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Author : Antyhowacc

Writes on Sammyboyforum

I’ve always thought that the best part about having a girlfriend who bunks in with her roommate is that every time I send her home, I get to see another pretty girl with minimal amounts of clothes on. Usually this involves incredibly thin shorts, showing a good amount of leg, and large oversized shirts or thin tank tops that didn’t have anything else underneath.

If I got lucky, I would catch a glimpse of pokies.

Of course, this means that I’ve been caught a few times leering, but apart from short, simple lectures, nothing else bad happened and I’ve always happily looked forward to them.

The bad part is of course, her apartment is never available for us to indulge ourselves, for the risk that her roommate Beth may return unexpectedly at any time.

Nevertheless, curiosity got the better of me and I tried to add Beth inconspicuously on Facebook and Instagram, to try and see how she’s like. The acceptance was quick, and honestly, nothing juicy that I found that could allow my imagination to run wild. The usual group photos, the occasional selfies, the multiple profile pictures. But what really puzzled me was that Beth slid into my DMs completely unsolicited instead of the other way round.

“If you can resist all hanky panky with Anna for a full week, I’ll let you do anything you want to me.” the message read. A huge “WHAT THE FUCK” appeared in my head before I calmly threw the conversation into Vanish Mode. Did my girlfriend’s roommate just offered to fuck me if I would stop fucking my own girlfriend? Is this a prank? A test? How would she know if I did or did not fuck Anna anyways?

Before I could even think through things, the follow-up message arrived:
“Don’t worry, I’ll know… Anna tells me everything you guys do.”
“And don’t worry I won’t tell her our little secret.”

I’ve given it long and good hard thoughts, but to no one’s surprise, I agreed. Who can resist?

So onward to the slowest and most tortuous week of my life. On one hand I couldn’t help but suspect that Anna may be in it and know about this little agreement, on the other hand, I couldn’t help but feel guilty about cheating on her, without actually cheating on her yet.

To make matters worse, it was not like Anna was on her period or something, so she was actively pursuing things when she was comfortable. Once, she even slid her hand into my pants while we were in the cinema on her own accord and I had to pretend to be afraid of others watching to get her hand out when really I wished I could stuff my whole dick down her throat instead. I was actively avoiding situations where we would be alone and it was taking every bit of my resolve.

Long story short, I survived the long and arduous week, but not without mishaps and permanent cracks in my relationship with Anna, but it was a price I had to pay for what was to come.

Probably well planned by Beth, at the end of the 7 days of torture came the very weekend Anna was scheduled to visit her relatives in Malaysia (this was pre-Covid). Beth simply left a message for me to bring protection and I soon found myself driving over to their place, a newly purchased pack of three in my possession as I apprehensively approached.

Self-doubt engulfed me as I half-expected Anna to be the one who opens the door and the whole situation to blow up in my face. Instead, Beth greeted me in a thin, white spaghetti top showing me a good amount of cleavage (since I’m much taller than her). She was clearly not wearing a bra and only tiny, little grey FBTs.

Starved, I was all over Beth in a second, trapping her in between a wall and freely groping. Time was not wasted speaking as I uncovered and savored every part of her luscious body. Before I knew it, we were naked and on her sofa, I was capped and on top of her, lost in rhythm plunging as her moans filled my world.

I only came to my senses when I finished deep within her, unable to hold back. She didn’t look like she had a similarly satisfying finish but I honestly didn’t care about that. I was determined to make my week-long sacrifice worth it and to enjoy this pretty thing like I’ve always wanted.

Little did I know, she was levels above me and beyond my comprehension.

Pulling out and discarding the used rubber for me as the flag lowered, Beth uttered “You know I’m not your girlfriend right…?”

“…There’s no need to respect me in bed…” Beth finished

The flag-lowering ceremony halted and reversed its course as wicked thoughts flew across my mind. I had a feeling that the puny 3-pack I brought for the occasion was not gonna be enough as I secured Beth’s wrists between her back and thrust myself forcefully down her throat…