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I thought it was just a job.
A job with a good pay, decent benefits and good career progression, I never expected the job to change my life.
I left my job with a contractor and joined a bio medical company as their facility manager. It’s a little different from the usual day to day stuff I do but after clarifying my exact role during the interview, I don’t think it’s much of a problem.

The person who interviewed me is Joanna. The HR director of the company. It was more of a chat than an interview, and it was conducted at the small café located within the building where I will be working in itself.
Joanna : Hi I’m Joanna.
Jude : Hi there…. I’m Jude… nice to meet you….
It was the usual from there on, a brief introduction, my employment history and why did I apply for the post.
There were no mention of pay or staff benefits during the chat, I did not think much of it because it’s pretty normal to get called up for a 2nd interview if the organisation finds you to be a good fit.
Perhaps then they would make me an offer or talk about remuneration.
Little did I expect to receive a call that very evening by Joanna herself.
She said she’s met with a few candidates and she would like me to join them. I was drawing a current pay of 3.5k. With the market in such a bleak condition, I would be happy to get a 3-400 dollar increase but Joanna made me an offer I cannot resist.
She offered me 5k over the phone.
5000 SGD a month ?!
That is a lot of money.
Jude : Wow !…errrrr….
Joanna : hahah… do you need time to consider ?
Jude : well… ermmm.. no… no …. I’ll…. I accept it of course…. It’s not a joke right ??
Joanna : No it’s not Jude….haha… I’ll get my girls to prepare the offer letter…. They’ll be in touch…. Can’t wait to have you on board….
Jude : Ok… thank you Joanna…
I had difficulty breathing after I hung up the phone.
Am I hearing it wrong ?
I had to pinch myself a little to make sure I was not dreaming.
I’m just 2 weeks shy of my 28th birthday, this has got to be the best present ever. I don’t even have a degree. My diploma was made up of just ‘C’ and ‘D’. When I started work back after my national service, I was just drawing 1.3k.
Only after 6 years at the construction firm did my pay go up to 3.5k . I was literally over the moon. The high eventually wore off as I shared the news with a couple of my good friends. They were happy for me of course but they all had the same comment.
It sounds too good to be true.
Maybe they don’t have much staff benefits.
Maybe they only give you like 5 days of annual leave a year
Maybe I need to work 7 days a week, 12 hours at a stretch .
Comments like this started to fill my head as I thought about the offer.
3 days after the offer, I received another call from a lady call Kathy. She is Joanna’s assistant and Kathy told me the offer letter was ready, and I can collect it anytime.
I snuck out during lunch and took a cab right down to the office.
Kathy showed me the offer letter and ran through it with me.
As I read through each line, I realised that everything seems to be in order.
The company is not a slave driver, I get 21 days leave a year compared to the current 14 I’m getting.
Medical benefits are rock solid and it includes dental care as well.
Working hours are from 9-6, nothing out of the ordinary but since my role is that of a facility manager, I was expected to be contactable 24/7 . If there is a need to, I have to return to the office even on weekends and public holidays.
Kathy : Any questions so far ?
Jude : No… all good. …
The next form I needed to sign made my jaw drop.
Kathy : This is for the company car…
What the fuck.
They are giving me a car ?
It’s nothing fancy, just a Korean car with the company decal on the windscreen but it’s for me to use. Petrol, cashcard, even parking is paid for by the company.
I quietly pinched myself again to make sure this was not a dream as I signed the form.
Kathy : This is the car plate number that will be assigned to you….. you can pick it up at the carpark on your first day of work…
Jude : Oh… ok…
With the forms out of the way, Kathy brought out a thick stack of papers. It’s the contract. It’s thick, probably about a inch or so.
Kathy : This is an agreement all staff have to sign. … you know… it’s a competitive industry and a lot of things here are confidential… can read it through…. But this document cannot leave this room…
I looked at that thick volume of clauses and legal terms and it gave me a headache even before I flip the first page.
Kathy laughed and told me it’s really nothing much, even the pantry auntie has to sign one.
Kathy : The gist of it is simple, don’t disclose company secrets, don’t bring anything out… if you get caught…. They will sue the shit out of you….. I’m serious Jude…. Don’t bring anything you are not allowed to out of the building.
Jude : Ok sure… I’m just doing the facility stuff…. I doubt I would even go near all the bio hazard stuff and all….
Kathy : Hello !… haha… what Bio hazard….. we’re not making zombies ok… haha…
I signed the contract and thanked Kathy for her time.
As I shook Kathy’s hand, she brushed back a stray fringe and gave me a shy smile. She’s quite pretty and from certain angles, she looked like our local actress Yvonne Lin. With heels on, she’s about the same height as me at 1.68m
A nice height to kiss and make out if she remove her heels. Her slender frame looked good in the sleeveless white blouse she chose for the day and the short grey skirt revealed a pair of creamy smooth legs that I would love to rub myself up against.
Kathy : Alright…. Ermmm… let me know when can you start…. I’ll make the arrangements..
Jude : Ok… sure….
I tendered my resignation that very afternoon.
3rd august 2015
My boss tried to convince me to stay with a 400 increment but I told him I had an offer I cannot refuse. A few colleagues was surprised I wanted to leave such a nice company given how well I fit in but I guess it’s just fate and maybe I’m lucky.
Would you have refused such an offer ?
I started reading up more about the company I was joining.
That was when I hit a sort of a road block.
There’s the website and all, the place where I got some basic background of what the company is doing for my interview session. I tried to find out more but there’s really not much information available online.
Other than an additional page on corporate governance and company values, I realised the webpage only provided enough information to get would be employees through the interview.
There were no news about the company as well.
Well, maybe it’s just a subsidiary of a bigger company, or a holding company or whatever.
As long as they pay me, what do I care right ?
I informed Kathy that I would be able to start work in the middle of September. That would give me a few days break after serving my 1 month notice with the current company.
12th September 2015
My first day of work.
Now with every first day in a new environment, you would get that jitter and excitement. I did too, my head was filled with anticipation of what to expect.
Kathy greeted me with a smile and she had a backpack with her with the company’s logo on it.
Kathy : Here’s your bag…. Everyone gets one on their first day…
Jude : Wah… like going army like that.. haha..
Kathy : haha… come… I’ll bring you to your office…
The building itself is huge. 7 storeys high with 2 levels of basement.
The carpark itself is a separate 2 storey building just by the side of the main block.
Kathy : your office is in the basement…. Hope you don’t mind ar…. Most of the facilities stuff are all located there.
Jude : No… not at all…
As we approached the office, I was expecting a simple maybe dingy office tucked in the corner. My role isn’t exactly a money making one for the company and there’s no reason to give me some superb spot.
The door opened and I was greeted by the receptionist / admin girl , Nina.
