think we can all agree that something like The facility i work at is not appropriate for a growing teen. I think you’ll probably need to be in your early twenties at least to appreciate the titles on this site.

I hope you guys understand where i’m coming from.

Give me another year or so to beef up the contents with more lengthier works, mini series & short titles.

This site will be the ‘Netflix’ of local erotic reads.

Stay safe all.

James S