The collection features works by other local writers. I’m in the midst of approaching them online to get their buy in. These are all free to read and i have asked for their permission to reproduce their work on this site. Writer’s pseudonym, nick, & site which they write at will be indicated in the post itself.

Author : Antyhowacc

Writes on Sammyboyforum

“Ow ow ow!!!” Sheila whimpered as her soft black hair were knotted into a fist and tugged into the ladies.

Her scalp finally not on fire, Sheila evaluated her situation. 3 girls, none of which she recognize, strategically positioned themselves between her and the exit.

They wore the same uniform as her. Yet Sheila had never seen them before. What Sheila had seen before, is their demeanor. That swagger, that attitude.

Normal stream students.

Ministers can say all they want about all school being good schools, but the fact remains. There is a divide between what is academically viewed as “better” students versus the less academically inclined ones. And now, staring at three of them as an express stream girl, an unspeakable terror begin to spread in Sheila’s mind.

“Sibei chio right? So chio can gannina seduce other people’s boyfriend right?” The girl on the right mocked.

“I.. I have no idea what you’re talking about” Sheila answered sheepishly. She wasn’t lying, but her head spun into overdrive, trying to decipher and pinpoint if this what was resulted her in this situation, and if so, who was the bloody idiot.

Sheila thought of the obnoxious boy from the next class who flirted with her in the canteen; the cute junior in band who seemed to have a puppy crush on her. Could it be the head of the student council? Who she admired but they barely spoke.

Sheila never reached a conclusion in time, for reality quickly overran her thoughts. Pain erupted in multiple places as Sheila’s hair was once again grabbed, her chin forcefully lifted.

“Pretend la pretend you little express bitch.” One of them spat.

“Fucking hiao slut. Dare to gouying (seduce) my bi.” Another added, landing soft slaps on Sheila’s cheek. “Today gei ni hao kan (today give you one times good one)”

“I’m sorry I’m sorry. Please. I really don’t know who you’re talking about. Please.” Sheila begged, tears streaming from her eyes.

“Sibei chio right”
“Neh very big hor?”
“Hiao la hiao somemore”

They pulled her face, they slapped her face, they tore her blouse, they backhanded her boobs and Sheila couldn’t fight back. She could barely maintain her footing as the verbal and physical abuse rained on her.

“Please! Please… stop… I’m sorry ok? I’ll do anything to make it up to you.” Sheila pleaded desperately.

“You say one ah. Okay ah, just gonna teach you a simple lesson for today. Obey us until 12 midnight and we’re done” The ringleader announced.

“… Hmm… Very sexy right you. Like to show your cleavage and butt on instagram right. How about you go without underwear for the whole of today so the whole school can see how sexy you are?” She continued.

“No! Not that! Our uniform is white!!! Everyone’ll see everything. Please.”

“Please ah? Asking us to rip it off you is it?” One of the lieutenants barked.

Sheila whimpered at the harsh gesture, pulling off her everything beneath her skirt before moving on to her bra.

“Wah got shave one sia. Really is slut.” One of them jeered after they flipped up Sheila’s skirt for fun.

Handing over her bra, safety pants and panties, the girls finally left her alone, leaving Sheila to evaluate her own appearance before the mirror. She had altered her skirt to be a little shorter to begin with, which is worrying and now her brown areolas can be clearly seen through her white uniform. Letting out a deep sigh, Sheila knew that there’s nothing she could really do about it except keeping her textbooks plastered on her chest as she proceeded to class.

Sheila was so conscious about her situation below the belt that she couldn’t help but keep a palm behind her butt as she climbed the stairs. If anything, the gesture simply served to attract more attention in that area, drawing stealing glances from the youthful, hormonal males.

In class, there’s no longer any excuses to keep anything on her chest anymore, so it was immediately apparent to both the teacher and her fellow students nearby something is missing on Sheila. Thankfully, her teacher is female, so Sheila felt slightly better. Nonetheless, saturated with attention, Sheila couldn’t help but blush and feel conscious at all the gazes she’s receiving.

*bell rings

“Class you may go. Sheila, stay back for a while please.” The teacher announced.

“Sheila, why are you not wearing a bra? You’re old enough for them to be seen through your blouse you know. Especially since our uniform is white.”

“Yes Miss Tan. I’m sorry. I… er… accidentally wetted it just now so I removed it.”

“Okay. Come to the staff room with me. I’ll lend you an inner shirt.”

“No… no need la Miss Tan. No need to trouble you. I’ll… I’ll just go home quickly after school ends.” Sheila replied, alarmed that if she were to be found wearing an inner shirt, what her tormentors would do…

“Nonsense, it’s no trouble. Come, let’s go.”

Reluctantly, Sheila put on the skin-colored inner shirt as instructed and fretted about when she could remove it.

Of course life wasn’t so kind to her and after leaving the staff room to go to her next class, Sheila ran right into her tormentors.

“Well well well, look who it is. Thought you say you’re gonna obey me?”

“I… I did… the teacher forced me!!!” Sheila tried to explain.

“Think we normal people stupid right. Fucking bitch. Meet us at the dance studio after school for your punishment.” The ringleader barked, not forgetting to flick up Sheila’s skirt to give her buttocks a good spank right in the middle of the corridor.

“Owwww!” Sheila flinched, before quickly patting her skirt down protectively. But not before a few passer-bys have had a good look at her young, perky ass.

After school, Sheila dreaded what was to come. She just wanted to go home and tunnel into her blankets and her world would be okay. But despite her efforts to hold her friends back for “studying”, or whatever excuse she could find, she eventually found herself alone, having to head to the dance studio with a heavy heart.

She hadn’t dared to tell anyone about this, and although her friends were concerned about her not wearing a bra, Sheila could only pretend all is well.

“Finally la. How long you wanna make us fucking wait.”

“I’m sorry I’m sorry…”

“Sorry sorry. Today give you chance to be sorry already. Give you chance to shuzui (atone) liao. But so disappointing. You think you pretty, sexy can do anything you want is it, take us for a ride ah! Seduce my bi already still wanna lie to us. Come!”

The doors shut behind her, the same 3 ladies who had confronted Sheila in the morning now held nothing back. Raining slaps and tussling at her clothes, Sheila was quickly left with bruises and only her skirt.

“Slutting yourself out on instagram right. Dare to DM my bi right. Now take this you skank” Sheila heard, before someone grabbed hold of her nipples and twisted it hard.

Sheila screamed at the top of her lungs at the assault, but was helpless against numbers.

Worse, after her tormentors had had their fill, their faces were filled with wicked grins, as if something even more sinister was in place.

Seemingly reading her thoughts, the ringleader announced that she had invited some “brothers” to teach Sheila a lesson as well, before leaving with her sisters through the only entry/exit point of the room.

From the same door, came in one after another boy, clearly from the ringleader’s class.

Sheila only had her skirt on, and quickly crossed her arms across her chest as they approached. Her nightmare only just began as phones were jutted right in her face…