Kathy : She’s your admin, let her know if you need anything.
Jude : Hi Nina…
Nina : Hi Jude…
Nina looks young, probably fresh out of school. The way she dressed, my god, she’s like that hot malay chick with the tightly tucked in shirt I always see back in school. Her tight frame with her shirt pulled so tight that it leaves nothing to imagination what is beneath.
Her breast is full and bouncy. Something I can see with each step she takes.
Kathy : This is Uncle Lee…
Jude : Hello…
Uncle Lee was dressed in overalls and he had a toolbox in his hand. He’s like the resident handy man. When a request comes through, he would be activated for stuff like changing light tubes and fixing a faulty socket.
Then there’s Mrs Fong. A old lady in her late fifties seated just outside my office. She’s the one that will help me liaise and manage the money matters when we need to pay external contractors.
My office is simple and neat. Brightly lit with walls in white and cool grey and white furnitures, it’s a chic setup.
Cabinets, a sofa and a coffee table at the side.
I couldn’t possible ask for more.
Kathy gave me my log in ID and password for the computer and gave me my access card.
She produced a map of the entire facility.
Out of the 7 floors and 2 basement, I was only given the map of the 2 basement ,the main ground floor and level 2. The rest of the area was blacked out. Nothing was shown.
Even the basements had large globs of space that were blacked out as well.
Kathy : ok… this is the areas we are allowed to access… the rest is out of bounds ok…. Your access cards will get you through the doors and gates….. any questions ?
Jude : ermm… no… I’m good…
Kathy : Ok… give me a ring if you need anything …
I shook her hand again and offered to buy her lunch for showing me around.
Kathy : Sure… give me a call later… haha
I smile and looked at Kathy’s backside as she walked out of my office.
I settled down, and spent an hour or so reading through some of the company rules and values before grabbing the map and the access card.
Time to go explore a little.
I’m the facility manage after all, I have to know the place I’m managing.
I opened the door to my office and saw Mrs Fong sleeping on the desk.
It was just 11am.
It was an awkward moment, she’s just sleeping and I don’t know if I should wake her up. It’s not professional and all but I decided to let it go. It’s my first day after all, I’ll wake her up when I get back if she’s still out.
Uncle Lee was nowhere to be found and walking by Nina, I saw her shopping online for lingerie with the screen splashed wide across her 21 inch screen.
My jaws literally dropped when she asked in a nonchalant manner where am I going.
Nina : Jude… you going out ?
Jude : err… Yah… I want to walk around and get to know the building…… sure you should be shopping at this time ?
Nina : yah… now got sale… you need anything ?
Jude : Errmmm… no thank you…
I shook my head and left the office. Ok, managing people might not be a walk in the park after all.
Following the map I had, I started to walk down the corridor. I tapped open doors to storerooms, mechanical access, even the fire command centre when I met 2 old security guards. I introduced myself and they waved to me with a smile as they sipped their coffee and looked at the grainy surveillance screen in front of them.
I was surprised to see that the building had it’s own central kitchen, a small one that is with staff preparing food and meals. I entered but was waved to head out since I was not properly attired.
Carparks, ground floor, cafes, meeting rooms, pantry, I went into each one and made some notes if I see things that needed to be fixed.
Within an hour or so, I finished all the areas I had access to.
I entered the lift and scanned my access card, I was about to hit basement 1 to return to my office when I thought maybe I could try the other floors. I tried 3 to 7. None of it lit up. I had no access to those floors.
You hire a facility manager only to block his access to more than half of your building.
I went back to the basement and I went to the loading unloading bay. There was something peculiar about the place. I orientated the map I was holding and spent some time looking at the place before I realised what was out of place.
They had split the loading and unloading bay into 2. That’s why the space seemed smaller than it is on the map. It was supposed to be a 3 bay loading area but I only see 2 in front of me.
One spot is missing.
I followed the walls and walked up the ramp to the exterior of the building. The entrance to the other bay was shuttered. Who would build something like this ? It does not make sense.
Along the wall that separated the 2 loading bays, I saw a door tucked beside a column. The card access light blinked lazily.
That door did not appear on the map given to me.
Jude : fuck it…
I took my access card and tapped the access.
The light blinked red followed by a short beeped. It remained locked.
I shrugged my shoulder and took 2 steps away when I heard footsteps approaching. It’s not walking footsteps but running.
Someone was running.
It got louder and nearer and I turned to see 2 man in dri fit t-shirt with company logo running towards me. They were about my age and they ran towards me without breaking a sweat.
Jude : woah… woah woah…. What’s happening ??
One of them immediately checked the door and made sure it’s locked. The other approached me and introduced himself.
Thomas : Hi Jude… I’m Thomas…
Jude : err… Hi… how you know my name ? ….
Thomas : We control the card access…. I know it’s your first day…
Jude : Oh… ok..
Without any expression, Thomas gave me a very subtle warning.
Thomas : Stick to the places you have access to….
There was an awkward pause for a couple of seconds before the continued.
Thomas : or things will get messy… ok ?
I nodded without a word.
They remained at their spot as I turned and walked off.
What the fuck is their problem.
5 minutes later I was back in my office and my desk phone rang.
It was Joanna.
Joanna : Hi Jude… Joanna here…
Jude : Joanna … hello…. i..
Without breaking a beat, Joanna said the same thing to me.
Joanna : Jude… you have to stick to the place you have access to ok…. I’m sure Kathy explained to you….. there’s a lot of confidential stuff and all…
Jude : Oh…ok… sure… sorry…
Joanna : We’ll grab lunch one of these days ok… ya… got to go.. see you…
I hung up the phone and I had this unsettling feeling in my stomach.
Something didn’t feel right.
I was making a copy of a document when I saw Uncle Lee came in, grab another 2 light tubes and left. Mrs Fong was doing some filing at the back while it was Nina’s turn to be sleeping on the table.
I put my things down and quietly stepped out of the office.
Uncle Lee was heading towards the loading and unloading bay.
I kept a distance and followed him from behind.
He left the platform and walked along the same wall I did a while ago.
I saw him reach for his access card, tapped at the reader and opened the door I had no access to.
The moment the door opened, I could hear voices.
Shouts. Screams. I don’t know.
It’s just noises.
You know when you’re in a basement carpark, the noises gets amplified, sometimes there’s echo and all. It’s the same back there.
I can’t make out what.
Like someone struggling, and angry.
Then the door closed with a thud and all was quiet again.
I went back to my office and sat down in the chair as my phone rang again.
It was Kathy
Kathy :Hey Jude… you serious about buying me lunch ? haha…
Jude : Sure… of course…. Let’s go now ?
Kathy : Sure…
Something is definitely off about that place.
Very off.
I met Kathy at the lobby and she suggested heading to a coffee shop nearby.
