James attempts to scam teach young men how to survive in a world filled with temptations.

James looked at the dozen of guys gathered in front of him that morning between the age of 19 to 23. He has a good crowd that day and he is confident he can get most of them to sign up for his school.

Standing in front of one of the largest student hostel located within the university, James told the group that he will wait another 5 minutes before commencing the lesson.

James : Alright, I’m not waiting anymore. Good morning everyone, welcome to James’ survival school. This is a free introductory lesson, please remember to like, subscribe, and share this free lesson with your friends.

He clapped his hands a couple of times to get everyone’s attention before going on.

James : Ok. I know why all of you sign up to my survival course ok. It’s because I put a picture of a pretty girl on the link isn’t it ? haha. It’s ok don’t need to be shy. Here is the actual girl, please put your hands together for Melissa.

The boys clapped and Melissa stepped out from a nearby parked car.

Dressed in yoga tights and sports bra, her sleek gym and Pilate sculpted body drew the attention of all the attendees. Some of them looked at her breast that is challenging the very design of the sports bra she is wearing.

Others looked at the pair of white tights, trying to figure out what the shadows and indentation at certain spots are.

Melissa : good morning boys..

Melissa waved and proceeded to tie up her hair into a pony tail in a deliberate act to show off her smooth underarms. One of the guys subconsciously stuck out his tongue like a viper trying to taste the air around itself. He did it while eyeing Melissa’s underarms, a clear sign that he is already thinking of licking those delicious pits.

Melissa took her time to tie up her hair before twirling around to show of the interlocking straps of her sports bra that is now redefining how a modern display of bondage wear should look like in public.

Erections rose and the attendees adjusted their position, trying to hide the tent pole in their pants.

James : Today, I will be teaching all of you, not just to survive, but how to thrive in University. Ok ? There are a lot of distractions, I know. Trust me. I have been there. Now turn around and take a look at the building behind you.

James gestured to the largest student accommodation in the University town.

James : What do you see ?




Came the scattered reply.

James : come on guys. Stop lying to yourself.

He snapped his finger several times.

James : your eyes are obviously looking at the windows of the rooms belonging to the girls.

The guys laughed sheepishly.

James : Your eyes are looking at their laundry. You are looking at the wet clothes they hang out of their window. You are looking at those nice lacy lingerie. Correct or not ?

No one answered James and barely anyone met his attempted eye contact.

James puts a palm to his chest like someone out to spread the word of the devil to his followers in a sincere manner.

James : I know…trust me. I know that feeling. I was a student here like you before. These distractions have ruined the future and lives of many of my friends. Hardly a day goes by where there isn’t a panty stealing, or bathroom peeping incident. Studying is stressful, I know. I really do.

James : And all the hot babes walking around are distractions you do not need, but you cannot deny their existence. They are always…

Before James could finish a overweight chap put up his hands and interrupted him.

Bob : James. I came to this survival school from a erotica site. I want to learn about survival skills! Just go straight to the point!

James : Calm down brother. I’m not done with my introduction.

Bob : I need to steal those panties, I need to sniff them, to lick those delicious bra cups. I have so many pretty school mates, I want to do a lot of things to them but I know there are illegal. I know they are wrong! So please just get to the point and teach us. Teach us how to survive !

Several others nodded in agreement and started talking at the same time.

Melissa : calm down boys calm down… we will get there.

Joe, a guy with severe pimple outbreak on his forehead stepped in front of the group.

Joe : I feel so horny everyday James. It’s making it difficult to study. All I can think of is taking upskirt pictures, or trying to snipe a photo of my classmates. I was so tempted to trespass into the room of a girl I like and just dig through her wardrobe so I can crossdress in her clothes and masturbate onto the desk she use to study!

Joe said it with so much angst that James put up both palms and introduced some breathing exercise for the guys to calm down.

James : Alright. I think it’s good that we all know, all these thoughts, all these fantasies. They are wrong. Right ? right ? Don’t worry, this is why we are here. My survival school, will help you get through all of these struggles. It’s not wrong to have fantasies, it’s not wrong to have fetishes. It is definitely not wrong to be interested in your female friends. We just need to identify the method to effectively deal with your urges, in a responsible, legal and morally….

Bob : Oh Fuck James!. Just tell me how I can steal my classmate’s panty without getting caught!

Joe : Show me the best method to take upskirt pictures ! I really need to look at the underwear of this hot classmate of mine.

James exhaled and nodded making eye contact with each of guys who signed up to the free trial.

James : alright…alright…

He stopped talking and paused for effect. When he spoke again, he did it with a voice so low and soft, one would think he is about to share a huge secret.

James : I will tell you exactly how, to get the underwear of the girl you like legally.

Putting up a finger to make his point he added.

James : It’s legal. She won’t hate you for it. There’s no need to steal. She will give it to you willingly, whole heartedly… you can do anything you want with it and when you return it back to her, she will even wash it clean before using them again..how that?…hows that eh ?

Everyone is nodding their heads and James gestured all of them closer. You could almost smell the excitement in the air for the group of guys and for Bob, he could almost smell the panty he has been lusting after.

James : first…sign up, subscribe. And share my survival course.

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