James believes if there’s a will, there’s a way.

This is a work of fiction, please do not attempt to replicate any of the stunts in the story.

This title contains elements of cuckold fetishes and non-consensual wife sharing. If this makes you uncomfortable, please give this title a miss.

James is breaking out on cold sweat as he packed for his weekend staycation with his wife Chloe. The things that goes into that overnight bag is no different from what they usually pack for a weekend away in a nice boutique hotel.

Aside from clothes, there’s also condoms, lubricants, dildos and vibrators.

His wife Chloe came over and place a stack of sexy lingerie on the bed. Those are the ones she will be wearing for him that weekend.

Also going into the bag, are cottons ropes, bandages, travel ear plugs, masking tapes and eye mask. These again, are nothing unusual for James and Chloe.

All couples indulge in some sort of kink these days.

Staying with in laws also meant they have very little privacy to indulge in play as a couple so James and Chloe always looked forward to their staycation getaway when they could get the chance.

Staycation is just a more subtle way of saying ‘let’s go somewhere private and have sex’ in today’s context.

Chloe : You asked for early check in?

James : Yeah I did…

James is nervous not because he is about to have sex with his wife Chloe in the privacy of a nice boutique hotel.

He is nervous because of something he has in mind.

James long harbored a wife sharing fetish, one which he did not dare share with Chloe. How do you expect a man to tell his wife that his greatest desires is to see her fuck another man ?

It’s unthinkable.

So like many others with the same fetish, James kept it suppress.

Like the pressure of colliding tectonic plates building up beneath the surface, the cuckolding fetish slowly festers inside his head. The more he tried to suppress it, the more it tried to rear it’s ugly head.

James did his best to try and manage his fetish. He would try and suppress his urges by watching wife sharing porn but those soon could not satisfy his urges anymore.

Then he tried to photoshop Chloe’s faces onto porn stars, picturing her being taken by men longer and thicker than he is while she moans in orgasmic pleasure.

When the photos no longer did the trick, he turned to deep fake videos to feed his addiction.

An addiction that many will not understand.

An urge to see his wife enjoy sex with other men.

Like a pimple being squeeze, the pressure of suppressing his urges and not talking about it soon exploded.

He could not handle it anymore.

James need to see Chloe have sex with another man.

However, this is something his wife will never agree to.

He will also need a man discreet enough to keep this a secret. A secret to take to the grave.

It sounds impossible, almost crazy to even think about pulling something like this off but to James, it is a matter of staying sane.

He needed to do it.

He has to share his wife with another man in order to tame the growing monster inside him.

As the saying goes, when there’s a will, there’s a way.

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