Kathy : Take the car la.. weather so hot.. haha…
Jude ; Oh ya… I forgot I have one.. ahha…
I started the engine and Kathy was telling me how nice the soup at the coffee shop was at as we pulled up towards the exit of the building when we were hit by flashes of blue light. It was then I noticed there were 2 blue sirens at the exit of the carpark.
Kathy sat up immediately and looked around.
Jude : why… why.. why.. what’s happening ? got zombie outbreak ah !!!
Kathy : haha.. no la !… don’t be crazy…
As the sirens turned silently, I realised the roller shutters of the carpark coming down.
What the fuck man.
Kathy : Hey Jude… I think we can’t go out for lunch today….got to eat in the café
Jude : Why ? what’s happening ?
Kathy : Probably something happening at the lab… I don’t know…
I turned and parked the car.
Kathy and I got out of the car and we were walking towards the lobby that connects the carpark back to the main building when a side door burst opened.
I froze.
I fucking kid you not I almost peed in my pants.
A lady in a white gown ran towards Kathy and i.
She’s not a ghost or a sprit, she was crying, her eyes were red as she ran towards us.
Kathy immediately clung onto me and both of us made way to the side of the corridor as the woman ran towards the carpark, crying and sobbing away.
Appearing out of nowhere, Thomas grabbed the woman by her waist, lifting her off the floor as she screamed and kicked. More men appeared and held onto her , dragging the kicking and screaming woman down the corridor.
I looked at Kathy, she was looking down at her phone, just messaging away.
Right before Thomas and his men dragged the lady into a opened door, my eyes and hers met.
That look.
That look of despair and desperation brunt right into my head as tears rolled down her eyes. As sudden as it began, it was over.
The door shut and the silent blue sirens stopped spinning.
It was over.
Kathy : Jude…. Joanna needs to speak with you …
Jude : Now ?
She nodded her head.
I had so many questions.
Jude : Did you see that ?? what the fuck was that man ??
Kathy chose to remain silent as she just smiled and played with her phone.
We got to the HR office and before she let me go on in, Kathy said something that chilled me to the bones.
Kathy : Jude…. The pay here… is really good…. So are the benefits…. So… just some advice…
She took a deep breath and added.
Kathy : Sometimes in life… you just need to turn a blind eye…. You get what I’m trying to say ??
I nodded and entered the office.
Joanna : Ahhh… Jude… I’m sorry about your first day… it seems there’s been a bit of incident…
Jude : Is everything ok ??
Joanna smiled and licked her lips before crossing her leg.
Joanna : Why don’t you answer that question Jude…. Is everything ok on your first day so far ?
We just looked at each other in the eye for a good 5 seconds before I slowly nodded.
Jude : all good so far…
Joanna : Excellent….
She handed me a file and asked me to work on the business continuity planning for the department for now.
Right before I left, Joanna too gave me some advice.
Joanna : This is a nice place to work Jude…. Just know your place… and stay away from things that don’t bother you.
I nodded and left the office.
I grabbed a sandwich from the café and went back to my own office.
Uncle Lee : Jude… I’m on half day today ah…. Next time leave matters you check with Nina… she keeps the record…
Jude : Oh.. ok… sure…
I watched Uncle Lee remove his access card, dropped it into his drawer and locked it.
The key.
He hung it on a smiley face magnet right by his computer.
Ok calm down. I have to calm down. It’s important to be rational about this.
It’s my first day of work and I’m not about to do anything to jeopardise my career. I decided to just play dumb and keep quiet, at the same time, I would discreetly observed and try and see what the fuck is going on at my work place.
There must be a logical explanation for this . This is Singapore afterall, I don’t think this is some area 51 shit with biohazard zombies running about.
Those things only happen in movies. Perhaps it’s a joke they play on all newcomers, just to freak them out or something.
For the entire 1st month, I did what I was told and I observed and recorded everything the moment I left for home.
It’s pretty mind fucking the weird things that happens at my work place.
First let’s talk about my work.
Right, as a facility manager, aside from calling a few contractors for quotes to fix some of the maintenance issues, I pretty much had nothing to do. It’s not that the role had nothing to do, it just felt like I’m an intern of sort.
Everyone was watching me, seeing how I would fit into the organisation.
I was given minimal work.
Real minimal.
The building itself is pretty new, there were hardly any issues with it to begin with. I thought of conducting a fire drill but the moment I brought it up during my team’s weekly meeting, it was shot down by Uncle Lee.
Uncle Lee : No Jude…. Don’t do anything like this…. The management will decide if there needs to be one….. we recently did one already to comply with the authorities’ requirements.
Jude : Oh… ok…
I shit you not, I spent only about 2 hours clearing my email and work every day, the rest of the time I spent surfing the net on my phone and wandering around talking to people.
Talking to people is interesting.
It’s interesting because I could see them looking at me at the café, waiting to strike up a conversation. Aside from office going crowd, I saw staffs in lab coats as well. I’m not stupid, I know I’m being observed, so I played my role as expected of me.
The smiley, jovial and all too happy to get the job at the company earning my pay yet doing so little.
I hung out with Kathy pretty regularly, especially during tea break hour and lunch. I cannot help but feel Kathy was sort of assigned the role of keeping me in check.
I did not ask about what happened on my first day at work, Kathy did not bring it up too. However, during one of our coffee session, I tactfully asked Kathy why I was selected and not the other candidates.
Kathy : Because you strike Joanna as someone very obedient … hahaha…
As she laughed, I caught the hidden meaning in her statement.
I nodded and indicate to her I understand what she meant and she gave me a wink.
Everyday when I reach home, I would pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming.
Immediately after I pinch myself I would have this sinking feeling that maybe after a month, they would reveal that this was all a joke. There was never any job offer and I would not get paid.
Maybe it’s some social experiment or something.
I was wrong.
My pay cheque did come in.
I spent some time staring at my bank account as my first pay cheque was credited into it. I’m getting paid well for doing so little.
Maybe I should just really play dumb and move on.
The blue siren came on regularly, about once a week but I never encountered anything like what I did on my first day. In fact I was beginning to feel as if perhaps it was a test in the first place . Maybe it was done just to fuck with my head or to see if I would spill the beans on what was going on.
I don’t know.
Uncle Lee’s routine is pretty standard. He leaves his access pass at the same spot, hangs his keys at the same place. If I wanted, I could easily take it after he leaves work, after all, everyone leaves work on the dot at 6pm.
Then again, I don’t have a good reason to stay late either, there’s just nothing for me to do.
With all that is going on, Uncle Lee might be just laying a trap as well, perhaps looking to see if I would take the bait.
I know. You must be thinking I’m thinking too much into this but ask yourself this question.
If you see and encounter the same stuff as I did, would you not question the same way I do now ?
