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Author : Antyhowacc

Writes on Sammyboyforum

“Hey Mia, there’s an audition for the female lead in a short, local, artistic film coming up. Full disclosure – nude scenes will be required – Will you be interested?” Mia’s agent stated.

Mia hesitated at the question. She has finished her acting class for almost a full year now, but has yet to secure any roles in films, TV, musicals or even YouTube! She was really looking forward to a breakthrough after all these failed auditions and couldn’t help but be interested in the prospect. However, Mia wasn’t so sure she was ready to bare it all for the camera. Even sleazy themes tended to disgust her now that it seems women are being commercialised like meat.

Refuse to show cleavage? Ok thank you. Refuse to talk dirty? Alright, I hope to work with you in the future. Bikini is too skimpy for you? Sorry, you’re not someone we’re looking for.

It’s as if women’s only value lies in showing off their bodies and entertaining the male fantasy.

Mia is completely sick of it. But she is also sick of not being able to land a role and being income-less for what seems like forever.

“A question, is this some kind of sleazy production that objectifies women?” Mia asked, holding on to her bottom line.

“Well, I must admit I don’t have all the details, but from what I know, it’s an artistic thriller film. If you’re thinking of nightclub/strip club sleazy, then that’s definitely a no. The plot revolves around the female protagonist being subjected to a bunch of mental torture by a perverted stalker. The impetus comes from the protag going for lasik and was partially blind for a few days after the operation where the antagonist manages to strike.” came the reply.

“Alright, I guess it does sound that it is not made just to entertain the guys. I guess I’ll give it a try. Let me know the dates and time please…”

Fast forward to the day of the audition, Mia put on light make-up, a simple delicate dress and prepared herself. The lines required appeared simple to her and she was confident she could nail it. Worries about the nude scene(s) required in the film remain in her head, but she was determined not to let them affect her chances. Mia could worry about them when the time comes, she thinks.

“I’ll be honest, the lines are nailed beautifully. Your looks are what we are looking for in the movie as well… “ the Director stated, who with wilful hair appears to be rather eccentric in Mia’s opinion. “The only problem left is the nude scene, which I’m sure was stated upfront that the female lead will need to have in the movie. Do you have a problem with that?”

“Thank you for giving me a chance and for your honesty, director. I’m grateful for the opportunity and will not have any problems with nudity please.” Mia replied.

“Quick and decisive. I like that. Sadly, from my experiences, many a times actors and actresses are quick to say okay to things like nudity, drastic changes in physical appearance or some other bane, only to get cold feet on the set when they realise how many people are actually looking at them. Now if you don’t mind, I would like to verify your willingness. You already know the character we are looking for, take as long as you need, get into character and follow my lead. Let me know when you’re ready.”

Mia composed herself, willed herself into the character required for the film. A young, well-to-do wife of a famous cardiologist, she needn’t work but is free to pursue her own interests in her free time in a mansion on the hillside, far away from the poorer commoners in the city. Her husband treats her like a trophy wife, but she is nevertheless grateful for not having to worry about her next meal or other basic necessities. Now that her lasik is done, she is largely blind and reliant on her limbs and ears to move around.

Fully into character, Mia signalled that she was ready.

“Your husband is away on a work trip, and your servant sent away to get supplies. In a mansion three-storeys high, you sit alone and uneasy. Trying not to dwell too much, you decide to head upstairs for a quick shower and retire early to bed.”

Mia enacted her role, searching hard for the stairs before climbing cautiously on each step with her “limited vision”. She was beginning to worry where this was going.

“Now, as you fumble with the doorknob, you finally manage to head into the showers, but not without much difficulty. Undress fully, step into the empty bathtub and showcase the exuberance that comes when the first jet of cold water hits your body.”

Mia knew this right here was the test and she was determined to pass it with flying colours. Fortunately, the director’s instructions were easy to follow and Mia executed them perfectly until the big moment where she was supposed to “undress fully”. Her character may be “blind”, but she clearly isn’t.

Apart from the director, the producer and assistant director were on the panel. All around the room are staff such as writers, note-takers and logistics people. Mia would be lying if she said she wasn’t nervous. Her heart was pulsating at maximum capacity.

Fortunately, her dress was a simple one. Sliding off her shoulder straps timidly, Mia reached behind and pulled the zip down. Her dress cascaded to the floor in a single sweep. She thanked her common sense for wearing matching underwear for the interview now that they are on full display. Mia was tempted to skip stripping fully and proceed onto the shower part, but she was keenly aware of the director’s sharp, focused eyes on her and knew there was no way he would let it slide.

Moments later, Mia was “stepping into” a “bathtub” nude and starting her “shower”.

“You quickly realise that the water was too cold, and fumble for the knob to warm it up. Before applying any soap, you made sure that the water got everywhere first.” the director continued, approaching Mia from the back as she acted out soaking herself in the shower, running her fingers through her hair and body.

“You think of your husband, and wonder when’s the next time he’ll be back and touching you. You think of the last time you had intercourse, how happy you made him feel, and how lovely he had made you feel. You begin to caress and touch your own body in delicate areas, prompting your body to recreate the scene…”

Mia’s fingers begin circling her breasts, now on display for all to see. She panicked slightly at how the director is basically requesting for her to masturbate in front of everyone, especially since he is stepping closer and closer to her.

“Remember that you can’t really see, and shut your eyes if you have to. Don’t lose character and show me how she would react in such a situation.”

Mia took the advice and closed her eyes. She shut out the image of people staring at her and thought about how she herself would also play under the shower while thinking of her ex-boyfriend. Mia could feel a warmth spreading between her legs. Her nipples were now erect and hard. She had no idea what the director was going to do to her now that he seems to be directly behind her. She simply focused on herself, her character, her arousal and heaped more efforts towards building an orgasm.

Mia was rubbing her little lady nub vigorously when she felt another man’s breath on her neck. Keeping her eyes closed, she thought about how violently she was gonna be penetrated and slipped two fingers in herself. The breath behind her came more hurriedly, but her pressing need was to finish herself.

That is until she felt the touch of skin lightly grazing her breasts and did what she thought her character would do. Mia spun around in a panicked manner, “realising” that she wasn’t the only one in the shower. Her arms stretched out defensively, as if to hit or block any incoming blows from all directions.

“Cut! Excellent, just brilliant Mia! Tell the others to go home, I think we’ve found the one.” the director applauded with joy. “Time to go for some drinks guys, we’re done for the day!” the director happily announced.

Mia was overjoyed as well, finally being able to land her first role, a starring role at that. She was also relieved that the ordeal was over and bent over to pick up her discarded clothes on the floor when the director stopped her.

“There’s just one more thing I need you to do… it’s about testing your acting skills for the rape scene…”

Mia looked around the room. Everyone seemed to have packed up and left as soon as the director announced closure for the day. Now she was left alone with the director, still fully nude as his eyes stared appreciatively at her tits, his hands heavy on her shoulders and guiding Mia to her knees…