James discovers his manager’s dirty little secret.

“why are you so stupid James?” Lisa said while sitting down with her legs crossed.” Such a small sale and you cannot close it?”

James head is down but his eyes are actually focusing on the legs of his manager Lisa. His eyes tracked the black stockings down to the pair of seductive black pumps and he could feel an erection building up in his pants.

“It’s only a few thousand dollars and you are having so much difficulty, how do you expect me to bring you up for promotion end of the year?”

Lisa orientated her body back towards her desk and James’ eyes darted to the tight blouse covering her full breast.

James didn’t mind getting scolded by Lisa. She is the goddess of the office after all. As head of business development, she has a positive attitude towards work with an air of superiority that seems to give off this divine aura.

Graceful is the word to use when describing her.

At 1.65m tall, Lisa is blessed with a nice pair of legs which she is not afraid to show off every day at work. Her long fair legs are blemish free and if those trophy legs are not enough to draw in the men’s attention, she puts in extra effort in her dressing, wrapping her body with tight clothing that shows of her curves.

One would think black stockings are going out of style in this country but one look at Lisa and you will change your mind instantly.

“You need to buck up James, you have to do better. I can easily close this sale in 30 minutes.” Lisa said.

“I’m sorry Lisa, I will try to do better.” James replied.

When he first came to the company, he has heard rumors about Lisa. Especially from other female colleagues.

He could detect the hint of envy and jealousy from their tone.

Lisa is always surround by men, be it subordinates like him or the management staff. She flirts, but not to the point of being a slut, she is friendly, but not to the point of giving others the wrong idea.

She is married after all.

Nevertheless, the amount of attention given to Lisa in the office cannot be missed. Beautiful, with a smile and figure that other girls envy, and a personality that draws men to her like bees to flower, Lisa essentially cultivated a love hate relationship with everyone.

“James ah James…. I mean it you know. I can’t help you if you can’t close such a simple case.” Lisa went on.

“I’m sorry Lisa, I promise to do better the next time.” James apologized again.

“I’m giving you another 2 months James. Buck up and hit your sales figure, if not, you’ll have to remain on your current tier for the next year.” Lisa uncrossed her legs and James thought he caught a glimpse of her undies.

It’s white, she wore a white panty that day.

Her choice of skirts and dresses are always so short.

One will be lying if they say they did not once fantasized about doing the dirty with her.

After James left Lisa office, he went straight to his colleague’s cubicle.

“Tom, today Lisa is wearing white.” He said gleefully. “I think it looks like a thong.”

“and how would you know that?” Tom asked with an equally playful grin.

The two men exchanged a perverted wink.

“She was uncrossing her legs while scolding me.” James said. “ I guess she felt guilty about scolding me so she decided to flash me.”

“Oh fuck off… haha.” Tom laughed.

“Such a slut eh, wearing a white thong under her black stockings.” James commented, not one bit concerned about his work and sales.

All he could think of is Lisa.

“Why? You interested in her ? She’s married, and she is way above you in terms of rank and capability. Stop dreaming bro.”

“Maybe if I top the sales this month, bring in more dough for the company, she might consider a fling with me.” James said in a dreamy manner. “ We all know girls like money.”

“Oh fuck off la brother, stop dreaming. She is too good for you.” Tom teased.

Just then, Lisa walked out of her office in a purposeful manner towards the exit, no doubt heading for a meeting.

“Look at her, just look at her, my god.” James mumbled. “ I wonder how it would feel like to feed her my cock.”

“Dream…dream…dream…. Carry on dreaming brother.” Tom said as James flipped him his finger.

“Look at those legs, look at her heels. I bet the husband has hell of a time banging her in heels and black stockings.” James said. “If I have money, I will surely go after her. I won’t give a damm if she is married or not.”

Tom laughed and shook his head at his friend.

“I want to strip her of all her clothes, really ram into her hard and see her tits bounce!” James said with increasing angst.

“Yo yo, calm down brother. It’s just woman, when they are naked, they’re all the same, when you cum, it’s all the same. Just go and find a freelance escort and get it out of your system man. Stop obsessing over her.”

“I’m going to grab her ponytail, smack her butt like I’m riding a horse. Proud stuck up woman like her, they are the absolute slut in bed you know?” James said to his friend as he looked at the backview of Lisa disappearing into the lift.

“And how would you know that?” Tom teased. “ How many like Lisa have you fucked?”

“Oh shut up.” James cursed as Tom chuckled.

Returning to his cubicle, James sat down and he felt a pain in his pants. His erection is making it painful for him to sit normally.

Looking at a team photo which included Lisa with her arms folded and a proud smile that showed off her nice legs, James knew capable women like Lisa must be amazing in bed.

Must be.

He wants her badly.

Then again, how will a proud and capable manager like Lisa, ever be interested in a low performing employee like James?

He’ll need to work doubly hard to even have a chance of impressing Lisa.

And that’s exactly what James did.

He started working hard, coming back over the weekends, clocking in extra hours.

His numbers rose slightly, but it’s still insignificant.

His sales didn’t matter as much as him coming back over the weekend.

Because it was during one of this weekend, he discovered Lisa’s dirty little secret.

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