22nd October 2015
I was done with my work for the day. When I opened my office door, I saw Nina painting her nails at her reception desk. I wanted to shake my head but I can’t. I wanted to ask her to do something but there is none for her to do.
Mrs Fong was loitering around the staff pantry while Uncle Lee reads his newspaper on the couch.
It feels weird not having anything to do.
I walked out of the office and went towards the café. Along the way I bumped into Thomas and Gary.
The same guys I saw grabbing the girl on my first day of work.
Thomas got a little friendlier, we started with just a nod acknowledging each other along the corridor, then the occasional hi. Nowadays, we get by with a ‘hello, going for coffee ?’
Something along the line of knowing you are co-workers yet not close enough to engage in a deeper conversation.
They look a little different that day. Their forehead were peppered with sweat and their shirt was drenched.
Jude : All ok ?
Thomas : yeah.. yeah… all good…
Gary panted too as they jogged down the corridor and passes me by.
I waited for the lift to take me up to the café when I heard a bump at the service riser behind me.
The riser door where the M&E services ran was ajar.
There was tinkling in my spine as I turned and looked at it. It’s just a narrow cupboard space with services and ducts where cables run. I know the cleaner keeps some stuff in it but it’s usually closed. The space is small, barely 30cm deep but if you want, you can probably squeeze yourself inside the narrow space.
Curiosity got the better of me as I ignored the chime of the lift arriving behind me.
I walked towards the door but before I could reach it, it wooshed opened and I saw this girl charge at me with one of the broom the cleaner kept inside the riser.
Girl : AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!…AHH!!!!.. AH!!!
Jude : Woah .. woah !! woah!!… stop.. !!
She just screamed and swung the broom wildly at me, screaming in a hysterical manner.
Now unlike the girl I saw in a white gown on the first day, this was dressed in her homw clothes. Nothing fancy, just a grey shorts and a white singlet. Her hair was messy but I could tell she’s quite pretty.
Her eyes were red from crying I guessed but other than that, she seemed fine. Her legs were toned and her tummy was flat. Her skin looked tan and she definitely looked like someone who worked out a fair bit.
Jude : HEY!!… HEY!!!.. fuck !!!… hey !!
Girl : ARHHHH!!! ..FUCK you !!! fuck off !!! AHRHHHH
I kept skipping backwards trying to avoid the swing of her broom as she pushed me a good 8 to 10 metres away from the lift lobby with her swings.
Then she ran inside the lift and tried to get it to close.
The commotions attracted the attention of a few other co-workers. I saw a couple on lab coats texting away on their phone while one of the older security guard hurried back to the fire command centre. A Auntie who worked in the kitchen hurried away as well.
The lift door would not close.
You needed the access card to activate it.
I could hear her scream and she kept kicking and hammering the control panel in the lift.
Footsteps thundered down the corridor and I saw Thomas, Gary and 3 other guys coming towards the lift lobby. The girl could hear their voices and she dashed out of the lift, screaming and crying for help.
Girl : NO!!! NO!!… no!!… help !! PLEASE!!!,..fuck…. no!!! don’t do this !!! sob… sob…. NO!!!!
She was running towards me and I could see Thomas and guys barely 20 metres away.
Our eyes met, and I could see the same desperation I saw in the girl I met in white gown.
Jude : Here !… follow me. !!
I don’t know what I’m doing.
I really don’t but I knew I had to do it.
If I were to get to the bottom of this, I needed to do this.
Thomas : STOP!!! ..JUDE!!! ..
Jude : Hurry !!!
The girl wiped her tears with the back of her hand and followed me as I ran down the corridor with the rest of my colleagues hot behind our heels.
I reached for my access card and unlocked the door infront of me.
Jude : Quick !
The girl sobbed and dashed in the moment I saw Thomas and Gary appear around the corridor.
The moment she was in, I shut the door behind her, locking her inside the storeroom where the bathroom supplies were kept.
My heart was thumping, slamming against my ribcage as within seconds, I heard the hammering on the door.
The girl was screaming and cursing at me, vulgarities of all kinds were spewed as the entire door vibrated violently.
Thomas and Gary heaved a sigh of relieve, so did the rest of the men behind them.
They looked at me, unsure of what to say.
I must have looked a little shocked at what I did as well and Thomas muttered a nervous thank you.
Thomas : Err…. Tha… thanks Jude…
I was really shaken by this and I’m sure he could tell by the shaking in my voice.
Jude : I…. I’m going for my coffee… ..
I walked past the rest of the guys who nodded in appreciation.
I got to the lift lobby and I saw a couple of colleagues in lab coats walking down hurriedly towards the storeroom.
I entered the lift and went to the café.
Even after I ordered a coffee, my hand was still shaking.
What the fuck have I done ?
Is it right or wrong ?
I don’t know.
I went for lunch at 12.30pm with Kathy but I did not mention what happened to her either.
At 6pm that evening, I received a call from another colleague.
Dr Aaron : Hi Jude , this is Dr Aaron from level 4…. I just want to thank you for the help this morning…. With… with the incident…
Jude : Oh… ok….. Everything all good on your end ?
Dr Aaron : Sure… all good…. Let’s have coffee sometimes…
Jude : Ok… sure…
I hung up the phone with a colleague I have never even met and logged off the computer.
As I left my office for the carpark, I saw the cleaner uncle, Kenny pushing a trolley of shredded paper and fabrics towards the bin centre. There were 6 bags of different shape and sizes in all.
Kenny : Yo!! Jude…. Go home already !!
Jude : Yes Uncle…. You also going home ? Need a lift ?
Kenny : Ya… I going to throw these into the recycle bin then I going off…. No need lift la.. I take bus… very fast…
We walked along the same corridor and I held the door open for him.
The Bin centre is located right by the carpark exit, Kenny and I split paths as he continued up the ramp while I went to get my car.
Right when I was exiting the carpark, I saw Uncle Kenny trying to push the trolley up the steep ramp. He’s got to be at least 75 years old and he walks with a limp. It’s not easy to head up the slope with a trolley of stuff.
Jude : Uncle… come…
Kenny : Eh no need… no need…
Jude : Hai yah…. It’s ok la… all paper and cloths right ??
Kenny : Yah… mostly all paper… and some old towels…
I told him to load up into the boot, I’ll drive him out together.
Uncle Kenny looked at the 50m slope up and agreed to take a lift.
The bags were nothing, they were light, so I loaded them 3 at a time into the boot. Uncle Kenny folded up the trolley and put it in as well.
Within seconds, we were up ramp and by the bin centre.
I opened the boot and Kenny took out the trolley that was lying on top of the bags.
Jude : I pass to you…. Faster this way…
Kenny went up the steps and chained the trolley to a post by the bin centre while I pulled the bags out of the boot.
