The collection features works by other local writers. I’m in the midst of approaching them online to get their buy in. These are all free to read and i have asked for their permission to reproduce their work on this site. Writer’s pseudonym, nick, & site which they write at will be indicated in the post itself.

Author : Antyhowacc

Writes on Sammyboyforum

I first met Noel when we were taking the class and happened to be grouped together, completely by chance. Secretly I was elated at the opportunity, to be acquainted with someone as attractive-looking as her at an age where walking on campus alone you could smell the pheromones running wild.

She is the typical millennial, understanding that her attractiveness is above average and not shy of flaunting it. I had pursued her after the massive crush I had on her, something that wasn’t so surprising considering the amount of time spent together in lectures and discussions after.

Noel never seemed to want anything further, although she never quite outrightly rejected me as well. After relentless efforts, Noel revealed to me that she was not quite ready for the commitment that comes with a relationship, rather preferring to keep things casual. In the heat of the moment, I suggested having “casual sex” instead, to which she actually agreed.

Long story short, we were fooling with each other here and there whenever the stars align although I must admit I can get quite jealous when I do see her flirting around with other guys.

Once, I was trying to get her tipsy (and she jolly well knew what I was doing) and her tongue loose before discussing about her sexual experience. Noel admitted she had done some wild stuff before with her ex-boyfriend but refused to tell me exactly what. I goaded her into comparing my sexual performance against her ex, but she insisted that such comparisons were meaningless.

Undeterred (and the ego a little wounded), I challenged her on bed, for her to similarly do something wild sexually if I won and she readily agreed. The bet was whoever came first lost, but obviously I cheated and made sure I had exhausted all other means before using the little brother below.

Noel may have lost and owed me a crazy, sexual activity, but I couldn’t help but think that she won after the great time and anticipation for what’s to come.

A few days later, in a zoom lecture with videos on that we both had to attend, Noel was definitely not paying attention after the dosage of Addyi and instead busy playing with herself underneath her table.

I clearly wasn’t looking at the professor either, instead pinning Noel’s camera view on and recording it on my computer.

It was incredibly arousing to see Noel’s chest heave with great effort at the pleasure her vibrator or her fingers must have been providing to her. Her cheeks were flushed crimson-red as she struggled to control her facial expression, frequently turning from a smile to a nice round “O“ before quickly being brought under control.

Noel’s come-fuck-me face was on full display, her arousal almost tangible. A few times I saw one of her hands slowly reaching towards her breasts, craving her own touch on her nipples before she came to her senses and stopped herself. It was such an arousing sight that I almost came when I saw her buckle with her first orgasm, Noel immediately slamming her face down on her table to avoid the camera from capturing her intimate moment.

Signs of bliss and fatigue shone on Noel’s face as she continued her self-play after, the bet being for the whole duration of the class.

Needless to say, we had a wild time back in her dorm room with the same skirt she was wearing during the zoom lecture, still on the whole time…