Zombies are so passé.

Juliette positions her phone on her desk before turning around to gesture her friends into position.

Juliette : Ready or not ? Can start already ? hahha

Claire : Yes yes.

Elaine : ok ok…come on..

Juliette hit the record button while holding onto her school blouse to avoid revealing too much when since she is bent over her phone.

Moving herself into frame, the three girls started dancing, gyrating their bodies as their classmates cheered and whistled.

Several girls rolled their eyes while the boys ogled at their legs and shapely figure.

James tried to sneak into the frame during the dance only to get smack on his head and pushed away while the girls continued to twist their bodies and run their hands sensually down the front of their bodies before sliding it up their thigh in a provocative manner.

Completing the dance after several attempts, the girls are finally happy with their result, the only thing that spoilt that video was James’ barging in.

Juliette : You are fucking irritating you know!

James laughed and gave her the finger.

Juliette sat down at her desk and adjusted her school uniform while checking her own reflection in the front facing camera.

She looks good and she cannot help admiring her naturally blemish free skin and sharp features. She knew most of the boys in class have a crush on her.

Well, unwanted attention is just one of the many challenges you have to deal with when you are as hot as she is, Juliette thought to herself.

James : EH Juliette, After school go arcade leh. Play the ball thing, the ball keep dropping one, some fishing thing.

Juliette : No not interested.

James : I catch soft toy for you la. I good one ok.

Juliette was about to roll her eyes at James when their history teacher crash into the classroom.

Yes, the word here is crash.

Mr Low landed face first down onto the concrete floor, shocking the class into silence. Instead of groaning in pain, Mr Low started convulsing and grunting like he is trying to speak to the floor.

His limbs started contorting in weird angles and those that were not already on their feet stood up immediately, backing away and dragging chairs against the floor while they did.

Mr Low’s body bent backwards, cracking joints as he got off the floor like a reanimated dead. Everyone is shocked to see him back on his feet.

No his eyes did not turn white, he did not start drooling and biting.

Mr Low did not crave for flesh and blood.

He looked at the shocked classroom where he was due to deliver his History class and his attention went to the girl closest to him. Claire.

Claire : Are…are you ok Mr Low ?

Without a word, Mr Low pounced at Claire.

Everyone screamed and back further away from Claire and Mr Low.

Claire : NO..no..ernghhh..no…!

Low could not control himself. He tore up Claire’s blouse and pulled off her bra, revealing a pair of young tits.

Claire screamed for help but everyone was too shocked to move.

Low sucked onto Claire’s nipples while removing the belt around his waist. Within seconds, he lowered his pants and brief. Claire fought and struggled but the short skirt which she had been so proud off is lifted effortlessly onto her waist.

Low parked himself in between Claire and holding onto his throbbing erection, he parted her panty to the side and forcibly penetrated Claire who was a few months shy of her 17th birthday in full view of the class.

James : What the fuck….

Juliette was shaking in horror as she looked at her good friend being taken by her teacher in class. Claire cried and asked for help but no one dared to do anything.

Several classmates pick up their phone and started taking a video of the non-consensual sexual intercourse.

Low smiled and thrust his cock into Claire’s tight cunt, each stroke putting a wider smile on his face.

Claire moaned and cried for a while before her expression went neutral.

She stopped crying.

Her lack of resistance felt as if someone hit a button and turned off her natural response.

When Claire stopped struggling, Low stopped thrusting.

His erection started to deflate and despite touching and cupping Clarie’s breast in a sensual manner, Low is no longer aroused.

He withdrew himself and his attention went to the other girls in class.

James : Stay back… stay back…!

James put himself in front of Juliette in an attempt to be the hero. Picking up a chair, he got ready to hit Low but Claire is up on her feet.

With torn and stretched uniform and bra hanging off her body, she turned her attention to James.

Without a word, she pounced onto him, kissing him on his lips and fiddling his nipples with her fingers.

James : ernghhhh..what are you doing Clarie ! arhghhhh!

Within seconds, Claire straddled James and whipped out his penis.

Screams filled not only their classroom. Juliette could see school mates from other classes running out and onto the corridor.

Claire sucked onto James’ meat eagerly, triggering the response of the male species.

James : argnhhh..arnghhh oh fuck…arnghhh Claire…Claire stop..e.rgnhhhh…

When James’ erection is hard enough, Claire straddled her classmate and with a satisfying moan from both youths, their bodies connected together the same time Low recovered and pounced on another girl.

Juliette screamed and grabbed her phone while pushing her way out of the classroom.

Looking into the school courtyard, all she could see was a sea of chaos and sex frenzy. Teachers are having sex with students, students making out with each other.

Juliette saw a friend from another class, a pretty babe she goes to gym with.

Juliette  : Yumin!

She called out only to see her getting pounced on by 3 other guys before she gets pinned down on the floor.

Juliette : Oh my god… oh my god…

Juliette started to run towards the bathroom and she saw one of the largest guy that is active both in Gym and cheerleading. His massive frame fought to keep the girls off him but he too was overpowered in no time.

Two girls pounced on him while a third caused him to lose balance. Within seconds he was stripped and all three girls are fighting for his penis.

Elaine : Juliette! Juliette!. What should we do…what is happening!

Both girls pushed their way onto the staircase. They wanted to run down but they could hear an army of horny schoolmates looking to breed running up.

Juliette : Roof…! Get to the ROOF!

The girls ran as fast as their legs could carry up to the roof. Opening the service door, they barely shut it before the relentless hammering by their friends threatened to force the door open.

The girls backed away from the door and walked to the parapet wall.

Looking at the school track, the concourse and everywhere in between.

Juliette mumbled under her breath.

Juliette : we’re fucked…

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