2 Bags at a time, I only needed to lift 3 times.
Kenny took the 1st 2 and walked towards the recycle bin 2 steps away.
I placed the next 2 on the platform for Kenny.
As I turned to grab the last 2, my eye caught something.
Something familiar.
A familiar colour that was peeking out from the mess of paper.
It was a grey, the same grey shorts I saw the girl wore that morning.
My heart started beating really fast as I stared at that piece of fabric. Most of the fabric were white and black, but that grey stood out.
I turned and look at Kenny, he was still trying to stuff the big bag into the small opening of the bin.
My heartrate increased as I struggled with the thought of opening that bag.
I looked around and made sure no one was looking.
Uncle Kenny was pretty slow, he was still stuffing in the 2nd bag.
I took a deep breath and opened that last bag of fabric. Uncle Kenny turned around and I pretended to get ready to pull out the last 2 bags.
The moment his bag was turned with the 2nd load, I opened up the bag and dug right into it. Not only did I grip onto the grey shorts, I realised there was a panty in it as well. A white pair of damp panty. I quickly stuff the shorts and panty aside and tied up the 2 bags and placed it on the platform the same time Uncle Kenny turned around for them.
Kenny : Ok… thank you ar Jude…
Jude : No problem… don’t mention it…
I closed the boot and my heart was thumping.
Where is that pair of shorts there ?
The singlet that girl wore must be within the bag as well.
I drove my car out of the compound and got home as fast as I could.
With trembling hands, I retrieved that pair of grey shorts and white panty and stuff it into my work bag.
I got back into my room, shut the door and took my stash out.
I unrolled the pair of cotton grey shorts. It was something casual, something girls would wear to bed. The material is smooth, it felt damp to the touch, there was a smell I could not really point my finger to.
I reached for the white panty. It felt damp to the touch and it was rolled up and entangled with itself. It seemed like it was taken off in a hurry.
The smell was stronger on the panty.
It took me a moment to realise it was the smell of pee.
I don’t know why I was getting an erection as I look at the clothes on my table.
I know I shouldn’t do it.
It’s not right but I could not resist.
That look of desperation on her eyes was engraved in my head.
I touched that damp fabric on my table and I slowly brought it to my face.
That smell.
Yes, there’s the smell of pee, of sweat, of her womanly scent but the most erotic scent my nose picked up and deciphered is not of those.
It’s not the saltiness in her sweat.
It’s not the scent of her body foam.
It’s not even the sweetness of her young nubile pussy.
She don’t look to be a day over 20.
The scent which aroused me the most, was something I could not explain.
Something primal.
I pressed the wet panty onto my nose and as I took a deep breath of filter air for the 2nd time, I finally realised what it was that turned me on.
It was the smell of fear.
I disposed the clothes that very evening, it’s like I too have this unspoken fear being instilled into me. The smell of the girl lingered in my brain when I don’t even know her name. What happened to her ?
What did they do that cause her to pee herself ?
By removing all her clothes , then what ? She’s resigned to wearing a white gown for the rest of her life ?
My curiosity is killing me.
I wanted to know badly what exactly is going on at my work place.
There has to be a logical explanation for everything that has happened so far.
Has to be.
23rd October 2015
I went to work as usual the next day and I was expecting a contractor to come in to fix some railings that were damaged by a vehicle a few days ago. It’s not any major works, he already took the measurements a few days ago.
All he has to do is come to site, do a one to one replacement and touch up the concrete footing a little and it’s done.
The weather was bright and sunny that day, the contractor turned up with 2 other worker and they started to get to work. I made sure the safety barricades and signage were up, and I nagged a little about the housekeeping rules the company has when I saw a worker throwing some debris into a nearby drain.
Just when I was about to make him clean up the drain, I saw an ambulance heading towards the private loading and unloading bay. It’s a private ambulance, there were no flashing sirens or anything, it just calmly rolled towards the entrance of the bay.
The roller shutters came up lazily and in it went.
10 minutes later, the ambulance left.
I chatted with the contractor about the drawings he needed to give me and i quietly observed something interesting.
A stream of Luxury continental car, 5 in all arrived one after another.
The roller shutter of the private loading and unloading bay opened and they all disappeared into the belly of the beast.
I could have gone back to my office to wait out the rest of the works but I chose not to. The contractors gave me a very good reason to remain outside in that position. I could see the guardpost from where I stood.
I kept myself busy, rolling up my sleeves and started to nick pick on the things the workers did.
I shifted cones around, commented about their work , I even took the measurement tape and pretended to check the dimensions but all these could only buy me that much time.
Within 30 minutes I was out of ideas.
I went to the café and quickly bought some drinks, together with some packet lunch.
I offered the food and drinks to the contractors and gestured to a shaded spot under a large tree. As I moved towards that spot, I could see from the corner of my eye Thomas staring at me from the guardhouse. He was not alone, they were just looking towards our direction as we went about our work.
I pretended not to notice and I dug into my food as I chatted with the contractors.
Lunch took another 30 minutes or so, I grabbed the contractor and brought him to a couple of spots where I told him I wanted a quote for some other minor works. I did everything out in the open and I’m sure anyone who was paying attention could see me.
The key is to look natural.
The cars had been inside for more than 2 hours.
The contractors got back to their work and I could see they’re almost done. Just some minor painting works.
The roller shutters opened and the stream of cars came back out one after another.
They stayed inside slightly more than 3 odd hours.
That was it.
After that day, I did not have a good reason to be hanging around the loading and unloading area for the next couple of months. One thing for sure, I know they’re dropping people off and picking people up from the building.
I would try to time my departure from work to coincide with Uncle Kenny to see if I would get lucky with the garbage but it did not happen again.
The blue silent sirens happened frequently until it no longer bothered me.
I also found out from the men’s washroom on level 2 gave me a view of the gate the cars used. Every Friday I could find an opportunity to go to that washroom, then around the same timing, the cars would come.
I made frequent trips to the bathroom on different days and I established something consistent. Rich folks are visiting my workplace almost on a day to day basis but only on Fridays did I see a stream of cars. The rest of the days only had sporadic visitors.
I wondered how the place is like on weekends.
Besides the mystery visitors, I was also bothered with another mystery I could not seem to find an answer to.
The central Kitchen.
What purpose did it serve ?
I’ve seen the amount of food they were preparing, it’s a lot more than what the café needed. I could smell curry when I walk past the entrance but curry was not served that particular day at the café.
Trucks sending food were unloaded at the normal loading bay, I was there a couple of times and I could see baskets of fruits and vegetables being unloading on almost a daily basis. The café only serves a minimal crowd, most of the staff dines outside but the kitchen seemed to be working flat out everyday.
They look like they were feeding an invisible army.
