Following the success of The birthday Gift, James’ wife decides to give him another surprise for their anniversary. It wouldn’t be fair if she gets to have all the fun in a marriage would it?

Just when James thought it’s just going to be a shoot while he has sex with his wife’s best friend, he was given a treat to some girl on girl action at the same time.

James : you want to do what ? A private video ?

Anna : Shhhhhh…not so loud…

James : Wow… have you been drinking?

My wife teased me with that seductive side glance. Her eyes are always so mesmerizing, especially with the pandemic going on, seeing her all masked up and revealing only that pair of eyes she takes extra care of in terms of makeup, I could feel random arousal hitting me whenever I made eye contact with her.

With her nice figure and that pair of eyes with a permanent dreamy look coupled with naturally long lashes, her look alone will jolt your dick to attention.

She linked arms with me and told me she found a private studio that came highly recommended by a friend of hers.

Anna : The photographer is very professional, and the result is quite good.

James : Can I assume this friend of yours is called Huimin.

I said, naming my wife’s bestie who she likens to a Siamese twin.

Anna : yes!

She said with an excited smack on my arm.

James : Which in another words, you are telling me you saw a private video of her having sex at the studio.

Anna : clever boy… it’s rather interesting you know…

James : I always thought I’m the sick one in the marriage, but you always seemed to one up me.

Anna : Huimin is a loud moaner did I tell you that..

James : Do you have the video, I would like some reference in order to decide.

My wife pinched and twisted my ear before nudging me in the side of my ribs with her elbow.

James : Owww….

Anna : so… are you interested ? we can do this for our anniversary.

James : I’m still not over the birthday gift you gave me when you got fucked by Ivan, I’m not sure I can stomach making a video with you. I might get a little aggressive and dominating in order to reclaim your body. Are you sure you want that on video ?

My wife laughed as she strolled past a boutique she frequent.

She dragged me in to check out a bodycon dress that is on sale before deciding against it.

Anna : did I say you are making the video with me ?

I felt my heart skip a beat as I gave her a wide eyed look.

James : You want me to watch you make a video with another man ?

Anna chuckled and smacked me on my arm.

Anna : Oh please, that would be really unfair isn’t it, I get to have all the fun.

James : then what do you mean ?

My wife resumed linking arms with me as we walked along the deserted mall. Then without warning, she turned and said it loud enough that anyone within earshot will be able to hear what she said.

Anna : You know, I share everything with my bestie, including our sex life and even the birthday gift for you…

James : Oh come on. You didn’t!

Anna : Calm down, calm down, listen to me…

James : you told Huimin that I watched you have sex with your ex! How could you…?

Anna : If you are going to keep interrupting me, I can’t deliver the good news you know…

James : I can’t possibly see how can a good news come out of this….i…

Anna : I know you’ve been wanting to fuck Huimin for the longest time…

My wife said suddenly and I immediately went quiet. My mind immediately went to the sex forum I frequent where someone posted Huimin’s social media profile online and I responded to it.

Anna cannot possibly know my username, I have been pretty discreet about my account.

Anna : Huimin don’t mind sleeping with you, you need to use a condom of course, so, I’ll let you make a private video with my bestie Huimin… on one condition.

I choked on my saliva and looked at my wife in surprise. It’s like she could read my mind. Of course I have the hots for her best friend, that pair of big C cup boobs sitting on her slender frame, supported by a pair of gorgeous legs.

Who wouldn’t ?

James : What condition?

Anna : I…get to be the director of that private video.

James : As long as I get to be the actor, you can direct all you want.

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