James’s wife Anna decides to give him the birthday gift he always wanted. Upsized.

Anna: Are you sure you want to watch me fuck another man for your birthday?

I almost dropped the tray of food I was holding as I sat down in front of my wife.

James: What? We’re having this discussion here?

My wife and I were in the middle of a fast-food restaurant. Both of us just knocked off from work and it was one of the rare occasions where we got to knock off on time.

Surrounded by other people grabbing a quick bite, I never expected my wife to suddenly talk about a fetish of mine. I had joked about it a few times, saying that it would make the best birthday gift ever.

I put the tray down and looked at Anna, the woman I married. My confidant and the only woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life together with.

James: Have you been drinking?

I whispered while looking around to see if anyone heard what she just said.

Anna:  No I haven..

James: Then why did you suddenly bring this up?

Anna: It’s your fetish isn’t it?

I stared at my beautiful wife as I licked my dry lips. She was not wrong.

It was a fetish of mine.

I had always thought about my wife’s past relationships, in particular the intimate moments she had with her ex-boyfriends.

Not because I was jealous or anything, it was because I got aroused thinking about it.

I got arousing picturing her in orgasmic bliss while taking the cock of another man.

James: But… but you’ve always said no…

I whispered.

Anna and I had talked about our fetishes openly as a married couple. And one of my greatest kinks was to see her having sex with another man.

I could not explain the tingling in my stomach but the thought of seeing my wife moaning while the penis of another man slid in and out of her tight hole turned me on beyond mortal comprehension.

It was something I had brought up countless times during our roleplaying sessions in the bedroom or when we were having sex.

Out of the countless scenarios we played, seeing her having sex with another man ranked right at the top.

Anna: I just want to know if you are really, really sure you want to see it.

James: Why did you suddenly bring this up?

I handed her the burger and put in the straws for our respective drinks.

Anna: Your birthday is coming and I was thinking what I should do for you.

She added that every year without fail, we would go for a staycation over the weekend. Hitting the clubs and having some drinks before going back to the hotel for a night of steamy sex.

Anna: I’m just worried you will be sick of me and the predictable things we do every year.

James: Are you crazy baby? How can I ever be sick of you? You’re my wife, the most perfect woman ever in my world.

Anna: Really? Hahaha…

I looked around the fast-food restaurant before turning to Anna.

James: I am the envy of all the men inside here tonight don’t you know? Everyone is stealing glances at you!

Anna rubbished my comment but I knew it was true. My wife was hot.

At 1.6m, she was not considered short, but not too tall either. Anna still fit perfectly into the ‘petite’ category. If she chose to put on a pair of heels, the attention would naturally be drawn to her shapely legs.

If she was dressed casually in pants and blouse, all attention would be on her pair of electrifying eyes and her mesmerising smile.

When we were dating, hardly a month went by without Anna being approached by a so called talent scout in town.

Anna: Are you jealous?

She teased.

James: I’m proud baby, I’m proud. Not jealous.

Anna: I brought it up because I happened to bump into my ex-boyfriend today during lunch.

James: What? Which one?

Anna: The one you hated the most, the fuck boy.

James: Ivan? That no good bum that always asks you for money? Isn’t he the one that stole your ATM card and used it to buy an air ticket?

Anna: Yes, that asshole.

James: What is he doing now?

Anna: He’s doing delivery for a logistics company. He delivered some parts to my office this afternoon. I was about to head out when the admin called me back to sign for the delivery and I realised it was Ivan.

James: And? What happened then?

I could feel my heart thumping really fast.

Anna was with Ivan for 2 years before they broke up. He was an utter asshole from what I heard. He used her like a sex toy, treating her like a piece of meat when she was in university.

Anna: He asked me out to lunch and I agreed.

James: What did he want? He wants you back?

Anna: Hahah… well… something like that?

James: Doesn’t he know you are married!

I said a little too loudly, drawing the attention of the nearby tables.

Anna: Relax dear, I showed him this. We’re all grown up now…

My wife wriggled her finger with her wedding ring in front of me, putting me at ease for a second.

James: And? And? What happened then?

Anna: We exchanged contacts and that was it.

James: Phew… I thought for a moment you are back to your ‘bad boy’ chasing phase.

Anna laughed and commented that was a long time ago.

Anna: How many 20 year olds can resist a bad boy in a leather jacket on a bike!

I bit into my burger as I nodded in agreement.

Anna: Anyway, back to my original question. Are you really sure you want to see me get fucked by another man?

James: I can see where this is going.

I rolled my eyes and felt her giving my shin a light kick.

My wife gave me a naughty smile.

Anna: Well, instead of getting a total stranger, why not get an old lover?

I munched on my burger quietly. There was this unsettling feeling in my stomach.

It was on my bucket list to see Anna moaning and cumming with another man on top of her. In fact, I wanted to propose taking a video of it so I could enjoy the erotic scene in the future.

My wife had always rejected all notions of a threesome, or a swinger party, or a wife exchange but meeting Ivan out of the blue that afternoon seemed to have triggered something naughty in her.

James: Well…. I… I really want to see you have fun… it arouses me to see you in the mood and… and… and…. Nothing gets me off more than seeing you have an explosive orgasm…

I said in a low whisper.

James: What are you going to tell him? I don’t want you to tell him that your husband wants to see his hot beautiful wife get fucked by her ex-boyfriend.

My wife gave me a naughty wink as she used her tongue to lick a stray bit of mayo from the side of her lip.

Anna: But that’s what you want isn’t it? That’s what you want.

James:  I….

My wife leaned forward a notch and whispered in my face.

Anna: You want to see your hot… beautiful wife…. get fucked….. on your birthday…. isn’t it…?

My fingers sank into the burger I was holding as Anna leaned back into her chair and gave me the innocent girl look. At 30, my wife could be anything, but innocent was not one of them.

James: I am…. so… going to force myself on you tonight dear….

My wife feigned a frightened look, with her fingers covering her mouth like she was astonished by what I just said, making the erection in my pants throb in excitement.

Anna: You better do… because as part of your birthday gift…. I’m going to make you watch Ivan fuck me the whole night…. while you stay on the sidelines…

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