They must be cooking for someone else, the question is who ?
Closer to home, my very own staff Nina seemed to be exhibiting some weird habits too.
Thursdays especially.
She’s always missing on Thursdays afternoon.
When I tried to question her about her whereabouts, she told me she’s need up on the 5th floor.
What the fuck.
My admin staff has access to a floor that I don’t ?
Nina : I’m working up for a few hours, need to help with some admin work…
That was all she said.
I’m not stupid. I did my own due diligence.
I followed her once and true enough, she entered the lift and it went up to the 5th floor.
I paid attention to her when she comes back from her disappearing act. She was perspiring. I could see beads of sweat on her forehead. The moment she comes into office, she would quickly take her bag and went to the toilet to touch up her makeup.
I’ve see how her lipstick smudge, how her straight and tidy blouse becomes crumpled. I swore I even saw weird wet stains on her tights and skirts before. I checked her cupboard once afternoon when no one is in the office.
There’re several bags of panty liners just sitting there. Sure, it does not mean a thing, all women need them during their period but Nina’s one was only used on Thursdays. I knew because I counted.
I counted how many was there, and it would go down by one or 2 every Thursday before she leaves for work.
That’s the panty liners. Not the sanitary pads. She keeps a bag of those in the cupboard as well, by counting the numbers over the period of a month, I roughly know when is her period as well.
On days when she’s having her period, Nina would appear freshly showered after disappearing for a few hours.
I cannot help but suspect she’s having an affair with someone in the building base on my observations.
Even at the cafes, if you keep your ears open, you can catch snippets of information from the casual chats of other employees. While queuing for a coffee one day after work, I heard the guy in lab coat bragging to his friend.
I had my headphones on but I had switched the music off but I pretended to tap my feet and shake to the beat as I queued up. Something I did pretty often try and pick up stray conversations in the building.
I only caught bits of information but enough to get me curious and excited.
Guy in lab coat : struggle…….so angry…. Hahaha…. But…. Helpless…..look in her eyes…..push all the way inside… .. unload…
His friend was a bit more cautious and warned him to lower his volume.
They both turned and looked at me as I continued shaking and tapping my feet.
I smiled and removed a earpiece.
Jude : Yes ?
Guy in lab coat : Oh you are the new guy right…
Jude : ok la… a couple of months already…
He smiled and went on with his order.
So many pieces of puzzles and you know they are all connected, but there’s no way of connecting them together yet. It’s like staring at a square block of jigsaw, and all you have are some of the random pieces in the middle.
The key pieces at the sides are all missing.
21st December 2015
Nina and Uncle Lee had gone on leave, leaving only Mrs Fong and I in office.
It’s the end of the year and with the holiday mood in the air, there was hardly any work being done. I could tell most of the administrative staff were out but the lab technicians seemed to be working as usual.
Kathy was working that day and she had text me early in the morning to say she has a new colleague coming in.
Kathy msg : I’ll be going on leave in a few days time, you can have lunch with her ok ?
Jude msg : Pretty girl or not ?? haha
Kathy msg : you see for yourself later when we meet lor. Haha…
Kathy and I got closer as colleagues over the past couple of months. In fact, she just handed me my confirmation letter a few days ago, a sign that my probation period with the office is now over.
I got a pay increment of 150. Just a token sum but I’m not complaining. Kathy reminded me about my meeting with Joanna that morning. I was to meet Joanna at the café in 15 minutes time.
It was about my job scope and for a quick management review.
Joanna : Hey Jude… have a seat…
Jude : Hello….
Joanna went straight to the point and asked if everything was ok with work.
Jude : well… it’s all good…. I’m actually quite comfortable…thank you for the opportunity Joanna…
Joanna smiled and I could see her thinking of what to say next.
Joanna : Ok… Jude… let’s be honest with each other…..
She went on to say that she’s aware that I’ve seen some things, and she has no doubts that I have questions. Questions that I have been told not to ask or speak about.
Joanna : you have any problems with that ?
She crossed her legs and folded her arms, trying to get a read on me. I knew it would be pointless to lie, she wanted to see if I knew when is the time to be honest.
Jude : well… I do have questions…. But.. hmmm…. There must be a reason why I don’t have access to…. Ermm.. those answers….
Joanna nodded her head slowly and waited for me to go on.
Jude : From a professional standpoint, it’s not within my job scope, so…. There’s really no need for me to know more…. But…
Joanna : but what ??
Jude : The human side of me…. is curious… it’s only natural…
Joanna smiled and nodded her head again.
Jude : so… it’s a matter of balancing my professionalism and managing my own curiousity…
Joanna : you’re doing a pretty good job at that so far no ? hahah
Jude : haha.. I would think so…
Joanna took a deep breath and I saw her wet her lips with her tongue.
Joanna : Look Jude… we’re doing some very important work her…it’s for the greater good…. And… eventually, we will show you the whole facility….. you’ve just gotten your confirmation and….we’re in the midst of processing your upgrade to access other parts of the building.
Jude : Oh… ok…
Joanna : I have to warn you Jude… once you go down the rabbit hole…. There’s no coming back out … haha…
I laughed and replied.
Jude : I’ve been working for a while…. In terms of environment, remunerations and benefits, work life balance…. I don’t think I will ever find somewhere as good as what I have right now…. Haha
Joanna smiled knowingly.
Jude : I’m committed to the company…. And I hope to be able to contribute in more ways than what I’m currently doing…… if the company needs me to that it…
Joanna seemed pleased with my reply and she stood up, a signal that the meeting is over.
Joanna : alright… keep up the good work Jude….You should be getting your access to Level 3 approved in a couple of weeks.
Jude : Alright… thank you…
My heart was thumping by the end of the meeting.
What did she meant by going down the rabbit hole ?
She’s must be reading too much of Alice in wonderland and shit.
I got back into office and I saw a new mail arrive at my mailbox.
It was from Thomas. He wanted me to sign some forms so he can process my security clearance upgrade.
I did it and handed him the forms at the security guard post.
I was hit with a wave of warm air the moment I opened the door of the guard post.
Jude : Wow… why so stuffy in here ??
Thomas : The aircon spoilt, something is wrong with it…
Jude : Why didn’t you inform facilities ??
He seemed to be at lost for words. I could see Gary and another guy behind him covering the row of TV screens with some folders , trying to shield them from me.
Jude: ok ok.. relax… I know my clearance is not as high as you all but you need to get this fixed…. So stuffy how to work ??
Thomas : Uncle Lee is on leave…
Jude : yah… there’s still me what…
I told them I would call a technician down to take a look.
Jude : you can cover the screen, have someone stationed inside here while he works, shouldn’t take long…
Thomas : Ok.. ok.. thanks Jude…
I passed him the forms and gave him a thumbs up.
I got back to office and made the call for the technician to drop by later that afternoon.
Kathy msg : We go for a late lunch can ? I need to brief the new colleague a bit of her stuff. I’ll text you again…
Jude msg : Ok sure…
The technician arrived and I directed him to the guard house while I remained in the office.
By 12.30pm, it was done, Thomas even gave me a call to thank me for the help.
Jude : No problem la brother… Singapore so hot…. No aircon… will melt one.. haha..
Thomas : haha.. thanks for the help… you’re getting Level 3 clearance soon ya….
Jude : Yah… I also donno what it’s suppose to mean… maybe more work haha…
Thomas laughed and said once that has been approved, I would be welcomed to hang out at the guard house anytime.
Jude : only if the aircon works… haha
Thomas : haha…
Kathy msg : Hey you busy ?? can we go for lunch now ??
Jude msg : Sure… let’s go… bring along your new colleague yah … haha
Kathy msg : yah lah… ya lah…. Pervert…
I waited for the girls at the entrance to the carpark and when I saw the girl that Kathy was with, my breathe was taken away for a brief moment.
She’s hot.
She’s not some sweet young thing, more of a hot milf yet she does not look like she’s old enough to be a mother. She looked like the confident mid level executive you see along the financial centre.
Well dress in high heels, she carried herself well. Classy would be the way to describe her.
From a distance away, I started to look at her body.
She’s 1.6m, give or take. She’s not thin and scrawny, but not fleshy either. She has meat at the right place, bringing out the seductive curves of her body. Her breast is full and bouncy, I could literally see them jiggle a little behind that silk rose gold colour blouse she wore that day.
Her blouse was tucked into her waist high skirt, the jet black colour of the skirt matching her heels to a tee.
She had a little tummy I think, it’s not a beer belly or anything, I don’t like my girls to be too thin, but that little teeny budge. It’s a cute little tummy I would love to carass and play with . That little pocket of fat that would punch out after a full meal.
I felt a rise in my pants as I looked at her legs, her calves were toned and with minimal makeup on, that girl looked every bit like some celebrity from the TV station.
She’s definitely my cup of tea.
Kathy : hey !… see enough already or not… wah lau… hahah…from far away can see you drooling at her…
Jude : Hey !… don’t anyhow say ok … I’m not… I’m looking at you la…
Kathy : yah right !… hahah here…. Iet me make the introductions… This is Jude… from facilities… and here’s our latest team member in the finance department….
Jude : Hi, I’m Jude.
The girl gave me a wide smile and raised up her hand to meet mine.
Ella : Nice to meet you….. my name is Ella.
Ella is a nice name.
Her hand felt smooth and warm to the touch and there’s this scent of alluring fragrance coming from her body. Her eyes, they’re mesmerising, you could tell her eye lashes are naturally long and those sweet lush pink lips.
There’s a shine, or a glimmer on her skin that just made her look so good.
Kathy : Ok… let’s go for a long lunch , the bosses are all not in anyway…
As we walked to the carpark, Kathy casually asked about my chat with Joanna.
Kathy : Anything interesting ?
Jude : Oh… normal la… nothing much ..
Kathy : Any upgrade ??
I knew she meant my clearance level and I nodded.
Kathy : good… haha
Jude : what level are you by the way ?
Kathy : 2. Same as you….. I’ll never be able to go up to 3….
Ella : What are you guys talking about ? What level 2 and 3 ?
Kathy explained that access to the rest of the building depends on your security clearance.
Due to my job scope, I would eventually be accessing more levels of the building, whereas for the both of them, their primary job is still administrative and finance matters. Their clearance will remain at level 2 unless there is a good reason to upgrade them.
Ella : Oh… it seems the company takes privacy very seriously…
Kathy :Well… you signed the thick document too didn’t you ? haha..
Ella : Yah… haha.. that’s a bit overkill right…
We entered the carpark and the blue siren was flashing again.
Like a silent strobe light in a club, it turned lazily as we made our way to the car.
I started the engine and remained where we were.
Ella : Err…. Are we not moving ?
Jude : Hmm… long story… we got to wait for that to go away.
I pointed to the light and as soon as I did, it stopped.
Jude : Ok… we can go…
Ella looked puzzled and was about to ask why when Kathy said she would explain later.
We took a short drive out to Serangoon garden and had lunch at a café.
I could not take my eyes off Ella the entire time we’re eating.
She looks so sweet when she smiles.
She made the salad she was eating look so delicious as she carefully picked them up with her fork before bringing it gracefully into her mouth. Her lips, I felt a tingle in my pants as I watch her close around the sausages she ordered.
That squeeze of her lips, the cheese filling squirted out a wee bit as she giggled and reach for a napkin.
Fuck, my mind is straying just looking at her.
Ella is older than me by a couple of years by my estimate. She oozes class and confidence, while Kathy on the other hand is the more bubbly of the 2. Both of them are pretty in their own way but if I were to make a choice.
I would pick Ella.
We changed seats to a more comfortable spot with sofas and couches for our coffee after our meal.
Kathy was telling Ella which is the best bathroom to go to in the building, where you can take your time and hardly anyone heads over.
Kathy : Best place to smoke out for a while… hahaa…
I sipped my coffee and I looked at Ella.
She crossed her legs, the slit in her skirt revealing her calves just the right amount to draw some attention from the other men in the café. Her heel dangled off her feet and with her legs crossed, Ella spoke and laughed together with Kathy.
I picked up some small habits of hers as I looked at her. She like to put her palms beneath her firm butt as she rocked her body on the couch as she went on her banter with Kathy. She would brush the fringe behind her ears, then for no reason at all, change the way she crosses her legs , sandwiching her palms between them as she laughed.
Kathy suddenly stopped talking and looked at me.
Kathy : Jude…. Ella is attached already ok….
Jude : Oh…. I never asked about that ok…
Kathy : Please la… see your face I can read what’s on your mind already… hahah…
Ella smiled shyly.
Jude : Well of course…. She’s so pretty and elegant…. I’m not surprised she’s attached…
Kathy laughed and smacked the table.
Kathy : Kidding la… haha… I just checked with her earlier back in the office…. She’s officially still single…. But there’s a persistent guy pursuing her…. So you still have a chance la… haha…
I rolled my eyes and turned away as the girls laughed.
Jude : Where’s your old work place Ella ?
She told me she used to work in a production factory in Ang mo kio industrial estate, after that she took a short break before joining another finance company in town.
Kathy : Why you so kay po ?? ( busybody )
Jude : Just asking only what…
We chatted and finished our coffee before we made our way back to the car.
It’s the December syndrome, staff usually take a longer time to finish their lunch and before we knew it. It was coming to 3.15 pm that afternoon when we got back to work.
It’s really late but it’s not like anyone is looking for us.
Ella : Thanks for taking us out to lunch Jude…. Appreciate it…
Jude : No problem…let’s have lunch again soon…
I waved the girls goodbye and went back to office.
I sat done and did absolutely nothing for the rest of the day.
This might really be a good place to work afterall.
4th January 2016
It’s a brand new year and I was in the middle of a meeting with my small team about the things we needed to deal with that week when I was interrupted with a call.
It was from Thomas.
I was to meet him after I’m done with my meeting at the guardhouse.
Jude : Ok… gimme a while…. I’ll go look for you after I’m done…
I wrapped up the meeting by 10.15am and made my way to look for Thomas.
He saw me approach and exited the guardhouse.
Thomas : Hey Jude…
Jude : Yes brother… what can I do for you ? … the aircon died again ?
Thomas : haha.. no la… give me your staff pass…
Jude : Oh… what’s wrong ??
I took it out from my lanyard and Thomas gave me a new one. It did not look any different from my current one, it still has my picture on it. Upon closer inspection, I realised that there’s a holographic image of a number 3 as the side of my card.
Thomas : It’s going to be a big day….. grab an early lunch… Dr Aaron will be meeting you later at 12pm sharp…
Jude : Oh.. ok… what’s up… do you know ??
Thomas gave me a brief smile.
Thomas : You’re going up to level 3 .
I felt my heart skip a beat as I swallowed a lump of saliva.
Finally after acting dumb for a few months, I’m getting a bit closer to understanding how the company works.
Thomas : Dr Aaron would brief you about the level…. But please note that… everything has got to remain confidential….
Jude : Sure… of course…
Thomas told me that other than Uncle Lee who has clearance to Level 3, the rest of my staff will not be privy to what is going on in that level.
I wanted to ask about Nina’s access to level 5 but I quickly held back.
I’ve grown to realise that the less I reveal about what I know, the better it is for me.
Thomas : Alright… I’ll see you on Wednesday…
Jude : Wednesday ? …. Today only Monday… you on leave tomorrow…
Thomas : I’m not on leave…. Haha… You’ll be given a day off tomorrow….
Jude : What ?? Why ?
Thomas laughed and tapped me on my shoulder, gesturing that I should be on my way.
Thomas : You’ll see…
I gestured to my card and asked what Thomas’s number is.
He flashed me a smile and showed me a 6.
Thomas : Worry about 3 first…. The rest will come even if you don’t want it. Haha…
There seemed to be some hidden meaning in that but I just shrugged my shoulders and went back.
I got back to my office and I looked at the card I was holding .
I looked at the clock and was literally willing for time to past.
Every minute and second ticked by slowly as I waited for the clock to strike 12.
I was considering maybe I could just tap myself up to level 3 and explore it on my own but something tells me I better wait for Dr Aaron.
Thomas entered my office together with Gary.
Thomas : Ready Jude ?
I nodded.
Thomas : Leave your phone here…
Jude : Ok..
We went out to the lift lobby and waited for the lift to arrive. Upon entering the lift , Thomas gestured to me to try out my card.
I tapped it and hit the button 3.
The door slid silently to a close and we ascended up, skipping all other floors.
Thomas : This is how it’s programmed….. Someone taps their card from the lower floors, it will go straight to that level, skipping all the general floors…… to make sure you don’t accidentally bring anyone up to levels they are not allowed on, you are to enter the lift alone if you are heading up….. or with people holding similar clearance….
Gary chipped in and explained this was the reason why the building had more lifts than required. Now that he mentioned it, it just dawned on me why a simple 7 storey + 2 basements building need 8 passenger lifts.
I bet there are more hidden within the blackout areas on the map which I’m not privy to.
The door chimed and I stepped into a plush lobby.
Jude : Wow…
It’s really like a different world in here.
Gone were the cold and boring carpets we get at the other floors. The floor finishes at the lobby are polished marbles. Chrome metal cladding with intricate wood carvings lined the walls of the lobby as Thomas walked me towards a reception of sort.
Dark Oak timber panels lined the walls of the reception, I can smell a relaxing fragrance , like I stepped into an expensive spa.
Vase and sculptures as tall as I am stood silently along the walls.
The centre piece of the waiting area is a company of plush and comfortable sofa seats and couches, each with their own coffee table.
A crystal chandelier sparkled and cast this mesmerising dance of lights in the opulent space.
Thomas gestured me towards a man talking to the receptionist.
He looked to be in his 50s. Streaks of grey peppered his hair and a neatly trimmed moustache sat above his lips.
Dr Aaron : Hi Jude….I’m Aaron…
Jude : Oh… Dr Aaron….
Aaron : Call me Aaron will do
We shook hands and Thomas asked Gary to remain in the lobby while the 2 of them will walk me through.
Before we began the tour of level 3, I saw another lift chimed and the doors opened.
My breath was taken away as I watch this really pretty and hot girl walk out from the lift.
She looked a little unsure as she stared at a card she was holding and one of the reception staff immediately went over to attend to her.
I heard her speak, definitely a Singaporean. It was then I noticed her clothes and the things she carried.
Everything is branded.
The Birkins bag she’s carrying has got to be worth at least half my annual salary.
Woman : How long do I need to wait ??
Receptionist : We will be right with you shortly… can I get you a drink ?
Woman : Coffee… black…. 2 cubes of sugar….. and I want a glass of water…. Warm please….. can you turn down the aircon… it’s a bit warm…
Wow. The way she speaks, it’s as if the world owes her a living.
She don’t look that old, in fact upon closer inspection, you can tell she’s actually just a little girl trying to act all grown up.
She cannot be a day over 22 .
She’s trying hard to put on an air but it failed terribly.
She’s pretty alright, I give it to her but from her body language, I’m guessing she’s probably someone’s mistress or some shit waiting to get a plastic surgery done.
Woman : Yes ??!! Why are you staring at me ? Is there a problem ??
Aaron tapped me on my shoulder and apologised .
Aaron : None at all… our staff will be with you shortly….
He just smiled and we went down a short corridor before he gestured to the access panel. I tapped the card and we stepped into this long corridor about 2.5m wide. On my left is a row of glass panels but the screens are frosted, you can’t see through.
On my right is a solid concrete wall painted in white.
The sterile look and feel is a stark contrast from the lush interiors and finishing in the lobby.
Aaron : Ok Jude… what I’m about to show you…. Is ….. sensitive… you will be in a lot of trouble if you reveal what you are about to see….
Jude : I understand… don’t worry…. I like my job….
Aaron : hahah… we’ll see…
I smiled as Aaron tapped his card on a access panel on the glass itself.
Like a sleight of hand by a seasoned magician, the frosting on the glass disappeared, turning clear within a split second.
The smile on my face was gone and my jaws literally dropped 2 inches.